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Steam trade hold, mobile authenticator

This function should be activated by everyone who wants to replenish things on csgohouse.wtf. 7 days must pass from the moment of connection! If you do not connect it or 7 days do not pass from the moment of connection, then you can ONLY BUY things on the site! After all the conditions are met (connect and wait 7 days), SALES will be available.

Looking for a good roulette with Dota items? Have you tried it more than once and always cheating? Do you want to try your luck and replenish your inventory with new clothes? Then I have good news for you: there is one site in mind here that has proven itself well — Dota2House. Today I will talk about it and touch on all aspects and details.


Dota 2 House is a site where you can open chests with various things from Dota, as well as play 3 types of games, which I will talk about later.

And for starters, let’s talk about reliability and whether it’s a hoax.

Click here and get 300 bonuses on Dota2House.com — (only works for 5 minutes.)

What is it and why is it needed?

Extract from Steam:

In the event that one party’s Steam account is not protected by the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator, all items will be held and «stored» in order to protect against unauthorized exchanges.

During the period of «storage» of items, they will be inaccessible to both parties. Users whose accounts are not protected by the Steam Authenticator will be able to return items and cancel the transaction.

Canceling trades that are pending confirmation, or where items are in «storage», will result in a 7-day trade lock on your account to prevent unauthorized trades of items from your account.

Few people believed in the success of Defense of the Ancients 2, or Dota 2 for short, but, despite the opinion of skeptics, the game received rave reviews from critics and won the attention of players, becoming one of the most important esports disciplines. During the existence of the game, a lot has changed, from the system of balance and selection of players, ending with the gameplay and the emergence of new heroes. But one choice, the creators of the game provided their players, for them they left character customization. This opportunity gave players the chance to dress up their favorite characters, creating their own personal hero on the battlefield.

Dota2House — a unique service for raising Dota 2 items

With the advent of items in Dota 2, a lot of sites appeared on the Internet, offering players to save money on dressing their heroes, relying on their luck. Such sites quickly gained popularity, proving their effectiveness. Today, we are going to talk about the Dota 2 house site, which offers players tempting games through which they can win a variety of Dota 2 items, from drawing the most common items to legendary items.

This resource has a regular roulette that raffles items of different cost. There are also unique games where you can have fun by winning items for Dota 2. There are three such unique games on the site, and they are all different from each other. The site also contains bonuses that can be used to pay for participation in the game. Bonuses, the site administration, gives out to the most active members of their site, also, they can be obtained in games or when opening a case. The site has accurate statistics, winnings and losses of players, according to which there are almost 2 times more winners in games. And you can believe this, because many players around the Internet have left a lot of positive feedback on Dota2House, which makes you believe in the quality and honesty of this service.

Having talked about the main aspects of this site, I would like to write in more detail about the unique games presented on Dota2House. The first game, called Spinking, is a kind of roulette of luck with pretty good things up for grabs. This game has two modes called SpinkingX3 and SpinkingX30, which can be played for money or for bonuses, the minimum bet for them is more than 300 units. Also in this game it is possible to put items that are in the inventory of your account on the site. The second game is called Triple and it is a regular roulette. In it, you can bet on red, black or zero, or choose a specific number, such a bet will increase your winnings, but also significantly reduce your chances of winning. Bets in this game are also made with items and currency. The third game is the prototype of Minesweeper and is called Techies, in which you will have to rely on your own intuition and luck. The rules of the game are simple, you have to choose one of the three cells, if there is a mine in this cell, then you have lost, but if not, then your win rate increases, but the chances of hitting the mine increase.

All in all, Dota2House is a decent site that allows players to win higher value items for less cost. The withdrawal of items on the site is possible only on Steam, the site administration guarantees the safety of your items, if you want to transfer them to the inventory on the site in order to play them. It can be said with certainty that this site is unique, because it is not based on a simple opening of a case, but the site administration, almost every month holds interesting prize draws, attracting many Dota 2 players.

What should everyone who wants to replenish things on csgohouse do? wtf

All sellers MUST link their steam account to their smartphone, otherwise you won’t be able to trade as before.

Why? Because things from you will be transferred to the bot only after 3 days, and the time for transfer on our website is limited — 1 hour.

How to bind — read below:

How can I determine if I have a mobile authenticator connected and if 7 days have passed since it was connected?

For comparison, we will give an example of 2 accounts. One with a working authenticator, the other without. Screenshots of the pages will be shown below, by which you can determine which account you have. FULLY working account must match ALL screenshots on the left side!

If you are sure that you have a mobile authenticator connected and 7 days have passed since you connected it, and your account does not match the screenshots on the left, check that you have ticked «Enabled» in your Steam privacy settings.


After ticking the box, check your account again against the screenshots.

When I activate the mobile authenticator, I enter SMS, and it says that the code is not correct

This problem occurs most often due to the fact that the device on which you are trying to connect the authenticator has the wrong date and time. It is recommended in the time settings to check the box to automatically update the time via the Internet.

Balance not replenished?

If you are having problems topping up your balance on our site, please try again in a few minutes. If this does not help, clear the cookies of our site in your browser and try again. If this does not help, write a ticket to technical support.

In the transactions it says that the balance has been replenished, but there is no money on the balance.

Money may not come immediately, it all depends on the payment system with which you replenish the balance. If the money has not arrived within half an hour, write a ticket to technical support (For the quickest consideration of the problem, we recommend writing immediately in essence: the date of replenishment, from which wallet and for what amount)

I have money on Steam, but it doesn’t show up here?

Steam Money does not work on our website. Top up the balance separately on the Top up balance page

I opened the case, but the item doesn’t arrive, what a scam?!

Go to your profile and click on the «COLLECT» link on the item you are interested in.

The bot cannot send you an item in the following cases:

I shoot a lot of things, and the bot sends an exchange with one or two things. Where are the others?

There are quite a lot of bots on the site and all your things may not be immediately at one of them. Therefore, you need to accept the exchange you created for 1-2 items or more and create a new exchange for the remaining items.

It says to me «Perhaps you don’t have Steam Guard enabled or you have blocked trades»

If you see such an inscription, then most likely it is so. Follow this link and try to create an exchange of your things. If there is no error, then contact technical support.

Can I withdraw money to myself on Qiwi, Webmoney, etc.?

Writes «Bot not found». What to do?

If you are uploading things to the site, then try to choose fewer things to transfer. If you remove things from the site, then write to technical support


• The first and most reliable guarantee that you will really get the things you win is monitoring the latest winners.


On the site in each game mode, as well as in the chest store, there is a list of the latest winners of the buyers.


This list displays things that this or that . You can also go to his page on Steam and personally ask him in the PM if he received the item, as well as view his inventory.

• And the second, though not so convincing, but a guarantor — various videos have already been filmed on this site many times. By going to YouTube and entering the name of the site into the search, you will undoubtedly find hundreds, if not thousands, of videos filmed on the Dota 2 House website. Therefore, if you trust YouTubers more than the list of winners on the site, then the YT search string is waiting for your request 😉


Now, when you have already made sure that this site is not a dummy and not a scam, you can start using many of its most interesting features. But first, we will need to log in with our Steam account. This is done by clicking on the Authorize via Steam button. It is located in the upper right corner of the site.


Done! Now you can use all the functions of the site, which will be discussed now, but first a few words about how to «fill» things from the Steam inventory into the inventory on the site. After all, without things you will not be able to participate in the games.

At the top next to your nickname and balance, on the left there is a button «»


As you probably already guessed, it will take you to the section of the site with your things, which, of course, will not be there initially. But already in this section we see a picture.


Items can be deposited either from your inventory on Steam, or you can get them by opening chests for money. And let’s talk about how to deposit money into the account. So, in order to contribute items to the site from our Steam inventory, we need to grab our Steam trade link from here — link. And paste it in the inventory section on the site, as shown in the screenshot below and click the «» button


After these steps, you will be able to select items from your inventory and add them to your account inventory on the Dota2House website.


Of course, you will have to wait for the exchange request from the bot and confirm it.

And now, when you have already got things in your inventory on the site, you can take part in games.

Games on Dota2House


SpinKing at Dota 2 House is a typical roulette that is already familiar to all of us. The principle is simple: you and hope that the reel will stop on a good card. There are many cards, all have different effects. There are bonuses in the form of things, there are bonuses in the form of money to the account. However, there is one difference that slightly distinguishes SpinKing on Dota2House from the same mode on other sites — you can choose between x3 and x30 mod: — In x3 mode, the minimum bet is 3p and the maximum bet is 29.99r. The chance of getting a good card on roulette x3 is lower. — In x30 mode, bets start from 30 rubles and there is no limit. Even put a thousand, no one bothers you. Accordingly, the chance of getting a good win here is much higher, as the tooltip says 😉

• Triple •

But Triple is more interesting.


The rules are simple: there is — , black and . There is only one green cell and its number is 0, hence the name — Zero. And there are 7 red and black cells each. The bottom line is this: you choose the color you want to bet on and, in general, make this same bet. Every 60 seconds, the game chooses a certain color randomly. If you guessed red or black, then your bet will be returned to you in double volume. And if you bet on Zero and guessed correctly, then you will receive a bet increased by as much as 14 times! Here is such an interesting mode. Again, everything is controlled by random and your luck, although of course there are some strategies for playing such roulettes, but now we are not talking about them.

• Techies •

Well, the local Minesweeper arrived 😉


Indeed, the game Tekis is very similar to Minesweeper, which was built into Windows before version 10. Only this «minesweeper» is a little more difficult, since there are no clues in the form of numbers. It all depends on your intuition and luck. You need to go through the minefield from right to left and not click on any mine. The more distance you travel without touching the mines, the greater your winnings will be.

Opening chests on Dota2House

On Dota 2 House, as well as on any self-respecting roulette, in addition to game modes, there is also the possibility of buying chests and opening them later. Well, everything is standard here: random items of various rarity — from ordinary to legendary and Arcana. There are also chests exclusively with weapons or with things only for one specific character. In general, everything is on top. This is how you enter the section with chests and don’t want to leave. Beauty, beauty and only 🙂


How to deposit money to Dota2House account

You can deposit money to the Dota 2 House account in various ways, namely: through the Qiwi wallet, WebMoney, Payment terminals, Mobile devices, Yandex Money and Robokassa.

Depositing money into the account is as simple as possible

In the upper right corner of the site, under your nickname, there is a line that displays your balance.


Click on this inscription or on the plus sign next to it and the site page will open, from which you can select the method of replenishment and enter the required amount.


Next, you will be redirected to the site, depending on the payment method you have chosen.

*Be careful and after payment, be sure to click the «Return to the seller» button or something similar to this inscription so that there are no problems with the receipt of money on the account. Although such incidents did not happen, but still, it’s not in vain that the return to the seller button was invented 😉

Dota 2 — fixing problems and bugs

Dota 2 Marketplace

How to work with this system?

Everything works very simply — you need to install the application on your phone and link your Steam account to your mobile phone number.

What happens if I DO NOT LINK my account?

In case you LINK your Steam account:

It looks something like this, but instead of confirming when listing things on the Steam market, you can confirm or reject the exchange. Below is a screenshot of two mobile phones, on which you can see the exchange confirmation window.

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