5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e Дота

The Carry position in DotA 2 is probably the most straightforward and popular role among all the positions. The simple reason behind this is you get to have all the limelights and farm all game while your team is doing all the heavy lifting.

With every new patch, DotA 2’s meta shifts completely, and heroes that were dominating every match before the patch become obsolete.

We are currently on patch 7.32d, and people have experienced the rise of new unexpected carries like Shadow Fiend and Lina while more conventional carries like Juggernaut and Morphling have completely fallen off.

Let us look at which heroes in DotA are currently good for the Carry position and see where your favorite hero lies.

These heroes win almost all of their lanes and have a great start. They can start fighting from early on in the game and always have an impact on the game.

In other words, these are the heroes you should start picking if you want to win games as a Carry.


5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

Coming at the number one spot, Lina is our favorite carry pick this patch. After the recent changes, this hero is almost unbeatable in the lane and scales quicker than any other carry heroes.

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She also counters most meta offlane heroes, making her one of the most picked carries of this patch.

Drow Ranger

5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

If you want to go for a more reliable pick, then Drow Ranger is your obvious choice. This hero won’t disappoint you in any situation.

She has a strong laning phase and with a good support, she can practically destroy any offlaner. She also comes online very early in the game, and her shard is easily one of the most broken abilities in DotA.


5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

Doom carry might seem unconventional in lower ranks and in some higher ranks as well, but he farms really fast and he has the best ability in the entire game.

With Devour and Hand of Midas, you farm faster than any other hero on the map. Also, with recent Aghanim’s Scepter changes, Doom can be played as a counter to every hero in the game.

Naga Siren

5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

Illusion-based heroes are in the meta no matter how many patches come in this game, and this patch is no exception either.

Naga Siren is extremely strong in this patch. She farms extremely fast with her illusions and can go toe-to-toe with any hero whether it’s mid or late-game.

Arc Warden

5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

Arc Warden is another illusion-based who is very strong in this patch. He is one of the heroes who utilize Silver Edge and Gleipnir, two very meta items in this patch.

He can also split push with his Tempest Double without taking any risk. The hero is even better when the match goes into late-game and he can summon his Tempest Double without any cooldown.


These heroes also have strengths similar to S-tier heroes. The only difference between them is they need certain items to come online and they are quite weak in lanes.

Faceless Void

5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

Faceless Void is a safe pick if you don’t want to take any risks. Although his items are the same in every match, he is very strong in every stage of the game.

If you can get at least two heroes inside your chronosphere, you can win every teamfights and proceed to take the objectives.

He is also quite dependent on his cooldowns and item progression so make sure to farm whenever you use chrono or get space.

Shadow Fiend

5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

Shadow Fiend has been in meta for quite a while now and he is very strong. The hero destroys any hero in the offlane and is one of the best Silver Edge carriers.

His right-click build does insane damage and can push towers very quickly. His ultimate is also very useful in teamfights.

Nature’s Prophet

5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

Nature’s Prophet is one of the heroes who can carry the game single-handedly. No matter the situation of the game, this hero can get farm even in the most hopeless game.

His ultimate deal is huge AoE damage and he also has a global reach so he can join team fights whenever he can and push towers right afterward.

Lone Druid

5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

Lone Druid is another great pick if you’re comfortable with controlling multiple units. He has great survivability and can melt towers in seconds.

He is also very strong from mid to late game. After making Aghanim’s Scepter, you can control each unit independently.


5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

Sniper is another hero that has shifted his role from mid to carry in recent patches. He is a strong laner and can deal great damage if he gets to sit behind his teammates.

Although he is very squishy and very dependable on his teammates, he is one of our top picks for the carry position because of his high attack range and ability to zone enemies.


5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

The reason why we’ve put Ursa on A-tier is that he doesn’t need many items to be effective.

Unlike a couple of patches ago, when Battlefury Ursa was extremely popular, most people like to build Blink and Diffusal on this hero in this patch.

So, he can start killing and cause havoc on the map as soon as he completes his Diffusal Blade. Ursa is a good pick if the enemy team picks tanky or late-game cores.


5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

Due to the recent Attribute-shift changes, it’s very difficult to kill Morphling even when he is level 1.

Although he has received major nerfs on his Aghanim’s Scepter and level 25 talent, he is still extremely strong in the hands of an experienced player.


5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

Clink’s early game is pretty weak considering how the hero struggles with last hits and low health problems.

However, after getting Gleipnir and Daedalus, the hero completely changes. He can kill almost any hero from full HP in his combo and is very hard to catch so he is in our A-tier list.

The hero is more viable in low-rank matches where people don’t buy as much detection.


5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

Pudge is another hero who has recently switched from a support to a carry position. With his high base damage, he can easily get the most last hits and also has a decent killing potential.

After completing Vanguard and Aghanim’s Scepter, the hero becomes almost unstoppable. However, he does need to play around with his teammates to fight properly and he lacks in tower damage.


These heroes depend on their lanes to go well to have a good game. These heroes have a 50:50 chance of winning the game and you can think of them as gambling.

If they have a good start, they can dominate the whole game whereas they also can completely lose their footing if their lane doesn’t go well.

Templar Assassin

5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

Templar Assassin has been slightly nerfed in the recent patches but she is still a pretty viable carry.

She farms well and has good item timing but she is countered by most meta offlaner heroes so she needs a strong lane support to farm well.

She also doesn’t scale much in late-game so you need to make sure to end the game early if you’re picking her.

Monkey King

5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

I believe Monkey King should be put a bit higher up on the list but his games are very volatile. Sometimes he just pops off completely while sometimes he is just a walking ward for his teammates.

This is because the hero is really dependent on his items, and if he can get some early kills and get his items quicker, he can scale really well. And if his laning doesn’t go well, he takes a very long time to recover.

5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

Terrorblade is really strong from early on in the game and farms really fast.

It’s just that if you can’t get some good kills with your Metamorphosis and take objectives, you will just be back to farming, and the enemy team can force fights during this time. You need good teammates to make good use of this hero.


5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

The reason I’ve put Spectre in B-tier is that the hero is very weak in the early games and needs at least two big items to come online.

The hero is unstoppable in late games but most of the meta carries play for early to mid-games when she just wants to farm.

So, you’ll just have to depend on your teammates to make as much space for you as possible and hope the game goes late enough.


5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

Lifestealer is also a very strong hero from early to mid-game, and he kills enemies really fast. But most players like to build Armlet and Desolator on this hero, so he is always attacking one hero at a time.

Enemies can also kite him to bait his Rage so he can be a hard hero to pull off. Regardless, the hero can fight well in teamfights and can use his ult to save his teammates or set up kills.


5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

I think Juggernaut is really strong than people make it out to be. He is a strong laner and can scale really well. He also farms super fast and is good through all stages of the match.

He also has enough sustain with his Healing Ward. It’s just that he is picked so less nowadays and is outshined by most meta carries in this patch. But, you should definitely pick him if you see a good opportunity.

Chaos Knight

5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

Chaos Knight can be a powerful carry if he has a good early start and get items earlier than his counterpart.

He can also join fights early on in the game and keep playing with his teammates to take objectives.

However, his illusions are quite weak early on in the game, especially if he doesn’t have a lot of HP. And if his early game is ruined, the hero cannot recover well.


5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

Sven is another one of those heroes who suddenly lost popularity after his ultimate and Aghnanim’s Scepter changes.

He used to be the best carry at one time but has been nerfed several times since then. His only good abilities are that he farms very fast and can deal a lot of damage with his ultimate.

However, it is really easy to kite him and once his ult runs out, he isn’t much of a threat. Still, if you can play around his ultimate then you can easily win every teamfight.


5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

Bloodseeker is a strong laner with a lot of harassing and killing potential. He also gets stronger as the game drags on. However, he lacks the capacity to carry if his team falls behind.

He relies on his teammates to set up fights and get everyone low while he comes in clean them up. He can also use Rupture to prevent an enemy hero from moving too much.


5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

Anti-Mage can be a menace if he gets to farm Battlefury and Manta Style without dying. The thing about Anti-Mage is that he needs to have a perfect early game to have a good game.

He spends most of his time farming and joins the teamfights only when he feels like it. He also likes to play away from his teammates mostly and split-push, so the enemy team can punish him super hard by using smoke.


These are the heroes that were affected by the patch most and as a result, you rarely see them getting picked. They are countered heavily by other meta-heroes and have almost no chance of recovering unless their enemies try to stall the game.


5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

Luna has been through a couple of nerfs for a few patches now and these nerf really hurt her. The first is her Aghanim’s Shard changes and the second one is her Lucent Beam cooldown changes which used to make her so strong in the lane.

Now, she is comparatively weaker in the game and needs much more items than before to be able to fight. This is why we don’t see her often in games and she is mostly shifting towards magic build nowadays.


5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

Alchemist is another hero who is really struggling because of his nerfs. Also, he farms very slowly until he gets radiance, and the enemy team can really punish him and his team during this time.

He also gets easily countered by Spirit Vessel, a really cheap item so most of his games are tough. Although, when he does get adequate farming space and support, he can easily carry his games.

His ultimate also has a quite low cooldown that you can make use of.


5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

Razor is mostly played as a tanky offlane in this patch due to recent Bloodstone changes.

He does pretty well in the lane and can farm decently well. However, he really lacks damage when played as a carry and heroes like Drow Ranger and Lina will decimate they get their items. He also lacks the damage to take down towers quickly.


5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

Riki carry has been out of meta for quite a while now. Riki carry depends on the Battlefury to farm efficiently but after the recent Battlefury nerfs, it’s not so good on this hero.

But another item that this hero depends on, Diffusal Blade, has been buffed so he can get lots of kills if he can get it early. This hero also lacks tower damage so you absolutely need to kill all your enemies before you even attempt to take towers.


All the other Carry heroes that you can think of fall in this tier. They are rarely seen getting picked up and have super low winrates. They are also heavily countered by meta offlane heroes and the enemy team will try to shut them off throughout the game.

Carry in Dota 2 is one of the most responsible roles, because it is this character who is largely responsible for the main goal of the game — the destruction of the enemy base. It is for this reason that people who can play well in this role are so rare in the game and are so appreciated by the teams. At first glance, it may seem that playing carry in Dota is extremely simple and not difficult, but in fact it requires special skill, and more importantly, character.

In this Dota 2 carry guide, we will talk about what these characters are, what qualities an ideal carry player should have, and what skills need to be trained to perform well in this role.

A carry is a so-called «farm», who must quickly earn gold and collect items in order to destroy the enemy base. 1st position in Dota is given to this character, that is, the team does everything to ensure that he dies as little as possible and buys the necessary items as quickly as possible.

A core hero must have a few basic stats:

Also, some of the best carries in Dota 2 are characterized by high mobility, which allows them to constantly move around the map and create inconvenience for the enemy, winning in some cases literally by “non-contact” way.

It’s worth noting right away that it’s impossible to say who is the strongest or the best carry in Dota 2, since each character has its own advantages and disadvantages, and besides this, developers constantly change heroes, making some stronger, and others — weaker. However, if we talk about pronounced carries in Dota 2, the list will look like this:

These heroes are the so-called “hard carries in Dota 2”, that is, characters that can show themselves extremely effectively even in the late game. That being said, there are a few heroes that can perform well in this role, but don’t fall into the «hard carry» category mentioned above. In many ways, these heroes can even be called «support-carries», as they are more effective together with their team than alone: ​​

There are also many other options: (Tidehunter-carry) out of control, (Jakiro-carry) breaking buildings, and even (Leach-carry), which added a very interesting talent to slow down on auto-attack, but all these the options are already more for fun than for winning the game.

How to become a good carry in Dota 2?

As mentioned above, position 1 is the most responsible, since the outcome of the whole game largely depends on it, and if some support is simply unable to win the game on his own without the help of his teammates, then some carries can really do it. But in order to get such an opportunity and understand how to play Dota as a carry, you need to train several important skills:

But, as mentioned above, everything described only at first glance may seem so simple. In practice, you have to play more than one hundred games in order to understand the features of an individual character and get comfortable with the basics of the game. To speed up the process, it is best to play Dota 2 beginner carries, that is, those heroes who either have few active abilities or are distinguished by their simple use, that is, characters such as Phantom Assassin, Wraith King, Chaos Knight or Huskar.

5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

Faceless Void remains a late-game powerhouse in the current Dota 2 patch (Image via Valve)

The carry role in Dota 2 is generally reserved for heroes who will scale greatly with high net worth and be late-game powerhouses. Over the years, different meta trends have created different takes on this role. Sometimes, it has been brawl-oriented carries that come online early and win out in a midgame-centric meta. Other times, a generally slower pace reinstates the traditional hard carry role with heroes that get monumentally stronger in the late-game.

In the post-7.33 Dota 2 patches, the role is not at its most flexible. In professional scrims, organized teams can often pull out an off-meta Chaos Knight and dominate. The broad strokes of the new map, however, reward heroes that translate into map presence, be it through physical occupation via illusions or massive kill threats with insurmountable power spikes.

5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

Top 5 most successful carries in Dota 2 patch 7. 33e

Jagged Honor is one of the most popular Juggernaut sets in Dota 2 (Image via Valve)

Ever since the Black King Bar nerfs, heroes with innate debuff immunities have gone up in value. Juggernaut Blade Fury, in particular, grants 80% magic resistance as opposed to the measly 50% from Black King Bar.

5 best Dota 2 carries for patch 7.33e

Juggernaut does not boast a high pick rate compared to other meta carries, such as those listed here. However, his evergreen kit is often a good pick against magic-heavy lineups.

Juggernaut has always been a reliable core in the right hands. Unlike most other hard carries, he offers significant magic and physical damage. Healing Ward is also an invaluable tool to keep the team’s tempo up and keep a push going after a tough fight.

What really makes Juggernaut a sleeper hit in this patch is the lvl 20 talent +50% Blade Dance Crit. This was his biggest buff with Dota 2 patch 7.33, and it almost doubles as a free Satanic that is permanently active.

4) Medusa

Without mana burn, Medusa is one of the most durable Dota 2 heroes (Image via Valve)

The absolute top-notch Dota 2 core from the 7.33d patch, Medusa has been first-banned in numerous tier-1 pro games across several regions. She was the second-most contested carry in the Bali Major. The 7.33e patch nerfed her stat gains somewhat. However, this does not seem to affect her pickrate much, even in high Immortal brackets.

On a macro strategy level, Medusa is among the simplest heroes you can pick and play. In the lane, you start out with Mystic Snake and take two points in Mana Shield. With three points in Split Shot, you can start clearing out jungle camps easily.

The item build is also straightforward. In almost every match, your progression is a casual Ring of Basilius for some mana sustain, Power Treads, Manta Style, Butterfly, and then either Eye of Skadi or Daedalus, depending on whether you want more damage or anti-sustain.

3) Phantom Lancer

Phantom Lancer is one of the most slippery Dota 2 heroes (Image via Valve)

Phantom Lancer has been the terror of public matchmaking since the inception of 7.33. This boils down to a number of reasons extraneous to the hero itself.

Phantom Lancer is historically the least likely Dota 2 hero to purchase Black King Bar. Unscathed by the BKB changes, the hero benefitted from the across-the-board disable duration nerfs.

On top of this, Phantom Lancer’s Aghanim’s Scepter and Shard upgrades were switched and buffed. The current iteration of the Shard upgrade adds an active ability to Juxtapose, which now creates a strong illusion at Phantom Lancer’s location. More importantly, it grants a 0 fade-time invisibility.

The two factors combined give Phantom Lancer various avenues to engage and disengage. The playstyle otherwise remains the same. While he is not strong in lanes with Diffusal Blade and Manta Style, he comes online against most line-ups.

In the late game, Phantom Lancer remains as big a threat as ever. If not counter-picked, this is one of the few heroes who can truly 1v5 in Dota 2.

2) Blood Seeker

Blood Seeker is at his peak when the enemy team drops low (Image via Valve)

Blood Seeker is an interesting candidate for a top-5 list like this. Even though he is largely played as a carry, Blood Seeker has a reputation for being a pub-stomping hero that thrives on volatile games.

Blood Seeker’s resurgence in the pro meta is primarily owing to the prevalence of illusion heroes. He is the top counter to several meta heroes like Slark, Phantom Lancer, etc. This is not solely due to Rupture’s unique reliability as a playmaking tool. Rather than playing around Rupture and Blood Rite, Blood Seeker can now tear his foes apart with the Aghanim’s ability: Blood Mist.

1) Naga Siren

Naga Siren is one of the best counter-initiators in Dota 2 (Image via Valve)

Naga Siren has been coasting on high pick rates throughout all the post-7.33 patches. The fundamental reason for her success right now is the map changes.

Naga Siren is one of the best Dota 2 heroes when it comes to securing farms over a large area simultaneously. Naturally, she would be a winner where the farm is divided into neutral camp pockets at the edge of the map.

In terms of mathematical brute force, Naga Siren does not live up to much in the late game. Many meta carries, such as Terrorblade, scale far better than Naga. While she does not represent this direct presence as a damage dealer in head-on team fights, her presence manifests through economic damage.

Naga Siren can be among the most long-lasting illusions, and in the current patch, there is no downtime on them. This means she can shove in waves all the way into structural damage on tier-3 towers while she farms jungle in relative safety. Reminiscent most of the Tundra Esports playstyle, an adept Naga Siren player can turn early-game defeats into stalemates.

In a prolonged game, this will often translate to a scenario where she almost single-handedly chips away at the enemy team’s map control and creates a positive Net Worth chasm. The tradeoff is that Naga Siren eventually scales off in a game where enemies have greater team fight prowess.

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