Dota 2 cheat and Dota 2 private cheat

Dota 2 cheat and Dota 2 private cheat Дота

What is ExLoader?

This is an application that is a collection of a huge number of constantly updated modifications that you can run for free, and without the risk of catching a virus or getting banned!

This is how the cheat installer looks like:

Video review of the cheat from the site user:

Simple start instructions. What do we have to do?

CringHack for Dota 2 is updated daily. You can visit the site every day and download the new version!

Download cheats for Dota 2 7. 33 for free

Dota 2 is a popular multiplayer game developed by Valve Software. In recent years, it has been popular with many players.
But under such a number of players and increased interest in the game, the problem of dishonest players appeared. Dishonest players use various cheats and methods that allow them to have an advantage over other players.

Cheats for Dota 2 can be used to get access to various bonuses such as: Map Hack, ESP, Autocast, Dota Plus, Skin Changer Dota2 and others.
In our Dota 2 cheats archive you can find many paid and free cheats that help players to gain an advantage in Dota 2. But it is important to note that Valve is constantly moving forward to block cheats and punish players who use them for their own purposes.

Thus, neutralizing the problem of using cheats.
In general, the use of cheats in Dota 2 can help the player gain an advantage over others. But it is worth remembering that the use of cheats is illegal and may be prohibited by Valve Software.

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Dota 2 cheat and Dota 2 private cheat

Dota 2 cheat and Dota 2 private cheat

Dota 2 cheat and Dota 2 private cheat

Cheat with extensive functionality, activation of free dota plus, unlocking heroes, entry, infinite mana, camera control and more. With this cheat, you can win different rinks, complex, easy, everything is within your power. The software allows you to remove the restriction on the distance of the camera, see the effects of teleporting and using Smoke in the fog of war, activate a dota + subscription, unlock heroes on a new account, remove fog and display enemy mana under the health bar. Lots of settings and user friendly interface.

Functions (press to open/close)

Starting instructions:

Done. Happy using!

Mistakes and their solutions

Partial map hack showing enemy animations
heroes, indicator for allies in line of sight
opponent teams, information display
about enemy heroes when using hidden
abilities and other opportunities. It is this
the script allows you to control any movement
opponent heroes on the map: from the search for «foresters»
before killing Roshan.

232 rubles /

Our advantages

Our cheat is able to completely disable the VAC module, thanks to which you
you can never get
anti-cheat ban


The software provides extensive functionality that is constantly
updated and supplemented


Our unique developments allow the cheat to adapt to new
versions of Dota 2, updates will not keep you waiting


Experienced support specialists are always ready to answer your questions.
questions and help solve
emerging problems


Professionals in their field work in all areas of the project,
what makes you get
best quality product

Open API

We have an open API with documentation for developing custom scripts in LUA

Video review

Not all people are ready to spend dozens of hours of their lives to train the skill of playing some kind of game. Also, games like Dota 2 are full of cheaters. Someone wants to enjoy an ordinary evening skating rink with a pack of Coca-Cola chips, someone wants to improve their rank. In no case do we encourage anyone to download cheats, this is the choice of each of you. If you are tired and want variety — we can only provide a convenient tool for such an experience. Everything else is up to you!

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What are the cheats for Dota 2?

In total, there are three types of cheats in the world of games: «External», «Internal», as well as neural networks. To run an External cheat, an injector is not required, they are opened by a process separate from the game and read its memory to draw the so-called input (esp). Sometimes these mods can imitate keyboard or mouse button presses to recreate the functions of an aimbot, trigger, bunnyhop, throwing grenades or repeating movements (movement). In rare cases, external cheats can change the memory of the process, for example, to change skins (the so-called skinchanger). Internal modifications are introduced into the game using special DLL libraries. Such cheats are distinguished by smoother work, the presence of extensive functionality, as well as an increased risk of getting a ban if the mod developer did not take care of the basic protection against the game’s anti-cheat. But neural networks are already something else, they do not interact with the game’s memory in any way, but only analyzes the image from the monitor in order to recognize opponents for aiming or automatic shooting, and also, in rare cases, for automatic movement along map. Such applications require a strong PC, however, they are incredibly safe to use. In the ExLoader library, you can find a huge number of both Internal and External modifications with the functionality of WH, Aimbot, SkinChanger, movement, grenade helper, etc.

How and where to install configs with lua scripts?

To install ready-made configs and lua scripts for modification, you can click on the gear button located next to the modification start button. You can open the cheat files folder in the same way! Both legit cfg and rage cfg are available in our library. If you want to play in such a way that you are not banned by the patrol, use the legit config, and in case of xvh fighting with another cheater, you can try loading rage cfg, but remember that the tougher the config, the higher the chances of getting banned from the Overwatch system.

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Are there any viruses in cheats from your loader?

On the page of each modification from our application, you can find information about whether it was checked for the absence of virus threats by an independent representative. In addition, we try to carefully evaluate all modifications before adding them to our library! So if you are looking for a cheat without viruses, then you definitely need to contact us.

Dota 2 is a multiplayer team-based MOBA video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. The game is a sequel to DotA, a custom map-modification for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and its add-on Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. The game depicts the battle on a special kind of map; Each match involves two teams of five players each controlling different «heroes» — characters with different sets of abilities and characteristics. To win the match, the team must destroy a special object — the «fortress» belonging to the enemy side, and protect their own «fortress» from destruction. Dota 2 works on a free-to-play model with elements of micropayments.

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