Boots Of Speed

Arcane Boots is an activated support item. Restores magical energy when activated to allies within a 900 radius around the carrier hero.

Cost: 1350 — Combines the price of a regular boot (450) and Energy Booster (900).

Use Bonus: +250 Magical Power and 55 Movement Speed.

Activation Bonus: Restores mana to allies within 900 radius.

Cooldown time: 55 seconds

Notes: The speed boost effect does not stack with other boots. The cooldown affects all Arcane Boots in the inventory — double activation is not possible!

Arcana in Dota 2 is a powerful artifact that is loved by support class heroes because of the characteristics that increase the maximum amount of magical energy and the ability to help allies, both in the early and late stages of the game.

How to use DotA 2 Traveler

By and large, the only hero in the game for whom TP boots are an absolutely necessary artifact is Tinker. In synergy with your ultimate and the regen you get from the must-buy flask, constant base-line-base-line teleports allow you to escalate the situation anywhere on the map while always having full health and mana. This strategy allows you to quickly farm, push, and requires the enemy team to constantly focus on your persona, while giving your team room to split-push or otherwise maneuver.

As a rule, all other heroes who acquire Boots of Travel do so closer to the late game in order to increase mobility. Some heroes, constantly chasing enemies, open up opportunities to deal permanent damage with their passive abilities (Necrophos, Omniknight), others simply crush everyone (Axe), and still others are able to unleash the full power of their AoE abilities on you (Death Prophet).

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And another question is that the speed of movement is far from the most important

How to collect an artifact

In some situations, Arcane Boots are replaced by Power Treads — it all depends on the hero and the chosen strategy for collecting items, the role occupied on the map and the game score.

Dota 2 is an extremely mobile game, the speed of movement here is one of the main keys to success. At the same time, as mentioned above, buying boot speed allows you to buy several different “boots” at once in the future. For supports, Arcane Boots are perfect, which will give them the necessary movement speed and the ability to replenish mana points, for tanks, Tranquils will be great, with their ability to quickly restore health, for carries, “phases” that increase attack and movement speed, and Power Treads is considered a neutral option.

At the same time, I don’t even want to describe the need to purchase “boots” somehow — there is simply nothing to do in the game without them. You simply won’t have time to fulfill your role — to catch up, run away, help — all this will not be about you if you don’t have a boot at the right time. An archival item for absolutely all the heroes in DotA, there’s even nothing to say here.

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