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Created by — mob5ter

In my friends Immersion, clear))!)) Well, of course, the real Kappa

he behaved extremely inappropriately

this is not rofl, mobster was off. Dota2ru streamer for a while and a pink nickname.

ofk, he has a dad from the site as a friend

once played with a kudes. he fedel chickens on the bayne. since then I hate playing with names

Well, yes, Mobster is such a celebrity that random dudes put his nickname. Just like Miracle.

I saw how they even put the names of teams on 1k, I think it’s not a problem for a schoolboy to put the name of his favorite commentator.

the main thing is that the operation does not make it worse

Oh, fate is unfair: after all, she could deprive us of the light of heaven, unlike the funny bbw

Who speaks about death? and the sucker is most likely sick with something, he just hides it from the public, while Anton is always open to dialogue

But what about the friendly community of millionaires? Everyone there has a million dollar prize money on shitty turks, they could chip in $500 each, but ofk they pox, it’s the CIS guys. jabbed.

Nobody chipped in for shampoo for Vilat, but here millions are needed for the operation.

Vilat, like the Rukhabov’s gang, is a bunch of hypocritical anmoral bastards.

Many who don’t donate at all helped Antokha on the stream, including me

So that’s why all this time the guy was outdated booze streams and got drunk on the stool? Of course, this did not affect the tumor at all.

I remember how he cut his hair on the stream) Cool dude, good luck to him, everything will be fine 🙂

God, what kind of crap have come running, no one is safe from this.

God the invasion of moralfags, save yourself who can!!!

That’s it, he collected money. Well done hard workers! Health to him.

Moralfagichi storm the news, and smoothly scored on the mobster.
He has top streams, perhaps one of the few to whom I am ready to throw off for treatment, cake

I never thought that I would sign up for moralfags, but after reading the comments I realized that there is still a lot of bio-garbage on earth

Yeah, hypocritical moralfags

Tube streamer, the jokers above are disabled.

threw 50r on the card, good health to you man and further creative success!!!

Threw 11, asked to return 10, otherwise the commission

Uh, ruffling is kind of a shame

First Shiver, now Mobster. I think that scientists will soon prove that Dota contributes to the development of cancer. It is a pity that Maela side bypasses.

benign tumor, it’s not cancer

«however, the disease develops too rapidly»
Correct the last word, please

said on the stream, so swiftly. Everything is right

I wonder what kind of lunatics write about deception?

In most cases, the cause remains unknown. A certain importance is given to the consequences of traumatic brain injury, neuroinfection, intoxication, pathology of pregnancy and childbirth, the use of oral contraceptives.

Pituitary adenoma occupies a leading position among all tumor diseases of the gland. Most often, pituitary adenoma appears in adults, but sometimes it also occurs in children, although much less often

That’s the rofl: why do they need a mobster?!

in this life you have to try everything!!!1111!!!111!!!!!11111(one(such a god))

from a computer and other things, Shiver also has a tumor

from comp 😀
Shiver has breast cancer.

Lost 150. Hold on Antokha.

When in reality I caught cancer

From the article I realized that knowing about the illness he collects for other things, well played, his health is very dear to him.

I wish you to recover from such a terrible disease

if it’s curly then I’ve seen it once in all DotA tournaments since 2013

Interestingly, they didn’t write about Shiver’s cancer.

No, that’s not why. She just didn’t want publicity, and this can help Anton, in short.

i.e. there was a big topic on reddit about shiver, people expressed their support, d2ru neither sleep nor spirit.
A tumor was discovered in a person (suddenly), the person actively began to look for funds, and suddenly d2ru is connected. *thinking* doesn’t add up here too much

Miku tried, but no. Hellish hype on other people’s bones only if their fates are intertwined with his wonderful portal. To me, it looks exactly like this (

Shiver woman, Mobster no. Do you understand what I’m getting at?

Hell and mobster lovers?

If you had been more attentive, you probably would have seen the news on the main page about Shiver a couple of weeks ago.

So stop, I myself have a pituitary adenoma written on paper, which I received in 2014. Am I going to be finished too?

It’s time to hit the stream and take a picture of pills

Respect to you bro, you are not hypocritical, although you do not hide behind the framework of false morality.

Are you going to spew your bile under every comment now?

Well, sobsna, you could have found her at an early stage, if you eat pills, then nothing will happen, but he pulled with her for several years

It seems to me that this is individual, it grows quickly for him, it doesn’t grow for you at all. You need to check with doctors periodically.

In the video he talks about 30k bucks. This is lam eight hundred. The news says 3 lyama. No understanding whatsoever.

Depending on the severity of the disease, he will have to choose between operations, in the worst case, it will cost 3 lyama.

be careful when texting someone in DotA «you will die of brain cancer»

And yes, 30 thousand dollars is 1.8 million rubles, but not 3.

dumbass, the full course of treatment is not only surgery

not «Around», but «around». do not confuse.

Valve could have thrown the dough.

Wish Mayel and the sucker to stop commenting, thank you

I don’t really like Mobs since the bearded times (yyy like Casper), as a content maker, but good luck to him.
Such cases always ruin a person’s morals, so hold on and don’t give up.
P. S. In the fattening Gaben, throw off Money for nothing, let’s throw off the compendos instead of lvl 5 better to Mobs.
3kk is only for operations, the same amount will be spent on medicines.

health. this is the person whose phrases are heard in the compendium wheel.

Playing at low ratings leads to cancer.

of course it’s a pity for this random house, but I’d rather apnu compedos or wipe MY ass with grandmas than give it to some waffle for treatment)
and in general, does he seem to have at least some money?

It would be better if everyone who here «shared their thoughts» chipped in a hundred on a sat card, and honestly unsubscribed just the amount they could send, it was more useful and worthy of respect!!! 1000 rubles, AntonZhiviZdorov!!!

Why all of a sudden make such a hype, people come and go, but it’s a pity but what can you do, such is reality, and yes, I’m disgusted by the many comments here that crow yoyoyo, it’s a pity to live to take me with you, there are thousands of such people in your cities and you don’t give a shit, but if a media person gets sick, oh, what a pity to take it.

From myself I can only say that I like his streams, that’s why I support him, but I don’t know a random house from my city, he collects mb on pajem, why should I sympathize with him?

If he shows his zheppa, he will collect the required amount in 2 days

that is, he knew that he was sick, and ate himself in the trash????
I won’t give you a dime.

Lived to the end, died like a hero

I also need an operation for 2 lyam, write about me on the main page

We are waiting for photo references and a link to db (the law of the site is sore)
Why doesn’t he want to collect more than 500k on the stream? You don’t need much ofk.
And so there are friends (colleagues, creatures and others) who can help raise money by streaming for him (such as organizing a fundraiser on the streams of other streamers), and if they don’t care, then sorry, such is life and the mobster will see his roots in a different light
And so we have free medicine, let him sign up for an appointment with a therapist through public services, they will give you a referral where you need Roflan (Buldiga), there is 1 more channel, easy lost 25 lyams out of 25 (hello friske)

My most furious commentator, emotions to the edge

it’s called hypocrisy

Oh yes, hypocrisy. After all, we must help the homeless Vasya, who, after being cured, will continue to drink and pester passers-by asking for money for booze, and famous people who somehow became famous and apparently like some number of people

Take it easy, how long did you wait to speak out?)
Yes. You are right. But I probably forgot that all people (perhaps there are exceptions, but one can argue here) are high-ass. If this electrician is the only one in the whole world who can restore electricity, then people will donate for his treatment, because without him they will not be able to watch TV and enjoy life.
And all this «benefit and progress» is generally not needed by anyone. In 1300, people did not know what a microwave oven was and, accordingly, they did not care whether progress would come to it or not. Also with everything else. Why did the first people need a wheel if they did not know what it was?
People pay for guaranteed pleasure. Let’s say donat papichu is a waste of money for you, but it’s only empty for you, and for a donator it’s a pleasure, because the greatest himself answered (skipnul) his question.
I hope you understand what I mean

did you understand what you wrote?

Hello! Tell a little about yourself to those who don’t know you well. There is nothing to tell, I am a university student who is specifically interested in computer games, in particular Dota 2. I am an eSports commentator.

A typical question for such interviews: how did computer games and Dota in particular appear in Anton Erokhin’s life? Computer games appeared in my life not by chance, I liked them since childhood. When I grew up a little, trips to computer clubs began, I already saw how people play DotA, but I didn’t like it at that time, I played CS 😉 A little later, my friends and I began to get involved in custom WC3 maps, the last of which became DotA, which captivated me for a long time.

How did the idea to do Dota 2 commentary come about? Here the idea was born purely by chance, my friends argued which of them plays Dota better, the match was 1v1. I went to the announcer slot, turned on fraps and started talking about everything that was happening on the map. At that moment, I was already a little tired of Dota and I wanted to look at it from the other side, and commenting on Dota is just the other side.

How did the nickname mob5ter come about? I’ll just say: when I played Ruler, during crucial moments, mobs attacked me, knocked down casts, killed, chased me, etc. When it became a habit, my friends called me Mobster — mob5ter.

It’s no secret that it’s hard for novice commentators to break through to the top. Can you tell us about the start of your career? About its development? It all started with an ordinary topic on the forum. I created a topic here on the site, gave a link to the stream, where I created a lobby and commented on how people play, and in the topic on the forum people left their feedback. A little later, in the same topic, he wrote to me

At that time there was a D2R Team League tournament, which I was commenting with

Nikita ‘Oni’ Golosnikov and

Irina Laedonna Chashchina. And then at this tournament I met another caster, it was

Denis ‘Hireling’ Shubovsky, who at that time worked in the WePlay organization. We talked to him, he said that he needed a cocaster for the playoffs of the WePlay Dota2 Season 1 tournament, we talked with the tournament organizers and they agreed.

It was the first major tournament in my career. And at that moment, for me it was a dream that became a reality. I didn’t work for WePlay then, but for the playoffs, the guys sent me G35 headphones as a gift. Then I worked there until mid-October 2013.

Now there is a very high competition among streamers. Nevertheless, you are one of the most popular and pleasant to the audience commentators in the Russian-speaking segment. What do you think it is connected with? «Popular»? No. I’m only becoming one, maybe. As for «pleasant or not», it is up to the viewer to decide, I just try to give my best and do everything that depends on me. As for competition, there is none. We have a monopoly, I think you already understand what I mean. This is especially felt if you are an independent commentator.

And in general, if we continue the topic of competition — in general, is it good or bad for spectators, commentators and organizers? The organizers themselves choose the one who will commentate on their tournaments, for spectators this is not always good; not every commentator can comment on the tournament he wants. For the viewer, this is not always good.

Dota Mafia

What tournaments are you working on right now, where can you be heard? One of them is HeroDota Third. GamePilot Edition is probably one of the highest quality non-pro tournaments. It’s still difficult with the rest, now there are only large tournaments, which are commented by casters in large organizations. I’m still a lone wolf. The last ones I can be heard at are the BountyHunter Series and the Chinese ECL 2014 tournament, as well as the WD Pro Series 2. There will also most likely be one very large tournament in which I will take part. It’s too early to say anything about it, but I think you’ll like it.

What software and devices do you use for streaming? Xsplit because OBS doesn’t work for me. Clevo p150em laptop, tech specs on the channel, Logitech G35 headphones, Razer Deathstalker 2013 keyboard, Blue Yeti microphone, Benq EW2440L monitor.

What advice would you give to beginner streamers? Remember one phrase: «Everything will happen, but not right away.» ;-D

Personally, is «esports commentator» your main profession? 50/50. I have a small income from streams, but I use it to make drawings, change equipment, pay for software, etc. Sometimes you have to work if you want something else.

Do you look up to other commentators? No, it’s not necessary. Each commentator should have their own characteristics, but still it is necessary to watch and gain experience.

You commented on a huge number of matches: you probably have a couple of interesting or funny stories. The positive is usually rarely remembered, but the negative is remembered for a long time. For example, match

EG in the WePlayDota2 semi-finals, due to DDoS attacks, we spent six hours (or even more) on the stream before the organizers postponed the match. Waiting is worse than death.

What can surprise such an experienced streamer in the game? Strong female DotA.

A series of questions about Dota2 in general. Recently, v1lat said in an interview that he hopes to include esports as part of the sports disciplines at the Tokyo Olympics. What do you think, is there any chance of that? I think not. To start such events, e-sports should be recognized all over the world as an official sports discipline, and the state should show no small interest in it. And does it matter? Let the Olympics remain the Olympics, but we and The International have an annual one, why is this not an alternative?

About a month ago, a project was launched to create Russian voice acting for the game. Have you seen her, heard her? What did you like, what didn’t you like? How’s the idea as a whole? Yes, I’ve seen it. Personally, I like it, the guys from St. Petersburg make it very professionally. I also like that they listen to the opinions of the players and decide together which version of the voice acting is better. I would very much like to take part in the voice acting myself, it is a pity that I do not have such an opportunity.

The world of computer games is developing quite quickly. When will Dota go out of fashion? What modern games do you think can replace it? Maybe the upcoming Heroes Of The Storm? Dota will go out of fashion when it is no longer played, but I don’t know when that will be. H OTS will gain its audience — Blizzard fans, etc., but Dota 2 has built its audience over the years and will not lose it in a short period of time, even if a super-duper MOBA game comes out.

Dota Mafia

Commentators (with the possible exception of

VeRsuta) play very little by themselves. Do you belong to the majority? When was the last time you played? If there are no tournaments, I play almost every day, and now much more than before. The heroes I prefer are hardliners, so be it

Let’s talk a little about competitive dota. Do you sympathize with any specific teams? And do commentators have the right to show sympathy for this or that team / player in some form? Many people think that yes, but in fact it is not. For me, it doesn’t matter which teams are playing, in my head I just figure out team A and team B, the only thing I sympathize with is a quality game. I don’t have favorite players or teams.

Along with the sharp increase in the number of tournaments, the prize pools are also growing. Is this whole situation good or bad? Will the teams cope with such pressure? On the one hand, it’s good. The number of tournaments has increased not only for professional teams, but also for non-pro teams. Major tournaments are unlikely to go on without top teams, this is already a question for the organizers, because they must set dates convenient for the teams, tournaments may be postponed, and so on. Teams have to cope, but in some cases they will have to make a choice on how many major tournaments this year are huge, and this is only the first half of the year. What will happen after TI, I’m afraid to imagine.

What is your opinion on the widely discussed question: which DotA is stronger right now? I always thought that the CIS-DotA is the strongest, and I’m not the only one who thinks so, but now I’m attracted to the Chinese scene. The most important question: China or the CIS? We will get the answer to it at the SLTV finals (the interview was taken before the decisive match).

What about

Empire? They found their style and have a good second part of the season. The absolute favorite of the European scene, their main goal is to prepare for TI, but in parallel they take part in many tournaments before TI, I don’t know if they have enough time and energy to prepare well for it. I would call

Empire makes me happy, but the most important thing is ahead.

In general, could you now name 11 teams that will receive (or, in your opinion, will receive) invites to TI4? It’s hard to say. There are teams that will 100% get an invite, there are about four of them, with the rest it is more difficult. There are many worthy teams that I personally would send to TI by direct route, but there are few places. I don’t want to offend anyone — I’ll keep my list to myself.

And who is able to win the regional qualifiers? It’s even more difficult here, because there are a lot of worthy teams, let’s try to figure it out.

There are now many DotA rosters in America, such as

Denial eSports, and

For Sweet Revenge from Peru. Many worthy candidates, given that

European region, even more contenders to win the qualifiers:

Team Dog, who pleasantly surprise me lately, and

China: There were three direct invites for the Chinese at TI3 — let them be this time

Vici Gaming; remain

Dota Mafia

Let’s move on to personal matters. Do you have a family, girl? How does she feel about working as a game commentator? There is a family, sometimes I live separately from them, for the duration of major tournaments, so as not to interfere with them and do not interfere with me. There is no girl, how difficult it is to find a girl who would share your interests and understand why I sometimes have so little free time.

What is mob5ter’s favorite thing to do in his free time? Sleep, sleep a lot. I even sometimes slept between matches, for about 30 minutes. And so, I do everything I love. Active recreation, from cycling to spearfishing.

Do you like to travel or more of a homebody? Where did I manage to visit? I will start traveling when I finish my studies, and the specialty for which I am studying is just about «travelling».

The final series of questions, a kind of blitz:

Thanks for the interview! Who do you want to say hello to? Usually they say hello to sponsors here, due to their absence, I say hello to everyone who knows me and supports me in my business, as well as to my brothers Sergey, Kirill and Artyom.

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have an offer for ya, added mate.

The coolest streamer! since:

Gnobster does not add

+rep cool streamer

Mad loves you)

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