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Now the topic of comparing League of Legends and Dota 2 in terms of difficulty is being actively discussed in the media space. For those who have remained on the sidelines, but are interested in this topic, we will tell you how it all began and where it is heading.

Dota lol

One of the most popular professional players in League of Legends

Zero chance that Dota 2 has a higher mechanical skill ceiling than League. There is turn rate, built-in delay, not many skillshots, jerks and mobility.

You have more buttons, but they are directional, unlike skillshots, so you don’t have to constantly demonstrate a high level of mechanical skills. It’s all about understanding the game, while League is really mechanically intense.

In addition to voicing the classic arguments about the mechanical differences between games,

After the publication of the statement on thematic resources, as expected, discussions began, to which not the last person from the Dota 2 community joined — the two-time current champion of The International

In my first and only games in LoL, I also took out everyone.

But seriously, if the average pro game has four or five kills in thirty minutes, then what are its main goals? It’s like a very long laning phase where you only need to last hit and trade.

Idea: me and

So far, no one has been willing to accept it, and in the CIS Dota 2 community they have already expressed skepticism regarding the idea of ​​the representative

OG. The first to express his opinion was a talent familiar with both scenes,

By the way, football is more difficult than hockey, because it has a larger field. And hockey is more difficult, because it is more difficult to hit with a stick than with a foot. Someday people will stop pointlessly comparing what is harder and what is easier, and will just enjoy their games.

The most important thing is that it’s like a dispute of WHO IS STRONGER BATMAN OR SUPERMAN (ofk Batman) is just as stupid, pointless and merciless Ofk every game is difficult in its own way, and every competitive game is equally difficult, because it’s just a playground, and the enemy is always a different person.

Even if the Russian-speaking talents are right, it’s still hard to argue with the fact that if a meeting of players of this level from different disciplines takes place, then it will be at least very interesting for fans of both games. After all, it’s one thing when the advantages and disadvantages are discussed by ordinary players who simply like their game more, and it’s quite another thing when all this is analyzed in detail by high-level professionals.

It is believed that both leaders of the MOBA genre are now in decline. Who knows, maybe the format proposed

n0tail, could help the developers of both games to correct the development vector of their projects in the right direction.

Over a long period of time, the gamer community has not ceased to compare the two most prominent representatives of the MOBA genre — League of legends and Dota 2. In this article, we will tell you which of these games performs best in the most important aspects for simple player.

Dota lol


Undoubtedly, it is necessary to start comparing two games with a shareware distribution model in 2020 with how donations affect the gameplay. Each hero in Dota 2 is free, unlike League of Legends, where only a limited number of heroes can be obtained without investing real money. Also, for fans of cosmetic items, the Dota 2 developer company has added the ability to purchase most sets on the marketplace, which allows the price to change, often lower than Valve’s official offer. Riot Games, on the contrary, does not welcome the possibility of trading or buying items on the marketplace, and therefore you can only buy each of the skins in their store.

Variety of Heroes

Dota 2 currently has 119 heroes, while in League of Legends we can play 148 heroes. Donat plays a decisive role in this comparison — in the League you will not be able to try all the heroes and find your own, as you will be limited in their choice for a long period of time, while in Dota all the heroes are available immediately. Another important clarification will be the schedule for the release of new heroes — in League of Legends they are released every 2-3 months, while in Dota 2 — once every 6-12 months.


Now about the events — there are also differences in both games. In Dota 2, events are completely free, even if they are timed to coincide with the release of the Battle Pass. The system in League of Legends is different — most often the game has a free part, equipped with the lion’s share of all content, and a donation part, which allows you to get exclusive prizes from the event, respectively. The difference also lies in the time of the events — for example, in Dota 2 they are timed to coincide with holidays, while in League of Legends they take place literally several times a season — for example, they involve passing tests in the game every day with prizes, and are often not connected not only with the holidays, but also with the release of a new champion or skin line.


At the end of 2019, Riot Games reported that the daily peak number of unique players in the game reaches eight million. The company released statistics in honor of the decade of MOBA. In mid-2019, over a million people played Dota 2 at its peak. By January 2020, this figure had dropped to 616,000 people. However, online League is better not only because of the fact that more players play it, but also because of the separate Steam client for China and the rest of the world.


One of the main components of any online game is its community. This measurement is the most difficult to compare, as it assumes that some members of the gaming community will be better than others simply because of the discipline they choose to spend their free time. In our opinion, the comparison in this case cannot be completely objective, but we will try to mention its two most important manifestations — communication in the game itself and communication on specialized resources.

In this regard, it can be noted that the community of both games is extremely developed in many countries, including the CIS region. Often in tops of this kind, there is a mention of voice chat as one of the most important communication tools in modern games. It is present in Dota 2, and most recently a checkmate filter was added, similar to that used in League of Legends. There is no voice chat in the League itself, which has repeatedly become the subject of many disputes.

Undoubtedly, when it comes to external Internet resources, we can confidently state that our forum has been the largest place to discuss game-related events in the CIS for 9 years now. It contains a huge amount of thematic content, such as guides and knowledge base, memes, as well as numerous sections with many players who will be happy to help you master the new game!


We talked about such important parts of the game as its price, variety of heroes and online. The last of the points, which is often one of the main motivators for beginners, is eSports. Both disciplines are well-established, have huge fan bases around them, as well as numerous sponsors. Despite this, the main face of each of the disciplines is the annual world championship, which is held by the developers themselves.

In this case, two objective indicators should be mentioned — the number of viewers and the prize fund. Here you can see a diametrically opposite picture — the League of Legends World Championship 2019 gathered around 44 million viewers during the broadcast of the final meeting, while in Dota 2 about 2 million viewers simultaneously watched the course of the same final online. When comparing prize pools, you can see a completely different picture: year after year, both tournaments are steadily growing, but the League continues to lag behind its opponent by several times. Thus, according to the latest published data, in 2018 the total prize pool at The International was about 25.5 million US dollars, while in League of Legends it was approximately 6.4 million US dollars.

Why do lawmakers think that the league is better than DotA? I honestly don’t understand this at all. As a default doter, just to get into this diarrhea from the Chinese, I need to stupidly bring in a billion money purely for buying all the heroes in this damned game. And as if this is not enough, there is no military chat, in general, a long time ago I made a list of what lol is really much worse than dota, I’m sharing it with you:

1.) DotA is a billion times better, at least there are troops there. In 2k23.

2.) In addition, the inaccessibility of all heroes from zero makes lol drink that wine, because ah-ah-ah all the heroes can suddenly be bought for real money in lol, and dota is still free to play and that says About many things.

3.) Dota prize pools are growing and drawing attention to esports as a professional sport so this is very important, thanks to Dota in 20 years esports will be shown on all sports channels as just another sport.

4.) Dota, unlike lol, does not put pressure on you and your freedom of speech, yes, I want to say everything to the next «three-two-race» that I want, with obscene language and I don’t want to swindle the account on which I sit already 8 years. And in the case of lol, this is also always the loss of heroes who need to be rediscovered (buy).

5.) Dota has a whole system of custom modes for every taste, some of them are just separate games. Angel arena, tower defenses, autobattler games, Dota: Lost Beta, there is even a bomberman, and all this makes the community no effort of the creators of lol will bypass.

6.) As for donations, items from DotA can be sold for the most part, especially if they got them for a lot of money. What can you do with lol items? Nothing, it’s money that if you want to return you will have to trade these clothes along with your account.

7.) Terrible launcher lol, and it doesn’t stand next to the steam from which DotA is launched.

8.) In lol you don’t have a courier and you have to go to your fountain to get your clothes.

9.) Cooldowns for micro-things like blink and teleport for 300 seconds is a hell of a star honestly. For you to understand, 300 seconds in DotA is the talent of undying for rebirth after death, that’s what is really worth waiting for a fucking five minutes. Not a fucking 300-point blink that’s so tiny that even a force staff pushes it twice as far.

10.) Not being able to deny creeps makes lol more casual as you don’t have any war for every bit of gold and exp in the lane and accordingly the gap between rookie and pro player gets smaller and that’s a problem, I want to feel like I really I’m starting to play better and have opportunities for this in knowing the mechanics of the game.

11.) Lol does not punish death by losing gold.

12.) And there are no buybacks in lol.

13.) And the fact that in the middle of the skating rink in lol you can give up is also a problem. For example, I always want to finish the game (Yes, I don’t leak even if I have 4 allies rained) and I don’t agree that the noobs who decide that it’s not possible to win will simply write gg and the game will end.

14.) In general, I like the valve system because a lot of things are outsourced to the community and this is not bad. This makes great sets, by the way about sets in dota, in lol it is a replacement for the whole model, when, like in dota, you can select parts of sets so that your hero looks more unique.

15.) In dota there is a forest, and this is an interactive part of the landscape that can be destroyed to arrange surprise attacks, but in lol, all obstacles are indestructible, and there is no element of surprise when you stand and just farm creeps, and you an enemy jumps out of the forest on a blink dagger. Yes, there are these bushes with invisibility, but compared to the Dota forest, they are nothing, especially considering how cheap and easy it is to counter invisibility in lol.

16.) What about the talents that are learned before playing lol? Unlike DotA talents, which you can take according to the situation, seeing this very situation, and not guessing before the start of the game, what will happen there?

19.) Dota has an excellent system of coaches that will allow you to master this game even better.

20.) And yes, there are cool events in DotA, a dashing whirlpool, aghanim’s labyrinth, diir tide, these are all events from which you not only had a huge amount of fan but also could earn money for the game in the incentive, for example, by receiving a drop .

21.) And most importantly, the well-developed DotA community right here, in the CIS, thousands of DotA channels with a huge audience, with answers to almost any question, streamers, a bunch of text guides in Russian on Steam, a lot of publics on VK on the topic, thematic sites with an audience ready to answer your question, thematic servers in the discord and all this in your language, take it and study it.

22.) In DotA, you can use consumables on allies to heal them mana and HP.

23.) In dota you can buy items for allies (Gem, bottle, dusts, smokes, teleporters, moonshard, aganim (Alchemist only but still))

24.) In dota there are items falling out of the forest, in lol there is no such thing.

25.) In lol there is no possibility to change the region for free (you can register a new account, but you still have to buy heroes again)

26.) Lola doesn’t have a three-slot backpack

27.) In lol You can’t see what the heroes’ skills are doing while you’re in the match.

28.) You can’t change your nickname in lol

29.) You can’t put your own avatar in lol. There avatars drop out FALL OUT, CARL!

30.) In lol, you can’t put things out to abuse mana.

31.) In lol, you can’t bind to the mouse wheel, and in general, the settings are much worse than in DotA, that is, there is no such thing that you made your own setting for each hero, no, you have one setting for all heroes, if so if you don’t like it, you just change it in the middle of the rink.

32.) I don’t know how things really are with online, but I was looking for a game for 10 minutes. Despite the fact that I chose TWO roles by default (less than that) In the dot, I have this only if I look for the mid, everything else is faster looking. Maybey cora searches for even longer, I don’t know, I never register search for core, but in lol I chose forest and hard.

33.) Lol has the most disgusting training. I was just standing afk and reading what items are in the shop inside the game, I was kicked, FROM THE LOCAL LOBBY! In the middle of training, but I have never seen such a disgusting attitude towards beginners anywhere. But I play dota.

34.) Almost all purchased items are without actives, that is, it is literally the purest casual. It’s easier in brawlstars.

35.) No turning mechanic

36.) No reagra mechanics, I can’t aggro craps to my lane, I can’t aggro tower (again, just because there are no denies)

37.) No craps stop mechanic, creeps literally have no collision as if they were phased out.

38.) For some reason, half of the modes are available only on weekends.

39.) Creeps from all three lanes spawn at almost the same point, which is why, when entering xg, opponents can push all lanes without any problems at all, people just take a little further step and that’s it.

40.) To open all heroes for free, you need to play 2+ years

What is better Dota or LOL?

How long do you choose what to play? Do you compare a dozen games with another dozen and still start playing Dota or Lol? Have you tried comparing them? Let’s see what, for objective reasons, suits you better.

Dota or LOL

How do you compare two games that have become popular in different continents? Dota was gaining recognition in European gaming circles over a decade ago, while League of Legends was developed in America and designed as a «dota killer». There are many versions and they are all different. But League of Legends or Dota somehow became a favorite for many fans of the MOBA genre. Yes, and there are no competitors.

We will compare games not just according to the criteria: “here I don’t like the graphics and the fact that the banks are expensive” or “dota or league of legends? Probably DotA, the name is shorter. Let’s look at the most objective facts.

League of Legends, source

Comparison of two games

We will consider both the material side and the support of developers that they provide to users. How often updates are released and whether they follow the game in general.

We will always start with Dota. What is donut in Dota 2? This is putting real money into a game where you won’t get an edge for real money. The game has a separate plus. It is very big.

You can buy items and if you don’t like them, then just sell them on the marketplace. In League of Legends, you can return money for items that you did not like, but there is no trading system in the game

Marketplace on Steam, Dota 2 direction

In League of Legends, donating won’t give you an advantage either. Yes, you will have several characters unlocked before your friends, but that doesn’t make sense. Opponents will not receive additional debuffs, more damage or some kind of imbalance. In terms of that same balance, everything will remain in place.

Number of characters

It is impossible to judge strictly by quantity. Yes, and DotA and League of Legends, the comparison is not how many characters are in each of the games, but there is something to get attached to:

It’s not about how many heroes there are, but how often developers try to diversify the gameplay. In League of Legends, new heroes are released 4-6 times a year. And in Dota 2?

Character classes

Everything is more interesting here. If you look at this parameter, which is better than DotA or League of Legends, then League of Legends wins a little, but by a small margin. Each character has its own class. He can be a warrior, he can be a mage, he can be an assassin or a support hero. Everything is in its place here.

Clumsy perception, as it is done in LoL, is practically excluded. Tidehunter in DotA will be a tank and a disabler, but Malphite in Lola will be a tank and a stunner, which must absorb a lot of damage, and it is undesirable for him to collect damage in the absence of another tank. Tidehunter in damage is not particularly collected, in a serious game, I mean.

Ongoing developer support

At this point, the developers of the League of Legends, Riot Games, definitely won. Here’s why:

If you look at the Dota vs League of Legends fight by this parameter, then it is in Dota that developers have less support. But even here you can ambiguously start everything on a simple fact: learn to play by these rules, we will add others. As it was with couriers, when they were attached to each player without the need to buy from the start of the game.

Changes in the game system

There is no plus or minus for both games. Coming up with new mechanics in the MOBA genre means almost completely changing the game. Nobody needs it. Again, while there are beginners who learn to play with the current mechanics and professionals who hone their skills in this field every day, nothing special can be invented.

Work on the balance of heroes

The last incident with Marci proved definitively that before releasing a new hero, Valve is either creating a buzz around the game or missing a few features of the new hero. And it’s also constant bugs, constant lags, and sometimes Valve’s servers go down. Yes, this happens in League of Legends too, but the developers always notify you before you start the match.

Media component

Here, without pathos, but Dota 2 won. There is nothing to even argue, because if we take the most important tournament of the year, then this is:

Nobody complains. No one from Lol goes to Dota 2 because of the prize money, but there are more D2 tournaments, they are more profitable, but the competition is tougher. Although, we do not know the full balance of money for professional teams in Dota 2 and League of Legends, therefore, perhaps, there is no point in comparing games by tournaments.

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