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comeback miner in clouse


221 — 133

183 — 145

244 — 192

284 — 252

204 — 154

117 — 72

131 — 77

25 — 2

249 — 190

153 — 92

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881 — 632

969 — 606

708 — 535

646 — 444

612 — 439

690 — 570

609 — 428

909 — 609

871 — 591

687 — 507

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701649 — 723243

972007 — 914114

425439 — 432633

200028 — 190634

4114 — 2782


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August 27, 2019, 19:59

Newbee player Sung «Sccc» Chun will temporarily stop playing at the professional level.

“After TI8, I understood that there would be changes in the team. I didn’t want other people to leave, so I was going to leave the team myself and keep fighting. The organization agreed and negotiated a transfer with other teams, but in the end they stopped discussing it, and I stayed at Newbee. We haven’t had decent results all this year, mainly because I didn’t play very well. In fact, at first it seemed to me that I played decently. For some reason, after the losses and what happened in the team, I didn’t play well enough, especially towards the end. I’m not good enough, I don’t consider any other factors. I am very grateful to CU Kitty — the organization provided us with the conditions and salary. They took the time to go to lunch with us, get the team together. I am very grateful. I can’t find the words.

This season I should take a break, maybe I’ll stream or start playing again. But everything will depend on my form, because if you play badly and join the team, you will only hurt yourself. I hope all players will cope in the new season. The pressure on them is huge and all the guys are trying to achieve good results,” wrote Sccc.

5 friends won $15 million. Nobody believed in them all season

WoW Classic servers are overloaded. Players wait hours to get in and queue up to kill mobs

Kamil «Koma» Biktimirov asked the community to reach out to Valve and PGL.

In December 2022, Valve and PGL banned 10 pro players for using other people’s accounts in tournament matches.

“Hello everyone. My name is Koma, I am 20 years old and I am a professional Dota player who was banned for account sharing in December 2022.

I wrote this post to express my deepest regret for my actions, and also to ask for a review of this case. I hope this post gets enough attention to get to Valve and PGL.

But more importantly, I want to clarify the whole situation. First, I want to say that I fully accept full responsibility for my actions.

I participated in account sharing, it was a huge mistake on my part. I will not make excuses for my actions, but I want to assure you that at that moment I did not realize the gravity of my actions.

Now I understand the damage done to the integrity of the competitive scene and the trust of all members of the Dota community.

Please let me explain the situation and my actions. In September 2022, I played for the Luna Gaming team at the Dota 2 Champions League (D2CL) tournament.

Once Lil_skrip, my manager, said that we have tournament games on September 22, although according to our team’s schedule, there should not have been any games on that day.

Then he told me that I should play from the account of another person who was in the S9 team and also participated in the same tournament.

I wasn’t sure about it, but then I was told that it was just so we could get more practice for future tournaments. I was naive, so I did not think about it, agreed and went on to play, because for me it was an additional practice.

Suddenly I saw the news about 10 banned players, among which was me. After that, I learned more about this situation and realized that some players received money for these games.

I was not offered to play for money, just for the sake of practice, so I did not receive any money from this, which I can prove with a bank statement.

I stopped doing this, but some players who were banned along with me were seen in more serious violations, namely Kirill «deihra» Kharitonov and Yaroslav «Limitless» Parshin.

It became known that they played with fake nicknames and fake accounts in the qualification for the DPC league, which I am 100% not involved in.

Now I fully realize how wrong my actions were. I was very naive and sincerely regret what I did.

Dota is my passion, nothing can replace it. I am willing to do whatever it takes to prove that I deeply regret my actions and make amends.

I hope the community can forgive me as I didn’t act out of malice or financial greed, I’m just a kid who wants to play Dota.

Moreover, this is my first and only offense, I can promise that I will not repeat the same mistakes.

After the ban, I thought about my actions, but I did not quit my Dota, continuing to up MMR (I am currently ranked 30th on Europe servers with 11000+ MMR).

I keep playing to improve as a player, I started streaming to stay in touch and participate in the Dota community.

Dota has been an important part of my life since I was 13, I have almost 20k hours of play and over 15k games. She will remain an important part of my life regardless of the ban, because I just love Dota.

I just hope that I will be given a second chance to fulfill my dream of a professional career in Dota.

The moment I had the opportunity to fully become an esportsman, my life was turned upside down due to a serious mistake on my part.

I’m young, I can’t express how deeply I regret my actions, how desperate I am because of the severity of the punishment.

It took me a very long time to accept and deal with this situation, and it’s been 5 months since the ban.

I just ask for sympathy and forgiveness for my mistakes. I really hope that I can continue my career in the future,” summed up the player.

Previously, PGL canceled the disqualification of the team from North America. The community condemned the action of the organizers, Peter «Ppd» Dager and David «MoonMeander» Tan spoke in defense of the players.

«Help get through to Valve.» Banned players turned to the community

«We were already ready for a ban, but someone threw in the idea of ​​hiring a programmer.» Recognition of banned players

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