Dota 2 guardian of light hero guide by dumbass592

Dota 2 Guardian of Light Hero Guide by Dumbass592 Дота

There are two reasons for this:

Firstly, on the open spaces of the site, there are a large number of guides for the cauldron that cause me a slight burning sensation in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe most valuable.

Secondly, I have about 150 games on the cauldron and a little bit I understand how to play this strange, at first glance, hero. you can look at my dotabuff)

Let’s start with the most pleasant, of course, with the pluses. And so our hero is GREAT because:

1. One of the best nannies in DotA

2. Excellent push/push skill

3. There is almost always mp

4. Thanks to the ability, it makes our team quite mobile

6. Of course, it is impossible not to pay special attention to such a skill as everyone loves the cauldron for this, because KOTL GIVE ME MANA will always be relevant

7. Pretty nice initial movement speed

GIVE ME MANA boiler. helps to spam our «horses»

As the main one, I indicated a really basic skill build, of course, you can throw «cookies» at me with a shout «DDA NADA DOWNLOAD FOR 2 POINTS ON THE HERO’S LVLE 3. DOWN». This will remain on your advice. In any case, I do not force you to swing that way. But I can explain. With a level 2 wave and a level 1 chakra, we can throw our wave for 300mag damage with a frequency of 38 seconds, and then 4/5. because we pour mana less than we spend. And if you pump it by 2, then we pour the chakras into the faces of opponents.

And yet I insist on such a build. Someone may notice that I do not give much preference to such a skill as . You can throw another «cookie» at me and say: «YES IF AGAINST YOU IT IS NECESSARY TO BURN THEM MANA WHEN YOU RUN» Yes, and you will be right, but no, you are wrong. (as strange as it sounds) The longer we will keep the opponent at a distance from our creeps, the longer ours will be so painful for him because he will have a low lvl and I don’t see the point in wasting priceless stat points on a leak.

There is also such a skill build as

To start the game, we take such a pack (I’ll say right away that I’m used to playing the cauldron as the only support in the team because this is Russian DotA here everyone “loved you” and had a good time with all the members of your family and “YA KERRY AND GIVE ME PHARM» in any case, in 3400 — 3800 mmr, these are the comrades.

And so, after this lyrical digression, we will start shopping.

Yes, some may notice that: «YOU TAKE A JAR FOR MANA ON THE CUTLE. D NIWE.» I’ll explain everything.

Then we need a sock useful, whatever one may say thing

Then we collect according to the situation:

if you need help on the other lane, we are harassed or there is simply not enough MS

If the opponent has a very aggressive pick and no one will wait for late

If you kicked the opponent out of the lane and want to push quickly. This artifact is good if you are in lane with a semi-carry who can gank from 10-12 minutes. We tear down the tower, get golds, become completely unattached to the lane and can run everywhere.

And then one good moment

:» WHY DOES KATLU HAVE ARCANA. D NO. HE HAS . And you will be completely wrong. if you think so, why or? the team should have at least one arcana. and if the other

If the enemy team has nasty AOE procasters —

Also, if the team has 2 — 3 milli carries, then we upgrade the basil to

and start collecting after 6.81 aghanim on the cauldron gives inadequate bonus namely:

Our always works

now heals allies for 375 (daytime only)

Also, during the day with an aganim, our view is equal to the view with the night.

Did you notice that I won’t mention about , I don’t like them, useless artifact.

Situational items such as:

(this thing will help bring down the TP of the opponent, and after 6.81 it will pump 50 damage to the enemy. This helps to bring down the dagger and approach your team to the fleeing pack, for example)

collect according to the situation (that’s why they are situational). The boiler always has a lot of money. yes, not at the beginning, when everyone is on their own lanes, but closer to the mid game, having you can always farm a couple or three packs of creeps, and this is gold.

Naturally, they should always be on cd.

By purchasing the initial purchase, we use our main advantage — the speed needs to place wards on runes faster than the enemy support does, which is why — we will know exactly where the ward is, even though wards are placed on runes, there are still several spots. I’ll talk about this later.

We reach the line and since we missed 1-2 packs of creeps because of the wards, the opponent relaxed — we immediately blow it in his face, as if indicating that you are still here. Drink immediately after purge.

And assess the situation if not very strong heroes are standing against you — you can start pulling, but only if you are sure that our carry will not break the skull in your absence. If there is such a prospect, we continue to drive the guys. Our main goal is to blow in order to hook the minimum number of creeps and the maximum number of heroes.

If such a nuisance happened and the line ran away under the head of the enemy — we pull our creeps into 2 spots so that a pack of our own completely dies and we have the creeps again.

Our being on the line is so boring. Let’s talk and team fights

In each teamfight, we press the ult, summoning through our carry, which is not clear where he farms because. usually this is the reason for the attack on us: «BOYS, OUT MARTA Farmit, GO 5 ON THE BOTTOM THERE ARE 4 OF THEM NOT MORE» Of course, they can attack the morta, but this is no longer our problem)

We put a little bit in the direction of the batch and run to throw the remaining skills and beat with our hands. It is important to remember such an unpleasant thing that the cauldron is still running out of mp and you need to think carefully about who to pour mp — the moon on the beam or yourself on the mek. The choice is yours.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot once I said that the boiler can bring down TP skill. This is done very simply but very rarely, I think you guessed that for this we need an ult and we throw mana face and the blind from this manipulation will burn about 20mp directly on the head of the enemy

That’s all, dear friends, over time, the guide will be supplemented, edited and discussed with you in the comments.

If you ask, I’ll tell you what wards to put, at what stage to put and all-all-all about wards

I’m waiting for your comments and feedback, friends.

In conclusion, let me remind you that KOTL is a very situational hero and his pack can be very different

The Lightbringer breaks into battle, and this Keeper of the Light (cauldron) guide will tell you how to become a true keeper of the light, bringing death to enemies and healing to allies.

Who counters Kotla

Silence is your worst enemy, so be afraid of such heroes as Doom, Riki, Skywrath Mage, Silencer, Death Prophet, Night Stalker, Puck, Drow Ranger, Bloodseeker. Separately, I will single out such characters as Nyx Assassin and Anti-Mage, which deprive nukers of very important mana for them. Well, the presence of enemy heroes bash (Faceless Void, Slardar, Troll Warlord, Spirit Breaker) can prevent you from casting abilities calmly.

Dota 2 Guardian of Light Hero Guide by Dumbass592

Keeper of the Light Abilities

Illuminate is Cauldron’s first ability. It helps to effectively harass enemies in the lane, preventing them from approaching the creeps, quickly pushing the lane to the enemy towers, and doing a lot of AOE damage in fights. After purchasing Aghanim’s Scepter

Blinding Light — A burst of light that knocks all enemy units out of the area, causing them to miss 80% of the time. Can be used both for a save and to start a fight to have a significant advantage over enemy carries (of course, if they don’t have Black King Bar

or Monkey King Bar

Will-o-wisp — Cauldron’s ultimate, which allows you to summon a will-o’-the-wisp to the specified area, hypnotizing nearby enemy units. The flickers occur at a fixed interval and last 1.85 each. Units that are out of hypnosis range can attack the flame and destroy it in a few attacks. A very useful ability for mass control during a fight. Ult is extremely good because it does not require constant monitoring of the spark. Will-o-wisp works well in combination with abilities that change the location of enemy heroes — Blinding Light is the same.

Skill build Keeper of the Light

In this build, focus on abilities 1 and 3. Blinding Light needs to be leveled at level 3 in order to have a save in case of unexpected attacks. Download the ult as usual — at levels 6, 12 and 18. After getting the first level of the ult, continue to max 1 and 3 abilities, and after that finish pumping the second one.

Keeper of the Light Talents

Cauldron has very useful talents, the leveling of which depends on the situation in the game. I cannot single out any specific principle of pumping, but we can say the following. Don’t neglect the +25 movement speed talent, as it will significantly increase your already high mobility. But if you don’t have survivability issues, then by far the best talent at this level is the extra experience. At level 15, it’s best to take the 350 cast range talent. Level 20 — +300 Mana from Chakra Magic. This will allow you to pour mana to each of your teammates once, so as not to do it again, and, accordingly, have time to pour mana to yourself before the batch. Of course, if the enemy team has strong casters, then 40% magic resistance will definitely help you a lot. And, in my opinion, you should not take the +200 Illuminate damage/healing talent at level 25

if you don’t have Aghanim’s Scepter in your inventory

Dota 2 Guardian of Light Hero Guide by Dumbass592

How to play as Kotla

Cauldron is one of the best heroes for humiliating lane opponents. No matter what build you choose, your task boils down to one thing — not to let the enemies farm and give free farm to your carry. Blow, replenish mana for yourself and your ally, with one touch of a button, apply blindness to enemies.

Your abilities also help to effectively push the lane. Therefore, after successful ganks, go with your team to crush the lines, depriving the opponents of an important view and places for teleportation.

Guide to Keeper of the Light in battle

Try to have your ultimate ready at the beginning of the fight, which gives you and your team an important advantage in battle. So you ulted, then cast Illuminate

, give Blinding Light to the crowd of enemies

so that they don’t fly too far away from your team. Keep track of your allies’ mana pool, replenish mana for those in need.

What to collect Keeper of the Light

The final purchase looks like this:

Kotla guide is over, play this character wisely and have fun!

One of the most popular characters in the group stage of ESL One Stockholm 2022 was Keeper of the Light — the teams picked the hero 23 times, and were banned in 28 more cases. Interestingly, the participants of the major use the character not only as a support, but also in the second position. Moreover, the unusual choice of the midlaner turned out to be successful in six out of nine matches.

We studied the builds of the midlaners, sorted out the positive aspects and weaknesses of Keeper of the Light in the mid lane and tried to find out if this option is so relevant in public — and how to use it correctly to win in regular games.

Pros and cons

Keeper of the Light is very strong in the lane: it has good starting damage and has a speed of 320, almost the highest in the game. The first ability can be used almost constantly due to the mana regen from . With this bundle of skills

Having a free solo lane, the hero reveals all this potential. He is good at finishing off creeps, easily copes with the nearest camp of neutrals. In most cases, it deals significant damage to the enemy midlaner, because the ability is not so easy to dodge. If the opponent goes to gank or restore resources,

Some compare character to due to similar gameplay: mid

Keeper of the Light easily pushes lanes and farms the jungle quickly (at least three camps at once, like

). Taking a high pace, Ezalor buys important items very early and joins the attacks, realizing and increasing his advantage. If you act without mistakes, the game can end very quickly.

At the same time, Keeper of the Light has a decent arsenal of useful skills, in addition to — although even he is relevant until the end of the game and is capable of inflicting impressive damage in team fights. Extremely unpleasant in battles, for quickly moving allies around the map, and so on. In addition, all this becomes even more powerful with a reduction in cooldown and a mana pool from .

Speaking of disadvantages,

Black King Bar.

In addition, the hero is dependent on the start. If he loses the lane or the team as a whole does not succeed, it is extremely difficult for him to comeback and benefit the team. Keeper of the Light in the mid lane can be stopped by good side lanes, ganks, or a worthy opponent in the center: one that will be able to reduce relevance due to high magresist or deal a lot of physical damage from the first minutes.

KotL can still push the lanes, dragging out the late game, but in practice it doesn’t help at all. Without a high level and early items, the character is almost useless. An example of this is the match between

finished 0-6-2.

Skillbuild and talents

Dota 2 Guardian of Light Hero Guide by Dumbass592

The first talent is usually skipped, choosing instead The first bonus is taken at level 15: it is almost always the right branch, that is, a decrease in cooldown immediately by four seconds. Then take the level 10 right talent, which adds +20 speed.

Upon reaching level 20 mid

KotL chooses more often in favor of , which can be extended by 15 seconds. The final touch is the additional damage from at level 25, although sometimes the talent for increased stun time from .

Purchase items

The starting purchase usually contains Mantle of Intelligence and for a quick exit to, as well as a heal to taste. they don’t buy the mid Cauldron — instead, they collect Urn of Shadows as the first art, which can then be turned into a very useful one

Keeper of the Light wants to move fast through lanes, so fast

Boots of Travel looks like a good option. If the focus is on aggressive play before the 20th minute, the hero can be buffed and then re-buyed — the farming speed allows you to get items of this level relatively quickly.

Of course, a lot depends on the game situation. In separate matches of ESL One Stockholm 2022, both quick and Scythe of Vyse appeared to control, even. Mid cauldrons are protected mainly through the Black King Bar, occasionally by buying or.

And, of course, (to a greater extent) and (to a lesser extent) additional abilities for cores

Dota 2 Guardian of Light Hero Guide by Dumbass592

Relevance in public

Keeper of the Light is a very important pick. First, his teammates must not lose their lanes. Secondly, I want Cauldron’s allies to support its activity by capturing the map and participating in team fights: due to the low cooldown

Keeper of the Light farms very fast, the rest will have to give up expensive items when moving to the mid game, as well as optimize timings. Practice shows that without the experience of playing together, the likelihood of an error increases, which does not play into the hands of the team with

The character is not able to win «in solo», but at a high rating, the likelihood that teammates will understand and support your idea increases. If you are sure that you can find a common language with the team — strengths

KotL are equally relevant in any game mode. Incredibly fast, pushing lanes to control the map or destroy buildings, damage and control in teamfights — all this should motivate you to at least once try to pick Ezalor in the mid.

Opinions of pro-players

Leon ‘Nine’ Kirilin

He’s definitely stronger than before. Despite the nerf, I can still kill a bunch of creeps with one ability if I’m lucky with neutral items and drops or something similar. Also became stronger. is also very good, but on this hero it is simply broken. And yes, I think Keeper of the Light should be nerfed. Because now when I play him, I don’t feel like I’m playing Dota 2. I just run around the map looking for creeps. It’s like I’m under a rune of acceleration.

Thinks in a similar way and

Bogdan ‘Iceberg’ Vasilenko

Keeper of the Light is an overly imaginative character. Hope it gets fixed. I sincerely hope so. Each of his spells gives an unrealistic amount, just an unrealistic amount.

Of course, the character requires special conditions of the game — in professional matches it is a little easier to create them, in public a little more difficult. However, the insane farming potential and high amount of ability damage make it clear that Keeper of the Light can be considered an imboy in any format. All that remains is to use its opportunities to reach the semi-finals of ESL One Stockholm 2022 or get 30 MMR points.

In light of recent events and updates, I would like to add something to my guide. First, db on the bowler Matches for the old man. Secondly, many questions arise around new items and their usefulness for grandpa, and most importantly, a new talent tree.

+The Relevance of the Cauldron can be maintained throughout the game, whether it’s a 30 or 70 minute rink.

+Quietly standing solo in a difficult one (I mean a pub of 4 carries of which 2 junglers and they wanted to shit on your opinion).

+Lumka-shaped light at first helps a lot to show the impending gank.

+Manaregen for yourself and allies.

+Luma hurts sooooo much until the midgame, and since many people now roll in DotA under «Russian rap», their open mouths swallow all the damage with pleasure.

+It is very difficult to run away from us and it is very dangerous to pursue us.

+After buying an aghanim, we have massheal and vision for the whole team, goodbye mek, wards (well, almost).

+ Easy farming, if you farm luma, then after 4 apa we take the whole pack of creeps, and stacking 2 camps with it is a pleasure (do not forget that we are a support, but still)

-We are a support, that is, plankton in the eyes of the allies, we owe everyone, and if the carry has a CSF longer than our knight’s xxx, then expect raids.

— We missed the gang — a corpse, we, not the enemy.

-After the midgame, we have to go with everyone and help, no matter how much we want to, because our solo paradise is coming to an end.

-In the period of 40-50-60 minutes, the usefulness decreases sharply due to brand new BKB, but then everything returns to normal.

-It took me about 10 hours to play with bots to comprehend Zen, reading the guide on the Cauldron will not teach you how to play, you need training.

Grandpa stands in the pose of Gandalf, charges his staff with the power of senile insanity and sends a wave of bad breath in front of him, causing heavy damage to all those who inhale. The longer the preparation takes, the stronger the damage, you can interrupt the reading and inflict only part of the damage, gives vision in the place where it is cast.

Use to drive away opponents, half the creeps HP for the convenience of our carry (I recommend asking if he is against pushing the lane). We make withdrawals, stacks, without leaving the lane. We finish the fleeing loahp.

The most chair-burning skill in the game. Compare with the miner’s ult in terms of the number of burning farts. Strikes an enemy with mana incontinence. When trying to move under the influence of this spell, the enemy hero starts a terrible mana emission, which flows down the legs like a blue stream and irrigates the ground. If the mana bubble is empty, then the enemy receives anaphylactic shock. Doesn’t burn mana when blinking, but works great on ult

It’s simple — regenim mana for yourself and allies. In my opinion, the best manaregen in the game. It is very difficult to drive us off the lane. In addition, the spell reduces the CD of the next spell for both yourself and allies. This makes our team’s nukers even more dangerous, and when used correctly in conjunction with, for example, allows you to calmly dominate the enemy.

The old man is charged with angel pollen and turns into a STARPER, Grandpa’s third eye opens, new abilities and chips appear.

turn on the redneck and push with the shoulder of all opponents within the cast radius. The push comes from the center of the cast in all directions. Gives everyone who gets under a hot hand, 80% misses. Skill is a sweetie, with its help the grandfather creates real dirt. It can throw the enemy on the high, throw off the high, pull the escaping and send the chasing one. It’s impossible to throw into the trees, since the heavy carcasses of the enemy after the push break them, which makes it easy, for example, to find the location of the invisible heroes of the enemy, I’m especially glad about this, and the enemy loves this ability very much. Pairs well with     Note that this is not a stun and casts do not stray.

everything is simple — after a delay, it teleports an allied hero to us. Canceled if the object takes damage. The low cooldown delay at level 4 of the ability allows you to quickly push an ally into the lane and suddenly fall out on an unsuspecting opponent. Can sometimes help save other heroes during a gank.

Now does not require our participation throughout the entire cast. C When used, it creates an old bunch in the form of a Cauldron, which continues the cast, and we can go about our business. Also interrupted at will when pressed again.

And for dessert, my favorite item for Kotla is . Gives us an infinite ult with all the goodies + huge vision, even through trees, high grounds, Roshan rep and heals allies for the amount of charged damage (ATTENTION!!! VISION AND HEAL WORK ONLY DAY, I REPEAT — ONLY DAY).

The cauldron should be a quick and elusive thorn in the bottoms of opponents, so we take talents based on this.

lvl 10 +25 move speed, upped to five. Why not +8 vampiric, you ask. Because we deal damage with one skill, and 8% of the luma, taking into account the magic resistance, is 30hp with a hook. Especially with the aganim the question of healing disappears.

Since they don’t play much on the Kotl, I hope they won’t soon realize what kind of imba they made. +350 cast range moved from 25. Now with an aganim and a lens in the daytime, we turn into an eternal headache for the enemy, no one will run away from us. And there will be no shortage of experience, we already have an aganim, a lens and packs of creeps with a forest.

lvl 20 Mana, she is also mana in Africa. +40% magic. the resist does not enter us from any side. We participate in the battles from afar, so the enemy magicians do not reach us.

It’s already according to the situation, but so far I haven’t needed +2 sec. Treatment is much more profitable. Perhaps it will go against the anti-mage, but this is not certain.

If they constantly try to gank you, then you are doing everything right. I wouldn’t say that manalik helps against ganks — the range is too small at the first levels. Better on the sixth, swing the ult and throw back the pursuers Well, and vrdy, of course.

, although also a rather dubious item for grandpa. We have enough mana, in late use 0. Perhaps it will come in

(which will also give us ms).

With the rise in prices for kura and tango, we no longer have the opportunity to buy at the start. We take Ward on your lane should always stand. Any gang for grandpa is deadly. There is a truck against you — we will definitely take it. After the release of 07, we have to play more carefully, now we have to carry it from the fountain, so we will not be impudent. We always buy more, ms is one of our main advantages.

Any hero can kick the ass of a bad Cauldron, but who is dangerous for a good one? I will bring those heroes that I pick myself. Please note that the presence of these heroes in the enemy team does not mean that the Cauldron is contraindicated, just be careful.

we are very afraid. But only up to 3 slots, then he is afraid of us.

keep at a distance.

Mansu from the ult, burn out mana.

As the first item, we collect the eul.

we try not to let him in, if he is with diffuses, we won’t have time to gasp.

wards, map control.

the enemy of any magician, wards and give our everything. Counter our nuke, use it carefully.

we can die for a procast, we see a com — we turn on the ult, we put a wave along our trajectory, we hope that we are lucky).

— annihilates for a procast.

literate, merge — will not choke, look at the map, follow the stones.

is dangerous for any lone hero, we just try not to walk alone.

is becoming very dangerous for us, vardim.

he always knows what we are doing, and after the smoke we are completely defenseless

if he is on the mid lane and comes to gank us, we are dead.

blows his nose, catches up and rapes

if he collects a dagger, we will die for procast.

we fall under the jump and get a cradle.

will nuke, run/dagger and attack.

procast will not survive

will shoot into orbit if it gets close.

Now heroes who are not as dangerous as they seem.

we are not valuable enough to spend ult on us.

our nuke will half his HP already at the start, the main thing is not to lose sight of it.

wards — profit

we don’t let him get close, we control it so as not to get into the fat, since we have , then his passive is not terrible. The only problem is the ult, but when we gather by items, we can survive under it.

we see — we retreat, if we don’t see, then we don’t ward, if we don’t ward, then it means a bad support, and we are the support, you understand.

push it out with the help and leave.

throw if it catches up and run away.

When choosing who to lane with, give preference to stunners and disablers. They look great with us

It’s useless, in my opinion, to go to the lane with . We will only interfere with farming.

We also don’t go with the main carry, because it severely breaks off the farm.

There is also a small list of enemies that are fun to face as Kotla.

her spiders are our ticket to farm paradise.

break off the farm, keep on low hp, burn out mana.

wave and Zeus, whimpering, runs to heal, knock down the bottle — profit.

our nuke doesn’t care about sandstorm and invisibility. But do not forget that it does not reveal his inviz, but simply repels him.

we can easily calculate the real one, in the late game we will rake from it.

The new patch gave grandpa a second wind. With the reworked talent tree, his late potential has grown exponentially. I hope my guide will help you master this hero, and if you want practice — write, I’m always glad to see adequate Cauldrons. And yes, there are games where I play the role of a support. Rarely, really. But even in this case, I never offend myself financially and try to farm aghanim by 20-25 minutes. Good luck on the fields of dota.

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