Dota 2 landscape and landscapes

Dota 2 landscape and Landscapes Дота

Dota’s landscape is the most requested customization in the entire game. It completely changes the usual green meadows and dried trees on the map. If desired, you can purchase additional weather effects that nicely complement the atmosphere of battles. At the moment, there are ten types of Dota 2 landscape customization. It is worth remembering exactly what they are and how they differ from each other.

Added to the game on May 16, 2016. Such a card was a nice addition to the release of the Monkey King character.

The environment is designed in the same style — ancient Japan. This is due to the fact that Monkey King is a hero of Japanese mythology. Visually it looks very atmospheric. As fauna there are monkeys and cranes. The river on the map is decorated with lilies, lotuses, ferns and ivy. The trees have been completely changed into four types: three species of Armand pine and one maple. Also, the change touched the tiles on the base and the flags.

You can purchase The King’s New Journey from the Steam Market or the in-game store. After the purchase, it will not disappear and will delight its owner.

This Dota terrain was the very first and was released on December 16, 2015 for those users who purchased The International Compendium 2015.

The appearance is pleasantly surprising, despite the fact that this was the first attempt to change the map. The usual green grass on the side of the Forces of Light was replaced by sandy distances. Fauna changed to vultures and scorpions running past. The flora has also changed a lot: succulents and thick bushes are scattered in the forests, trees have taken on the appearance of baobabs as four varieties from the side of the Forces of Darkness, as well as palm trees and cacti from the side of the Forces of Light.

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Unfortunately, today it is not possible to buy this landscape on the Marketplace.

By right, this is the most beautiful and picturesque landscape of Dota 2. This is the first card with Immortal rarity. It was added to the game on May 16, 2016 in honor of The International 2016 Battle Pass.

In general, the map begins to resemble a really beautiful, royal garden. Unfortunately, only the hawk has been added from the new animals. However, there is a built-in weather effect — falling red petals. Trees of the Forces of Light have been changed to curly, trimmed bushes of other species. The forces of Darkness, in turn, boast two types of Olivia. The whole map is decorated with images of the Aegis and strictly maintained in the Greek style.

This terrain cannot be purchased in-game today.

If you want to plunge into the world of the Wild Jungle, then this Dota landscape will suit you perfectly. Was added to the game on May 7, 2019 in honor of The International 2019.

This is the first map where there are two styles — with precipitation in the form of rain and sunny weather. The trees of the Power of Light have changed into cotton tree outfits, and the Powers of Darkness have changed into palm trees. Animals changed to Big Indian Kalao and snakes. The musical arrangement deserves special attention. It involves the widest possible variety of sounds, depending on the time of day. Roshan has also been visually changed.

This item cannot be purchased.

Here Valve allows users to plunge into the bottom of the ocean. It was added to the game on May 4, 2017 along with The International 2017.

This is a very detailed and incredibly beautiful landscape. The maximum number of visual effects and changes has been added here. For example, if you pay attention to the fauna, then there are the following creatures: angler, hatchet, reef fish, starfish, seahorse, jellyfish, and also sea eel. The scenery is also extremely diverse: anemone, two types of corals, mines, cages, giant clams, mussels, shells, barnacle goose, sea snail, Naga’s belvedere, Naga’s Monument, a statue of Naga (side of the Forces of Light), a cuttlefish statue (side of the Forces of Darkness). There are a huge number of sounds, which depend on the time of day.

It was only available during The International 2017.

A real wasteland cave that was added on May 8, 2018 during The International 2018.

A very interesting landscape, considering all its atmosphere. First of all, small mushrooms will attract attention. There are three types of mushrooms that act as living beings. They are alive, seriously! They run around the map and sometimes pull their prey in the form of an axolotl. There are also small axolotls here who dream of not falling into the clutches of evil mushrooms. The map is decorated with slits, drillers, various statues and geodes.

The landscape cannot be bought or exchanged.

Landscape by Dota Plus

This is a separate type of custom card, which does not even have a rarity. When buying Dota Plus, the user gets access to a map with the time of the year, which is outside. That is, the map simply acquires its own weather. The user also receives an increased number of birds, butterflies, squirrels and ladybugs. The sound effects have not been changed in any way.

Terrain can be purchased with Dota Plus. But it is worth remembering that after the end of the subscription, new cards will disappear and will be replaced with a standard one. Separately, the item cannot be sold or exchanged.

In 2015, the developers of Dota 2 added the ability to change the standard landscape of the game. The first alternative was The International 2015 Battle Pass reward. Since then, Valve has not abandoned the idea and, although not often, releases new landscapes regularly.

Dota 2 landscape and Landscapes

Custom terrain in Dota does not provide any game advantage and cannot physically change the map. It differs only visually for the player who uses it. In addition to the general appearance, most of the custom ones change:

In total, there are 11 landscapes in Dota 2, in addition to what is given to everyone for free:

Landscapes from old Battle Pass rewards can no longer be purchased or added to your inventory for free. The only way to use them is to install a skinchanger. This method is not recommended as unsafe. Dota Plus subscribers get one of the seasonal ones depending on the season. You can change the standard one to one of the available ones in the «Environment» tab of the Dota 2 inventory, as shown in the picture:

Dota 2 landscape and Landscapes

What are the best landscapes in Dota is a matter of taste. It is believed that some of the tree models in the deserted Immortal Gardens are most conveniently drawn.

On the night of April 21, patch 7.33 was released in Dota 2. In addition to making balance changes, the developers also significantly changed the landscape and added new objects to the map.

Roshan’s New Lairs

Added two Roshan lairs in opposite corners of the map. When day and night change, Roshan passes through the Dual Portal from one lair to another: during the day he lives on the side of Light, at night — on the side of Darkness.

Dota 2 landscape and Landscapes

Twin portals

Added Paired Portals — two interconnected portals in the corners of the map. Any player can move between them after 3 seconds of preparation.

Dota 2 landscape and Landscapes

Lotus ponds

Added two lotus ponds at the edges of the map near the river. Every 3 minutes, one healing lotus appears in both ponds until their number reaches six.

Dota 2 landscape and Landscapes


Added Torturers — two mini-bosses behind complex lines, appearing at 20:00

Dota 2 landscape and Landscapes


8 Overseers have been added to the map. By right-clicking on a neutral Overseer, you will begin to turn it on.

Dota 2 landscape and Landscapes

Protective Gates

Added two new passages from the bases next to the third complex line towers. These passages lead to the Torturers’ spawn point, and can only be used by the owners of the base.

Dota 2 landscape and Landscapes

Runes of Wisdom

A new special rune has been added: the rune of wisdom. These runes spawn at 7:00 and every 7 minutes thereafter in two new spots along the edges of the map next to the second complex lane towers.

Dota 2 landscape and Landscapes

New neutral creep camps

12 neutral creep camps have been added along the new edges of the map. Most of them are tied to 4 named areas: Well, Graveyard, Statue and Mine.

Dota 2 landscape and Landscapes

New outposts

Added two outposts on the edges of the map near the first towers in the easy lanes and Dual portals.

Dota 2 landscape and Landscapes

A full description of the functionality of objects and new locations on a larger map can be found in the list of changes in the New Horizons update. Among other things, in patch 7.33, a new type of heroes was added — universal.

Buy landscape

Many landscapes are no longer available in the official store or on the retail
the Steam platform, but they can be purchased in specialized gaming
stores for real money, for example:

Sites of such a plan are periodically updated with new items, the price of
which may change. Need to be monitored.

Dota 2 Landscapes

As you know, there are many landscapes in the game that visually
nice map change:

In this guide, we will tell you how to get landscapes for free,
where to buy them and how to use them in the game. An illustration of the landscapes of all listed
types can be viewed at the end of the article in the same order.

We put any landscape and improve the community

Adria The Orici

As a result, you will get something like this. My version.

«C:Steamsteamappscommondota 2 betagamedota_tempcontentmapsdota.vpk»

I’ve been playing with Immortal Gardens for three years now.

Adria The Orici said:↑

Who checked? works ?

you are too slow for this world! Personally, since the appearance of this chip, I have been playing on different landscapes

Gabin agent headquarters said:↑

Volvo doesn’t ban real cheaters, and you’re afraid because they always allowed it.

You can change models, textures, sounds, effects and landscape.

You cannot use programs that bite into the process and change it at the machine level.

You can contact technical support directly and ask if it is possible to install landscape.

There is a dota2mods program. You download it from their official site and put any lasso, set, effect, etc. Of course, provided that it is in the program, otherwise some things that are difficult to add are not there. For example, you can paint the lasso on TB in any color, but the color of non-standard weapons will not change. Year irgal with modified models and nothing.

Is there a map with shaders from pre-reborn DotA?

And nothing breaks after updates?

Breaks if it affects the map even slightly

No updates after small ones.

Breaks only after map changes, but once a year.

cheats are harder to detect than changes in the client

why, if I can enter the game and change it through the settings?

Thank You Sir

UPD: downloaded, seems to work

in a cop for this you fly off fast

I’ve been using it for three years now. Everything is fine.

Cool, but hasn’t half the community been playing with pumpkins instead of trees for god knows how many years?

No, he doesn’t.

This ugliness on the screen is useless. Eyes burn out.

I mean, there are special programs for this, quite popular.

Such programs break down all the time, they are also filled with advertisements, and sometimes they work, I don’t understand how.

I already had experience with several of them.

The simplest is best.

Put the file manually and set the client to activate it.

The link to the manual no longer works. Throw off please another, where there are landscapes I will be grateful.

Artur Korol said:↑

Only one if I understand correctly? Or is it all landscapes? With separate files on cards without programs, it will be easier, but they are not there.

here are all the landscapes, some of them work crookedly imgur

How to get free?

Examples of sites with landscapes:

How to bet?

In order to get a landscape for free, you need:

Folder path: Steamsteamappscommondota 2 betagamedotamaps

Dota 2 landscape and Landscapes

To return the standard map, you just need to delete the file in the «maps» folder.

Use promo code TB135 after registering with us on the exchange. You can order an LP wash or play a couple of games in DUO with a booster!

Dota 2 landscape and Landscapes

Dota 2 seasonal landscapes

Dota 2 landscape and Landscapes

Dota 2 landscape and Landscapes

Dota 2 landscape and Landscapes

Dota 2 landscape and Landscapes

Other Landscapes (as listed)

Dota 2 landscape and Landscapes

Dota 2 landscape and Landscapes

Dota 2 landscape and Landscapes

Dota 2 landscape and Landscapes

Dota 2 landscape and Landscapes

Dota 2 landscape and Landscapes

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