Arcane ring

Arcane ring Дота

Over the long history of Dota, artifacts have been constantly added to the game. But some of them were removed for various reasons. We will tell you why the first versions of Arcana and Linka disappeared from the game, which item detected invisibility without Sentray and Gem, and what used to replace Radiance and Battle Fury.

Crystal Ball

In the third versions of DotA Allstars, there were no prefabricated items yet. But there were those whose cost and functionality were comparable to them. Such things were sold at the observatory and at the iron golem.

The detection effect was active in the specified area for 5 seconds.

Gem of True Sight,

Sentry Ward or anything else capable of detecting them, no. Crystal Ball allowed to find them. He worked on the principle

Dust of Appearance — when used in an area, all invisible units appeared in it. True, it cost 2k gold, and it took a lot of time and farm. When appeared in version 4.00

Observer Wards, Crystal Ball is no longer needed and removed from the game.

Amulet of Spell Shield

Artifact that costs 5000 gold, but gives almost nothing

The most expensive new item in DotA Allstars 3.xx was the Amulet of Spell Shield — something like an analogue of the modern Linken Sphere. He, like Crystal Ball, did not give any additional characteristics, but only blocked any spell used on the owner every 40 seconds. Considering its huge cost — 5 thousand gold — it could not be considered a good buy. It was much better to buy items that add attributes and increase health, damage and armor. The artifact was removed in version 4.00 when prefabs became available.

Doom Mantle and Demonic Blade

In the third versions of Dota, Doom Mantle for 1.9 thousand gold also looked more useful. For its relatively small price, he gave the owner 21 damage, 5 armor and a passive ability that burned all nearby units and dealt them 12 damage per second. Heroes with close attack range also received a splash. It was the perfect farming item, combining the features of modern Radiance and Battle Fury. Burn damage was only dealt at close range, so it was not suitable for ranged heroes.

Doom Mantle in the hero’s inventory was surrounded by a green aura

Since version 4.00, Doom Mantle has been replaced by Demonic Blade. It was assembled from Void Stone and Demon Edge and cost 2.7 thousand gold. Demonic Blade gave the wearer 40 damage, 125% mana regeneration, and the same effect of burning nearby enemies at 12 damage per second. Instead of splash damage, mana regeneration was given, allowing you to use abilities to kill creeps more often. Apparently, the developers wanted to make it more relevant for ranged heroes, but incineration still only worked at close range. From a very useful artifact for farming, it turned into an incomprehensible thing. When version 5.40 was released, RadianceBattle Fury was added instead.

Shedd’s Cleaver

As you know, in Dota, the bonus to movement speed from two boots and their upgrades does not stack. But in DotA Allstars 4.xx there was an artifact that did not fall under this rule — Shedd’s Cleaver. It was assembled from Boots of Speed ​​themselves, Upgrader (universal recipe for 1.5k gold) and Claws of Attack and gave 15% movement speed to the hero and nearby allies, +10 damage and +5 to all attributes. For a total price of 2k gold, that was quite a lot. The speed bonus stacked with Boots of Speed, Power Treads, or Boots of Travel.

With Shredd’s Cleaver and Boots of Travel, the hero rushed around the map almost like with a Haste rune

Shedd’s Cleaver gave a percentage of the movement speed, and therefore could not compensate for the absence of a regular boot or its improvements. He did not give as much to the hero himself as, for example, Sange and Yasha. But on the other hand, for little money, he significantly strengthened the entire team. In version 5.40, it was removed from the game — the developers felt that the artifact, which constantly increases the running speed of everyone around, was too strong.

Devil’s Will was in great demand in DotA Allstars 4.xx — an artifact for 4k gold, collected from Upgrader, Demon Edge and Ring of Health. The hero received 40 damage, an additional regeneration of 5 health per second, as well as an active ability that killed an enemy or friendly unit of the undead race and restored health and mana to the owner.

It would seem that an ideal artifact at any stage of the game, but it had one flaw. The fact is that Darkness had undead creeps — and this introduced an imbalance. It turned out that the heroes of Light, when using Devil’s Will, were given gold and experience, while the characters of Darkness did not receive anything. Why it was impossible to make it possible to kill any friendly or enemy creep is unknown.

Devil’s Will only worked on Dark creeps regardless of the side you’re on.

The Devil’s Will active skill was nothing more than a copy of the Death Pact ability from the classic WCIII Death Knight. In version 5.40, it was removed from the game.

Assassin’s Blade

Another artifact with an active ability added to DotA Allstars 4.00 was Assassin’s Blade. It was built from Spider Queen’s Blade (removed artifact for 750 gold, giving +3 to all stats and poison attack), Blades of Attack and Upgrader. The total cost was 2.2 thousand gold.

Lower Satyr affected by Assassin’s Blade

Assassin’s Blade had four charges, which, when used on an enemy unit, chained it into a net and prevented it from moving. He could attack and use spells. In addition, Assassin’s Blade gave a passive poisonous attack — a slowdown and periodic damage to the enemy after hitting, 12 damage and 3 units of strength, agility and intelligence each. The artifact was very useful, but four charges went away very quickly, and after that it lost most of its functionality. The only way to get new meshes was to purchase a new Assassin’s Blade. As in previous cases, it was removed in version 5.40.

Linken’s Mirror Shield

DotA Allstars 6.00 introduced a fourth prefabricated item store, adding 11 more artifacts. One of them was Linken’s Mirror Shield — one of the most powerful items for its price in the history of the game. It was crafted from Stout Shield, Planeswalker’s Cloak, and Energy Booster for a total cost of 2k gold. The hero received a 20% chance to block 40 physical damage, 250 mana, 15% magic resistance and 25% magic damage refund.

The enemy’s Linken’s Mirror Shield is a real nightmare for magicians

Linken’s Mirror Shield was unbalanced. Magicians suffered a lot against him — not only did your abilities become weaker, but also part of the damage returned back. Most magicians have a small margin of safety, and this was critical. In version 6.09, it was redesigned into the now familiar Linken’s Sphere, only with a cooldown of 120 seconds.

Arcane Ring

DotA Allstars added a fifth magazine in patch 6.33, but for five patches it had only one artifact — Vanguard. In update 6.38, the developers added four items at once, among which was the Arcane Ring. For 1.7 thousand gold from the Ring of Protection, Energy Booster and recipe, the hero received 300 mana, 3 armor and the ability to restore 135 mana to himself and nearby allies once every 30 seconds.

The same Arcana, only universal

The item was very good and suitable for any hero who needed mana. But in patch 6.68, the developers decided to remake it into Arcane Boots, which are still there. The fact is that at that time Power Treads were assembled from a recipe, Gloves of Haste and Boots of Speed ​​and did not provide additional characteristics. Therefore, the heroes in the mind did not have a useful boot for them at the beginning of the game. The developers decided to remake Arcane Ring into Arcane Boots and fix two problems at once. Firstly, a boot for mages appeared, and secondly, an artifact for instant mana restoration, which was suitable for all heroes, disappeared. And this forced the players to use the abilities only for their intended purpose, and not constantly spam them.

On the night of August 8-9, the Dota 2 balance patch 7.34 was released. The update added a new competitive hero selection system to the game and updated the stats of over 80 heroes and 30 items.

Below you can find the full list of Dota 2 7.34 innovations in Russian.


Changed the order of selecting and banning heroes in Captains Mode

As it was before (team 2 is in bold):

How will it be now:

Time to ban heroes in the first stage of bans reduced from 30 to 15 seconds

Alternative use of abilities

Alternative uses have been added to the following abilities:

Arcane ring

— A new characteristic has been added: resistance to slowdowns (in percentage terms, reduces the force with which slowdowns affect the hero).

— Status Resistance no longer affects the strength of the slow. Previously, it reduced both the duration and the strength of about half of the slows in the game, but now only affects the duration.

— Area Scan now has 2 charges

— Killing Roshan no longer grants control over all overseers on the map

— Moved caretakers in the main forests of Light and Darkness

— Moved overseers in «triangles»

— Outposts that were in the main forests moved to «triangles»

— Health regeneration bonus near the Mine increased from 4 to 7.

— Support for self-recovery of charges for items (for example, Hand of Midas and Holy Locket) has been added to the interface


ABYSSAL BLADE- Damage bonus increased from 30 to 35

BLOOD GRENADE— Cost reduced from 65 to 50 gold— ​​Max stock in one slot decreased from 3 to 2— Starting stock in shop decreased from 3 to 2— Shop replenish time increased from 120 to 180 seconds

REFRESHER SHARD— Now grants +20 Damage, +6 Mana Regen, and +12 Health Regen

SMOKE OF DECEIT — Disguise: Effect duration increased from 35 to 45 seconds — Disguise: If the hero who cast this spell is still affected by it, it will also be applied to allies within a 300 radius. The effect of each cast will trigger only once (i.e., revealed creatures cannot gain it again).

TANGO— Devour: Eating trees created by Nature’s Prophet’s Sprout ability no longer restores health

ARCANE BLINK— Arcane Blink now restores 200 health and 100 mana on cast

ARMLET OF MORDIGGIAN— Unholy Strength: Now also grants +35% slow resistance

BATTLE FURY — Damage bonus increased from 60 to 65 — Quell: Damage bonus against non-hero units reduced from 15/6 to 10/5 (for melee and ranged heroes respectively)

CRYSTALYS— Recipe cost reduced from 500 to 450 gold (total cost decreased from 1950 to 1900 gold)

DAEDALUS— Total cost decreased from 5150 to 5100 gold

SILVER EDGE- Recipe cost increased from 500 to 550 gold (total cost is the same)

DESOLATOR— Soul Stealer max damage bonus increased from 20 to 30

Arcane ring

DIFFUSAL BLADE— Inhibit: Now applies slow to creeps instead of rooting

DISPERSER— Suppress: now procs on all creatures within a 350 radius around the target— Suppress: now applies a slow instead of rooting to creeps

HAND OF MIDAS— Transmute: Can now have up to 2 charges. When purchased, it has 1 charge. Charge recovery time: 100 seconds.

HARPOON— Draw Forth now costs 50 mana to cast

HEAVEN’S HALBERD — Disarm: effect no longer pierces through effect immunity if acquired later

HELM OF THE OVERLORD— Dominate: Now increases the ability level of controlled creeps by 1

HOLY LOCKET— Energy Charge: Resetting this spell’s cooldown now grants it maximum charges

MAELSTROM— Chain Lightning now deals 150% damage to illusions

MJOLLNIR— Chain Lightning now deals 150% damage to illusions

MONKEY KING BAR— Recipe cost reduced from 675 to 600 (total cost decreased from 4975 to 4900)

NULLIFIER — Nullify no longer removes buffs from buff immune units

OVERWHELMING BLINK — Overwhelming Blink: Cast Damage reduced from 100 + 150% of Strength to 100 + 50% of Strength — Overwhelming Blink: Now deals 100% of Strength over time over the duration of the debuff


RADIANCE- Burn now deals 150% damage to illusions

REVENANT’S BROOCH — Phantom Province: No longer increases attack speed — Phantom Province: Now reduces the magic resistance of attacked enemies by 20%. The effect lasts for 3 seconds and applies before damage is dealt. — Phantom Province: Now deals damage to creatures immune to the effects, which is reduced by magic resistance

ROD OF ATOS— Recipe changed. Crafted from Staff of Wizardry (1000 gold), Vitality Booster (1000 gold) and Recipe (250 gold). Total cost reduced from 2750 to 2250 gold.- No longer grants Strength and Agility bonuses- Intellect bonus reduced from 24 to 15- Now grants +300 Health

GLEIPNIR— Total cost decreased from 6150 to 5650 gold— ​​No longer grants Strength or Agility bonus— Now grants +350 Health— Chain Lightning now deals 150% damage to illusions

SHIVA’S GUARD— Arctic Blast: Now deals 150% damage to illusions

SKULL BASHER — Damage bonus increased from 25 to 30

SOUL RING — Recipe cost reduced from 400 to 350 gold (total cost decreased from 855 to 805 gold) — Sacrifice mana refill increased from 150 to 170

SPIRIT VESSEL— Recipe changed. Crafted from Urn of Shadows (880 gold), Crown (450 gold), Crown (450 gold) and Recipe (1200 gold). Total Cost Previous: 2980 Gold— No longer grants health bonus— All stat bonus increased from 2 to 12

VEIL OF DISCORD— Magic Weakness now deals 200 damage to all barriers among other effects

Arcane ring


ARCANE RING— Replenish Mana cooldown increased from 45 to 60 seconds

DUELIST GLOVES- Damage bonus increased from 10 to 12

FADED BROACH— Movement speed bonus reduced from 20 to 15— Mana bonus increased from 125 to 150

LANCE OF PURSUIT— Hound melee/ranged slow increased from 12%/6% to 16%/8%

OCCULT BRACELET — Magic resistance bonus reduced from 10% to 5%

PIG POLE — All stat bonus reduced from 6 to 5

SEEDS OF SERENITY— Health regeneration bonus increased from 3 to 4

Tier 2 items (dropped from 17

DRAGON SCALE— Afterburn: No longer affects illusions

RING OF AQUILA— Aquila Aura mana regen bonus decreased from 1.25 to 1

SPECIALIST’S ARRAY — All attribute bonus increased from 5 to 7

VAMBRACE—Magic resistance bonus when strength is selected as primary attribute reduced from 10% to 8%—Magic resistance bonus when strength is selected as primary attribute reduced from 10% to 8%

Tier 3 items (dropped from 27

CEREMONIAL ROBE- Mana bonus reduced from 350 to 300

ENCHANTED QUIVER— Certain Strike bonus magic damage increased from 225 to 250

OGRE SEAL TOTEM— Ogre Seal Flop mana cost reduced from 75 to 25

TITAN SLIVER — Status Resistance bonus reduced from 12% to 10%

VINDICATOR’S AX— Now grants +20% slow resistance

Tier 4 items (dropped from 37

ASCETIC’S CAP— Endurance: Now also grants +40% slow resistance

HAVOC HAMMER— Havoc now pulls nearby enemies by 100 units over 0.2 seconds, instead of knocking them back by 250 units over 0.3 seconds

MARTYR’S PLATE— Now grants +5 health regen— Martyrdom: now only redirects magic damage— Martyrdom: amount of redirected damage increased from 20% to 25%— Martyrdom: duration increased from 8 to 10 seconds

NINJA GEAR— Fixed an issue where movement speed did not increase when activated— Agility bonus decreased from 25 to 20— Movement speed bonus decreased from 25 to 20

SPELL PRISM- All stat bonus reduced from 6 to 5- Mana regen bonus reduced from 4 to 2

TRICKSTER CLOAK — Evasion bonus reduced from 20% to 17% — Magic resistance bonus reduced from 20% to 17%

Tier 5 items (dropped from 60

BOOK OF SHADOWS— Shadows: No longer prevents targeting allies while affected by this spell

BOOK OF THE DEAD— Strength bonus reduced from 30 to 25— Intelligence bonus reduced from 30 to 25

FALLEN SKY— Strength bonus increased from 15 to 25

Arcane ring

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