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The International 2011

China Esports Organization EHOME
announced her departure from Dota 2. The information appeared on the club’s social networks.

The organization took this step after banning all members of the roster for participating in fake matches. The decision was also influenced by financial problems. Representatives of the club described the situation in detail in a statement.

In 2020, EHOME faced financial problems. The company signed a trilateral cooperation agreement with the esports club LGD
and Blade Technology. The last two companies became EHOME Dota 2 management agents. After completion TI11
due to the pandemic and other related reasons, the club’s activities continued to deteriorate, which led to the termination of the tripartite cooperation. We couldn’t find a new suitable partner, so we decided to leave Dota, but LGD and Blade Technology resold our slot in Chinese DPC
third party. A third party company changed the team name to Unity Gaming
, which resulted in the in-game renaming of EHOME-related accessories, detrimental to the interests of most players and fans who collect virtual team merchandise. Our request for dialogue with Perfect World to cancel the DPC slot and team ID has been denied. In order to protect the virtual items of most players, we had to make concessions. Therefore, the new team continued to use the EHOME name to compete in the 2022-2023 DPC League.

EHOME also thanked the fans for their many years of support and apologized for the situation. Club representatives hope that China will again become the winner of The International in the future.

Today, Perfect World announced that all five EHOME players received a one-year to life ban, and the club was also excluded from the Chinese DPC league.

We are very sorry that the famous club, which once brought honor to the Chinese Dota, ended up like this. And we also blame ourselves for not being able to more actively fight for the team slot when it was resold so that the club could complete the journey with dignity. At the same time, we also fully respect Perfect World and Valve’s decision to punish and accept it.

Finally, a huge thank you to the fans who supported EHOME, whether she was at her peak or not. Starting today, we are leaving the Dota 2 discipline. We hope that the competitive environment will get better and better, and China will win The International again.

March 9 Valve and Perfect World banned
46 players from China and Southeast Asia at once for foul play. The list includes all participants Dawn Gaming
, EHOME and former roster Team Knights
, who finished last at The Lima Major 202

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EHOME is one of the oldest tags in the history of Dota 2. The main achievement of the club was the second place at The International 2011
. Over the years, various MOBA rosters have brought the club over $4 million in prize money.

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<figure data-attrs="{"type":"image","url":"https:\/\/\/dota2_gamepedia\/images\/d\/df\/EHOME_team_photo.jpg\/revision\/latest?cb=20120903075938","title":"EHOME team photo.jpg","isLinkedByUser":false,"href":"https:\/\/\/dota2_gamepedia\/images\/d\/df\/EHOME_team_photo.jpg\/revision\/latest?cb=20120903075938","isVideo":false,"width":285,"height":214,"caption":"QQQ, PCT, LaNm, EHOME team photo

QQQ, PCT, LaNm, Dai
, and KingJ
at The International 2012

was one of the pillars of Chinese DotA, and one of the oldest teams in the scene. However they did not get the same support from their country as the other teams got and were even seen as a foreign team on the Chinese scene, because EHOME was, unlike the other Chinese teams, not part of D. ACE (Association of China E -Sports). A CE was therefore limiting their training partners along with other things.

After a period of instability, EHOME reformed in 2010 with the all-star lineup of 820
, Burning
, Dai
, KingJ
, and . With 820 opting to play support for the team, it became armed with arguably the best individual talent for each position as well as the veteran experience of DC, who became the team’s coach. With stunning form and complete mastery over the trilane 4-1 metagame that became the mark of the era, EHOME claimed 10 consecutive championships over the second half of 2010. Notable among this series of stunning victories lie a number of epic clashes between Burning and LGD’s ZSMJ, as well as the complete dismantling of the International Scene at ESWC 2010, where EHOME strode undefeated through some of the best teams in the world, including the pre-cursors to EG, Na’vi, and Zenith, cementing the Chinese Hegemony over the DotA scene.

  • January 14th — EHOME’s dynasty came to an end during early 2011 when Burning and KingJ left the team for DK in the Great China Shuffle
    . [1]
  • February 2nd — LongDD
    and PLT
    join. [2]
  • June 12th — LongDD leaves and free agent takes his role. [3]
  • With its lineup shattered and the remaining veterans lacking in motivation, EHOME posted lackluster results, failing to reach any major finals. Despite its moribund form, EHOME had a last flash of brilliance when the veterans, along with LaNm and Crystal, fought its way through the loser’s bracket of The International 2011
    to fall to Na’vi 3-1 in the finals. Despite this performance, EHOME was no longer able to remain competitive in the Chinese DotA scene.
  • September 1st — parts ways with EHOME and retires. [4]
  • September 8th — 820
    announces his retirement. [5]
  • November 21st — and Dai
    join . [6]
  • April 23rd — Following’s disbandment in January 2012, KingJ
    , , Dai
    and joined EHOME. [7]
  • May 14th — Former TongFu player LaNm
    joins the ranks of EHOME because he wanted to focus on Dota 2 and felt like his old team could not provide what he asked for. However the player was still under contract. E HOME, after long negotiation with ACE, had to pay 50,000 RMB ($6,300) on behalf of LaNm for contract violations. The Runner-Up of 2011’s International, who was seen at the strongest Chinese team at that time, was the seventh team to be invited to the The International 2012 in late May, even before Chinese powerhouses like LGD and TongFu(who had to fight their way through the East Qualifiers) were invited. A CE did not approve of Valve’s decision and this arguably was the reason why they chose the original DotA over Dota 2 for their upcoming season of ACE Professional League. [8]


  • September 13th — It was announced that left the team, citing him being unable to play at his fullest potential amongst other reasons. [11]

    Part of this roster change will be rethinking X!!
    ‘s and LaNm
    ‘s current positions. P CT was formerly taking up position 2.
  • October 11th — 357 and Dai left the team and joined up with their former teammates on DK. [12]

    Shortly after it was revealed that KingJ had also left the team. [13]
  • November 23rd — EHOME disbanded. [14]
  • December 8th — , the team’s former coach, revealed in an interview that he would be re-forming the EHOME team with Malaysian stars Mushi
    and Ohaiyo
    , along with , DDC
    , and a yet-to-be-announced player. He also revealed that the team was considering sponsoring the Malaysian club Invasion e-Sports
    at the suggestion of Mushi
    , and that he was also debating starting a small training club for up and coming Chinese Dota players. [15]
  • January 7th — EHOME was officially revived by legendary EHOME player and coach Tang «» Wenyi, with Malaysian stars Mushi
    and Ohaiyo
    together with , DDC
    , and Zyf
    of . [16]
  • March 1st — After a disappointing performance at the Dota 2 Asia Championships
    , Mushi announced that him and Ohaiyo were returning to Malaysia to create a new EHOME team with , , and . [17]
  • March 15th — EHOME acquires LaNm
    and rOtK
    to replace Mushi
    and Ohaiyo
    , who were previously transferred to the Malaysian division. [18]
  • May 1st — EHOME acquires Cty
    on loan from Team DK
    to replace . [19]
  • August 25th — rOtK
    leaves to join LGD
    . [20]
  • August 26th — DDC
    leaves to join LGD
    . [21]
  • September 1st — The team registers for the majors, revealing that Zyf
    has left and Kaka
    , old chicken
    , and eLeVeN
    have joined.
  • March 8th — Following a disappointing performance at The Shanghai Major
    , coach announces that iceiceice
    and Fenrir
    from Vici Gaming
    have replaced Cty
    and Kaka
    . [22]
  • May 9th — eLeVeN
    moves to sub. He decides to be inactive for a period of time for personal reasons. [23]
  • June 12th — is officially announced as the team’s new carry player. [24]
  • June 17th — moves to sub for personal reasons. eLeVeN
    returns to the offlane position on the main roster and iceiceice
    takes on the carry role. [25]

  • August 29th — iceiceice
    leaves the team. [27]
  • September 7th — registers with the team for the fall season.
  • September 17th — joins to complete the roster for the Fall Season.
  • January 1st — EHOME announces a new roster. [28]
  • February 9th — LaNm
    returns to active play, replacing . [29]
  • March 24th — eLeVeN
    is loaned to . [30]
  • May 23rd — Faith_bian
    , and y`
    join, while and move to Eclipse
    . LaNm
    is loaned to Vici Gaming
    for a period of three months, where he will act as a coach. [31]
  • September 2nd — joins, replacing . [32]
  • September 6th — eLeVeN
    is loaned to Vici Gaming
    . [33]
  • February 27th — joins, and old chicken
    leaves for Keen Gaming
    as an exchange. [34]
  • April 8th — old chicken
    returns. is back to Keen Gaming
    . [35]
  • May 25th — xiao8
    joins as coach. turns to inactive. And joins from the EHOME.i squad. [36]
  • September 9th — The team leader Wang «H2O» Wenhao leaves the organization to create a new team . , and join the new team (on loan). [37]

  • September 12th — The new roster is announced for the upcoming DPC season. , (On loan from CDEC Gaming
    ) and (On loan from Keen Gaming
    ) join the team. leaves. old chicken
    becomes inactive. [38]

  • September 19th — old chicken
    is loaned to Keen Gaming
    . [40]
  • February 28th — leaves the team due to personal reasons; NeverEnd
    transfers from to serve as the team’s carry in the upcoming events. [41]
  • March 2nd — is loaned from Team Serenity
    until Faith_bian
    recovers from his upper arm fracture suffered during a photo shooting at MDL Macau 2019
    . [41]


  • March 24th — and are benched. [44]
  • March 29th — Ferrari_430
    joins. xiao8
    will temporarily play as offlaner until Faith_bian
    ‘s recovery. moves to position 4. [45]
  • April 16th — is loaned to . released from the squad. [46]
  • September 14th — leaves due to the end of loaning. old chicken
    and eLeVeN
    ‘s loan with Keen Gaming
    end as well. [47]
  • September 27th — and formally join the team, while ended his short trial period. becomes a full member. Ferrari_430
    leaves. NeverEnd
    will join another team on loan. [48]
  • November 25th — joins the team as mid, while is loaned to Alpha x Hashtag
    . [49]
  • November 26th — rejoins the team, while becomes inactive. [50]
  • January 29th — is loaned to Cloud9
    . [51]
  • March 20th — eLeVeN
    is loaned to PSG. LGD
    . [52]
  • May 30th — Faith_bian
    takes a medical break due to an intramedullary nail removal surgery in his upper arm [53]

    , which fractured during a photo shooting at MDL Macau 2019

    . However, the decision was reversed. [54]
  • September 15th — old eLeVeN
    ends the loan to PSG. LGD
    and leaves to join Vici Gaming
    . [55]
  • September 16th — A new roster is announced; Sccc
    , , , , and coach Yao
    join the team. Faith_bian
    , y`
    and coach xiao8
    leave to join PSG. LGD
    while and are loaned to PSG. LGD
    . [56]
  • October 1st — leaves to join . [57]
  • November 7th — joins, becomes inactive. [58]
  • January 7th — Sccc
    leaves the team, [59]

    he is replaced by . [60]
  • February 23rd — Yao
    steps down as coach. [61]
  • February 24th — joins the team as coach. [62]
  • April 10th — joins the team while goes inactive. [63]
  • July 31st — The team goes inactive. [64]
  • August 1st — leaves the team due to contract expiration. [65]
  • August 20th — Coach is loaned to Vici Gaming
    . [66]

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Точный счет

Прогнозы на победу EHOME: 1

Прогнозы на победу XCTN: 1

CQ prize
За создание прогноза вы получите до 500 CQ коинов

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Информация о матче EHOME vs Execration XCTN | 23

23 февраля 2023 в 23:30 (МСК) (5 месяцев назад) в рамках основного этапа турнира 2023 Lima Major
по Dota 2 состоялся матч между составами EHOME
(Китай) и Execration
(Филиппины). Матч проходил в формате bo2, продлился 1 час 30 минут и завершился в 22:00. Итогом матча стала ничья со счетом 1:1.

  • За XCTN сражались Carlo, Tino, Palos, Bob, Shanks.
  • За EHOME сражались yChen, Lww, X1aoYU, Salad, mks-.
  • Текущий стрик EHOME
    составляет 2 поражения. 1 поражение на счету у XCTN
  • Трансляцию матча транслировали стримеры betboom_ru (Россия) betboom_ru2 (Россия) .
  • Фаворитом матча у букмекеров являлась команда Execration
    — максимальный коэффициент 9.75
    предоставляла БК Лига Ставок
  • Общий винрейт выше у EHOME и составляет 23.33% против 20.00% у Execration.
  • Раннее, из 2 личных встреч
    1 раз выиграла EHOME и 1 раз Execration.

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