Divine rapier dota 2

The DotA Rapier is an item that can only be purchased from the Secret Shop. It is assembled from two items that can only be bought there.

This item gives characters the following stat increase:

That’s all he gives from the characteristics. Additionally, it adds the True Strike ability. This skill helps to forget about the misses that were caused by the purchase of Butterfly or other abilities of the heroes.

In fact, Divine Rapier is one of the strongest artifacts for base heroes. It immediately gives 330 damage, which can be realized in full and for an adequate cost. However, buying it, the user is always at risk. The fact is that when dying, the DotA Rapier drops out and can be picked up by an enemy or an ally. If an ally does this, then he will not receive an increase in characteristics. The enemy will get them.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that the rapier is important from the point of view of the economy. If a player buys it and suddenly dies, then the enemy receives 12000 gold of advantage. That is, the hero who played with her lost 6000 gold and another 6000 gold went over to the side of the enemies.

What the pillbox rapier is made of, its cost

Divine Rapier can be purchased for 6000 gold. It is assembled from two artifacts:

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They can only be bought at the Secret Shop.

Who should buy a dota rapier?

Only base heroes can purchase this item. Other roles cannot allow this. As a rule, the rapier will be relevant for those characters who rely on damage from the hand. For example:

That is, it is ideal for anyone who wants to attack enemies through the «hand». However, it is always worth remembering that the Rapier is a situational artifact. It cannot be bought in every match. You need to clearly see the line of when to take this risk, and when to refuse it. Otherwise, the user, having made the wrong decision, may lose a ranked match in Dota 2 because of it.

How dota 2 rapier is used

As such, «rapier» is a very specific thing. There are no strategies that require the purchase of this artifact in DotA. Most often, buying a rapier is evidence of dominance, or a simple desire to add fun to the game. That is why, most often, the purchase of a “rapier” is distinguished by carry-heroes with effects that increase damage. So, for example, with a «rapier» you can most often meet Kunkka, Gyrocopter (both have the ability to «scatter» damage across several enemies) and Wraith King (critical damage + resurrection). Less often, the «rapier» is collected by other carry-heroes.

Separately, we single out the DotA 2 fast rapier strategy. It is occasionally found on heroes that are not so easy to kill, such as Sniper, who deals damage from a huge distance. Fast Rapier builds within the first 15-20 minutes, after which it allows you to deal really huge damage to opponents in the mid-game, due to which future dominance of the map is achieved. But such tactics require excessive accuracy and a support like Omniknight or Dazzle, who will always run around. If a hero loses the rapier in the mid game, he is not only left without a key (and, most often, the only one at that time) artifact, he sets up his entire team. Losing the rapier at this point almost always results in a quick loss of the game.

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