Character marci in Dota 2

Character Marci in Dota 2 Дота

New Aghanim is imba.

Marcy is one of the least requested Dream League heroes with only 5 picks and 6 bans in the entire first group stage. But in vain! The hero is broken again — Yatoro and Ame will already abuse him in public. I’m sure Marcy’s return to the pro scene is only a matter of time.

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October 29, 2021, 03:24

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Having fulfilled my duties to the readers and put together a post about the new patch 7.30e, I went to bed with a clear conscience. But what is the dream? A new hero is out! As far as I remember, in the first days after the release of Dawnbreaker, Valve made her a ban protection. For Marcy, a partial measure was taken — it cannot be banned by the simultaneous selection of two teams, but in the first game it was banned by voting.

Character Marci in Dota 2

1. Anime style. I don’t like anime. I don’t care, I even tried to watch something, it’s just not mine. I do not like. And yes, I watched the Dota anime. And yes, I know it’s not even an anime. But I was morally ready for the style when choosing a character, so this is not the main reason for disgust.

2. Whistle. Volvo why? For what? This character in the cartoon made sounds only with his blows (more on that separately). So why did you add this ear-piercing whistle to the game? I understand that Phoenix chirps, Wisp gurgles, and for the new hero, you also need to stuff something into the Dota Plus chat wheel. So the way she claps her hands, knocks on wood, records ASMR, whatever. But not THAT!

3. In general, the sound of abilities is pleasant, but the auto-attack also sounds strange. It’s a simple punch, but Dark Seer has a nicer one.

5. The second skill is the wildest imba. Attacks enemies through a screen and a half, buffs the teammate, does good damage and slows down in the area, he can farm and push packs. And this is an escape, and very cool. I wouldn’t want to play against that.

But when I got distracted from the model and voice acting, I realized that it was fun for me to play, even though I was just getting to know this hero (also on full support, lol). It has many advantages.

1. Unusual abilities. I liked Pangolier on release. Vector skills are new to Dota, and Rebound is the next step. Here is a combo of directional non-target and vector application. It plays great.

2. Synergy. I felt the same excitement as from the first game on Timber in the first Dota. You don’t just press buttons: you need to evaluate your position, opponents and teammates, as well as their movement. Only in this way will you jump to the right point and choose the right target to throw. But if everything works out — it will be beautiful!

3. A lot of damage. Seriously. At 5, I’m slowly gaining experience, but even without expensive items with lagging behind in level, I could single-handedly kill heroes with full health.

4. Flexibility. Right now it is clear that the hero works in absolutely any position. And can collect various artifacts. Of course, there will be nerfs and players will find the most efficient way to play, but for now, Marcy has room for creativity.

5. The second skill is the wildest imba. Attacks enemies through a screen and a half, buffs the teammate, does good damage and slows down in the area, he can farm and push packs. And this is an escape, and very cool. Even the teammates were outraged.

Some tips for the first game on Marcy

• Don’t be afraid to use the second skill. You will succeed.

• Don’t forget that you can jump over both an ally and an enemy (I forgot and only jumped over my own).

• Take care of mana regeneration. You really want to spend it.

• The buff looks for a target. I got lost a few times because of this. If there is no one to point at, you can point at yourself or use double-tapp if it is enabled in the settings.

• Be careful with the first skill. A dying enemy can be saved from a crowd of teammates by throwing him “in the wrong place”.

What do you think of the new hero? Played by yourself, met in their pubs? What advantages and disadvantages can you add to your taste?

All skills of Marcy, the new Dota 2 hero

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Character Marci in Dota 2

is a new hero added to Dota 2 right after the end of the biggest tournament The International. Marcy’s appearance was taken from the series based on this game (DOTA: Dragon’s Blood). Also, she received several unique abilities from the developers, which are quite strong and allow her to make a significant impact in the game.

At the moment Marci is the most popular among Dota 2 players (takes 1st place in terms of the number of matches played since it was added to the game). So, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with it in more detail.

Hero Abilities

Marci, like most heroes in Dota 2, has 4 abilities available (3 regular and 1 ultimate). All of them are quite strong, capable of dealing huge damage, and can also stun and slow down opponents. We invite you to familiarize yourself with them in more detail:

As you can see, Marci has received rather unique abilities, due to which she can actively participate in fights and inflict huge damage on several targets at once. The main thing is to learn how to use all the skills correctly. To do this, we recommend that you first practice in the lobby.


Each hero in Dota 2 has 8 unique talents that can be learned at levels 10/15/20/25. All of them enhance the character or his abilities. We offer you to get acquainted with what talents Marcy was endowed with:

In general, Marcy’s talents are quite interesting and learning them greatly enhances the existing abilities. So, thanks to them, this hero will be relevant not only in the initial stages of the game, but also in the late late game.


All heroes in Dota 2 in a recent update have added unique abilities or additions to existing skills that appear when buying an Aghanimous scepter or shard. The only exception in this regard is Marci, for which the developers have not yet come up with any special effects from these artifacts. So if you’re playing a new hero, don’t waste your money on items like Aghanim’s Scepter and Aghamine’s Shard.

Main Hero Stats

Marci is a melee hero whose main characteristic is strength. At the start of the game, she has 660 health with 2.5 HP/sec regen and 303 mana with 0.9 MP/sec regen. According to the attributes, her affairs are as follows:

In general, the hero has quite good attributes with increased growth for each level. Also, note that Marci received a very good movement speed (310 at the beginning of the game). All this makes her a rather mobile and dense character, which is difficult to kill.

The role of the hero in the game

At the moment, the players have not yet been able to finally decide on which position it is best to choose Marci. Because of this, she is found in all lanes and is played in any role. However, statistics show that this hero still has the highest win rate on the mid lane (56.86%). This is due to the fact that in this position Marci can:

So, if you like to play in the central position, then you can safely try a new hero in this role. Also, note that Marci performs well as a support hero (4 positions). In this case, she can easily help her hardlaner and make kills with him on opponents. And in terms of the game, such a Marcy will be useful due to constant initiation, a strong buff and high damage, for which you do not need to have a lot of artifacts.

How to win as Marci in Dota 2

At the moment, Marci’s average win rate at all ranks is around 50%, which is pretty weak. However, it is worth noting that this is primarily due to the fact that most Dota 2 players simply have not had time to learn how to play the new hero correctly. If you master all her abilities and choose the optimal combinations of skills with items, then it will be possible to significantly increase the win rate of the hero. So, if you want to win for Marcy, then first we offer you to figure out how to play for her correctly.

Skill build

The main strength of the new hero lies in his abilities, which deal huge damage to enemies, and are also able to take them out of battle by stunning and slowing down. You just need to learn how to use them correctly, but before that you need to figure out in what order you should learn all the available skills. At the moment, most players prefer to play with the following skill build:

Character Marci in Dota 2

As you can see, the second ability is preferred, as it deals the most damage in the area, and also helps to catch up with opponents or get away from ganks. In second place is the first skill, which also deals good damage and gives a stun. The third skill is usually maxed at the very end, as it does not help the hero much in the early stages of the game.

Artifact selection (item build)

Marci is a unique hero with rather strong abilities, due to which she practically does not need artifacts (she is able to make a significant impact even with a minimal purchase). However, if you want to maximize the full potential of this hero, then for this you still have to collect some items, namely:

With the above artifacts, Marcy is able to inflict significant damage on opponents and easily kill not only supports, but also cores (carries and mids). Also, we note that you can collect other items on it that will further enhance its abilities (Satanic, Mjolnir, Daedalus, etc.).

Game Actions

Playing as Marci is quite easy, as for this you just need to constantly participate in various fights. The main thing is to study all the abilities of the hero in advance, and even better, practice their use in the lobby with bots. As for the general strategy of the game, it directly depends on the chosen role. So, for example, if you play on the mid lane, then you need to:

Most of the games for Marci from the mid lane follow this scenario. As you can see, in order to win for this hero, you must act as actively as possible. This is due to the fact that you will have quite strong abilities with which it is easy to make frags. At the same time, your hero farms creeps extremely slowly. So, the easiest way to get gold is from enemy heroes.

How to play Marcy

And now to the most important thing. There are several positions in which Marcy is revealed to the fullest.

Yatoro and Ame take her to carry. The skill build is simple: by the fifth level, our buildup is 1-1-3. We get the Sidekick and then we get the Rebound. We swing, rush at the enemies, erase them for a two on the ribs. The starting purchase is standard for any station wagons: stats, stats and stats again.

Item build is not much more difficult: Yatoro and Ame take PT and BP, and then go to Aghanim, Blink and BKB. The game usually ends at this point. But it happens otherwise — then Basher and Kryta get there. From now on, we can’t be stopped. Optionally, you can get Nullifier, Skadi, MKB or Silver, depending on what is missing in the game.

Character Marci in Dota 2

The main difficulty is getting to the BF, but if you stand the line well, this is not a problem. And it’s not so difficult to stand a good line with a poke 61 on the first level.

There is another interesting option. Kiyotaka plays Marcy in the mid lane.

The buildup and the starting buy are similar to the carry-Marcy. But the build and gameplay are a little different: we take a bottle to stand mid with full resources, instead of PT we take Phases, we skip the BF for a fast Aghanim and go to fight with the enemies. Such Marcy with a high level and fast Aghanim can win the rink almost in solo.

Pro-scene hasn’t tasted Marcy yet, but high-MMR audiences are already cracking with this hero. I’m sure we’ll see it in action in the next stages of the Dream League.

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What did Marcy change at 7

There are only two really important changes. One of them already makes you want to swear — Marcy has become a universal heroine. In one day, her damage from her hand increased by one and a half times — for a hero for whom this is the most important indicator! No comments.

How to nerf universal heroes? Come up with 4 ways

The second change is a new Aghanim. Let me remind you what he does:

Unleash. Aghanim’s Scepter Pulses now silence enemies for 1 second.

And this is in addition to reducing the cooldown by 10 seconds.

Marcy keeps enemies in almost continuous silence. At the same time, she does not have to hit specifically the enemy who is supposed to be silent — the pulsations have a rather large radius.

Let’s calculate: the interval between the series of blows is a second, the duration of the silence is the same second. And what will you do to her? And pulsations are triggered not only from attacks under the ult, but also from using any other ability during the ult.

Plus, Aghanim by itself adds another 21 damage to Marcy — don’t forget that she is a generalist. But that’s not all.

Sidekick is still one of the best buffs in the game. A duration of 7 seconds with a cooldown of 12 gives us an actual cooldown of 5 seconds. And we get as much as +65 damage and 50% lifesteal.

Marcy’s Sidekick is the strongest offensive buff in Dota. We compared it with all similar abilities

As a result, we see a hero who will kill anyone with almost no items. Funny, right?

Character Marci in Dota 2

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