According to the plot of the game Sniper (Kardell Sharp-eye), we have a hero with the name Kardell Octoright

According to the plot of the game Sniper (Kardell Sharp-eye), we have a hero with the name Kardell Octoright Дота

Шесть рук и двенадцать копыт.

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Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Sniper Build in Dota 2.

Attack Type: Ranged


Sniper’s Pros and Cons

Consumes a charge to launch a ball of shrapnel that showers the target area in explosive pellets. Enemies are subject to damage and slowed movement. Reveals the targeted area. Shrapnel charges restore every 35.0 seconds.

Sniper increases his accuracy, giving him a chance to deal extra damage and briefly knocks back his enemies.

Extends the attack range of Sniper’s rifle. Can be activated to provided True Strike and +30% Headshot chance for 4 seconds. Slows you by 30% for the duration.

Sniper locks onto a target enemy unit and, after a short aiming duration, fires a devastating shot that deals damage at long range and mini-stuns the target.


Grants Concussive Grenade. Deals 125 damage, knocking enemies back 425 distance, slowing them by 50% and disarming them for 3 seconds. Radius: 375. Knocks you back 450 units on cast.


Causes Assassinate to fire quicker and disable the enemy target.

Sniper’s Skill Order

Heroes combo: Sniper + Bloodseeker

Sniper’s Tips and tricks

Sniper can be played either in the safe lane with a support or as a solo mid.

Sniper’s purpose in fights is mostly to right click and attack enemies without being disabled or killed first.

Due to his extreme vulnerability, positioning is the most important part of playing Sniper.

Because of this, Sniper is easy to play, but hard to master.

Map awareness is very important for Sniper players, who should always mentally keep track of enemy positions in order to avoid being ganked.

Because of his range and fast projectile speed, Sniper should be able to out last-hit and out deny most lane opponents.

Kardel Sharpeye was born deep in the mountains of Knollen where, since time immemorial, Keen Folk have survived by hunting the strange, cliff-dwelling steepstalkers above their village, shooting them from a distance and collecting the carcasses where they fell. Sharpeye was among the best of these strange mountain keens for whom projectile weapons are but another appendage, and to shoot is as natural as to touch.

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On his day of summoning, when he was to gain full standing in his village, Sharpeye took the ancient test: a single shot from the valley floor to strike a beast down from the cliffs. To miss was to be dishonored. With his entire village standing vigil, Sharpeye took his shot. A steepstalker fell; the crowd cheered. But when the carcass was collected, the village grew silent, for the elders found that the bullet had pierced its glittering central eye then fallen to be clenched in the steepstalker’s mandibles. This ominous sign was the literal opening of a dark prophecy, foretelling both greatness and exile for the gunman who made such a shot. Sharpeye the Sniper was thus, by his own skill, condemned to make his way apart from his people—and unwelcome back among them until he has fulfilled the remainder of the prophecy by attaining legendary stature on a field of battle.

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About Me

Stutter stepping between attack animations allows Sniper to land more hits on a moving target.

Shrapnel gives vision through the fog of war, allowing Sniper to lock onto distant enemies with Assassinate.

More Information

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According to the plot of the game Sniper (Kardell Sharp-eye), we have a hero with the name Kardell Octoright

– один из наиболее популярных героев дальнего боя в Dota 2. Отличается крайне простым геймплеем и отлично подходит для всех новичков. Кроме того, данным героем можно довольно хорошо стоять на центральной линии, где он способен выигрывать у большинства персонажей в Доте. Подробнее обо всех особенностях, которыми обладает Sniper, а также о том, как правильно за него играть, рассмотрим ниже.

According to the plot of the game Sniper (Kardell Sharp-eye), we have a hero with the name Kardell Octoright

Обзор способностей Снайпера

Sniper имеет в наличии 3 активных и 1 пассивный скилл. Все они направлены на нанесение физического и магического урона. За счет этого Снайпера можно собирать как в кэрри, так и в мага 4 позиции. Подробнее об этом, читайте ниже, а сейчас предлагаем ознакомиться со всеми способностями, которыми обладает Sniper:

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В целом, Sniper обладает весьма неплохими умениями, которые крайне простые в использовании. Все они дают возможность наносить урон с дальней дистанции, куда сложно добраться другим героям, благодаря чему Снайпером довольно сложно умереть, несмотря на то, что у него небольшой запас здоровья.

Оптимальный скилл билд для Снайпера

В настоящее время практически все Снайперы раскачиваются одинаково. Первым делом все максят первый скилл (Шрапнель), с которым можно легко фармить линию и лесные стаки. Параллельно на 1 изучается второй скилл, а затем обычно качают третье умение, которое увеличивает дальность атаки. Также, на 6, 12 и 18 уровнях качается ультимативная способность. В итоге, конечный скилл билд в большинстве случаев выглядит следующим образом:

According to the plot of the game Sniper (Kardell Sharp-eye), we have a hero with the name Kardell Octoright

Таланты героя

Большинство талантов Снайпера являются довольно слабыми и практически никак не влияют на игру. Однако, они все же способны усилить героя, добавив ему различные бафы к скиллам и его характеристикам. Что же касается выбора талантов, то рекомендуем придерживаться следующей раскачки:

According to the plot of the game Sniper (Kardell Sharp-eye), we have a hero with the name Kardell Octoright

Большинство игроков в Доту 2 предпочитают выбирать представленный выше вариант раскачки талантов. Так что, рекомендуем придерживаться такого скилл билда, так как он по максимуму усилит вашего Снайпера и увеличит шансы на победу.

Улучшение умений с помощью Аганимов

В последнем крупном обновлении Dota 2 все герои получили возможность усиливать свои способности с помощью покупки Aghanim’s Scepter и Aghanim’s Shard. Снайпер не является исключением и также может приобретать данные предметы. После этого он получит следующие улучшения:

В настоящий момент Аганим Скипетр для Sniper покупают не так уж и часто (обычно берут только на магического Снайпера, который играет на 4 роли), но он имеет весьма неплохой винрейт (54,4%). Что касается Aghanim’s Shard, то его берут ещё реже (связано это с тем, что Снайпер обычно заканчивает игру ещё до того, как ему понадобится данный предмет).

Лучшие итем билды на Снайпера

В настоящий момент существует несколько основных сборок для Снайпера (магическая и физическая). Обе они подходят для разных ролей (магическая для 4 позиции, а физическая для кэрри или мидера). We suggest starting with the analysis of the physical assembly:

This build is great for Snipers playing mid or safe lane. With these items, the overseen hero will be able to deal massive damage from a distance, thanks to which he successfully defends his base, and can also win fights if he takes the right position. Also, note that the Sniper can be played in 4 positions. In this case, we recommend sticking to the following build item:

Such a Sniper can help his hardliner and successfully harass opponents in the safe lane. Further, in the game, he will stun enemies from a long distance (at the expense of Aghanim) and deal good damage with shrapnel. And in the late game, the magical Sniper can collect slots with which he will inflict good physical damage from a long distance.

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Hero tactics

Having dealt with all the abilities, skill build and item build, you also need to understand what the Sniper needs to do during the match. The tactics of playing for this hero are quite simple and not much different from those used by other ranged characters in Dota 2. We only note that Sniper can be both a core and a position 4 support. If you went to the central line, we recommend that you proceed as follows:

In general, the whole tactic of playing as a Sniper carry is that you constantly need to take advantageous positions and shoot opponents from them. If you manage to do this, then you will definitely kill all the enemies and you can easily end the game. And if you can’t win the battles, then just take a position at your base and shoot all suitable opponents from there. If you are playing as a magical Sniper from position 4, then your game tactics will be as follows:

In general, when playing as a position 4 Sniper, you should help your cores as much as possible. To do this, you need to constantly make stacks in the forest and on enshents, collect useful artifacts, and also call the team for various fights.

In what situations can you take a Sniper

Sniper is currently one of the most popular heroes in Dota 2 (ranks 9th in terms of the number of matches played per month). However, his average win rate is only 49.75%. This is primarily due to the fact that many take the Sniper in any situation, despite the enemy peak. We do not recommend doing this, since it is rather problematic to win against counter picks. Sniper works best against the following heroes:

According to the plot of the game Sniper (Kardell Sharp-eye), we have a hero with the name Kardell Octoright

In general, Sniper counters all these heroes by always standing too far and can shoot them with impunity. So, if you see them in the enemy peak, then you can safely take the Sniper and win. As for the counter picks, the following heroes can be attributed to them:

According to the plot of the game Sniper (Kardell Sharp-eye), we have a hero with the name Kardell Octoright

All these heroes are united by the fact that they can easily reach their target and kill it at close range. Also, counter picks include Pudge, Clockwork, Centaur, Mars and Zeus (he can kill him with his procast from anywhere on the map). So, if the enemies took one of the heroes listed above, then we recommend picking someone else. Also, do not forget that you can counter the Sniper yourself with the characters presented above.

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