Dota 2 heroes

Dota 2 Heroes

Dota 2 is a team MOBA game. Heroes Dota 2 are the main element of the game, as the outcome depends only on them. Each character in Dota 2 has a direct impact on the game and makes a massive contribution to each match’s result, both positive and, unfortunately, sometimes negative. The player can find a favorite hero for himself with the help of which he can reveal his skill and talent, which will help raise the MMR. Even beginners will be able to feel quite confident in the game because Dota 2 characters have a wide variety of all kinds of combinations to use. Each Dota 2 hero has a name, role in the game, talents, abilities, and skills.

Dota 2 beginner heroes

There are many guides and Dota heroes tips with descriptions, hero talents, and hero ratings for newbie players, which will help raise the game level and play more confidently in any position. It will also be interesting for beginners to get acquainted with Dota 2 characters’ history to understand each of them’s motivations on the battlefield.

The best Dota 2 heroes list for beginners

  • Dragon Knight.
  • Viper.
  • Lion.
  • Sniper.
  • Lich.
  • Wraith King.
  • Luna.
  • Sven.

Best mid heroes Dota 2

  • Queen of Pain.
  • Tinker.
  • Storm Spirit.
  • Shadow Fiend.

Best support heroes

  • Undying.
  • Crystal Maiden.
  • Rubick.
  • Ogre Magi.

Dota 2 carry heroes

  • Anti-Mage
  • Phantom Assassin
  • Juggernaut
  • Spectre

It is essential to combine all heroes’ skills of your team to get the maximum benefit. So when you want to pick a hero, you should consider the team’s synergy. These heroes are quite popular among new players, as they are quite easy to control. Each of these heroes has its own style of play so that everyone can find an interesting character in mechanics.

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List of Dota 2 heroes

Initially, it is worth finding out how many heroes there are in Dota 2. The game has 120 playable characters. The last new Dota 2 hero added to the game was Hoodwink. The hero table is divided into three main parts, as all Dota 2 heroes are divided into three main attributes. The game currently contains characters with the attribute strength — 38, with the attribute dexterity — 40, and with the attribute intelligence — 42. The list is so diverse that it contains male and female characters, magical and divine creatures, space, and underwater inhabitants.

Dota characters

It is essential to understand that each player should focus on winning the team when choosing a character. There are also different tops of characters, but the top heroes of Dota 2 change very often. Each patch has its own favorites, and the Dota 2 heroes’ win rate depends only on changes in the game, respectively. The tops will change every time depending on the Dota 2 meta heroes’ changes. The best heroes to play are definitely different for everyone. It does not matter at all how the player chooses them. Someone may like the pictures of heroes. Someone may like their strength or damage. Someone will choose their favorite Dota 2 character due to Dota 2 heroes’ names. Dota 2 wiki heroes will help everyone make a choice, both a beginner and an experienced player.

В октябре 2021 года в Dota 2 добавили героя Marci в итоге теперь в игре насчитывается 121 герой. Из них 42 героев с атрибутом Сила, 38 героев с атрибутом Ловкость, 43 героя с атрибутом Интеллект, 60 героев с типом атаки — Ближний бой, 63 героя с типом атаки — Дальний бой.


Далее идет список всех героев Доты 2. Все герои упорядочены по английскому алфавиту, для более легкого поиска нужного героя.


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