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The direction was explored creating shapes that evoke a sense of depth, intrigue, and that push the limits of physical space to grow an intriguing system where secrets are left hidden. Staying optimistic and bright as a system, it is designed to allow forms to be generated for each song, looping Innervisions as a collection of infinite totems that hide the biggest drops yet to be revealed and in tune with the city that nurtured the origin of such dimensions.The key visual factor is that it behaves in a textural and pluridimensional visual alphabet whilst exploring a variety of boundaries and layered. The notion of depth, movement, and moments capture as part of a bigger landscape and instances of motion are the storytellers. The absence of messaging in the first stage campaign acts as a source of stimuli. Transient states of landscapes. That’s part 01. Part of the process of the latest movements for and with:We have worked Bicep’s Isles as part of a meta-environment where frozen body movements create sculptural memories of past dance moves. It is part of a collection of moments that have been. Created in a state of suspension, we were inspired by the material nature of their songs and fed on the complexity and richness of Bicep’s sound textures. By freezing moments in time as if we were Dadaist photographers capturing full movements in a frame, we’ve built a system that expresses the spectrum of emotions that live in the echo of the rhythms in the body. To allow movements to be seen from a distance is an act of memory, such as the state of suspension fuelled by techno on the dance floor or the memory of the sounds in the morning after. Isles has multiple covers as well as a lot of different angles of such sculptures in the overall campaign that expands the imagery of the album into the world of billboards, merchandising, announcement assets, and live performances.The fluorescent colors and direct pigments of the printed album electrify the physical nature of vinyl. They were chosen to dance, to ignite gasoline, and pulse light. A neon-flash.
Can the process of editing a book allow territories to grow beyond borders? It might sound ludacris to claim a spine of a book as a frontier, but it does split an object into two. The social-political sphere can often be described as a limit for agreement, although a new universe might be born whenever the conditions favorable.06.09.2022 — Part of the development process for the upcoming release of Underworld’s 10th year celebration vinyl of the 2012’s London Olympics for Underworld has been added to Home.02.06.2022 — No Future, Cromática for Monster Jinx has been added to Projects 30.05.2022 — A New tought was uploaded to $It’s a clear formula compelling enough to convince yourself.26.04.2022 — Awe Kid Body Logic was uploaded to Youtube, 03.05.2022 — A New tought was uploaded to $If what we are saying is in what is being said. If what we are eating is in what is being eaten. 03.05.2022 — A new interview by Annabel Ross for Resident Advisor was uploaded to Words.https://www.youtube.com/embed/KYp1iUmE3Ow?autoplay=1&loop=1&muted=103.02.2022 — Medical Breast Exam was uploaded to Soundcloud, Youtube, Vimeo & Instagram. 02.02.2022 — A New tought was uploaded to $If the stomach hurts open the window. 30.06.202114h40 Gmt:0It is aware in real-time. Cinematic bursts and electricity. Optimist painted blue. Diurnal state of being aware with the night. Nocturnal state of being awake with the morning. Evolving through 24 hours, it cycles through time with a natural sense. Diurnal state of being awake with the night. A metamorphosis in the landscape. It speaks 5 tracks with daylight; one along with the sunset; and waves to the moon 4 times. Liquid in suburbia. Landscapes of memories over clouds of neon: colored lenses. A weightless state of hovering a tree and a memory. Hot wind casting shadows. Semi-blue reflected orange, neon presence sign. Metallic. Between wayfinding and emotions.
30.06.2021 — No Future, Farfalla EP, released by Monster Jinx
23.04.2021 — Since early 2020 to design a series of 100 graphic molecules for Adobe Stock: elements that bridge conceptual design with an everyday vision for good practices in form. An electronic cocktail and a handful of escapism. Similar to utopian spaces, nightclubs are concomitantly both strictly related and opposed to their locality. Using sonic experiences as tools to shed the skin, this is a series of electronic-induced catharsis designed for Adobe.

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