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Kim «DuBu» Doo-young is a South Korean Professional Dota 2 player currently playing for .


2 hours ago

+60 Death Ward Damage

+1.5% Max Health Voodoo Restoration Heal/Damage

+25% Maledict Burst Damage

+100 Death Ward Attack Range

+2 Cask Bounces

+75 Maledict AoE

-25% Voodoo Restoration Mana Per Second

+0.5 Bad Juju Armor Reduction/Increase

+40% Poison Touch Slow

+60 Poison Touch DPS

+200 Heal On Shallow Grave End

+60 Attack Speed

+45 Shadow Wave Heal / Damage

+1.75 Mana Regen

+300 Poison Touch Attack Range


1 day ago

+400 AoE Dragon Tail During Elder Dragon Form

+12 Dragon Blood HP Regen/Armor

+85% Breathe Fire Damage/Cast Range in Dragon Form

+150 Elder Dragon Form Attack Range

+0.4s Dragon Tail Stun

-30% Breathe Fire Damage Reduction


2 days ago

+4% Ice Blast Kill Threshold

450 AoE Cold Feet

+80 Chilling Touch Damage

+300 Cold Feet Breaking distance

-2s Ice Vortex Cooldown

+40 Cold Feet Damage Per Second

+300 Chilling Touch Attack Range




3 days ago

450 AoE Living Armor

-40s Overgrowth Cooldown

+45 Leech Seed Damage/Heal

+8 Living Armor Bonus Armor

+30 Nature’s Grasp Damage

+18% Leech Seed Movement Slow

-5s Nature’s Grasp Cooldown

+2 Living Armor Heal Per Second




3 days ago

+60% Stroke of Fate Damage

+150 Ink Swell Radius

+3 Hits to Kill Phantom

+1000 Stroke of Fate Cast Range

+16% Ink Swell Movement Speed

+25.0% Soulbind Spell Damage

-5s Ink Swell Cooldown

+65 Phantom’s Embrace DPS


3 days ago

+1.5s False Promise Duration

Instant Fortune’s End

+30% Purifying Flames Enemy Damage

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-20s False Promise Cooldown

-1.0s Purifying Flames Cooldown

+80 Fortune’s End Damage

+10 Armor False Promise

+0.5s Fortune’s End Duration


5 days ago

2.5x Treant HP/Damage

Removed Teleportation Cooldown

100% Miss chance for Sprouted units

+4 Teleportation Max Stacks

+5 Treants Summoned

+30 Wrath of Nature Base Damage

-8s Nature’s Call Cooldown

+80%% Celestial Hammer Cast Range/Speed

-6s Starbreaker Cooldown

-1 Luminosity Attacks Required

+150 Solar Guardian Radius

-20s Solar Guardian Cooldown

+50% Luminosity Critical Strike Damage

+15% Celestial Hammer Slow

+20 Starbreaker Swipe/Smash Damage

Attack Tethered Ally’s Target

+400 Health to Tethered Units

-25s Relocate Cooldown

+0.2% Overcharge Max HP Regen Bonus

+55 Spirits Hero Damage

+6% Tether Movement Speed

+15 Attack Damage to Tethered Units

+15% Tether Enemy Move/Attack Slow


6 days ago

+40% Nether Swap Damage Reduction

+16% Vengeance Aura Base Damage Bonus

-15s Nether Swap Cooldown

+200 Magic Missile Damage

-2.0s Magic Missile Cooldown

—4 Wave of Terror Armor

+125 Magic Missile Cast Range

+200 Nether Swap Enemy Damage


6 days ago


7 days ago


7 days ago




8 days ago


8 days ago

-2.5s Ice Path Cooldown

+100%% Dual Breath Damage and Range

+30 Macropyre Damage

+0.4s Ice Path Duration

+50% Liquid Fire Attack Speed Slow

-10%/10 Dual Breath Movement/Attack Speed Slow

+275 Attack Range

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