Dota replay manager faq

Dota Replay Manager FAQ Дота

So, you can watch your game at any time, just by going to your own profile. To the right of the profile picture you will see your latest games. Click on the plus sign and you will have all your games open, starting with the last one.

Dota Replay Manager FAQ

All you need to do is to find the desired game in the list. There you can directly find the entry, or you can simply take the game number (below we will explain why this is needed).

Dota Replay Manager FAQ

Dota Replay Manager FAQ

We see the match number in the upper left corner of the page. We copy it, after which we go to Dota 2, to the view section. Here you will need the item «records». In the upper right corner you will see a search box.

Dota Replay Manager FAQ

Dota Replay Manager FAQ

However, if you need exactly the replay file, then you will need to find it in the root folder with the game. To do this, go to:

C:\Program FilesSteamsteamappscommondota 2 betadota

And get the game file out of it.

This concludes our article, good luck to everyone and see you again.

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Hello, dear readers. Today we will tell you how to watch replays in Dota 2 and why you need it.

Why you need to watch replays in Dota 2

Your skill will improve only after you learn to find and admit your mistakes. And you can do this only by reviewing the replay and analyzing your game. There — you will already see exactly (both from the graphs and the situation on the map) where and at what moments you made a mistake, and then you will understand what needs to be done so that such situations do not happen again in the future.

Again, no one forbids you to watch professional replays. Let’s say right away — watching someone’s recording on YouTube, and watching a replay yourself are 2 different things. On YouTube, you won’t be able to stop the game, view everything that is interesting for you, take out some useful tricks and secrets from there. Watching the replay — all this will be available to you.

How to watch someone’s game

Initially — you will need to find a person whose game you want to watch. For example, Miracle. Find him on DotaBuff — he will be in the top players there. Next — go to the game, in the item — «view».

Dota Replay Manager FAQ

There you can find the desired game in the search by pasting the game code there. You can also watch online games here. Almost always, pro-players get into the TOP, so you will get a lot of useful things from here too.

Dota Replay Manager FAQ

Now — just click in the game (or view the game if you want to view the match by code). And enjoy the game of a professional.

How to watch your replay

Above — we have already said that this is necessary in order to observe yourself from the outside and find errors that from the game will simply be inaccessible to you. And it is done like this:

Click on your Dota profile.

Under nickname — you will see a list of your latest games. Choose the one you want to analyze.

Dota Replay Manager FAQ

Click download the recording and wait a bit.

As soon as the game loads, you can watch it (or after a while if it was played a long time ago).

That’s all, dear readers, now you know how to watch your replays, but what you will do with them (record videos, analyze, etc.) is up to you.

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Dota Replay Manager FAQ

Also remember that old programs do not accept Cyrillic, so the path to the folders with Warcraft 3 and the folder with replays should not contain Russian letters (only Latin).

Troubleshooting common mistakes

To download «action log» in the program settings, you need to specify the path to the folder with the game and the folder with replays, save the changes via «apply».

Dota Replay Manager FAQ

This video is for a different version of Warcraft III.

To view replays through the game, the latter must be opened through the launcher.

The map for the specified path was not found. To view someone else’s replay through a game or program, you must have the map in the same game folder as the user. If in both cases this is the folder: «MapsDownload», then everything is clear. If the user has the map in the folder: «iccup_war3_ruMapsVasya», create a folder with the same name, rename the map as the user has, and drop it into the folder.

Program settings

In the options tab «general» set the path in the folder with the game and replay. The checkboxes in the «select colums» block are needed to sort the replays.

In the «replay» tab check/uncheck «time relative to creep spawn» and «log action to txt».

The first one sets 0 time in the timeline/logs/chat for creep start/game start (to synchronize time in Seeker and dmr) from the moment of loading, the second one writes detailed logs to a text file, which is located in the folder with dmr- ohm.

This is the main thing. Everyone else adjusts for themselves, as it suits them.

In the browser settings, for the duration of the review, it is convenient to put the download of files in the folder with replays. In the properties of the .w3g file, you can put the DotA Replay Manager application. Thus, downloaded replays will be opened in dmr in one click.

Program functionality

Next, all the most necessary information on this program will be provided, how and what you can find, where to look and where all the same these violators are hiding, but never forget that everything you see here is desirable to check in the game itself and not be guided only one program, because your eyes will not let you down, unlike the program.

1. Search for replays

The «search» and «heroes» tabs are used to search for the desired replay if you forgot its name or ID, but remember the heroes, nicknames or at least some information about the game.

2. Game info

Here is all the information on the game, statistics, winners, final purchase, game mod, map, well, in short, all information on this replay and its final statistics.

Dota Replay Manager FAQ

3. Game chat (Chat log)

Game Chat. It is more convenient from the chat in the replay on the site in that there is a search option and various filters, as well as indicated in the allied or general chat they wrote. Also in the chat, you can see the exact time of death and, knowing the formula for respawn, identify ignore.

Dota Replay Manager FAQ

4. Game situation (Time line)

Simplified game picture. It is used to identify violators in terms of ignoring the defense and understanding the general course of the game. There is an option for auto-scrolling. Click on the hero — displays his purchase, the wards are shown on the map.

Dota Replay Manager FAQ

5. Purchase (Builds)

Skills leveling procedure and purchase details. Useful for checking players for bulk purchases, as well as viewing artifact purchase times to keep track of stolen items or drops if you don’t have a timing for the situation. And of course, pumping skills with the statistics of killing opponents.

Dota Replay Manager FAQ

6. Action

The activity of any player at a certain time of the game, you can check for the duration of the afk or view at what moments of the game, the character was inactive or was the most active.

Dota Replay Manager FAQ

7. Charts (Gold chart & Exp chart)

Viewing the impact of situations on the game, you can track whether this or that moment affects the game and understand whether the violation of the rules led to the deterioration of the team’s situation.

Dota Replay Manager FAQ

Dota Replay Manager FAQ

8. Action log

And finally, we have reached the most interesting part, the logs are a system line that displays each player’s action in the game, if earlier you could not track who leaked the chicken or threw the artifact out of the liver, sent the liver to the enemy’s base or made any illegal act, then you are exactly at this point, well, let’s go!

Dota Replay Manager FAQ

Well, below I will attach a table with the commands that are responsible for a particular action, so that you can understand what kind of action the player is doing.

In the search bar, you can search by specified codes (0x19, 0x12, etc.), or keywords (dropitem, attack, smart, etc.), and also by the names of heroes / couriers. In the case of a courier, the name may change depending on the change of form (Rabbit, Pack, Horse, etc.)

All actions must be sequential, that is, before Target+object order: dropitem there must be a Select group of the hero whose item was broken, for example, and after Target order: attack.

If you are a Dota 2 fan, then you probably know that replays are recordings of matches that you can save on your computer and watch at any convenient time. With the help of replays, you can analyze your game, study tactics and improve your level of play.

In this article, we will explain where and how to find Dota 2 replays. We will also give some tips on using replays for the game and discuss their main functions.

So, if you want to learn how to find and use replays in Dota 2, then you should continue reading this guide.

In order to find Dota 2 replays, you need to follow a few simple steps. First, you need to go into the game and open the «Matches» tab.

If you want to find a replay of a specific player, then you need to go to the DotaBuff website and enter the player’s nickname in the search box. The found page must be opened and click on the «View records» button and select the match you are interested in.

Finally, for convenience, you can use replay aggregators such as Dota 2 Replay Manager or DotaReplayManager. They automatically download and store your match history, allowing you to quickly and conveniently find the right replay.

Remember that you should only download replays from trusted sites to avoid possible viruses and computer problems.

In the game

In Dota 2, all replays saved on your computer can be found in the Watch menu. To do this, you need to open the game, go to the main menu and select «Observation» on the left side of the screen. Next, you need to select the «View replays» item and find the desired replay in the list of saved matches by date and time.

If you want to find replays of other players, then in the «Observation» menu, select the «Lounge» item and enter the player’s name or match number in the search box. After the desired match is found, you can select the «View Replay» item in the menu and view the game.

It is important to note that downloading and viewing other people’s replays may violate the copyrights of the players and lead to blocking of your account. Therefore, before downloading replays, you should read the rules for using the game and follow them.

On special sites

There are many specialized sites where you can find Dota 2 replays. These resources allow players to upload and share their matches, as well as view the recordings of other users.

One of the most popular sites is Dotabuff. Here you can find replays of professional players, as well as ordinary users. The site has the ability to filter matches by various parameters, for example, by heroes, by region, etc.

Another popular resource is OpenDota. This site offers a more powerful search tool that allows you to find games by specific criteria, including match time, mode, and more.

In addition, it is worth mentioning the Dota2ProTracker website, which provides the ability to watch matches of professional teams in real time. Site analysts report on all the actions of the players in the match, which helps to more accurately assess and analyze their actions.

You can also find replays on GosuGamers, Dotacinema and others. In general, the choice of specialized resources for finding Dota 2 replays is quite large, allowing each player to find matches according to their preferences.

Using programs

There are many programs that help you find and save Dota 2 replays. Some of them are free, while others cost money. Below we will consider the most popular solutions.

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