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Key features of the map

DotA Lod (DotA LOD) is a modification of WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne created by the development team to provide players with a new gaming experience. Players from different parts of the world who are fond of gameplay can enjoy playing this game and test their abilities and knowledge in the subject of team strategies.

In Dota Lod, players split into two teams, Radiant and Dire, and fight to destroy the enemy’s antique building located in his base on the battlefield map. The map consists of three roads that connect the bases of each team, and forest areas where you can kill monsters to get extra experience points and gold, which will help the player to strengthen his hero and improve his abilities.

Players can choose different heroes, each with their own unique abilities, and form a team of five people. It is important to develop your strategies and tactics in order to win the game. Dota Lod is very popular among players and provides a lot of time for miscalculation and research in order to achieve victory.

— allpick —
all heroes available

— single draft — 10 available
heroes to choose from

— mirrordraft — 20 heroes available
to choose from

— allrandom —
random choice of hero and skills


(5 and 6 abilities respectively) — as many
skills you can choose.

(Random Extra Abilities) 5 and 6 ability
given randomly.

(Balance Off) Ability balance is turned off.

(One Skill) Skills in the team are not repeated.

(Fast Neutrals) Fast respawning of forest monsters.

(Unlimited Level) Unlimited hero level.

(Anti Backdoor) Inability to destroy the structure without

(See Skills) Peak Opportunity
see in the table the ability of the enemy.

(System Display Damage)
Primitive damage display.
(Fast Finish) Vote for
premature failure.
(Who FF) View list
players per -ff element
#(Switch passive)
Hides, Shows passives. (team not fully developed)

Popular bundles of OMG/Lod mods :

(All heroes, skills in
time will not be repeated, mod balance)

(Available 20 heroes who
identical for 1 and 6, 2 and 7, 3 and 8, 4 and 9, 5 and 10 players respectively)

(50 heroes available, mod balance,
skills in the team are not repeated)

(Random heroes + random
skills, upon death everything is randomized again, there is no balance)

Dota Lod is one of the most popular game modes of the classic Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. Created by Chinese developers, this mode quickly gained popularity all over the world due to its addictive and dynamic game mechanics. In this mode, players gather teams and fight each other on a large map with bases and various objects.

Dota Lod rules are simple. Teams build avatars to represent them in the game and battle each other on the map. Each avatar has unique characteristics and abilities that players can use to defeat their opponent. As the game progresses, players earn experience points and gold, which they can use to purchase upgrades for their avatar and their equipment.

If you are new to Dota Lod, don’t worry — we have tips and tricks for you. First of all, you should study the characteristics and abilities of your avatar in order to use them most effectively. Also, don’t forget to monitor the state of the avatar in order to use healing and other improvements in a timely manner.

In addition, teams play in Dota Lod, and a strong team can bring victory even to a strong single player. Therefore, it is worth studying the existing commands and choosing the one that suits you best. Some teams specialize in attack, others in defense, and still others in technical ability. Choose a team depending on your play style and preferences.

1. One Hit Kill:

Gondor’s crit + shaker boost (Enchant Totem) + (different things are possible here) for example, wenge aura + ult tini. As a result, at lvl 16 there will be crits under 2000, and this is death for most. Mortred dodge (can be replaced with an invok ball, for strength) + void dodge + spectrum damage spread (Dispersion) + leorik’s ult. It is best to take the hero Tree to this set, because. he has the biggest increase in strength. After you collect the vanguard, heart, ribs, and if the enemies have magicians, then no one will kill you. Nekra’s ult helps a lot against such a hero.3. A hero that enemies will kill themselves against (easily countered by Satanic): Spectrum damage spread (Dispersion) + Return of the centaur + transfer of dexterity due to the morph. Designed to gain a large amount of power and so that the enemies, attacking such a hero, kill themselves before they kill you.4. Sniper shots: Sniper attack range + lanai attack range + ursa quick strikes + goat ult.

It is better to take a miner for such purposes (he has the longest attack range). When fully loaded, the attack range will be more than 1200. Easily countered by an avatar (BKB or skill ghouls) or invisibility.

5. It’s also good to take pugna (wild int growth +4.0) Invok skill for intelligence growth, and ult destr and you can do something for the soul)). We are going for intelligence and from lvl 11 we just kill with an ult (if you don’t think of returns and BkB, then the game will be funny)

6. The same pugna + ursa acceleration + pasiv destra + nuke destra, ult can be taken also by tini, it doesn’t matter anymore, the important thing is that we will hit hard, and often kill for ursa acceleration.

Changes in recent versions

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LoD DotA — is a modification of the DotA map (by IceFrog). The meaning remained the same — «to protect the ancestors», but in slightly different ways or, let’s say, skills. You have to choose your heroes skills from the original DotA, the skills are associated with the original heroes, which makes it easy to find the right skill.

Project news

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Dota Lod game rules

Dota Lod is a Warcraft III kart and online multiplayer game. The rules of the game in Dota Lod are very similar to the rules of the original Dota.

The goal of the game is to destroy enemy creeps and towers, capture his base and defend your own. Players form teams of five and play against each other.

Preparing for the game

Before starting the game in Dota Lod, teams choose their heroes. Each hero has his own strengths and weaknesses. Heroes are divided into main categories — strength, dexterity and intelligence. You need to choose a hero so that it matches the strategy of your team.

In addition, players buy items for their characters, which gives additional abilities and increases their strength in battle.

Game progress

Playing Dota Lod has its own peculiarities. Each player controls their hero and chooses his actions. The goal of the game is to destroy enemy towers and creeps, capture his base and defend your own.

Creeps are NPCs that attack enemy players and defend their base. They can be killed to gain experience and gold.

Towers are structures that attack players and enemy creeps. They need to be destroyed in order to move towards the enemy base.

The game ends when one of the teams destroys the enemy base.

Additional Rules

Dota Lod has some additional rules to consider:

Project participants

In Dota Lod, each team consists of five players who must capture and destroy the enemy base. The game takes place on a map where each player plays a specific character (hero), each with their own unique skills and abilities.

Victory is achieved when the team managed to destroy the enemy base. However, there are many ways to win in Dota Lod, and you can use different tactics to achieve your goal.


Dota Lod requires tactical thinking and communication between players. Coordinated action is needed to win, as each player plays a specific role in the team.

In addition, you must know your role and the skills of the hero you are playing. This will help you use your skills to the best of your ability and help your team achieve victory.

Don’t forget the importance of map control and the ability to see beyond your nose. Knowledge and control of the map allows you to predict the actions of opponents and create strategies based on this information.

Playing Dota Lod requires a high level of skill and perseverance, but with constant practice you can improve your game, learn to think tactically and achieve big wins in the game.

Tips and commands for playing Dota Lod

When you have to choose a hero, do not rush to make the choice first. Look through the list of heroes in advance and choose a few that are most suitable for your team and for the selected lane. Leave time for additional discussion of the choice in the team.

Also be prepared to change your hero pick at the end of the pick if the team needs some specific stats to play effectively.


Communication is a key element in team play. Be ready to communicate at any time of the game and use the available communication tools such as a microphone, chat and correspondence.

When communicating with the team, indicate the importance of your request or message using a phrase like «Urgent!» or «Please.» This will help reduce the time to make a decision and respond to your message in an appropriate way.

Game strategy

Each team should have their own game strategy focused on the unique characteristics of each hero. Be ready to quickly adapt to changing game conditions and change your strategy depending on how the game is going.

Try to maintain a balance between defense and offense, so as not to let the enemy impose his game too much.

Team support

In a team, each player must fulfill his role and not wait for someone else to do it for him. If you’re playing a support role, keep an eye on your ally’s health and resources and provide support in combat.

If you’re playing as a nuclear hero, save your mana and only use it when needed. This will help your team fight for victory.

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