DotA 2 Astral Step and 7.27d Abilities and Talents Patch

On the night of August 9, Valve released a major update 7.34. It reworked the map, items, as well as many heroes. We have collected the best heroes that you can raise MMR on in patch 7.34 for Dota 2.

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Void Spirit dispatches a remnant to the target location. The remnant stands watch over the region, facing the direction of his vector. When a unit crosses its gaze, the remnant pulls it in and damages it.

/ / /

Inai exists far beyond the scope of a single point in space and time.

Void Spirit temporarily fades into the aether, creating a number of portals through which he can reassemble himself. Upon exiting a portal, he damages all enemies in the area.

Inai much prefers to observe our plane free from the confines of corporeal form.

Void Spirit wraps himself in a physical attack damage barrier and emits a single damaging pulse around him. The barrier gains increased damage absorption for each enemy hero the pulse hits. The barrier only protects against attacks.




Inai never hesitates to shroud himself in the essence of his true self when forced to interact with the mortal plane.

Void Spirit tears a rift through the astral plane to appear at the target location, attacking all enemies along the path. This attack inflicts a void mark that slows for seconds and then detonates.

Astral Step attacks do not cleave.


A small step for Inai creates great devastation on the mortal plane.

Void Spirit in

Dota 2 is one of the latest added heroes, which is already a year old. . The main attribute of the hero is . Is one of the most anticipated heroes with one of the most interesting ENTs. Despite the fact that the main attribute of the hero is, he also has a good increase and, and the purchase is made specifically for damage. He is a fairly popular hero, ranked 33rd in popularity at the time of writing. In the beginning, this was due to the fact that Void Spirit was just recently added to the game and everyone wanted to play it. However, several months have passed since the release of the hero. But its popularity is still not lost.

The hero is quite difficult to master and has . Its win rate is , which is due to the fact that not everyone understands how to play it. In fact, Void Spirit was and remains one of the strongest mid-game heroes. Consider his abilities, talents and features associated with them.

Roles: Carry, Disabler, Escape, Nuker

Aether Remnant

Void Spirit’s first ability. Like any Spirit, Void Spirit also has a remnant. Storm Spirit has his first ability, Ember has his ultimate, and so on. By and large, what does

Aether Remnant? The hero throws his astral clone at the specified point. Remnant stands still and looks at the specified point. If an enemy passes through this point, the remnant pulls that enemy and deals damage. U

Aether Remnant has a viewpoint, and the pull occurs as soon as an enemy unit hits this point. A maximum of one remnant can pull one enemy. At the same time, the remnant lives for quite a long time, and using it, you can simply block the retreat path for the enemy to reach and finish off. Has time to activate. Works like Pangolier’s first ability. That is, when activating the skill, you need to choose which side the remnant will look at in order to be guaranteed to hit and kill the enemy.

Time to activation: 0.4 seconds

Damage after being pulled: 80/130/180/230 damage

Pull Duration: ///

Remnant lifetime: 20 seconds

Mana Spending: ///


The second ability of Void Spirit in Dota 2. This ability can be attributed to those rare abilities that are suitable for both potential and damage at the same time. When activated, Void Spirit disappears from the map, disappears into another world. Therefore, using this feature, you can dodge projectiles flying at you. These projectiles include normal attacks that have projectile flight, or abilities like Sven’s first ability, Alchemist’s second ability, and so on. When a hero disappears from the map, he creates several portals around the cast point. After a certain time, the hero will jump out of one of these portals (selected by the player). At the same time, all targets that are within the range of the portal from which Inai jumps out receive a fairly significant amount of damage. Therefore, this ability can also be used to catch up and kill the target, or just to farm a pack of creeps.

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Area Damage: ///

Disappear duration: 1.3 seconds

Inai prefers to observe our world without burdening himself with a material form.

The third ability of Void Spirit in Dota 2 allows you to farm even more efficiently, and also adds survivability to the hero. In general, the developers overdid it too much with the survivability of Void Spirit. The fact is that the hero essentially has 3 out of 4 abilities. The hero releases a wave next to him and places himself in a protective shell. The wave travels 360 degrees and damages enemy and neutral targets it hits. At the same time, a shield is created around the hero, which absorbs physical damage. The shield has a fixed amount of damage absorbed. However, the more enemy heroes the wave hits, the stronger the shield becomes. And if no one is hooked, the shield will have its own fixed protection. What do we end up with? It turns out that Void Spirit can disappear from the map and evoke many abilities thanks to the second ability, can absorb physical damage thanks to the third ability, and can travel an incredible distance thanks to the ultimate ability. Here is such a tenacious hero.

Wave radius: 500 units

Base Physical Absorption: ///

Additional defense for each hit hero: ///

Cooldown: 16 seconds at all levels

Inai no doubt hides in his true nature when he has to interact with the mortal world.

The ultimate ability of Void Spirit in Dota 2. As we know very well, everyone stands out among all the heroes with their mobility. Void Spirit is no exception. All spirits move as quickly as possible on the map. For example, Storm Spirit with his ultimate ability, Ember Spirit with his remnants can overcome the entire map in just a second, Earth Spirit with his stone, and so on. Void Spirit, on the other hand, has a number of abilities, including an ultimate, thanks to which it can confuse enemies very much. The ability has multiple charges. When the charge is activated, the hero makes a very fast dash to the specified point. In doing so, he attacks all his enemies on the way. At first, this attack simply slows enemies and inflicts Void Spirit’s mark, and after 1.25 seconds, all hit enemies gain . Using this ability, Void Spirit can ignore obstacles such as the high ground, trees, and so on. Therefore, this ability can be used both for cold-blooded killing of enemies and for escape.

Blink Range: 700/900/1100 units

Mark of the Void Damage: 150/200/250

Enemies Movement Slow: 40%/60%/80%

Cooldown: 0 seconds (charges)

Mana cost: 100 points

One step of the Other leads to terrible destruction in the mortal world.

Shadow Shaman. Shaman got incredibly cool buffs in 7.34. Now the Hero Hex increases any damage to the target by 5-20% depending on the level of pumping. At the first level, the duration of the effect is almost 2 times longer than it was: 2 seconds versus the old 1.3. Balanced it out with a longer cooldown and mana cost. The damage and healing from the third spell was also increased, but the mana cost of the first was lowered. Shaman has always been a strong support in the lane, but now he has become even scarier.

Witch Doctor. VD Stick now deals pure damage! Of course, her damage was cut a lot, but globally this is a very strong change. Yes, and helmets now rush a little faster, with a minimum delay.

Lion. This support was very good in 7.33, but Valve decided to upvote him in the current patch. Now Lion can transfer mana to teammates (and speed them up) without the level 15 talent. The skill itself no longer consumes mana when used on an enemy or an ally with full mana. Another new addition is the level 20 talent, which will definitely allow you not to miss the stun.

Marci. It seems that Valve is trying to bring Marcy back into the meta. Sidekick now grants permanent lifesteal and additional damage to an ally and the heroine herself in an area of ​​2500, while lifesteal heals both of them. Previously, the effect lasted 7 seconds, now it is dispelled only on death or when cast on another ally. If the characters are more than 2500 away, then Marcy gets only half the buffs from the spell, and the ally doesn’t get any. This ability will significantly affect the balance of power in the lane. Most likely, the heroine will now be more often taken as a “five” support.

Dota 2 patch 7.34 map changes: overseers and outposts moved to different locations

The best mids of patch 7

Invoker. The authors of «Dota» decided to pretty much rework Invoker and bring him back to life. He is now a versatile hero, and his orbs no longer grant stat gains. Instead, the hero received Spell Life Steal (Quas), Ability Cooldown Reduction (Wex), and Spell Damage Bonus (Exort). At the same time, the base damage and the increase in damage from the hand were pretty cut to him. What does it all mean?

Now Invoker needs to be collected through stats, since he is a generalist. The hero through Exort doesn’t work like it used to, as Fire Orbs no longer deal damage per hand. Accordingly, we will no longer see Invoker through Witch Blade and drums. The new meta is the magical QW-Invoker through Spirit Vessel, which is now assembled from crowns (an item for stats), an urn and a recipe.

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Lina. The heroine’s first spell was slightly reworked. The wave now sets the enemy on fire and deals damage over time for an additional 2 seconds. The lagoon automatically gives the character 10 charges of Fiery Soul for 5 seconds. Consequently, the physical Lina no longer has to stack up (of which normal spells can stack up to a maximum of 7, 3 less than from Laguna) before attacking an enemy. It’s much more fun to play now.

Void Spirit. Astral Step now costs 10 less mana and its charge cooldown has been reduced by 3 seconds at each rank. It can now be worn through Vessel, as the item has become very pleasant for generalists. Void Spirit remained a variant hero in 7.34 (he can be collected through both physical and magical damage) and received small buffs that, in combination, made him stronger.

Collapse about Magnus’ buff at 7.34: «Paid Gabin with prize money from Riyadh»

Best carries of patch 7

Troll Warlord. The troll was playable back in the last patch, when he was allowed to use items while under the effect of an ult. Now it’s even stronger, with more ranged ax damage, and Shard now has a chance to land an extra long-range poke in attack radius. Together with the BF strengthening, the Troll will farm even more, and, as a result, will become more efficient. At 7.34 you can also go for a more active build with Falcon Blade, Lightning Bolts and Shard, especially against Illusionists.

Phantom Assassin. The developers did not change Mortred in any way in 7.33, but decided to raise it in the new patch by redesigning Coup de Grace. Any attack now has a 20% chance to grant her «Focus» for 6 seconds, which grants her a critical hit on her next attack. The chance of activating the «focus» from the dagger is 40%. After dealing critical damage, the mode subsides. Thus, it is now possible to better control crits and rely less on predictability. BF enhancement also looks nice. As a result, almost +4% to the win rate immediately after the release of the patch.

Riki. Ricky was also among the winners of the patch. His base stats and strength gain have been lowered, but all this is compensated by a huge buff to agility and its growth. As a result, Riki now has more armor and faster attack speed. He now lanes better and deals a lot more damage. It may be too early to say that Ricky-carry will return to the pro scene, but in public he has definitely become stronger.

Faceless Void. A very popular carry in the previous patch that was barely touched. Void just had his talents swapped at levels 15 and 20. At 7.34 he is still strong.

Patch 7.34 bug: Multiple Hand of Midas can now be used in Dota 2

Dota 2 Void Spirit Talents

As expected, almost all of the hero’s talents are aimed at enhancing his abilities. What else to expect from a hero whose main attribute is intelligence and who has 4 active abilities aimed at dealing damage and escaping. In general, the choice is quite difficult, but we will try to decide and find a more or less optimal option. To do this, we will use the statistics that the Dota2Buff project kindly provides us with. You need to understand that the choice of talents is almost always situational, and against one peak, a particular talent can look better, and the second one — worse. But still, our choice will fall on those talents that in most cases will help more.

Tenth level

Like all heroes, our choice begins with Void Spirit at the tenth level. Here we are offered quite interesting talents, and it is at the tenth level that the only choice is made that enhances not the abilities of the hero, but Void Spirit himself. On the one hand, we are offered to increase our damage from hand by 30 units. This is an incredibly powerful increase in damage for this minute and this level. Thanks to the additional damage, it will be easier and faster to farm, kill faster. In addition, additional damage applies to the hero’s ultimate ability. After all, the hero cuts enemies, and at the same time, in addition to the damage from the mark, he deals his damage from his hand. Therefore, the more damage from the hand, the more damage the ultimate will deal. The second talent offers us to increase mana regeneration by 3 units per second.

I would like to have additional mana regeneration. However, Void Spirit is a hero whose main attribute is intelligence. The hero has a good increase in intelligence, and he has no problems with mana. And even if there are problems, the whole thing is compensated by the purchase of Bottle. Not to mention the fact that almost all of his items increase the hero’s intelligence (intovik, after all), and intelligence increases maximum mana, ability damage and mana regeneration + damage from hand. In general, we take damage from the hand, it is very powerful. The talent has over 83% pickrate, which means at least something.

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Fifteenth level

We continue our choice already at the fifteenth level. Here we are offered two talents that enhance abilities. The first talent increases the wave damage of Void Spirit’s third ability by 100, which is a pretty good bonus. Thanks to this bonus, you can farm more calmly, and simply deal more damage in a fight. The second talent is maximally situational and makes it so that the clone from the first ability of Void Spirit reveals invisibility in a certain area. Yes, it can really help if the enemy team has heroes like Riki, Bounty Hunter and so on. However, in all other cases, the talent will be as useless as possible, and it can be replaced by buying dusts.

Twentieth level

Well, things are already approaching late, because after all, it’s already the twentieth level. The left talent suggests that we reduce the cooldown of charges from the ultimate ability by 7 seconds. This is indeed a very powerful talent, because Inai’s ultimate ability makes a really incredible amount of impact. The very first is a very large amount of damage. The second bonus is the possibility of escape. Therefore, the sooner we have charges, the more impact we can make, and the less chance there will be to die from enemies. The second talent offers us to increase the damage from abilities by 15%. Agree, next to the first talent it doesn’t sound so cool anymore.

Yes, all Void Spirit abilities in Dota 2 deal damage. Therefore, by taking this talent, we will increase our total DPS from abilities by 15%, because all 4 active abilities are strengthened. However, even in this case, the first talent for reducing cooldown looks much better. The cooldown talent increases the hero’s DPS even more than the DPS talent itself, and it also adds survivability and increases the farm potential in general, because now the ultimate ability has a very small cooldown, and can be used to farm large stacks, if any.

Last choice

At the twenty-fifth level, the most difficult choice awaits us. However, even in this case, we already know what we will take. On the one hand, we are offered an additional effect for the second ability — a stun. That is, when Inai exits the portal, he will stun all the enemies he hit. And this camp lasts as much as 3 seconds. Yes, this talent looks more than cool. However, we are talking about level 25, where almost all enemies already have a Black King Bar or similar items. Those 3 seconds of stun could really be useful if it would pierce through magic immunity, or at least the alternate talent wouldn’t be so cool. What about alternative talent? It’s simple, now your every jump in the ult is guaranteed to inflict a 200% critical hit on enemies. That is, DPS will increase significantly, and if you have several damage slots, you can simply destroy the entire enemy team in a split second.

November 7 Update for Dota 2

Balanar in Dota 2: guide patch 7.28

Best offlaners of patch 7

Night Stalker. The key and most impressive change to the NS is resetting the cooldown of all abilities after activating the ultimate. For example, if you attack during the day, press the second spell on the enemy and ult, and then press spells again — your opponent will be in silence for 9 seconds. And if the fight takes place at night, then all 12. Crippling Fear also now deals area damage, which will greatly help the Stalker to last hit the creeps in the lane during the day. Most likely, the National Assembly will become the main imba of this patch on the “troika”, so hurry up to raise the rating until it is fixed.

Brewmaster. Another hero that received an incredible buff is Brewmaster. Now the duration of the second spell is extended if the hero deals or receives magic damage. Also, the effect of the ability triples the fire stance: +30 to attack speed (instead of +10) and 60% chance to inflict a critical hit (instead of 20%). Both in the lane and in the game, the hero has become much stronger, especially in the fire stance. Hence, almost the strongest increase in winrate in the patch — almost 6%.

Slardar. The character received a boost in the last patch due to a bonus to armor and HP regen in water. In 7.34, it was buffed even more: now the pond that the hero creates lasts a full 7 seconds (before 3-6 seconds), respectively, the bonus from the effects lasts longer. While in the water, the passive gives an additional damage of 10-40 points. Most likely, we will see the hero more often in public and official events.

Razor. In 7.34, Valve built the Shard of Razor into a passive. The new item improves Static Link, increasing its cast range by 150. Additionally, with Shard, an alternate ability cast is added that electrically pulls the enemy. As such, Razor is now much harder to escape from.

After the release of update 7.34, his win rate fell by 1%, but this should not be scared. The hero began to be taken much more often, which means that we should make allowances for the fact that many people play it for the first time.

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