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Void is not in the top 5 either.

Everyone wants to get Arcana. There are rare cases when a set looks more pleasant than a regular lasso. However, every year there are more and more of them. Now the bar of the second ten has already been broken, so why not rank these rare items? Remember that this is an assessment by Kirill Blinkov, so it is subjective. I will take into account not only the appearance of the item, but also its lore component — these are replicas, and comics, and even teasers of the arcana. The price will not affect the location.

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Arcane ring

What the arcana gave to lore: nothing, three demomen just made the coolest gun in the world.

The Techies arcana is probably one of the most boring. The item changes only 2 abilities, one of which is a tablet, and the other is a sticky bomb, which is almost invisible in the game. Moreover, in the second case, the animation of the ability is the same as for everyone else — a regular explosion. Even the face of the hero — Travoman — often does not wear a lasso. And this is a sign!


Arcane ring

What the arcana gave to lore: wow, Lina released a great power that had been dormant in her for a long time. Isn’t it too cliché, Icefrog?

Obviously, later arcana will take higher places. They are more interesting and look more bold. Therefore, the first arcana in Dota will take the penultimate place in the ranking. With the lasso on, we get only fiery hair and glowing eyes. As in the case of Techies, the item only modifies two abilities — Blow and Passive. Why not change Laguna — the most epic ability? It is because of the ult that I should have goosebumps, and not because of the badly traced dragon!

Arcane ring

What the arcana gave lore: we were once again reminded that Portal exists. And the power of friendship is also a power.

It’s hard to analyze here, it’s Wisp! The very fact of the arcana is a cool idea and a reason to shake hands with the developers for their courage. But for that alone, I can’t put Io above the others. Sorry.

Ogre Magi

Arcane ring

What the lasso gave to lore: once again we were convinced that the Ogre does not shine with intelligence. But he is patronized by the Goddess of Fortune.

I don’t like this arcana, just because Icefrog cheated when creating it: adding so many sparkles and lights — isn’t it a mockery? Yes, they put him on a chicken, yes, they repainted the character. But that’s all! The arcana looks poor without wearing immortals, and there is no unique idea in it. This is the same Ogre, which for some reason began to glow because of the Goddess.

Legion Commander

Arcane ring

What the lasso gave lore: they learned that the Legion is hypocritical. He uses the power of his enemies — demons. She proved that hell in Dota consists of seven levels.

This is the most difficult choice. Any Legion set looks great with an arcana, but why did they change only the ultimate? Aren’t you confused by the picture of a passive with a spear when the Legion has two blades in her hands? How does the inspire from the horn of the Bronze Legion (ability description) affect the half-demon? Too many questions, too few answers.


Arcane ring

What the arcana gave lore: confirmed the theory that Spectra = Phantom in the future. Allusions to Aghanim and the higher beings of the Dota universe.

If not for the lore and arcana chips, Spectra was even lower in my rating. Two-layer replicas and mechanics with the appearance of daggers save you from falling. However, boring white armor and unchanging weapons — is it really drawn to the lasso? Spectra is a hero with whom the flight of fantasy is unlimited. She’s a spectral (ha ha) creature — figure out how to open her, and not put her in armor. At the same time, have you ever put immortals on such a Mercurial? It is very important that the arcana is combined with immortals, otherwise why are they needed?

Arcane ring

What the arcana gave lore: reflection can become your friend.

The main disadvantage is instability. The visual of the item depends on the gem you have inserted. The red color doesn’t go well with Terrorblade, so the original version looks too bright.


Arcane ring

What the arcana gave lore: The Dead God exists, and it can be robbed.

I don’t see the hero’s majestic transformation. This is an ordinary Pudge, which still needs to be dressed. I understand that there is such a thing as a character concept. But the Butcher could change the cleavers.

Shadow Fiend

Arcane ring

What the arcana gave lore: SF is promiscuous in the choice of souls that he collects.

Why is SF in such a high place? Just look at his ultimate!

Wraith King

Arcane ring

What the arcana gave lore: a hint of a new bird hero.

Nostalgia for the old VK is good, but rock and roll in Dota is bad. Some sort of antique harpsichord or organ would have looked much better than electronic instruments. The skeleton should still scare, not ignite the crowd!

Drow Ranger

Arcane ring

What the lasso gave to lore: Traxes overcame a moral crisis and went to take revenge on everyone for everything.

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Nicely rendered arcana, which is unfortunately a bit dull. It seems that the crossbow was given more attention than the archer herself. Here I would add a glow for the eyes that I hate! At least somehow highlight the character, show strength, anger or rigidity. The only catchy thing is that on the minimap you will look like Yatoro.

Faceless Void

Arcane ring

What the arcana gave lore: Puck can become a powerful creature, it’s time for Razor to deal with his masters.

With the release of the arcana, the players were divided into two camps: someone liked it, others accused Valve of hack work. I will not call the lasso catchy or bold, but it is well drawn. One tentacle has more polygons than a Morphling! The animations are also good: enemies are bashed by a tentacle, and the Chronosphere is wrapped around the limbs of Klass, a deity from the world of the Void. However, I did not experience “wow” from the subject. Meager replicas, a boring second style that almost does not differ from the original — that’s why the lasso is on the edge of the ten. Not lower, but not higher.


Arcane ring

What the arcana gave to lore: due to the lack of new replicas, nothing new.

Yes, Rubik’s lasso can hardly be called a lasso. She is more like an immortal, but here she is only because of the cubic concept. Yes, yes, it is easy to surprise me even with such a simple analogy. Rubik in Rubik’s Cube style. Even if this cube is monophonic. Finally, the developers have changed the visual effects of the stolen abilities. Although not all skills have received cube counterparts, one Meteor drags Invoker in solo. As for the new replicas, it’s not Valve’s fault. Unfortunately, at the time of the release of the arcana, the actor who voiced Rubik was no longer alive. The developers did not dare to give a completely new voice to the character. Perhaps it was the right decision to pay tribute to Barry Dennon, a great actor and singer.

Phantom Assassin

Arcane ring

What the arcana gave lore: the first hints of the multiverse, the introduction of Oracle into the world of Dota.

Any arcana art is a delight for my eyes. Great color scheme, beautiful character straightening and crazy blades. This is how you need to insert the glow into the lasso — it emphasizes the details, and does not mask the hacky work. No need to wear immortals or any sets — it just spoils everything. She is self-sufficient, concise and simply beautiful!

Crystal Maiden

Arcane ring

What the arcana gave to the lore: the integration of the Wyvern into Dota, the revelation of Rylai as a person.

I like the little wolf cub, I like that she has no shoes, because she is the guardian of the north and should not freeze, I like the effect of the ultimate. Too many «likes». So this is the place. Although the arcana was released a long time ago, there are no problems with textures and polygons. Special thanks for changing her face even a little! Thanks to the runes on her face and the effects of the cloak, I see Mistress Icerek, and not the usual frostbender. And when did you find out that if you cross the river, then Aurora, our little companion, will swim, and not just walk on the water? And when it comes to land, it will even shake itself off!


Arcane ring

What the arcana did for lore: gave us a great Shard of the Moon bar, introduced Ark Varden, and hinted that some heroes could get the arcana from Zeth.

How I hated Zeus-Mario! One of the worst gods in Dota ran with a triangular mustache and was 1.5 meters tall. With a lasso, this is a brutal man who will boldly compete with Storm Spirit for the title of lord of lightning. Not the horny little brat he used to be. Thank you.

Monkey King

Arcane ring

What the arcana gave lore: teased by Void Spirit in the comics, first showed Ileksa — a creep girl who will play a big role in the Battle of the Ancients.

The arcana perfectly shows how Sun Wukong changed. Different appearances of the item, excellent voice acting, along with the mischievous character of the Monkey King complement and reveal each other. A thick mane with feathers, a canonical staff and colorful armor — MK is unique.


Arcane ring

What the arcana gave to lore: it was Sven who cut Yurnero’s mask, releasing the spirit of the dragon. The background of Jagger and his homeland — the Isle of Masks is revealed.

Yes and yes again! Yurnero unleashed secret powers without turning into an incomprehensible thing. Both styles are pleasing to the eye: each has its own immortals or items from sets. And the epicness of the animation of murders goes off scale. Even if you dealt the last poke to the hero and did nothing, Yurnero will be overwhelmed with such power! This makes you want to run and run into enemies in order to constantly see this effect.


Arcane ring

What the arcana gave to lore: hints at the true origin of the Lirals and shows the relationship between other characters.

VR with a lasso is amazing. An archer with one of the worst models in Dota has become a light, almost weightless ranger. Valve changed all the abilities, the TP die and made a cool ultimate damage counter. Finally, I see the direct association of Liralei with the wind! Thanks to him, she survived, thanks to him she reached heights, and only thanks to him all her arrows fly straight at the target. The arcana has a huge number of polygons and excellent textures. Nice color scheme, goes well with immortals. Some pluses!

Queen of Pain

Arcane ring

What the arcana gave lore: a huge boost to the history of demons in Dota, the connection between the Battle of the Ancients and the plot of the game Dota Underlords.

Now an ordinary demoness has become a real queen. A well-drawn model, a bold appearance and a canonical weapon for a BDSM queen. Currently, this is the only hero that changes the attack animation depending on the distance to the victim. If the enemy is close — Akasha hits with a whip, if far away — a dart flies at him. I really like how the game designers made Kvopa’s skin — it looks alive and real. And not the usual set of pixels with blurry transitions between the naked body and the clothes.

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Arcane ring

What the arcana gave lore: proved the existence of multiverses, the first steps towards the Great Confluence.

Shaker-child’s remarks do not contain empty threats or incomprehensible abstruse reasoning. He also has a nice baritone voice! One of the few lasso with which you don’t want to turn off the replicas at all. Deserved first place with no obvious flaws.

What Arcana do you like? Do you agree with the first and last place? Share your opinion in the comments.

Why is the new Phantom Girl a guy? Does he hate the old Phantom? And what about Oracle?

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Do you remember the most beautiful one?

There are many Arcana quality items in Dota today. Each Arcana is unique and has its own history, and Valve itself develops the items. She does it really well, and before the finals of The International, she did something that had never happened before in the history of Dota. Any Doter can get a special item — a bag of souvenirs, inside of which are:

Important: not all Arcana are available to choose from — only those that can be bought in the Dota store. This means that it is impossible to get Arcana for Shaker, Wisp, Windranger and Drow Ranger from the bag.

Read more about this generosity attraction here. Valve’s free Arcana cannot be traded or sold on the marketplace

In this article we will talk about all the Arcana in Dota.

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Lina Arcana — Fiery Soul of the Slayer

Arcane ring

The first Arcana changed the hero’s appearance, icon, portrait, Dragon Slave effect and icons of two abilities (Dragon Slave and Fiery Soul). By the way, this is the only Arcana that does not have the Exalted quality (given for early purchase of the item). The item is installed in the «Head» slot.

Legion Commander Arcana — Blades of Voth Domosh

Arcane ring

Unlike the previous one, the Tresdin Arcana contained many more changes. Replicas, other weapons (two swords), the special effect of the Duel ability — all this makes the item simply incredible. In addition to the Duel effect, the item contained a gem that counted duels won and showed this number above the LC’s head after a successful ultimate.

Arcane ring

You can insert a Prismatic Gem (red by default) into an item to change the color effect. For example, this is how the Arcana with the Rubiline gem looks like.

Agree, spectacular. All animations and replicas can be viewed below.

Techies Arcana – Swine of the Sunken Galley Bundle

Arcane ring

The set itself contained seven items (3 character models, a bomb model, a tablet model, a loading screen and a smiley).

However, with the release of Reborn, the set was going to change. Removed a taunt that would cause Squee, Spleen, or Spoon (or Rubik stealing mines) to appear above an enemy minimap when they step on a mine.

By the way, the Techies set is the second Arcana, into which prismatic gems can be inserted. The standard color is yellow-orange.

Shadow Fiend Arcana – Demon Eater

Arcane ring

The item has the Three Shadowraze Combo rune, which allows you to track the number of triple hits of Coils on the enemy. As a result, instead of the usual and gloomy Shadow Fiend, users received a fiery demon with new animations, effects, replicas and icons.

Phantom Assassin Arcana – Manifold Paradox

The Manifold Paradox arcana was the first item to be released as a result of the annual voting at The International. Juggernaut also fought in the final voting (he will win in 2 years and still get his Arcana, but more on that later).

Arcane ring

The subject was traditionally different from others. For example, this is the first Arcana that has styles (three in this case). The new style could be unlocked simply by defeating Phantom Assassin in All Pick mode. During the Nemesis Assassin event, a victory gave 3 points (at the end — 1). To unlock the third style, the gem must have a score of 100 points.

Arcane ring

Also, after each kill by Phantom Assassin, a blade appeared at the place of death of the enemy, by clicking on which you could see details about the death of the character and the damage dealt with Coup De Grace.

Crystal Maiden Arcana — Frost Avalanche

Arcane ring

The key feature of this item was the out-of-control wolf cub Aurora. It can be disabled by changing the style. The third style can be unlocked by destroying 50 enemy wards. Fun fact: the wolf cub was originally modeled by courier Duskie.

Arcane ring

According to the lore, this shawl was given to Crystal Maiden by Winter Wyvern (The New Neighbors comic).

Zeus Arcana – Tempest Helm of the Thundergod Bundle

Tempest Helm of the Thundergod is the 2015 Arcana vote winner.

Arcane ring

It was Arc Warden who offered this helmet to the Lightning God. On the update page there is a comic with a story about it. Arcana looks very impressive. The ability and Blink Dagger effects, animations and lines are really mesmerizing.

Monkey King Arcana — Great Sage’s Reckoning

Patch 7.00. Patch release 7.00. A new system of talents, shrines and a new hero, announced at The International 2016 — Monkey King. Along with him comes the Arcana.

Arcane ring

Four different styles, depending on the level of the ultimate, have different colors and effects. Great Sage’s Reckoning changes the default effects and icons of Tree Dance and Primal Spring.

Juggernaut Arcana — Bladeform Legacy

So we got to the second finalist of the 2014 Arcana voting. Yes, now we will talk about Yurnero, aka Juggernaut. It outperformed Io by 4% in 2016.

Arcane ring

The item has 2 styles (Legacy and Origins). The second style can be obtained after killing ten enemy heroes with Omnislash. The arcana has over 450 new lines for the hero and contains a rune with the number of kills from the ultimate.

Io Arcana — Benevolent Companion

The finalist of the 2016 vote for the Arcana did not go unnoticed by Valve. The Arcana on the Juggernaut looked very impressive, but the community demanded that the Arcana be added to Wisp as well. Valve heard the community and added an item to The International 2017 compendium.

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Arcane ring

The Arcana was given to 2017 Battle Pass owners who reached level 245. The item cannot be sold, transferred or gifted. The design of the Benevolent Companion was based on the Weighted Companion Cube from the Portal series of games.

Arcana on Pudge – Feast of Abscession

The most popular hero in the history of Dota 2 also did not remain without the Arcana. The Butcher was the winner of the annual vote for the item in 2017. In the final, he overtook Rubik by 0.008% (several thousand votes).

Arcane ring

Feast of Abscession also had two styles, like the Arcana on Juggernaut. To open the second one called Grand Abscession, you need to win games against Rubick 12 times. Detailed work is visible in the subject: what is one Dismember animation worth.

Arcana on Rubick – The Magus Cypher

The next Arcana available for purchase is The Magus Cypher.

Arcane ring

A feature of the Arcana on Rubick is the replacement of the effects of stolen abilities. There are 115 of them in total. You can unlock them by winning 40 times (matches in the «Turbo» mode are counted as half). Laguna Blade, Chronosphere, Black Hole, Chaos Meteor — this is not the whole list of interesting stolen abilities from Rubick, which with the item can be seen in green.

Arcana on Earthshaker – Planetfall

No one expected the release of Planetfall in the middle of last year. The Arcana on Earthshaker was a really sudden reward for level 365 of The International 2019 Battle Pass.

Arcane ring

Ogre Magi Arcana — Flockheart’s Gamble

The last released Arcana at the moment. It was Ogre who won last year’s Arcana vote, defeating Windranger in the final. This item was released in conjunction with the Frostbite 2019 event.

Arcane ring

Flockheart’s Gamble is the fourth arcana in a row, which has 2 styles. The second is unlocked when the player scores 500 Multicast Trigger Gem points more than 10 times in a row. The Arcana also changes the icon and effect of the Hand of Midas.

Wraith King Arcana – The One True King Bundle

The King is back! Removed in 2013 due to a conflict with Blizzard, Skeleton King returned after 8 years of non-existence.

Arcane ring

The Battle Pass 2020 added an Arcana on Wraith King that turns him into good old Leoric. Here’s what it looks like in game.

Arcana on Queen Of Pain – The Eminence of Ristul Bundle

Arcane ring

Players could get her compendium level 445. Two styles, new movement animations, attacks, skills and new hit animations. Qopa with Arcana uses a whip, flies on a haste and burns creeps. And her ultimate resembles a mixture of DK blowing and Shaker’s furrow:

Windranger Arcana – Compass of the Rising Gale Bundle

Arcane ring

Of course, 2 styles and all skills got new animations:

And yes, it didn’t seem to you. This arcana adds new icons for casting abilities. At the same time, not only the abilities of the hero himself, but also the items: Force and Eula.

The developers also added new animations, a Focus Fire damage counter, ambient wind visual effects for two styles, additional effects for basic and Immortal-item-modified abilities, death effects for Windranger herself and the heroes she kills, as well as more than 500 new voice lines.

Reflections of the Gale’s alternate style can be unlocked by dealing 2.5 million damage with Focus Fire.

Specter Arcana — Phantom Advent Bundle

Valve prepared two styles:

Arcane ring

Arcane ring

Features of the Arcana on Spectra

Arcane ring

Drow Ranger Arcana – Dread Retribution Bundle

The arcana is called Dread Retribution. It was available to the owners of the 333rd level of the 2021 BP.

Arcane ring

Arcane ring

Arcana on Faceless Void – Claszian Apostasy

The item also modifies all four abilities.

This is what the icons with the lasso look like.

Arcane ring

Maelstorm noted that now Void has become very similar to Faceless from the first Dota. Indeed, the hand and tentacles on the head betray a guest from the past.

Arcane ring

To unlock the Claszian Supremacy, the second style of the arcana, you need to score 250 points as Faceless Void. You gain 1 point for each enemy that dies inside the Chronosphere, up to a maximum of 6 points per winning game. And yes, you don’t have to kill them personally, so don’t be afraid to call on your face-faced friends for help.

This is what Claszian Supremacy looks like:

Arcane ring

More blue, and Void’s skin is now lighter.

This concludes the list of Arcana quality items. Which of them do you think are the most beautiful? What do you have?

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The International 2023 Qual. 05:56. Completed

The International 2023 Qual. 22:00. Not started

Gamers8 2023. 14:00. Not started

Gamers8 2023. 17:30. Not started

Gamers8 2023. 21:00. Not started

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