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ECL Eclipse										China Дота

ECL Achievements

* Form shows how good the players current performance (last 15 games), in comparison with they average performance (last 50 games)

ECL Roster

* Форма показывает насколько хороши текущие показатели игроков команды (последние 15 игр), относительно их средних показателей (последние 50 игр)

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ECL Eclipse										China

Arriving in a clearing atop a high hill, the beast’s massive feline form sat in the open, attentive and waiting. When the woman brandished her dagger, the creature reared and roared and charged. Death, it seemed, had come for her at long last in this strange place. She stood, calm and ready. A flash of movement, and the beast snatched the dagger from her hand before vanishing into the forest. Stillness. Hooded figures approached. In reverent tones they revealed that Selemene, Goddess of the Moon, had chosen her, had guided her, had tested her. Unwittingly she had endured the sacred rites of the Dark Moon, warriors of the Nightsilver Woods.

She was offered a choice: join the Dark Moon and pledge herself to the service of Selemene, or leave and never return. She did not hesitate. Embracing her absolution, she renounced her bloody past, and took up a new mantle as Luna of the Dark Moon, the dreaded Moon Rider, ruthless and ever-loyal guardian of the Nightsilver Woods.

Riding swiftly into battle, Luna tears into her enemies with attacks able to bounce between targets. When foes threaten, she calls down the power of the moon as a single searing beam or as a lunar barrage, crushing those who stand against her.

Новости:  Бездомный пьет чай

ECL Eclipse										China

Calls a beam of lunar energy down upon an enemy, damaging and briefly stunning them.

Selemene smites those who encroach upon the Nightsilver Woods.

ECL Eclipse										China

Empowers Luna’s glaives, causing her attacks to bounce between enemy units. Deals less damage with each bounce.

Carefully sharpened, Luna’s boomerang-like weapon cuts a wide swath through enemy numbers.

  • Glaives can bounce back to the same units if all other units nearby have been hit already.
  • Damage is not affected by Spell Amplification.
  • Bounces cannot be evaded.
  • Activates on denies.

ECL Eclipse										China

Increases the attack damage for Luna and nearby allied heroes. At night Lunar Blessing is global, and Luna is blessed with increased vision range.

The Goddess of the Moon smiles upon her kin.

  • Total night vision:
  • 1000/1200/1400/1600

ECL Eclipse										China

ECL Eclipse										China

Showers random nearby enemies with strikes from Luna’s current level of  . These beams do not stun their targets, and there is a maximum number of times that a single target can be struck. Also turns day into night for a short time.

  • Total damage:
  • 1500/2400/3300
  • Eclipse turns day into night for 10 seconds.
  • Does not hit invisible units.

Любителям киберспорта и дисциплины Dota 2 наверняка будут интересны базовые статистические показатели Eclipse. Поэтому не лишним будет указать их.

Как играли Eclipse в последних играх

Последние 5 матчей: количество побед (). Последние 10 матчей: количество побед ().

Количество матчей, которые провели Eclipse за последние 3 месяца — . При этом количество выигранных матчей — , что составило . Количество матчей, которые провели Eclipse за последний год — . При этом количество выигранных матчей — , что составило .

В следующей игре Eclipse ждет коллектив . Этот матч пройдет в рамках турнира . Дата матча: .

Новости:  Elder Titan

Предыдущий матч команда Eclipse отыграла на киберспортивном турнире Law Of Inertia League. Оппонентом во встрече был коллектив .

Со счетом игра закончилась заслуженной победой коллектива .

В последних играх показывают нестабильную игру с общим винрейтом % ( победы(а) из 5).

В последних матчах за Eclipse играли: Неизвестно

Инфромация о ближайших матчах Eclipse в данный момент недоступна. Следите за расписанием на EGamersWorld

Ближайшие турниры на которых будет играть Eclipse EGamersWorld

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