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EU Dota 2 Community Discord Server — Connect with friends, find players or a team.

Dear Dota 2 enthusiasts!

The EU Dota 2 Community Discord server has been setup to simplify matching in a more professional environment. The server is equipped with automated features helping you to connect with your target audience in a swift manner. Whether it is to find friends to play ranked with, whether it is a more serious approach to join a team or look for players, you will be able to find your match. L FT and LFP will feel much easier and you can directly connect with them via Discord messages.

I hope that it can become a community driven project. Once a certain demographic has been achieved, it could attract professional financial support in order to preserve the longevity of the project. For now, trusted friends are helping me with the server.

Here is a permanent invite link to the server:

Why did I start this project?

I have been working as a professional Dota 2 manager for the past 2 years and the closest team I have worked with was Team Singularity. Every team starts with gathering the right players and trying out if they synergies. I have worked with players who wanted to go Pro and never had a chance to connect with any opportunities. Some others got stuck in the tier 3 / 4 scene due to a lack of professional support. I’ve met many players with great potential who lacked confidence and had no real idea how to make themselves noticeable. Europe is a tough region. If you’re not one of the top teams it is very hard to sustain yourself. It can be a lack of financial support or the lack of mental fortitude that propels you into an environment of insecurities.

The Dota 2 community lacks an environment where it can support a new generation of talents. Only a few make it out onto the big stage, and some are giving up or waiting for an opportunity. I hope that with the introduction of the new league system starting in September, we can see some changes. My idea is to give committed players a community and a platform where they can grow. I’d like to give this a try and gather a community that will support a more professional environment for Dota 2.

It is up to us to force changes and makes this a better place in order to continue sustaining this game we love so much.

What does the server offer?

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· Up to date Discord Bots.

· Roles – You can set yourself a role corresponding to your preference.

· LFT, LFP or Ranked matching system that offers different templates.

· Promotional system to verify ones rank to ensure trustworthy information.

· Regular updates on relevant Dota 2 news.

· Tournament Links.

· Dates and links for online qualifiers to participate in amateur tournaments.

· Professional advice on anything dota 2 related.

· Easy way to find a party for Ranked matchmaking.

· Automated and customisable voice channels.

· A variety of useful commands and an automated ticket system.

How can you help?

Discord давно превратился из временной замены Skype и TeamSpeak в геймерский мессенджер со стильным интерфейсом, настраиваемыми чатами и голосовыми вызовами, поддерживающими до 100 участников за раз. Позаботились разработчики о связи: звонки не обрываются, проблемы с сетью – редкость, а при общении ощущается весь потенциал дорогущих микрофонов и гарнитур. Еще впечатляет сообщество – в сети с легкостью найдутся тематические Дискорд-каналы по «Дота 2».

Dota 2 Ru Community

Discord-канал, вмещающий более 30000 участников и сосредоточенный вокруг развлекательного и полезного контента, посвященного «Dota 2». Организаторы предлагают добавляться в чаты, искать напарников, договариваться о киберспортивных турнирах и тренировочных матчах, а заодно – публиковать и обсуждать контент, связанный с тематикой канала. Правила у Dota 2 Ru Community стандартные – никакой политики, дискриминации и оскорблений.

Dota discord

Nazarick ™

Стремительно развивающееся сообщество, посвященное и «Dota 2», и сторонним киберспортивным дисциплинам, включая «CS: GO». Кроме чатов для текстового и голосового общения, предусмотрены тематические разделы накопившихся вопросов. Nazarick – международный канал, а потому, кроме собеседников из России, встречаются и киберспортсмены, новички и любители из других стран.

Dota discord


Комбинированный сервер в Discord, посвященный «Dota 2» и «Among Us». Initially, it was positioned as a community for those who are looking for boosters or ordering services related to raising their rating. But a little later, some changes took place in Immortal Boost, and the content of the server changed — entertainment content and chats for «hard workers» appeared, where they are allowed to discuss recent patches or agree on joint campaigns for rating.

Dota discord


Thematic server for «CS: GO», «Dota 2», «SAMP». Online is stable, but small: it is rare to see a little more than 150 users on the network at a time. But the messages do not hang unread for 3-4 hours, but are immediately viewed, and the topics raised are discussed. The rules are not strict, but administrators are encouraged to be friendly.

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Dota discord


A regional Discord channel similar to the competitors above. There are several options available: chatting, the ability to agree on training and look for allies or players in the team. Talking about politics is prohibited. And it’s also pointless to discuss streamers — attempts to find the “extreme” lead to blocking access.

Dota discord


An extremely versatile Discord channel, dedicated to, it seems, all possible eSports disciplines and entertainment available on the computer. Dota 2 is no exception. Valve’s «MOBA» is discussed frequently, with users reviewing patches, sharing themed videos, and tuning into ranked matches together. Sometimes friendly tournaments are held on the server, and at the same time a boost is ordered.

Dota discord


A server that has been on the web for a long time, has turned from a community for friends into an open platform for communication between Dota 2 fans. The organizers offer to discuss the performances of professional teams, agree on holding matches, and at the same time to continuously communicate on third-party topics: the “flooding” tab is available in Fallen.

Dota discord


A gaming community without prejudices and rules, which appeared with the sole purpose of uniting lovers of esports disciplines and entertainment content. On the pages of the server, lovers of Among Us and Dota 2, the Counter-Strike series, and also connoisseurs of World of Warcraft and SAMP intersect. Online is stable, and finding allies is not a problem at all.

Dota discord

GARMONY 2023 ©

A server aimed at those who are in search of harmony and dream of having fun together with connoisseurs of CS: GO, Dota 2 and Fortnite. The atmosphere is relaxed, online — more than 100 users daily, newcomers are welcomed with all honors. Of the benefits — monthly entertainment events, such as tournaments or joint gatherings in custom maps.

Dota discord


A Discord channel that is still gaining an audience, positioned by administrators as a platform for communication and dating. The theme is «Dota 2», but third-party conversations are not prohibited. The same «CS: GO» is often discussed on the wall and used as an excuse to unite and hold a couple of rating matches.

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Dota discord


A thematic server that differs from competitors in its approach to communication. Instead of flooding and talking about third-party topics, administrators suggest getting down to business right away — looking for allies for Ranked, collecting Battle Pass points, or checking and finding bugs in Dota 2. A real platform for collaboration, not many hours of ranting on loose topics.

Dota discord


An experimental server where non-standard and even extreme humor is welcome, and there are almost no rules. The organizers allow you to communicate, look for allies for matches in Dota 2 and discuss everything that comes to hand.

Dota discord

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Dota 2 Discord

May 27, 2020

ABOUT Dota 2 Discord

The largest and most active CIS server for Dota 2 to search for a party.

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Dota discord

The International 2023 Qual. 19:05. Завершен

The International 2023 Qual. 20:30. Завершен

Sand King Gomez

The International 2023 Qual. 23:58. Завершен

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1 августа 2022, 00:01


сегодня, 07:00Spirit не сыграет на BetBoom Dacha, выбила Faze с Gamers8, Ence возглавила рейтинг лучших команд Европы от Valve и другие новости утра

вчера, 21:45Larian заново выпустили хотфикс к Baldur’s Gate 3. Игроки жаловались на проблемы с сохранениями

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вчера, 20:48Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 стоит 6,6 тысяч рублей – Activision открыла предзаказы шутера

вчера, 20:23Blizzard и Arizona выпустили лимитированную серию холодного чая с персонажами Overwatch

вчера, 20:07Геймплейный трейлер дополнения Phantom Liberty для Cyberpunk 2077 покажут на Gamescom 2023

вчера, 19:58Папич о Baldur’s Gate 3: «В теории это лучшая игра за всю историю, но она пока неотполированная»

вчера, 19:55Игроки в Genshin Impact недовольны цензурой ягодиц персонажей при дайвинге в Фонтейне

вчера, 19:21«Сейчас у меня совсем другая жизнь». Хакер Voksi опроверг информацию о том, что он – это Empress

вчера, 18:50Black Book от российских разработчиков можно бесплатно забрать в Epic Games Store

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