Eastern Europe Dot 2 Qualifier

For each of the competitive regions in Dota 2 there will be qualifications before The International 2023 — this tournament will be held for teams from Eastern Europe.

From August 22 to August 26, teams from the target region will take part in The International 2023: Eastern Europe Qualifiers and fight for the right to play at the Dota World Championship — only the best team will receive a slot, there are no prizes for other participants.

The list of participants in the qualifiers for The International 12 was formed from the teams that took part in the current DPC season, but did not make it to the top 12 of the final Dota Pro Circuit rating. Among the contenders, you can find such eminent teams as Virtus.pro, Natus Vincere, Nemiga Gaming and others.

Tournament format

Upper Bracket Quarterfinal

Lower bracket first round

Lower bracket second round

Lower Bracket Quarterfinal


4th place in the lower division

FISSURE Lighting Studio

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The new team ppd will play under the flags of OpTic Gaming, and Fata will return to mid

Ivan ArtStyle Antonov left the coaching post of Virtus.pro. This was reported on the official website of the organization. Who will become the new coach of the team is unknown

DPC Season Schedule and Tournament Organization Below you will find the full schedule for the upcoming season. We are accepting offers for all of the dates below, except for the first Major in November, as it is already registered. Be sure to include detailed information about the format of the event in the proposal.

September 17-21: Major Qualifiers September 23-26: Minor Qualifiers October 39-November 4: Minor Main Stage November 8-19: Major Main Stage

November 26-30: Major Qualifiers December 1-4: Minor Qualifiers January 7-13: Minor Main Stage January 17-27: Major Main Stage

Feb 1-5: Major Qualifier Feb 7-10: Minor Qualifier March 4-10: Minor Main Qualifier March 14-24: Major Main Qualifier

March 28 — April 1: Major Qualifier April 3 — 6: Minor Qualifier April 22 — 28: Minor Main Stage May 2 — 12: Major Main Stage

May 15-19: Major Qualifiers May 21-24: Minor Qualifiers June 10-16: Minor Main Stage June 20-30: Major Main Stage

Natus Vincere announced the full roster for the 2018-2019 season Evgeny «Chuvash» Makarov has joined the team, who will take the role of a position 4 support.

Andrey «Mag» Chipenko became the new coach of the team.

Vladislav «Crystallize» Kristanek (carry) Idan «MagicaL» Vardanyan (mid) Evgeny «Blizzy» Rea (offlane) Evgeny «Chuvash» Makarov (semi-support) Akbar «SoNNeikO» Butaev (captain, full support)

Andrey «Mag» Chipenko (coach) Igor «caff» Sidorenko (manager)

PGL announced invites to closed qualifiers and the number of quotas for open qualifiers at The Kuala Lumpur Major

The list of Dota2 teams that received invitations to the closed regional qualifiers for The Kuala Lumpur Major from September 16 to 21 has become known.

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Europe: Team Liquid, Team Secret, Alliance, Shangri-LaNorth America: Evil Geniuses, Quincy Crew, Complexity, Team Team China: PSG. LGD, Vici Gaming, Newbee, Team SerenityCIS: Virtus.pro, Winstrike, Odium, EspadaSouth America: Pain Gaming, S.K.O.L, Infamous, BraxstoneSoutheast Asia: Mineski, TNC, Execration, Fnatic

Champions of The International 8 — OG — rejected the PGL invitation and refused to participate in the tournament.

Broadcast list of open qualifiers for The Kuala Lumpur Major:

V1lat — twitch.tv/v1latkoEiritel paired with Autodestruction — twitch.tv/eiritelFlunkyFlame — twitch.tv/flunkyflamepd4iver — twitch.tv/pd4liverAdekvat — twitch.tv/adekvatMaelstorm — twitch.tv/maelstorm

Qualifier Schedule: First Open Qualifier in Southeast Asia — September 10th, 12:00 GMT. The first open qualifier in the CIS — September 10, 18:00 Moscow time. The first open qualifier in Europe is September 10, 19:00 Moscow time. First open qualifier in South America — September 10, 23:00 Moscow time. First open qualifier in North America — September 11, 00:00 Moscow time. China Open Qualifier — September 12, time to be announced. The second open qualifier in Southeast Asia — September 13, 12:00 Moscow time. The second open qualifier in the CIS — September 13, 18:00 Moscow time. The second open qualifier in Europe — September 13, 19:00 Moscow time. The second open qualifier in South America — September 13, 23:00 Moscow time. Second open qualifier in North America — September 14, 00:00 Moscow time.

Quite a bit is left before the start of the closed qualifiers for the first major of the 2018-2019 season.

CIS region starts at 10-00 Moscow time

NaVi defeated Team Empire (2:1) in the semifinals of the second open CIS qualifier for The Kuala Lumpur Major.

This is the first successful open qualifier for NaVi in the last 4 attempts.

In the closed qualifiers, 8 teams will compete for two tickets to the Major in Malaysia.

Group A: Winstrike, Odium, Elements, Ferzee (Afterlife and Afonin line-up). Group B: Virtus.pro, Espada, Team Spirit, NaVi.

First, the teams will play in groups of the GSL format (2 wins — 1st place, 2 losses — last), and then everyone will go to the playoffs (Double Elimination) — 4 to the upper bracket and 4 to the lower one.

10:00 Winstrike – Ferzee10:00 Odium – Elements10:00 Virtus.pro – Team Spirit10:00 Espada – NaVi

Virtus. Pro just won the first major of the season, beating Team Secret 3-2. P CONGRATULATIONS! GO BEARS!!

paiN X Dota 2 roster left all players

The team was represented by Ritsu, CC&C, Liposa, FrancisLee and 4dr. Roster will continue to play together, but without 4dr — Kitrak will replace him.

paiN Gaming signed paiN X on September 18th. The players advanced to The Kuala Lumpur Major 2018 and took 9th-12th place there. The main roster of the organization also took part in the major and took 13-16th place.

Moscow Five Academy presented their Dota 2 coach and manager. This position will be held by Daria «AUTODESTRUCTION» Medvedeva. In the past, she worked as a commentator for RuHub and SLTV studios. Her rating is around 6000 MMR.

Moscow Five Academy is a new project of Dima the Bold, which will be a whole ecosystem, a full announcement should take place in the near future

​The second Frostivus 2018 Treasure appeared in Dota 2

There are 18 sets in the set. 15 standard, 2 rare and one very rare.

— I don’t understand how some gamers are proud of thousands of hours played. A bunch of wasted time. Redeye: Here are some players who «wasted their time».

​Dendi joined the Tigers

Danil Dendi Ishutin became a member of the Tigers Dota 2 roster. The organization announced this on Twitter. Previously, Chai Mushi Yeo Fung joined the team.

On January 19, the Tigers parted ways with Muhammad inYourdreaM Rizki and Lai Ahjit Jay Sun. With them, the team won the DreamLeague Season 10 Minor and took 13th-16th place at The Kuala Lumpur Major. The team missed the qualifiers for The Bucharest Minor and did not qualify for The Chongqing Major.

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Natus Vincere reported on the team’s official website that Dendi became the Tigers’ stand-in. We have requested confirmation of this information from the club.

Dendi left Natus Vincere’s Dota 2 roster in September 2018. Before the transfer to Tigers, he was a stand-in for Team Secret at Autumn Brawl, played for Vega Squadron at DreamLeague Season 10, and also participated in the qualifiers for the second major of the season with the FlyToTheMoon mix.

Valve promises to start a new rating season next week! Patch 7.21 will be released with him

The new hero Mars is promised to be added to the game in late February or early March.

Supports Spartak and plays Dota. What is known about the Russian grandmaster Nepomniachtchi

In the fall, the winner of the Candidates Tournament will try to beat world champion Magnus Carlsen again.

At stake — 23 million dollars

The seventh Dota 2 World Championship with a record prize pool starts today in Seattle.

Dota 2 World Championship. All information

We present information about the competition and participants, the schedule, as well as the standings.

The International 2017 closed qualifiers for the CIS. All information

We present information about the competition and participants, the calendar, as well as the standings.

The Summit 7. All information about the tournament

Participants, calendar, and standings.

Esports Event of the Year

From April 24 to April 30, the capital of Ukraine will host the first «major» in the CIS — The Kiev Major.

How the first «Olympic Games» in esports were held

Changzhou hosted a major esports championship in four disciplines.

From free agent to champion in a year

American Digital Chaos won the first title in the organization’s history by winning ESL One Genting.

5 conclusions The Boston Major

Summing up the results of the tournament in Boston, the triumph of which was OG.

The Boston Major. What to expect from the first day of the playoffs

Announcement of the first game day of matches for the relegation of the tournament in Boston.

Ukrainians punish their own people for performing with Russians — what happens in eSports

Esports will no longer be the same, like the rest of the world.

For some time eSports successfully managed to abstract from the events in the world. But as gaming competition expanded far beyond a small niche, and sports and government officials turned their attention to the industry, this line began to gradually dissolve.

Now in eSports, the same thing is happening as in big sports. Russians are being harassed in every possible way, and esports clubs from Russia are forced to change their registration, leaving for Serbia, Armenia and other nearby countries in order to be able to compete in championships.

Once upon a time, Russia actively followed the success of NAVI in the esports arena. Once upon a time, esports commentators from Ukraine commented on all the major championships in Russian. Now there is nothing left of this world. If earlier Ukrainian and Russian e-sportsmen successfully won tournaments together, in the same team, now they want to deprive them of this as well.

New NAVI roster.

It would seem, what do teenagers playing Dota 2 and CS:GO have to do with the situation in the world? Naturally, none. They are just kids trying to live a normal life. So what do people expect from them? That they will insult, humiliate and beat each other? Their actions have practically no meaning and effect in the overall picture of the world. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks so.

The Ukrainian eSports Federation punished Ukrainian cybersportsmen for playing with the Russians on the same team

Officials from the Ukrainian Esports Federation (UESF) punished their own Ukrainian players, Ilya Yatoro Mulyarchuk and Miroslav Mira Kolpakov, for playing on the same team with the Russians. Moreover, this punishment followed immediately after the guys won the Dota 2 tournament in Riyadh, where they received $5 million in prize money. The question is, why now, and not earlier? Esports fans consider this decision to be nothing more than window dressing.

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Players, fans and fans of Team Spirit simply do not understand why the guys are punished exactly when they qualified for The International-2023. When they, on the contrary, need support and understanding.

The players are going to be banned from participating in local Ukrainian tournaments and playing for the national team. Both Yatoro and Mira are unlikely to lose anything from this, but the very fact of what happened is unpleasant.

Even earlier, the Ukrainian eSports organization Natus Vincere decided to take a step that, apparently, had been working on for a long time. She just took and removed all Russian cybersportsmen from her Counter-Strike roster.

Including both captain electronic and club veteran Perfecto, who made this club famous. After the departure of Russian players with a prefix, you will probably have to say goodbye. Yes, replacements for the departed Russians were found rather quickly, but it is impossible to say that they turned out to be of equal value.

Players from Europe came 25-year-old captain from Finland Aleksi Aleksib Virolainen, 23-year-old player from Romania Ivan iM Mihai and 23-year-old player from Lithuania Giustinas jL Lekavicius. However, they have not been able to prove themselves as Perfecto and electronic so far, for the first time in the history of the club they did not get into the playoffs of IEM Cologne-2023 and flew out of the top ten of the world ranking. Now NAVI is at a record low level for itself, having settled down in this rating as much as 16th place. This is an indicator of the average, but not a top club.

The Ukrainian club decided to sacrifice its status in order to remove all Russian players who have been earning this NAVI status for many years. We are sure that if there weren’t this whole situation in the world, the organization’s management would not even think about making any substitutions, let alone removing its leading players. And now you have to start everything from scratch.

While new players play, while they set up communication, while they decide on a map pool and get used to each other, months or even years can pass a lot of time. And it is absolutely not a fact that when this happens, they will be able to achieve the results that were before them.

Photos of Dot Esports

Still, the composition of the strongest Ukrainian and Russian players looked harmonious. The people were selected so that they could not only get along with the complex character of Simple, but were also morally strong and stable. You can’t say the same about new players, guys get lost and are afraid to make mistakes.

The largest esports studio in Eastern Europe has stopped commenting on games in Russian since the spring of 2023

And if we go back to the beginning of the year, then in April the largest esports studio in Eastern Europe, Maincast, simply stopped covering any tournaments in Russian. And if you look at who is one of the creators of this studio, then this decision no longer seems illogical.

Vitaliy v1lat Volochay, one of the most famous and authoritative Ukrainian commentators on Dota 2, who made a name for himself largely thanks to the Russian-speaking audience of game fans, turned away sharply from those who speak and even think in Russian. Almost every statement of the creator of this studio towards the Russian-speaking audience is based on obscenities and insults.

Photo from Vilat’s social networks

In fact, for four months Maincast has been covering majors and other major CS:GO and Dota 2 events exclusively in Ukrainian. The studio has lost a decent audience, which is quite natural.

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