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Drum of Endurance is an item that can be purchased from the Support tab of the Fountain Shop.

Recipe: Drum of Endurance

Available at Home Shop

An artifact that is bought from a merchant in the base. Collected from Robe of The Magi (450), Bracer (525) and a scroll (875). Has a wide range of positive passive effects. Here and +9 to all attributes, and a modest increase in damage by 3 units, and useful auras to increase the speed of both attack and run. In addition, the artifact has an active ability that further increases the attack and run speed of all the heroes of your team within a radius of 900. The charges of this ability are finite, but they can be upgraded by purchasing another recipe for 875 gold.

An important role in every Dota 2 match is occupied not only by the right heroes and how well they use their abilities, but also by what these heroes have in their inventory.

Anyone who is at least a little familiar with the mechanics of Dota 2 should be well aware that artifacts bought with in-game gold are, if not a guarantee of victory, then at least a very important part of it.

Dota 2 items add characteristics to the hero who bought them, give bonuses to attack, allow you to use unique powerful abilities, give strong buffs to the character, or vice versa — weaken the enemies around.
As you can see, the usefulness of the things you buy is hard to overestimate!

Also, there are used items. They don’t cost as much as buff artifacts, but they are just as important in the game.
So, for example, the timely purchase of a strong healing potion, dust or wards can, sometimes, radically change the course of the game!
It is not worth sparing money on used Dota 2 items if it can benefit you or the team.

All Dota 2 items are bought with in-game gold in one of several shops available on the map. The main one is located at the base of each team, where the heroes can purchase most of the things, except for the most powerful and expensive artifacts.
The second type of shops is «side», it is on the easy lane of each side. The range is small, but you can stock up without leaving the line.
Finally, the place where you can buy the coolest things in the game is the “secret shop”.
But get ready to splurge!

The Dota 2 item library has more than a hundred different items. Some of them are bought separately, some are assembled from cheaper components (and a recipe).
In order not to get confused in the intricacies of combinations and not to buy something unnecessary by mistake, it is recommended that you carefully study this section.

Here you will find a description of Dota 2 items and will be able to figure out in advance what items for Dota 2 heroes would be best to collect in the next match.

Knowing clearly what you need to buy at certain moments of the game, you will get a huge advantage over your opponent, who will frantically choose from a huge list of items in the store, often with properties that are far from the most obvious at first glance.

Our Dota 2 item library can serve you well more than once, so don’t be too lazy to take a closer look at all Dota 2 items!


The subject has been periodically corrected and changed during its existence. It was last updated in 7.21c, where the cost of the recipe was increased from 500 to 600 gold.

Endurance. A non-directional skill that affects allies and increases their attack speed by 45 and movement speed by 12%. This effect lasts for 6 seconds. The range is 1200.


The item shows itself very effectively during the destruction of enemy buildings. Just activate the Endurance skill and destroy enemy towers along with your allies much faster. At the same time, it is important to note that the effect of the skill is also applied to controlled creatures.

Item characteristics

For heroes with Strength as their primary stat, this item increases health by 80, health regen by 0.4, armor by 0.67, attack speed by 4, mana by 48, mana regen by 1 ,7, and attack damage by 4.

For heroes with Agility as their primary stat, this item increases health by 80, health regen by 0.4, armor by 0.67, attack speed by 4, mana by 48, mana regen by 1 ,7, and attack damage by 4.

For heroes with Intelligence as their primary stat, this item increases health by 80, health regen by 0.4, armor by 0.67, attack speed by 4, mana by 48, mana regen by 1 ,7, and attack damage by 4.

Drum of Endurance dota 2 does not disappear after using all charges. In addition, they can be replenished by re-purchasing the recipe.

How to use dota 2 reels

Drum of endurance (or «drums») is one of the most useful artifacts, suitable for almost any hero. The main question to ask before buying drums is how good is the teamplay in your team? Because in early-game and mid-game teamfights, Drum of Endurance, put together by some enterprising support, is simply a necessary thing. But collecting this artifact for playing solo is a very controversial investment.

A very good artifact and as a kind of intermediate item for carry-heroes. Let’s say it’s not uncommon to see Juggernaut or Alchemist picking up reels in the early game. Good increases to stats + vital auras for speed can both save lives and make it possible to catch up with unfinished enemies after massive battles.

It is also very cool that the artifact is assembled from such universal items as Robe of The Magi and Bracer, which in themselves give very nice bonuses, and cost mere pennies. Such an assembly makes it possible to save up for reels even for those heroes who do not farm.

And yet — the value of the artifact rapidly goes to zero as soon as the game passes the mid-game. Therefore, we recommend collecting «drums» only in those cases when you are confident in your team and in your gold growth.

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