Abusing Dota and how to break matchmaking?


CHANNEL NAME: Dota Plus Abuse

Here you can find teammates to abuse DOTA PLUS quests.

Soon all methods of abuse will be described here.

Everyone who wants to go to abuse, throw the info in the form:

Why abuse? if you can complete quests in the pub

Easy, you learn it then you can understand how the bad players always use to abuse the matchmaking in such a way. F YI, this abuse of matchmaking has been used by a lot of players but till today, the developer still never fix or resolve it by removing the notification of players accepting match found during «find match».

Who read this? You go try with your friends where you can make a party of 4 or 5 and press the FIND MATCH button at the same time with back-communication timing, then wait for the match to be found. Once the match is found, then both must have back-communication to inform each other whether the numbers of players accepting the match are similarly (or same) or matching with each other, for example, 7 or 8 or 9 players accepted maybe? That’s how both parties of 4 or 5 stacks can see each others when entering the game, and they will let either side to win/lose for building new accounts for sales. Usually, you all can see once you accepted, then the numbers of players will stuck awhile at 8 or 9 players, right? That’s the reason why players always attempted to abuse there.

How can you be abusive without jerking off every game?

Find people and gouge on an empty server?

Sand won’t work either

Just find a chat (Channels) with abuse in Dota and look for people there who also do this. Just in the search and write «Abuz», «Abuse».

Are there really those who abuse DotA+ ahahah

all for the sake of six networkers!

I really want a hero for lvl 25

Are you more willing to play 300 ping for +50 experience? I’d rather win back three games once a month) Well, to each his own. I hope to farm my lvl quickly

MB new sets will be

yes, we are looking forward to it. me and my 40,000 points. waiting for pooja setik

I’ll raise it, after the update now they give half the experience for the turbo (i.e. wins 50, 25 wagering on the hero and 25 for the victory) well, there were small dota + ups

Actions that are not important but will bring you extra money, just a nice bonus: 1. Register a new Steam account.2. We will donate 800-1000 rubles to it, after the withdrawal of money from the earned scheme, we will have an unlimited Steam account that can be sold or left for your farm. As a result, we will receive 1 account per month.

1. You can buy an arcana from Manifold Paradox or Exalted Feast of Abscession with a counter of 0 (additional styles are locked), or Exalted The Magus Cypher (Arcana item score: 0) at the auto-purchase price at https:/ /market.dota2.net and after the games sell it more expensive with unlocked styles, the profit is not big in the region of 100-200 rubles, but still a nice bonus.

Basic earning scheme:1. We need a Steam account that has never bought Dota+

2. We buy DotA Plus and complete the tasks for which we are given ~ 21600 crystals. (The tasks are completed only 1 time per 1 account, so we will need new accounts each time) You can read a detailed guide on completing one-time tasks: https://dota2.ru/forum/threads/gajd-po-proxozhdeniju-zadanij-dota-plus.1166607/or watch the video

Fragments are also given for: 2.1. Winning three matches in a week = 1000 shards.2.2. Victory in the Battle Cup = 20,000 shards will be given for the victory2.3. Leveling heroes in Dota Plus:

Just play as a hero — 50 points; Win as a hero — 50 points; Complete a quest — 250-500 points depending on how many stars the task is completed (1-3). Each hero is given 3 quests for 2 weeks. That is, in two weeks with the help of quests you can earn 1500 experience. After completing all the tasks, your hero will most likely be level 3, which is 5200 fragments. Therefore, it is beneficial to pump as many heroes as possible to level 3. Perhaps now this is the most profitable and fastest way to farm shards.

Shards per level at certain ranks: Bronze — 1-5 levels — 2600 shards; Silver — 6-11 levels — 2900 shards; Gold — 12-17 levels — 3200 shards; Platinum — 18-24 levels — 3500 shards ;Master — 25 level — 5000 fragments;

2. Set up a sandbox and abuse quests with yourself (a way for powerful computers)

What to buy for shards?For 1 Artificer’s HammerWe will need to buy 3 Artificer’s ChiselsSince Artificer’s Hammer has 15 charges and Artificer’s Chisel only 5, the price of each of them is 1000 shards.3. Next, you follow the link: https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/570/Autographed Horns of Monstrous Reprisal And at the price of an auto-purchase, we buy heads for autographed ricks. With the help of Artificer’s Hammer, we knock out an autograph (Signature: Aren ‘VeRsuta’ Zurabyan, Autographic rune) from the head and sell the head of ricky (Horns of Monstrous Reprisal) 12.20 rubles, in the end we will get an autograph for 8.65 rubles, this is the lowest price for an autograph.

4. We buy popular Immortal for the characters of the game Dota 2 (first pages) of Standard quality by auto-purchase https://steamcommunity.com/market/search?appid=570

5. With the help of the Artificer’s Chisel we cut out a nest in our things (click on the item and press the «Cut nest» button).

6. Insert the autograph (Signature: Aren ‘VeRsuta’ Zurabyan, Autographic rune) into the cut out slot.

7. Since items purchased on the Steam marketplace can be sold immediately, we list them for much more than we spent.

Trick: In order not to have to keep track of each lot, just install the Steam Inventory Helperhttps://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/steam-inventory-helper/cmeakgjggjdlcpncigglobpjbkabhmjlIt will highlight the lots in red if, who then put the same lot at a lower price.

How often do they take things with Autographed quality? From 1-15 per day (you can see the statistics for each product on Steam), so I recommend not buying goods for one character, but buying 1 item for each character.

What should I do if someone set a price lower than mine? Either change your price to a lower one or wait until that item is bought if the price is not favorable for you.

How much will I get from one item? From 10 to 150 rubles, depending on the item and its popularity, the more expensive the item, as a rule, the more profit.

How many lots did I sell at the same time? 30 lots, the more lots the more sales per day, but the more difficult it is to control them. (Do not repeat lots, the more diverse your product, the more sales)

What should I do if my lot was bought? I immediately bought the same one and put it up for sale.

Where can I read guides on heroes, how to play correctly? There are many excellent guides on the forum https://dota2.ru/ that will tell you how to play correctly at all stages of the game, you can also find a team and ask your questions.

How can I find out who is better for me to buy things with? You can see the popularity / unpopularity of heroes here https://ru.dotabuff.com/heroes/played

The item was held for 15 days, what should I do?Install Steam Guard.

Just insert your prices into the Excel file and it will calculate the profit for you. It will help you find profitable products faster.https://yadi.sk/i/lw4UwL8LUvVbuw

We have gathered a party and decided to amused, on which server is it better to look for each other? Go to the site https://ru.dotabuff.com/matches and select the mode and region you need. The fewer games on the server and the later the last game was, the faster you will find the opposite group. NOTE: Sometimes Valve shut down servers in less popular regions, so if there were no games on the server for a long time and you can’t find each other, then most likely this server is temporarily down.

A few screenshots from sales (I cut the screenshots so that you could see the profit).

I have never done this, so I don’t understand, but since the need arose, how can I quickly abuse the order? I once read about discord servers, where people at 10 gather somewhere in India, does this still work? if so, where can I get these links to the server’s discord? or maybe what other abuses exist, tell me, it is only desirable that it be done as quickly as possible and with maximum benefit in the form of likes / points orders

Turbo 20 games, that’s it, the guide is over

Demiurge Alabaster said:↑

+ 100 orders, congratulations

not everyone throws likes in response this time. long looking for it two

doters animals said:↑

Likes have little effect on behavior, but at least 1 report brings a lot of impact to the minus

Well, I’m aware and why do I need this information?

That’s why I asked for some kind of hint, servers. and then in these turbo podpivas they also throw reports for the fact that you don’t win them

1) open DotA, where you click on the chats +, you will find the behavior abuse channel

2) you go into the channel, there are about 150 people sitting there for a cd, you throw your profile into the chat

3) you are invited to the party and go play afk turbasiki, that’s all

only this makes no sense, because in my experience the porda also does not solve anything, and for 10k they calmly divide clothes with the words «I don’t give a shit if I’m about 10k»

bored in ridonly

LiL PEEP said:↑

7500-8900 best order

I did that, but there are chelas with different ranks. conditionally 700 centurion, 2 heralds, this is something like 1000 mmr, not in the know, I’m almost a titan and something else in between. in short, the game is looking for as long as in solo. also for some reason people kick me, just leave the lobby or don’t throw likes in response

Meaning, what will it change?

will not change, but now I have 700 orders. before that there were 3000 and even there there were utter animals. I don’t even want to start the game at 700, because I already foresee broken clothes at 3 minutes. I mean ranked games)

I will quote you my own message:

Likes do not affect decency. At all. No way. At least get a couple of lyam commends. Will not change. Not 1.

I’m telling you as a person who boosted order to order. (Norm occupation only if there is too much free time and you want to stick to videos on YouTube)

The essence of the Integrity boost is to lose 15 turbo games for 12 minutes for every 500-750 Integrity.

In theory, for every 15 games you can apparently get up to a thousand orders, but I have not seen such numbers, the maximum there was something around 800. Usually 500-750.

Your action plan is as follows:

In total, from 1300 to 10000 decency — this is about 210 looses in a turbach in a row and exactly 42 hours of pure playing time (in fact, it will be much more).

The approximate cost of such an order on the well-known site is 8k rubles.

there is such a thing, but alas, there is no faster way

For some reason I thought that +-20 commends leveled 1 report, apparently I was wrong, thanks for the info

bored in ridonly said:↑

for me the best is 6500-8000, only in this segment I consistently had a good time, since all the guys played, everyone talked, but at the same time they poured shit for everything, because they wanted to win, and not silently afk lost

so on the low order the game is looking for 20 minutes. that’s the only reason why I apled her on the first acc, and in general it’s 6-7 and it’s really more playable than 10k

maybe not, I’m playing on an old fake with 200 in a row, looking for rollers for 30 seconds

searches for the longest time, as for me, for 3000-5000 orders, in such segments there are searches for 10 minutes

at the same time, on the low order, people are already tired of ruining, in about only 1 game out of 10, someone gets up and feeds afk, usually everyone plays, just toxic pts

Well, like, in any case, you will have to look for the first games for a long time, especially with such decency. I don’t know how it works, I didn’t read stuffing of superminds, but even if I lowered my decency from 10k, I still search for the game many times longer and FSUs what mode. So, in any case, you will have to endure several games, especially according to what is described above, there, like, you can even skate without afk merging purely on a furik or so on.

1K order hello from hell

But how to stay in this order, ruin something with a specialist, I rolled down from 10k to 8150 and after 50 skating rink again 10k

judging by how nicely you communicate here, considering the anal rules that you are aware of and “filter” your toxicity as much as possible, then abusing the orders will not help such an animal like you, you deservedly go down to your 5k orders through conditional 10-20 games and you will continue to ruin the people. so don’t abuse anything, sit where you belong

man hold my pivo or whatever they say. I have 700 orders now and I dared to press the rating, imagine my face

pay slaves for fp and no problem

Can you explain behind the rotten market? Who am I ruining there and what about my speech? or are you another from this forum who farts indistinctly and runs away with his tail between his legs

you are a kind layman, you obviously have to sit at 10k, never a toxic beast

by the way, give me your dotabuff, I’ll look at something and tell you about your toxicity in games

the best order is 1-5000, you always know who you are dealing with

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