Dota hack and cheat for Dota 2

Dota hack and Cheat for Dota 2 Дота

This is how the cheat installer looks like:

Video review of the cheat from the site user:

Simple start instructions. What do we have to do?

CringHack for Dota 2 is updated daily. You can visit the site every day and download the new version!

It’s no secret for our users that the Steam platform is vulnerable and following the top games, at the request of users, we decided to make a cheat for DotA 2 which includes stock functionality and the ability to connect additional functionality to the main cheat. The list of scripts is available to all users of our project, you just need to read the instructions for connecting the script.

Most of the functionality uses the game engine, don’t worry about VAC ban, for the most part it’s technically impossible! With the help of our private cheat for DotA 2, your level of play in relation to other users will increase! Built-in scripts will help you perform actions automatically.

Enabling the Disable tab functions in the menu will use assigned inventory items or hero abilities that can prevent opponent attacks.

Built-in functionality will help you set up a comfortable game. Changing the terrain, adjusting the camera height, displaying the opponent’s health, displaying the number of physical attacks before killing the opponent, displaying the opponent’s teleportation, sound and visual warning about the presence of invisible characters near you, and many other features that you can check out below!

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Dota hack and Cheat for Dota 2

D2E — cheat for the popular game Dota 2

Cheat with extensive functionality, activation of free dota plus, unlocking heroes, entry, infinite mana, camera control and more. With this cheat, you can win different rinks, complex, easy, everything is within your power. The software allows you to remove the restriction on the distance of the camera, see the effects of teleporting and using Smoke in the fog of war, activate a dota + subscription, unlock heroes on a new account, remove fog and display enemy mana under the health bar. Lots of settings and user friendly interface.

Functions (press to open/close)

Starting instructions:

Done. Happy using!

Errors and solutions

Our cheat is being actively developed and improved. Tested by a group of people who identify flaws and report them to us. The cheat is easy to use, especially for you, we have written detailed instructions for each item of the software, you just have to buy and play!

Bypass recording Now you can stream with a cheat

With the latest patch, the developers have updated the render and now you can stream with a cheat and it will not be visible on the screen, unfortunately, teleports will be visible (they can be disabled during streaming). The same goes for streaming to Discord, you just need to record the game, not the screen, this will give you a blank screen.

November 7, 2022

Handy stealing script Smart theft from Rubik

Using this script, you can set the priority of abilities that need to be stolen. If there is a batch and someone uses the ability that you need, the script will steal it on its own, it will work fine with the aghanim. We rarely post news here because we are mainly finalizing about 500~ existing scripts. Buy a cheat and discover new abilities.

October 11, 2022

Dota hack and Cheat for Dota 2

Dota hack and Cheat for Dota 2

How to counter Travoman AND his kids

Now you can see visual information, even through the fog of war, where the mines are and in what quantity, the developer just countered Travoman. In general, if Techis is against you, consider him useless.

December 14, 2021

We have already written about the possibilities of DODGER before. This script in our DotA 2 cheat makes it possible to dodge damage, and each hero can do it in his own way, the video showed how the monkey dodges the tech and lina and all this automatically, you specify in the menu which ability to dodge and with the help what. This script has existed for a very long time, we just decided to remind you about it.

December 13, 2021

Demonstration of manual reaggro of creeps But there is also an automatic one

The developer recently made an auto-reload of towers, on this note, an auto-reload of creeps was made, on the video a demonstration of a manual reload. You can assign any convenient keys, the keys on the video were indicated for demonstration. Auto-reload from creeps will be very useful on supports that run slowly, in any case, it doesn’t cost anything to assign 1 button and press it when necessary.

December 10, 2021

Auto-Reload Higher Save HP

Sometimes it is either difficult or impossible to reaggregate manually, often the melees are under the tower, there are even situations when the melee is under the tower and you need to control the spells, but the tower will naturally choose you and will damage you. This script works not only with heroes, but also with other units, the only condition is that your hero must be further than any unit in the attack zone of the tower.

December 2, 2021

AFK BOT hands under the table, networth up!

Situations are different, do you want to eat while you play, do you want to pour beer, did your mother call you to eat? We turn on the AFK of the bot and he farms himself, if you mix with the included dodger or auto-ansilence, no one can kill you yet.

December 1, 2021

Additions to the script Miner

We have a full-fledged miner script with which you can play at least 300 minutes. Automatic explosion of a certain number of mines without error. Functions that show the number of barrels for a certain hero and much more, but by popular demand, a functionality was made that shows where you need to put mines and barrels, most positions are in blind zones, the enemy will not light the mines, which means they will not be able to break, you you don’t even need to place mines manually, just click on the icon, and the character will place a mine or a barrel on his own in the desired coordinate.

November 23, 2021

It’s not just for beauty Tree Changer magic trails

Sometimes you want to run away from the enemy, but you don’t know the paths, you can remove the trees and replace them with pumpkins or something else, the screenshot shows green logs or cones, as you see fit. Why memorize paths if it is possible to act according to the circumstances, we have a very large utility functionality in the cheat, it will always be more convenient for you to play with the cheat.

November 18, 2021

Dota hack and Cheat for Dota 2

Marcy the Killer available combo

A new hero, a new combo, the development team is always optimizing this script, on the video you can see a demonstration of the hard combo, the menu has the ability to turn on or off interaction with objects, use abilities, and even take into account% health to automatically turn on Satanik. Cheat for dota 2 in our time is very helpful for beginners, sometimes even the most inveterate and skilled players come to us for such goodies. The cheat is not expensive, so for guys who like to play with beer, this combo will be fun to play with.

October 29, 2021

New auto stacker Shadow Demon!

Would you like to have such a support? Imagine you take an Alchemist, or Sven. Your teammate hacks the magic function and farm + experience goes x2. Just turn on the video and try to imagine how you can farm on such spods. Not relevant due to forest change

February 12, 2021

Update of Lasthit function Auto last hit

The menu of this function is very large and clear. Let’s discuss this video which was recorded with this function. Everything that we will now list and is on the video, it can naturally be turned off or used at your discretion. On the video next to the HP of the creeps there is a number, this number is the number of hits to kill the creep, of course, this is calculated based on your damage and the armor of the creeps. Asterisks have 2 colors (yellow and green), just like with a traffic light on the street, yellow get ready, green hit. If you pay attention, in the video the player does not move the mouse over the creeps at all, just holds the assigned key that automatically last hits the creeps and follows the mouse. And that same mysterious circle around the hero is the attack range. All of these features can be used together or separately. If you are already an experienced player and you do not need to automatically last hit, the stars above the creeps will help you to be much stronger than the enemy. P.S thanks to the built-in protection, when finishing off creeps on the replay, the mouse is hovering over the creeps 😉

January 29, 2021

Crazy ArmletMega Abuz

You probably haven’t seen this, it’s just a mega abuse. We don’t know if there are people who can do it by hand. As you can see in the video, we made a script that allows you to wildly abuse the armlet. We think it will be profitable to collect an armlet for heroes that it is not even intended for, just to survive 🙂 Fine-tuning the script, for example, the health threshold, accounting for physical attacks and accounting for poisons.

November 27, 2020

CreepBlocker blocks creeps like an OpenAI bot

September 29, 2020

New script OVERWOLFPlayer information

This script shows information with detailed statistics about all the players in your game. Talking really a lot about this script, the most basic is information about the latest games, the player’s win rate, the usefulness of this player for all games. Possibility to show the player’s full statistics for the last matches, the percentage of wins on the selected hero (provided the player’s profile is open). If the script is closed, it will show only the last 5 games. By the way, this script will tell you which heroes to ban, based on the statistics of successful enemy heroes. After enabling this function, you can assign a key to call this window with detailed information about enemies.

August 26, 2020

Dota hack and Cheat for Dota 2

Dota hack and Cheat for Dota 2

DOTA+ subscription for freeWith the purchase of a cheat

Yes, that’s right, there is an Unlock DOTA+ function in the cheat, thanks to which you get the features and benefits of this subscription. It is important for you to understand that the possibilities of the cheat are related to the game client, but not as a server. What do we want to tell you with this? You get all the benefits of a DOTA+ subscription except for: tips on assembling items, tips on leveling up skills, everything related to buying for points (all this information is server-side) Use the rest of the features to your health.

Skinchanger and Inventory Changer

Why buy DotA 2 items when you can get them all for free! Our cheat allows you to add all DotA 2 items to your inventory and use them for free!

March 02, 2020

Russian language support in the menu

Are you afraid that after the purchase you will not understand the menu? It’s okay, now we have support for the Russian menu, setting up the cheat has become much easier, the settings are always saved, even if your subscription has ended. The cheat for DotA 2 has a unique functionality that will help you raise your rating thanks to a quality game, the cheat automatically responds to the specified settings.

November 25, 2019

Infinite Bash More Speed ​​More Bash

As they say in the video, the more attack speed you have, the more towers. The cheat disassembles and assembles the bash, which increases the percentage of bash falling out! The video showed an anti-mage who gave the Aks a blow just before his death!

November 08, 2019

Pudge Auto Hook Setting

A detailed explanation of how to use the autohook for pudge, and in this video you will see the setup of Skywrath Mage and Shadow Fiend

October 22, 2019

Dota hack and Cheat for Dota 2

Cheat for Dota 2 Auto chess

By purchasing our cheat you get access to the infocreen script which contains functions for playing Auto chess. Which contains complete information about your rivals.

April 25, 2019

Meepo bot farm + killer

According to the analysis, we can say that the bot in battles will be effective up to 4500 mmr, people start walking together at this rating and interfere with killings. The farm bot itself works great, as shown in the video, the bot automatically farms and farms pretty well on creeps. In any case, the bot will play better than you, without experience.

November 28, 2018

Partial MAPHACK will always be convenient

There is no real map hack, we implemented a partial map hack that makes it possible to see the used functions in the fog of war, the functionality of teleporting heroes that are visible on the whole map, farming forest crypts and targeted abilities is also sewn in.

November 22, 2018

Immortal antimage is actually real

Dodger function that is automatically enabled but not configured for you, it needs to be configured at the beginning of the rink based on the peak of enemy heroes, this function evades or reflects abilities that can control you and cause damage, in principle, each doter will benefit from this functions.

Most popular combos used by users

We are watching the use of the functions of our users, thanks to the development tips, we have brought to mind most of the heroes, at the moment you can safely drink tea and watch the cheat play for you.

November 09, 2018

Yaroslav Kuznetsov NS about our software

Yaroslav correctly said on his YouTube channel «Dota Universe by RuHub», there are still errors in the implementation, but the cheat can play better than any beginner, in any case we will improve our software. At the start of the release, we received proposals from top players to implement individual scripts that would not be noticed by VAC.

February 18, 2018

Dota hack and Cheat for Dota 2

No problem with vision

We were puzzled by how to be invisible to enemy wards, and how to deward them. We found a difficult solution, in case you fall under the vision of enemy wards or units, creeps, the visibility effect is automatically triggered. How about you, isn’t it cool!

February 12, 2018

Down with spoiling your nerves

Bombs when a leg from inviz throws a duel or an ax uses aggro from blink?! We also found a solution to this problem, when you try to throw a duel or aggro on you, and other skills (ulta puja, ulta doom, etc.), the software will automatically throw the enemy or you into the wind (if you collect them), an urn or forstaff.

Dota hack and Cheat for Dota 2

They also didn’t miss the puja

Now you have the opportunity to use the autohook function. The software itself calculates when to hook, from what position, the advantage is that when you hook, pudge immediately starts ulting and turns on ROT, which makes it impossible for the hero to escape.

ESP Illusion makes the game easier

Each of us must have been in a situation where Phantom lancer creates his own illusions, you give a skill and you get into a copy, Oh no! How embarrassing and sad. Our team solved this problem by highlighting the real hero with a special effect, and now you will never miss.

Dota hack and Cheat for Dota 2

Dota hack and Cheat for Dota 2

Revealing Hidden Abilities

Now it will not be difficult to escape from the bar or not get caught by enemy heroes under the Bounty Huntera track. If a bara charges at you or your ally, the bara’s charge icon or the BH track will glow above the hero. Very handy feature, Helps to survive or prepare to fight back.

Easy Pharm

Added 3 cool functions Last Hit key, Deny key, Crit Hack key. With the help of them you can last hit enemies (steal), deny enemy creeps, and just combos are a tough feature!!! For each hit, the hero gives out a crit if there is such an ability or an item is collected. AND ZI FAAAARM !!!!!

Dota hack and Cheat for Dota 2

The HERO SPECIFIC menu contains the standard attack combos for each hero, we decided to demonstrate not many combos. Additionally, on our forum, participants develop custom functionality and share them in their own topics. After registering, you will be given access to the forum with combo attacks for heroes for personal use.

Earthshaker Combo

One of the most dangerous initiators in Dota 2, ready to give mine 5 and lead his team forward! In combination with other functions and your imagination, you can do such things 😉

October 28, 2019


Additional functionality that is easy to install and use, all attacks can be set to automatic in the menu. To farm items, use standard creep deny functions to farm items for the creeps as quickly as possible WINDRANGER

April 17, 2017


SKYWRATH MAGE includes a set of skills that deal huge damage, combined with items that increase magic damage Skywrath leaves no chance for the enemy. All possible enemy movements are automatically calculated by the functionality, you just have to choose a victim.

February 16, 2017

Evil-evil Pugna

Pugna’s native skill increases magical damage, in the collection of items that cause damage, the pugna becomes just a killer. Pugna’s menu functionality can use all inventory items and custom skills automatically.

February 7, 2017

Tuskar nuker

Tuskar is a very dangerous character, especially when you have time to press all the buttons) The demo shows bundles of items and skills that are used on CD and do not give the opponent a chance to survive against Tuskar.

March 10, 2017

Precise Blackhole

Enigma is the initiator of the fights, sometimes the player gives a low-quality blackhole, but our script will help you in the implementation of the fight and capture as many enemy characters as possible. With the help of a blink dagger, the combo works much more efficiently

February 4, 2016

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