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did they spend half a year? just win and get treasure lord

Is this the most ambitious update for the anniversary.? Cosmetics do not smell, in any case, but. just 13 items, most of which are recolors of old skins.??

Yyyy, it’s SOON, VERY SOON, did they talk about it?)

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A simple guide for all merchant players.

How to buy a Dota 2 skin on the marketplace

We recently posted an extended guide for buying and selling items on Steam. Today we will talk specifically about trading Dota 2 items.

When we log into our Steam account, we see a lot of functions in the main menu. We need to go to the «Community» section, and there select the «marketplace» subsection.

Dota home

Here we are looking for a filter for the game. We find in the right column «Dota2».

Dota home

Dota home

Here you can filter Dota skins by rarity, quality, type, cell and, of course, by hero.

Dota home

For example, we are looking for skin hooks on Pooja. Select Pudge in the hero section. And in the cell section — weapons.

Dota home

Click on search. A list of items appears that can be filtered by price and quantity. The cheapest Rustclaw hook is 10 kopecks.

Dota home

Click on it, the cheapest item (it comes first in the list) and buy it. The most expensive hook of standard quality Dragonclaw Hook costs 11,801 rubles.

Dota home

Rules for buying Dota 2 skins

In order to use the Steam Market, certain rules must be followed.

First of all, you need to activate Steam Guard on your account. To do this, you will need to install the Steam app on your mobile phone in order to enter an authentication code every time you log in.

Every time you log in to your Steam account on a new device or in a new browser on the same device (including the first login to Steam Guard), you will be banned from trading for 15 days. Such strict Steam rules. This system helps prevent account hijacking and theft of items (including Dota skins).

How to sell Dota skins on the Steam marketplace

After the Steam Guard limit (15 days) expires, you can sell your items.

Go through the community to the marketplace. Click on the top right corner to view inventory.

Dota home

In the inventory, select the «Dota 2» tab and click «show additional filters».

Dota home

It is necessary to filter Dota skins that can be sold.

Dota home

There were 89 items in our inventory. Choose the item you want to sell. Let’s say Genuine Dendi Doll. Click the «sell» button.

Dota home

We see that now the cheapest such item is sold for 17.25 rubles. To sell it as quickly as possible, you need to specify a price of 17.24 rubles.

Dota home

We recommend that you first visit the product page by clicking «find on the Marketplace» there.

We see that the cheapest skin has already been purchased by someone.

Dota home

So let’s look at the graph with the median prices for which this type of product was sold in the past.

You can safely put 19.45 rubles for a quick sale. We enter in the line «the buyer will pay.» And click «Yes, put up for sale.» That’s all (although sometimes you need to confirm the transaction in the mobile application).

Dota home

Steam will send you a message (and an email notification if you haven’t disabled them) as soon as someone buys the item.

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