Dota hook

during the compendium you could get it

a bunch of other cool hooks came out. ofk it will fall in price. fiery and metal claw as for me the best hooks and DC is inferior to them

is logical. in terms of buying is in a hurry?

as for me, dk is not so bad. every student has a claw

I believe that it will continue to fall in price, it is no longer such a liquid commodity

150+ dragonclave hooks for sale on the marketplace, so not that rare. This price is quite fair, especially since Pudge already has enough better hooks.

according to the chart, you can see that the price started to fall when the lasso came out for pooja, but the new immortal hook and baby pudge have already been finished off

It’s just that the dota market is dead, that’s all

Maybe he died after ban-trading the item after the trade

There was an immortal hook in the battle pass, it seems, in the first treasury — after it the price dropped sharply on the dk hook.

That’s not the point, it’s just that the DotA market is not as balanced as in the same CCS, and there are fewer people who pour money into the market

better don’t buy it, wangyu will only fall in price

you said the right time

Earth hookami bro

he collapsed at the moment when they released a chest with a new hook in the spring that is combined with a lasso, from 55-60k fell to 10

if the valve does not make some cool set under the bone hook — there will be no reason to boost it

Hello everyone. :nate: I can’t understand why the dk hook is so expensive. :thinking: For 8500 rubles. you can become the coolest person on steam.:popcorn: But no, «I want a dk hook and DOT!!» :gogo: Why? Why is dk hook so expensive? :oldman:

what’s the difference? pujas only raki

dk hook rare, pudge popular. that’s the whole price

Many rewards for pooja. They like to embellish their «skill» with clothes. The best — dk hook, so I’ll be the best. So there will always be buyers. Why such a price? Hmm, well, it used to be 3k, sort of, but it jumped sharply to 8k. Most likely, someone posted it on the TP more expensive, well, everyone also decided to do it. *My IMHO — DK hook was never worth even the former 3k. Defective immortal of prehistoric times.*

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so expensive because the dandy promoted it, and the fact that it can no longer be obtained in the game. Here is some info for you, mustaches for puja are about 2k in total, and hooks are 10k but, why are hooks more expensive?) (I know the answer)

2k mustache? just forget it, with such info 😆

Soon Ebola ( God forbid ) will kill us, and we are thinking how to save money for the DC hook 😥

Nitrous Ashot said:↑

Level 80 Analyst and Economist.

There is no other way to explain the sharp up from 3k to 8k. If you succeed, the pip will drop 2 centimeters.

dk hook is nothing compared to the prices for the same knives in KSke.

the hook is limited, there are more and more players, so the price is growing.

That’s not the reason, look at ti3 chickens for an example. Oski is normal in appearance, but its price is falling and falling

take into account the popularity of the hero. And comparing it to chicken is stupid.

Friends, tell me his story. I’ve been playing Dota 2 not so long ago, but I know that I fell out of some summer chests. Why did he become Immortal? He also dropped out quite often (Mythical). Or is there something I don’t know?

because he fell to some kid in a pub, and they made him not drop anymore 🙂

Someone decided that this bunch of pixels is worth 60 keys, that’s the whole story

A long time ago there were gnomes (schoolchildren) who were looking for emeralds in caves and there they found a warehouse of bones from the bones they made a hook. They’re millionaires now

Dragonclaw Hook — Immortal hook Pooja. Was previously a Mythical rarity item dropped from the Summer Chest (Episode #9, Summer 2012). For a long time, the number of hooks was limited by copies dropped from summer chests, and therefore the price grew in the same way as on Timebreaker. However, in February, a patch was released with a significantly expanded list of items that drop in the game, among which was the Dragonclaw Hook with a standard drop rate for Mythical items. The community did not agree with this course of events, and soon the rarity was replaced by Immortal.

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pudge zohawol of the black enshent of the dragon and sawed off a finger from the skeleton and made himself a hook in general

There was a hook for the price of 2 keys, I had no time for it, because I thought this hook was worse than usual. As time went on, I realized that the price of the hook was growing and it was still worth buying. And so I bought hooks for ~10 keys and now I have a good profit and I hope that the price for them will still grow 🙂

there was a chest, a hook fell from it, it was when not so many people played DotA yet, therefore not so many attacked them. then the chest stopped falling, dotA went into obt. after some time, things from this chest began to fall in the game, including the hook, which by that time had already begun to grow in price, the hucksters did not like it and they wrote a petition to Gabe so that this hook would not fall, as a result of which the hook stopped falling and became immoral like the essence of such, MB of which he messed up

the valves had to fulfill the plan for hooks to make them immortal, so for 2-3 days they made them fall out, then when the plan was reached, they removed the hook drop and made it immortal The end

Valve didn’t want every pudgepicker to have this hook, so they made it from mysticle to immortal. That’s all.

God Lemax are you serious?) I remember hooks were exchanged for a tinik skin from the same chest))

Wangyu, the sword for the skeleton from the chest will also be immortal, so I sell it for 20 kei, fly in)

I used to have 3 hooks and a timebreaker, but what about now? Who knew that their prices would be so exorbitant 🙁 *CRY*

on tinik skin and sven fluff, please note 🙂

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for the mythical they asked for 2 rares 🙂

teeny skin was finally the most expensive thing back then *STARCHE*

Pgg was born and puja ate him.

I gave tb as +1 random ancamon, and the next day it became vintage, do you understand how my ass was torn?

Fuck that hook. Now there are a lot of textures that replace the standard one. True, only you will see, but you will still. 🙂

the strangest thing is that he became immortal for no reason, just for the fun of schoolchildren, I had it when he was still mythical, he gave it away for 3 rares 😀 well, TB will still show what it costs


aimed at creature

on enemy creatures


CHANGABLE — Devours an enemy alive, stunning them and dealing damage over time based on the owner’s strength and healing them. Lasts longer on creeps.


80 / 100 / 120

0.3 / 0.6 / 0.9


Regurgitate a swallowed hero.

Reduces cooldown. Allows you to use this ability on an ally to swallow them. A swallowed ally is healed for a fraction of their maximum health every second. Casting on an ally has increased range.




Increases the radius and damage of the ability. Reduces health regeneration of hit enemies.


Meat Hook

directed to a point

Throws a bloody hook at the target or in the target direction. The hook will hook onto the first creature it hits and drag it towards the owner of the ability. Enemy heroes take damage from the hook, and non-ancient creeps are immediately killed.

150 / 220 / 290 / 360

Flesh Heap

The ability is guaranteed to block part of the damage from any type of attack, and also gives additional strength for each enemy hero killed or killed nearby. The effects accumulate from the start of the game, but the hero will only gain power after learning the ability.

8 / 14 / 20 / 26

1.1 / 1.4 / 1.7 / 2

A poisonous cloud that slows down enemies and deals significant damage to both them and the owner of the ability.

-14% / -20% / -26% / -32%

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