Dota 6.90a8

DotA 6.90a8 Дота

Not enough ratings

There are several ways to install this masterpiece, but often everyone uses only the first one. To download DotA we need: steam browser

This method requires the installed steam program on your computer, unfortunately or fortunately, I am not writing a guide about this, so let’s say you installed it. In the open steam, we need to click on the «SHOP» tab in the upper left corner. After you have to find the «search» button next to which we will have a magnifying glass (not a zalypa) There you need to write «Dota 2″ (do not mix up the language, as I did) and select 1 result in the page that appears, you need to scroll down a bit and click on the button » play» (here’s a piccha for you if you don’t understand) After pressing the button in the window that appears, press the «Next» button. The download will begin. After it ends, Dota will be installed!

Buy a DotA key from me for 5000 rubles (I accept crypto) write in the comments if you want to buy

I hope you haven’t downloaded 98 Trojans while downloading this work of art (like I did). Have a good game of DotA and wake your mother!

DotA 6.90a8

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out of 14328 user reviews are positive.

Updated — August 1, 2023, 21:03. update details

Dota 2 is a multiplayer online strategy game. Here you have to take part in team battles. The plot tells about the battle between the Forces of Light and Darkness. In each match, 10 users are divided into two teams of 5 participants. Before starting, the squads choose characters. In total there are more than 120 heroes with their own skills and abilities. There are also links between wards, some skills are positively combined with the skills of another character.

Heroes are divided into several roles: support, offlane and carry. There are 3 lines on the map: top, bottom and middle. The area has 2 areas: the territory of Light and Darkness. The river divides the borders between opponents. In addition to the lines that creatures called «creeps» walk along, there are other places where neutral creatures spawn. When killing any creeps or neutrals, the heroes get gold, but only if they land the last hit. Killing enemy characters earns more gold. Characters also gain experience and level up, which improves abilities or skills in the talent tree.

In-game currency is required to purchase new items. In total, there are more than 100 items in the shop, some of which are sold at spawn, or from a secret merchant. Many things are collected using fragments or other items. For example, by collecting Maelstorm, the character will receive a bonus to attack, and at a certain chance, lightning will fly out, hitting many opponents along the chain. Gamers will not be able to take the same hero. Here gamers take control of Pudge, Slark, Sniper, Viper, Riki, Io and more.

Post updated — August 1, 2023, 21:03.

How to start playing Dota 2 Classic 6.84?

2. Log in to our website via Steam (Google Chrome browser is recommended).

3. Launch Steam and log in to your account (the one you used to log in to our site).

4. Run the old client through the dota.exe file located in the Dota 6.84 folder.

5. On the game search page, select a mode and click FIND MATCH.

6. When the game is found, a notification will appear on the site and sound a notification to accept the game.

7. When all 10 people on the site accept the game, you can join the game by clicking the Connect button


Hey newfag, where’s the «Warcraft 3 custom» option?

Dota 2 Classic 6.81b

We invite all those who are interested in the old Dota 2 to play it together. We will play co-op matches on the classic version of 6.81b from The International 2014 era. Original map, classic balance, old hero abilities, removed items and much more.

Write to Discord: Ancient5#3255

P.S. With luck, we will play on earlier versions of the map, which is currently impossible, because. it is 6.81b that is the oldest of all working patches.

Too new version, not fun to ride.

I wish I had stayed at school and didn’t know about this dump

play not on 6.83

Dragon_s Fury said:↑

Is this meta hoho haha ​​or am I confusing

So many years have passed

Samuel Tracy said:↑

Damn the day I started playing this shit 11 years ago

Add the option «played allstars on garena, broke in after Dota 2 came out of beta».

that is, you never played the second one?

Unable to recover account said:↑

The joke about the name of the directory «dota 2 beta», funny (no). By the way, now I can’t remember when it came out of beta — either at the end of 2012, or in the first quarter of 2013. I remember exactly that in February 13th I was falling apart for a slur.

July 9, 2013

and the joke is not about the directory, but about the fact that DotA is still in beta

Strange, it says otherwise.

these are all jokes

Website team member

at the end of 2011 I received an invite and then distributed it to the whole class in 2012, about 20 pieces.

And where is the instruction on how to run it?

I don’t remember what it was then, but it is expected that there will be a huscar type with a full physical resist zatar, and a passive that protects against magic. ImboRiki, Daedalus for 5k damage in crit. Time without glimmer, without wessel. As a support, I’ll say: play your broken balance without supports, fight over the role of a support, without behaviors. Wards for 2 pieces for 200 gold, gives 200 each, sentries and obses do not stack in 1 slot. lasso and meka not stacking into grives. No backpack! Hell for a support!

Give me back 7.23!

I see you are that masochist

It makes sense to play if there is no mmr there.

what’s the point in mmr?

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Dota 2 is Valve’s multiplayer team-based MOBA game in which the main goal of the player is to destroy the enemy base. Each player controls their own hero with unique abilities. After two years of beta testing, Dota 2 was officially released on Steam on July 9, 2013 and has been played by millions of people around the world ever since. Dota 2 is an esports discipline that hosts many tournaments every year with prize pools of millions of dollars.

DotA 6.90a8

DotA 6.90a8

DotA 6.90a8

Click the Play button to add Dota 2 to your game library for free

Go to the library itself, and select Dota 2 from the list on the left. Then click on «Install»:

DotA 6.90a8

Dota 2 in the game library

DotA 6.90a8

After the download is complete, the «Install» button will change to «Run», and you can start playing Dota 2. Your Steam account name is used as a nickname.

Último mapa de DotA para RGC (Ranked Gaming Client)

Esta nueva versión de DotA de WarCraft III o también conocida comúnmente como “Dota 1”, incluye algunos cambios destacables de su sucesor Dota 2.

Como podemos observar este nuevo mapa se acerca más a los cambios actuales de Dota 2, pero a su vez mantiene la esencia del clásico mapa de WarCraft 3, mapa del cual nos enamoramos hace ya muchos años. Por supuesto que aún faltan muchas, pero muchísimas características exclusivas de Dota 2, pero es más que seguro que con cada nueva entrega estas se irán incorporando. También hay que destacar el admirable trabajo del actual desarrollador, DracoL1ch. Atrás quedaron los años donde el desarrollo del mapa por Icefrog se encontraba limitado a los 8 MB. Hoy, en el 2020, esta version supera los 80 MB.

Juega Dota 1 en RGC

No importa si eres novato o un veterano, Dota AllStars sigue ofreciendo la misma experiencia de siempre, emocionantes partidas, diversión por todos lados y miles de situaciones únicas. ¿ Ya bajaste el mapa? ¡Bien! Ahora solo necesitas descargar RGC para poder jugar online junto a tus amigos u otros jugadores de Perú, Bolivia, Argentina, Brasil y más países.


Dota 6.83d es la última versión oficial del mapa de DotA WC3 lanzada por Icefrog, actual desarrollador de Dota 2. Esta versión no ha recibido ninguna actualización desde el año 2015. Lo que significa que ha quedado completamente obsoleta. Sin embargo, la mantendremos disponible en nuestra web por si alguien desea realizar un viaje en el tiempo y revivir las épocas de gloria de Dota 1. Si lo que estás buscando es una versión más actualizada, con cambios que se asemejen a Dota 2, te recomendamos descargar DotA para RGC de DracoL1ch.

Always read the Changelog

Defense of the Ancients is a custom map for the game WarCraft III, created by developers outside of Blizzard. The development of the map has gone through many hands, but all of them at the time have used World Editor, WC3’s map editor, a key part of the project.

The success of DotA is due to its continuous renewal, which periodically brings changes to the heroes, items and metagame. Another important factor is the support of its wonderful community, which provides feedback on each patch and ends up influencing the development of the game.

The concept of the game

The game pits two teams against each other (The Sentinel and The Scourge), with bases positioned on opposite sides of the map. The bases are defended by towers and creeps along the 3 existing paths (Top, Mid and Bottom). In the center of each base is the Ancient (Ancestor) of each team, which must be destroyed to achieve victory.

Each player will be able to select a hero from the 112 available. In the course of a game, the hero will be able to acquire gold and experience with each eliminated enemy (creeps and enemy heroes). Gold is used to buy items that improve the hero and experience to level up and learn new skills.
Lastly, remember that this is a team game. In order to win a game it is necessary to have good communication with all the members, in this way you can plan strategies and apply good combinations.

DotA / Warcraft III Minimum Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP or Vista
400MHz Pentium® II or equivalent
RAM memory: 128MB
Video Card: 8MB 3D capable video card (TNT, i810, Voodoo 3, Rage 128 equivalent or better) compatible with DirectX® 8.1
DirectX: Version 8.1
Hard Disk: 700MB available hard disk (NOTE: For WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne)

Available languages ​​

English, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Hungarian, Romanian, Czech, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Filipino, Traditional Chinese, Turkish.

About the DOTA ESP Translation Team

Dota Changelogs

Amongst the greatest massively multiplayer real-time video games, the so-called MOBAs, we have to point out this Dota 2. Every day, it brings together millions of players from all over the world and places them on a battlefield with huge possibilities.

One of the greatest titles of the MOBA genre

Each player can select the hero of his choice as they are all available. The thing is that we can purchase and collect all sorts of cosmetic elements that can be obtained by means of in-app purchases or through the achievements gained during the game.

What is Dota 2?

The game pits 2 teams, Radiant and Dire, whose goal is to destroy each other’s main structure (Ancient). Each team is made up of 5 players, and each of them controls a unit known as a hero. The conflict takes place in a scenario divided by an extensive river, the upper zone is dire territory, while the lower zone is radiant. The bases of both factions are connected by three main lanes (top lane, mid lane, and bot lane), both of which are heavily protected by towers and waves of computer controlled units, known as creeps.

To upgrade a hero you need gold and experience, which are commonly obtained after the elimination of enemies, or neutral units. Gold allows the purchase of objects (items), which can be equipped in the hero’s inventory to strengthen it, either by adding attributes, damage or special abilities. While experience is essential to reach levels, learn new skills and select talents through the talent tree. The maximum level of a hero is level 30.

To date Dota 2 has 119 heroes. Unlike its competitors (League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm and others), in Dota 2 there is no weekly rotation, much less an investment of money is needed to unlock characters. All heroes are fully available to be chosen at any time.

Dota 2 in Esports

Dota 2 Reborn Minimum Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7
Processor: Dual core Intel or AMD 2.8 GHz
RAM memory: 4 GB
Video Card: nVidia GeForce 8600/9600GT, ATI/AMD Radeon HD2600/3600
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 8 GB of free space

Spanish, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese-Brazil, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Swedish , Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish and Ukrainian.

Dota 2 Guides

Modify your Dota 2

The rebirth of Dota 2

Reborn was one of the last mega updates the client received in September 2015. From that moment on the game was «reborn» with Source 2, Valve’s new graphics engine. Which optimizes hardware performance, reduces latency and improves the player experience. Other big changes that Reborn brought was the complete transformation of the Dota 2 interface and the premiere of the custom minigames section, also called Arcade, where great titles developed by the community are collected. Some of them are: Pudge Wars, Overthrow, Green TD, Dota 10V10, Dota Auto Chess.

Dota 2 is a game in the ARTS (real-time action strategy) genre, also known as MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena), created by Valve Corporation with the support of Icefrog, former developer of the popular DotA map. (from Defense of The Ancients) from WarCraft 3.

Choose your hero in one of the best MOBAs

Among the great titles of massively multiplayer games in real time, the so-called MOBAs, we find Dota 2. Every day it brings together millions of players from all over the world in a battlefield of infinite possibilities.

One of the great titles of the MOBA genre

Each player can choose the hero they want since they are all available. What happens is that you can buy and collect all kinds of cosmetic items that you can get through in-app purchases or through achievements that you earn during games.

Infinite possibilities

In Dota 2 each game is a unique experience, no situation is repeated, thanks to its wide variety of heroes, abilities, talents, items, game mechanics and decision making. In addition to the continuous release of patches that keep the game updated and completely change the «metagame» from time to time, thus offering a fresh air to the game. No matter what type of game you select, whether it is with bots, normal, ranked, turbo or custom, the fun will always be present.

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