Dota 2012 and updates, news, matches, tournaments, guides, heroes

Dota 2012 and updates, news, matches, tournaments, guides, heroes Дота

As we said earlier, the winner in the nomination «Best Tournament 2012» was determined by PD users in the first round almost unanimously. The International 2 really outperformed all competitors by most indicators. Nothing surprising.

So it’s time to find out the best events in the world of Dota according to Prodota users that took place in 2012. In this news you will find the winners in the nominations of the best/worst tournament of the year, the best match of the year, the best/worst commentator, the biggest loser of the year, the breakthrough of 2012 and others.

Dota 2012 and updates, news, matches, tournaments, guides, heroes

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Dota started out as a custom mod for Warcraft 3 and has grown into one of the most popular online games in the world. Following in the tradition of Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Team Fortress, Portal and Alien Swarm, Dota 2 came about by hiring developers from the community that created the modding game, and allowing them, along with Valve’s professional team of developers and artists, to turn their ideas into complete game.

Add. Information: The game is F2P (Free), but for now it needs an invite, an invitation, a key. If you don’t have it, you won’t play. After the release of the game, it will be F2P

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• OS: Windows ® 7 / Vista / Vista64 / XP • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz • RAM: 1 GB for XP / 2 GB for Vista • Video Card: DirectX 9 compatible graphics card with support shader model 3.0. N Vidia 7600, ATI X1600 or better • Hard Drive: At least 4.5 GB free space • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card Required to play: Steam taken from Screenshots:

Give me back a normal DotA, I want to play a normal game and not this bucket.

Yesterday I went to the eared stream to check how things are going, but it’s even impossible to watch. When a pissing grandma appears on the screen

it makes me vomit.

I want a real dota like in 2011 — 2012 when you got high on your strength on any hero. And not like now that Kerii is a shitty booty shitty without a team, incapable of anything.

Hackers, I appeal to you, make a DotA game of the sample of those years that I indicated, but you can don’t know who else to turn to.

so there are sources of old versions on the net

for a long time already a lot of custom in the second dock 2 (where just old versions of the client)

so there are sources of old versions on the net

what sources? dota sho according to you open source?

custom clothes are shit, sorry

people merge old builds and untie them from steam, talk with bots, server part xs, maybe launch a lobby with the old version

Eh, the old computer still has DotA from 5 years ago. Came a year ago on the pagers of bots to hook

So go to vk3 and play dota 2011 looooool

It remains to wait for Reforged VR3

It turned out worse than in 2004, unfortunately. I also thought it would take off, but this is squalor

In the same place, when you do not update for a long time, it stops working

Appd. Yes, not even for a long time, in 2015 I probably could play for a week without updates

Nothing really has been realized yet and people will play there, be sure. Since the current DotA has become very far away.

Clowns on blizzcon were obliged to release until the last blizzcon, but they crap.

They said that it will be released before 2020 — crap

Made a cool UI. Shit-eaters rebelled and demanded shit from 2002. Blizzy lost = crap. Ehhh

There is no Internet there, you just play offline and that’s it

Well, when I didn’t pay for the Internet, I also played offline. A week later, the maximum was not allowed to play. I googled, so it was with everyone. You launched MB in 2012 once and that’s all?

No, definitely not. I launched more than once and with a fairly long period of time. Year, MB more.

these are deceptive memories

in fact, you were on fire when you wrote about loved ones and started a round dance of couriers

Wellcome tou garena? True, she already managed to die twice

You live in memories, hello, wake up!

Don’t litter it’s finally slop

I don’t know, I didn’t have couriers at that time in a round dance

nonames don’t fumble for vk3 and revorged, properly eat poop from gaben and don’t go to normal people, to normal games and developers, then don’t change shoes, and don’t come to Blizzard games there and they don’t need them, as yours says place at the guy(dota2)

6.84 download, you can play with bots and locally with friends.

So you’re also eating shit, it turns out, I checked vidos with reforged and there the graph pulls for a maximum of 2007. And I just do not say anything about the fact that they won’t even add wounded buns, but they will piss the same game on another engine (probably). And you will wait 3 years

, it turns out you are the same shit-eater

I’m not, just the same, but you are so sure, so you can hang up the illusion of the opposite as much as you like, and the coolstory bob default from a valve fanatic

So you apparently didn’t understand my friend, I haven’t played DotA for a long time, but I have a desire to play the old normal one, because it’s obvious to everyone that Valve is now dealing with DotA with morons.

And they wrapped you in a different wrapper and you think that this is a mega breakthrough, judging by your messages.

well, the main thing is that for you the vyser valve would remain the same magic breakthrough (failure, degradation) and further, and what does valve have to do with the old normal pillbox, nice farted in the subject, again the coolstory beans went, from a fanatic of obscenity

The saddest event of the year

Well, the saddest event of the year is again connected with the performance of Na’VI at The International. Judging by the comments, it was hard for many guys to lose in the final. As a result, almost half of the users voted in this nomination for this particular event. Well, 22% of users were more disappointed by the fact that Dota 2 has not yet left the beta test stage.

Best solohard

Dota 2012 and updates, news, matches, tournaments, guides, heroes

Who else can defend a difficult lane like Lost on Brood? Who does not feed and at the same time get a level against the enemy trilane? — Of course, in 2012 Dmitry Kupriyanov proved that he deserves the title of the best player on the complex lane. Lost was almost twice behind Funn1k, whose skill was highlighted by many PROs towards the end of the year.

Best Solomid

Dota 2012 and updates, news, matches, tournaments, guides, heroes

Pretty predictable first place in the nomination of the best mid player on the planet went to Dendi. He almost doubled the votes of his Chinese competitor. Surprising third place is Scandal from Empire, who recently announced himself on the PRO scene. Perhaps this Russian talent has impressed users in recent tournaments.

Best Announcer

Dota 2012 and updates, news, matches, tournaments, guides, heroes

Vilat has had no competitors in Dota commentary for many years in the CIS. The predictable first place goes to Vitaly, but the second position is held by the well-known English-speaking commentator — Toby.

Worst tournament of the year

Dota 2012 and updates, news, matches, tournaments, guides, heroes

Half of the votes in this nomination went to ESWC. Indeed, this year guys from Kosovo were invited there, most of the TOP teams did not come at all, and the fight did not work out due to the lack of competitors for Na’Vi.

Best carry

Dota 2012 and updates, news, matches, tournaments, guides, heroes

A serious struggle unfolded for the first place in this nomination. As a result, the Chinese farmer Sylar won, and Blow and Burning, who are already called brothers by some because of the equally “great” game on

, ranked second and third respectively.

Best Team

Dota 2012 and updates, news, matches, tournaments, guides, heroes

The title of the best team of 2012 is rightfully taken by Na’Vi, who have been showing a stable game for several years in a row. TI2 champions, invictus Gaming, are content with second place with 30% of the votes, while Empire, who met just a couple of months ago, has already broken into the top three teams in the world according to PD users.

Dota 2012 and updates, news, matches, tournaments, guides, heroes

If the best team of the year was not enough for Empire, then in the nomination «Breakthrough of the Year» the first two places belong to it. Indeed, the guys started to show good results towards the end of the year. We hope that the squad will continue to consistently perform at a high level.

Best support

Dota 2012 and updates, news, matches, tournaments, guides, heroes

The strongest supports according to PD users play for Na’Vi. Smile and Puppey scored a total of 70% of the vote and shared the first two steps of the podium. Well, the time of NS’a seems to have passed — he took only the fourth line of the rating.

Worst Announcer

Dota 2012 and updates, news, matches, tournaments, guides, heroes

By a wide margin, the worst commentator of 2012 is Matrix. His unconvincing commentary was repeatedly noticed by PD users throughout the year. We hope that in the new year, Matrix will work on himself.

This concludes the first part of the debriefing. In continuation, we will talk about the results of 2012 for the website

The most joyful event of the year

Na’Vi’s second place in the biggest tournament of the year by a wide margin overtakes interview with drunk Artstyle for the title of the most joyful event of the year. Indeed, the entire CIS community was rooting for the guys and they did not disappoint. Once again, congratulations on a well-deserved entry into the TOP3!

Biggest loser of the year

Dota 2012 and updates, news, matches, tournaments, guides, heroes

If anyone disappointed PD users in 2012, it was Vladimir «The Boss» Anosov. Constant line-up changes, the lack of results this year and the refusal of all the top CIS players to play under the same tag with PGG played a significant role in obtaining this title.

Best match of the year

A truly champion game was shown by Na’Vi with

against iG. Incredible blackholes and flips after sleep

were remembered by most users so much that the second round of voting for the «Best Match of the Year» was not even required.

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