Check the actual real ping of your network to all Dota 2 servers

Check the actual real ping of your network to all Dota 2 servers Дота

Previously in Dota 2 it was possible to check the profile of all players before the start of the game. It helped a lot in Captain Mode, taking a cap and banning what the enemy is riding, sometimes every rink.

Now is it possible to see the previous skating rinks of opponents somehow?

P.S. It’s a pity that now you can choose any top 3 heroes, when before the top 3 of your best Persians was automatically set

Random pictures from the Internet

there is no way to check if the person is not your friend.

It remains to search for a player on the dotabuff by ID.

or there is still dotamax, but xs is it allowed

may cry said:↑

If there are no teammates on Db?

They could just close it and you can watch old games before it closes

Looks like Overwolf can be checked

Good day, dear readers. We all want to know our Dota 2 stats in order to better navigate the game, choose the right heroes and the right build. This allows us to play better, better adapt to the current meta and win more often. However, even now, 10 years after the release of Dota 2, many players do not know how to see the overall win rate, and in today’s article we will tell you how to do it.

Unfortunately, at the moment it is not possible to see the most detailed win rate in Dota 2 itself. As of today, the game only offers your win rate on heroes, and for the entire time you’ve been in the game.

Check the actual real ping of your network to all Dota 2 servers

Although the general statistics on heroes are quite detailed, you can’t trust them, because the heroes are constantly changing from patch to patch, and it’s useless to navigate by the win rate that you had 3 years ago. Also, in Dota 2 itself, you can’t find out your overall win rate.

On the other hand, there are several sites for Dota 2 that show the most detailed statistics, both for the entire time and for a certain period, as well as full statistics, and specific statistics for heroes.

Surely you have already understood that this site is Dotabuff. However, you can see your statistics there only if you are registered on this site. As for the win rate, you will see it in the upper right corner, just by going to your profile.

Check the actual real ping of your network to all Dota 2 servers

That, in fact, is all, dear readers. On this we say goodbye to you, good luck to everyone and see you again.

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I haven’t played DotA for a long time, but then I decided to take a swim in the trash for a couple of weeks (years)

The question is, I’ve already played a couple of dozen games and noticed that people know my stat in DotA, even though my match history has been closed for a very long time and there is no other nickname on the dotabaf. I remember there was an overwolf that no longer works and I didn’t find any information about another statistics check.

Can any of the inhabitants of the forum enlighten on this topic? How do people know the status and check profiles at the peak stage?

Rank — EX_ample

Works, close theme

is called only now overplus

Rank — EX_ample said:↑

Paid subscription, right? We do not approve of this)) Is there a cracked version somewhere?

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April 14, 15:44

13 minutes ago Schedule for TI12 qualifiers in North America. 18 August. B8 – Tilted Boys

today, 21:44 Gpk — Kiyotak: «Happy birthday sucker»

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today, 20:20 Dendi about losing to Wildcard: “Something went wrong on the third map. We have already sorted out the games and replays”

today, 19:09Team Sexy beat Level Up Dahak at EPL Season 11 and will play against Team Sonneiko in the grand final

today at 18:30 Yatoro about the anniversary treasure: “Thank you for releasing the Ursu set. It’s ######»

today, 17:40NS: “Sunsfan says in a serious show that the TI format with two groups of 10 teams is cool. Well, yes, they ruined a real masterpiece ”

today, 17:29 Sunsfan about the TI 12 group stage: «This is the worst tournament format I’ve ever seen in Dota»

today, 17:02 Eva Elfi met with 23Savage: “We recorded a couple of interesting videos”

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Everyone knows that Valve releases constant updates for Dota 2. Please note that these updates are not always related to gameplay. Sometimes — they are designed to facilitate and make the gameplay itself more convenient. We will talk about one of these processes today, namely, how you can check the readiness of the players who are in a party with you in Dota 2.

What is this function for

Most players prefer to play Dota 2 with their friends. But we are all people, and each of us can have things to do. In such cases, almost every player, after the next rink, goes to do his own thing. But not everyone announces that they are back and ready to play.

As a result, several members of the party are waiting, it is not clear what, when everyone has long been ready to play a new game.

In such cases, the function introduced to the game back in patch 7.08 will help you. It’s just that few people paid attention to her, but in vain. It is she who will allow you to effortlessly check how your stack is ready for a new game.

Check the actual real ping of your network to all Dota 2 servers

We all know that if one of the stack participants does not accept the game, he will be given a temporary ban for the selection of games. Accordingly, you will have to wait for this time, along with it. Even if not for long, if this is the first violation, and if this player has had similar situations before, then he may well thunder in Low Priority, and you, along with him.

What is a readiness check in Dota 2

This test is almost the same game acceptance screen, with the only difference that it is, as it were, a training process. Ready players — will confirm that they are ready, not ready, or those who have not yet arrived — will automatically be marked as Not Ready.

To respond — players will have 30 seconds each, accompanied by a corresponding sound signal, passing even when the game is minimized.

And even if it doesn’t protect you from not accepting the game by your teammate, it will significantly reduce the chance of matching games when not all players are ready, especially if you don’t have the opportunity to communicate.

How to run a readiness check in Dota 2

And with this — everything is simple. In this case, let’s say that you have already played a few games with your stack and everyone went about their business, asking for a 5 minute break. Come back in 5 minutes and look at the chat lobby. Pay attention to the checkmark located in the lower right corner of the chat. Now click on it and run the check.

Check the actual real ping of your network to all Dota 2 servers

As a result — you will not quarrel with your friends about starting the game, you will not have to wait several minutes for the absent player to get banned, you will not have to win back the LP that the absent party member will receive due to you.

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Ever wanted to play on a server from another region but too afraid if you might get high ping and be the lagger in that game? Well now you can check your ping to all of Dota 2 servers before selecting which Server to Find A Match on.-Do you want to play on a server from another region, but you are afraid that you will have a high ping? With this guide, you can test your ping on all Dota 2 servers before choosing the one that suits you best. Bem, agora você pode verificar o seu ping para todos Dota 2 servidores antes de escolher qual servidor para encontrar uma correspondência em.

Open CMD (Command Prompt) / Network Utility / Terminal

~ Microsoft Windows Vista and XP ~:

~ Microsoft Windows 7 ~:

~ Microsoft Windows 8 ~:

Pinging the Servers and knowing your Ping

Windows: Once you have opened up CMD type in «ping SERVER-IP-ADDRESS -t» (without quotes).

Mac:Once you have opened up network utility type in the SERVER-IP-ADDRESS in the network address field and press Ping.

Linux:Once you have opened up the terminal type in «ping SERVER-IP-ADDRESS» (without quotes).

SERVER-IP-ADDRESS = The Address or IP of the dota 2 server you want to check your ping, Replace it with any of the listed IP Address below.

Here are the list of IP and Address of Dota 2 Servers:

To stop the Pinging, Press CTRL + C on your keyboard.

Rate Up if this was helpful to you. Comment if you need any help or don’t understand anything.

~ Mac OS ~ Follow this instruction to open «Network Utility»: Open Menu/Application Folder/Utilities. In the Utilities folder located in the Applications folder, open the Network Utility program.

Enter the command and find out the ping.

Windows: After you open the console, enter the command «ping server address -t» (without quotes).

Mac: After you open the Network Utility, in the ping tab, enter the server address in the ip address field and click Ping.

Linux: After you open a terminal, type «ping server address» (without quotes).

server address = the address or IP of the DotA 2 server you want to know the ping for.

Here is a list of DotA 2 server addresses: (server location in brackets.)

To stop counting, press CTRL + C on your keyboard.

Passo 1: :

Abrir CMD (Prompt de comando) / Network Utility / Terminal

~ Mac OS ~ Siga este guia para abrir o utilitário de rede

~ Linux ~ Siga este guia para abrir o Terminal Linux

Ping dos Servidores

Windows: Uma vez que você abriu digite CMD em «ping SERVER-IP-ADDRESS -t» (sem aspas).

Mac: Uma vez que você abriu tipo de utilitário de rede no SERVER-IP-ADDRESS no campo de endereço de rede e pressione Ping.

Linux: Depois de ter aberto o tipo de terminal em «ping SERVER-IP-ADDRESS» (sem aspas).

SERVER-IP-ADDRESS = O endereço IP ou do Dota 2 Servidor que deseja verificar seu ping, Substitua-o por qualquer um dos endereços IP listados abaixo.

Aqui está a lista de IP e endereço do Dota 2 Servidores:

Para parar o Ping, Imprensa CTRL + C em seu teclado.

Rae Up se isso foi útil para você. Comente se você precisar de alguma ajuda ou não entende nada.

Dark Pool Check

08 Mar 2020 at 18:57

How to check hidden pool in Dota 2?

  • Standard pool:GRADE_A_PLUS = Normal-1
  • GRADE_A_PLUS = Normal-1
  • Hidden Pool:GRADE_C = Hidden Pool-1
  • GRADE_C = Hidden Pool-1

Checking and unsubscribing, are you really in the hidden pool (those who think so)?

taken from here , team works, checked

does anyone believe this? :CoolStoryBob:

check, and suddenly) it says: normal

Good morning son. These theories are already 100 years old. And at least since the introduction of the phrase «hidden pool» by her father Papich.

You could at least tinker with the forum or Google a little.

what’s the problem guys?

do I claim to have discovered America?

I just want the people who are yelling that they are in the hidden pool to use this and unsubscribe about the results)

Already used before you were born. There is no need to do it the second time. And before you, there were a bunch of analysts who tried to figure everything out. Pers. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Everything is already there. Look for a thing.

Author, thanks, I screwed up

This was already added by Volvo themselves, decency is called

Look, maybe there is a table in the internet. (well, like 0-500 decency — behavior F)

Do you know that this parameter shows you your decency?

Well, at least the topic is not about the letter from the dotabaf, and thanks for that

By the way, what do the letters in db mean? As far as I understand, there is db + in most games or not?

This letter means how well dotabuff sees your game.

Something like that. In short, useless garbage, it does not affect the gameplay in any way.

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