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Team Empire is a team that has earned immense popularity not only in the CIS, but throughout the world. At the very least, she is interesting in that she managed to find a huge number of worthy players. The organization signed them to their team, making them world stars. One of these stars is dream. He was born in Kyrgyzstan. He is 20 years old, but already now he is performing at the world level.

Dream dota 2 player

Dream could, in fact, play only in 4 teams, 3 of which were Team Empire. It was they who noticed the new professional player. What groups did dream participate in:

At the end of 2019, unfortunately, Dream terminated the contract with Team Empire and moved to Gambit Esports. It is for this team that he plays at the moment.

Empire dream dota 2

Despite the fact that dream is young, already now he was able to take part in the following tournaments:

Over the course of his career, dream has earned over $59,000 in prize money. This is the amount that does not take into account his salary in any organization.

Dream is considered one of the most ambitious players in the CIS, at least for now. He plays the carry position and was one of the first in the world to reach 10,000 MMR. This is the future of professional Dota 2, nothing else.

Empire dream dota 2

Empire dream dota 2

—1 Attack to Trigger Rip Tide

-10s Mirror Image Cooldown

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+1 Mirror Image Illusion

—20s Song of the Siren Cooldown

+10% Mirror Image Damage

+30 Rip Tide Damage

-2s Ensnare Cooldown

-12s Remnant Charge Restore Time

2 Sleight of Fist Charges

+55 Sleight of Fist Hero Damage

+1 Searing Chains Target

+1s Searing Chains Duration

+50 Flame Guard DPS

+200 Flame Guard Barrier Amount




8 hours ago

+1.0s Storm Hammer Stun Duration

+50% God’s Strength Damage

+10 Warcry Armor

+8% Warcry Movement Speed

+25% Great Cleave Damage

-15s God’s Strength Cooldown

+15 Attack Speed

+3s Warcry Duration


11 hours ago

+1 Multishot Wave

+12% Marksmanship Chance

-4s Gust Cooldown

+25% Multishot Damage

-8s Multishot Cooldown

Gust Reveals Invisible Units

+15 Frost Arrow Damage

+15% Gust Self Movement Speed


12 hours ago

3x Call Down

-6s Flak Cannon Cooldown

+14 Rocket Barrage Damage

+40 Flak Cannon Damage

+3 Flak Cannon Attacks

+0.3s Homing Missile Stun Duration

+30 Movement Speed during Rocket Barrage


1 day ago

Additional Wukong’s Command Ring

-1 Jingu Mastery Required Hits

-7s Boundless Strike Cooldown

0 Cooldown Primal Spring

+110 Jingu Mastery Damage

+450 Tree Dance Cast Range

+0.3s Boundless Strike Stun Duration

+0.2s Mischief Invulnerability Duration





2 days ago

+20s Metamorphosis Duration

-30s Sunder Cooldown

+10s Conjure Image Duration

+10 All Stats

+10% Reflection Slow/Damage

+10% Conjure Image Damage

-3s Reflection Cooldown

-40%% Waveform Cooldown

+0.8s Adaptive Strike Stun Duration

Waveform Attacks Targets

+16s Morph Duration

+250 Waveform Range

+15% Magic Resistance




3 days ago

+18% Max Thirst MS

2 Rupture Charges

+15% Spell Lifesteal

+425 Rupture Cast Range

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+85 Blood Rite Damage

+8% Rupture Initial Damage

+8% Bloodrage Spell Amplification

+25 Bloodrage Attack Speed

+7 Refraction Instances

1s Meld Hit Bash

-3 Meld Armor Reduction

+120 Psi Blades Attack and Spill Range

Refraction Can Be Cast While Disabled

+110 Psionic Trap Damage

+25 Refraction Damage

+30% Haunt Illusion Damage

+12% Spectral Dagger Slow/Bonus

+80 Spectral Dagger Damage

+12 Desolate Damage

+5 All Stats

-4s Spectral Dagger Cooldown

Focus Fire Kills Advance Cooldown by 18s

Windrun Cannot Be Dispelled

-12% Focus Fire Damage Reduction

+0.75s Shackleshot Duration

-15% Powershot Damage Reduction

-2.5s Windrun Cooldown

-2s Shackleshot Cooldown

+225 Windrun Radius




4 days ago

+50s Essence Shift Duration

+1s Shadow Dance Duration

+80 Shadow Dance Attack Speed

+1 Agility gain/stolen per Essence Shift Stack

+40 Shadow Dance Regen

+70 Dark Pact Damage

+0.5s Pounce Leash

-0.5s Dark Pact Cooldown




4 days ago

+140 Chronosphere AoE

-1.0s Time Walk Cooldown

+95 Attack Speed during Chronosphere

+10% Time Dilation Slow per Cooldown

+50 Time Lock Damage

+0.5s Time Walk Backtrack Duration

+6 Time Dilation DPS per cooldown

Gravekeeper’s Cloak grants +10 Armor

+1 Armor Corruption to Visage and Familiars

+25 Soul Assumption Damage Per Charge

Soul Assumption Hits 2 Targets

+6 Visage and Familiars Attack Damage

-3s Grave Chill Cooldown

350 AoE Surge

2 Ion Shell Charges

+50 Ion Shell Damage

-40s Wall of Replica Cooldown

Ion Shell Provides +250 Max Health

+100 Vacuum AoE

+50 Ion Shell Radius

+20% Wall of Replica Illusion Damage

Shadowraze Applies Attack Damage

-5s Shadowraze Cooldown

+0.25s Requiem Fear per line

+3 Damage Per Soul

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+115 Shadowraze Damage

Presence Aura Affects Buildings

+25 Attack Speed

+25 Shadowraze Stack Damage




6 days ago

+24% Critical Strike (200%)

-4s Doppelganger CD

+10% Juxtapose Damage

+300 Phantom Rush Range

-1.5s Spirit Lance Cooldown

+2.5s Phantom Rush Bonus Agility Duration

+40 Spirit Lance Damage




6 days ago

Reincarnation Casts Wraithfire Blast

-2s Mortal Strike Cooldown

+6 Minimum Skeletons Spawned

+26 Skeletons Attack Damage

+0.75s Wraithfire Blast Stun Duration

+25%% Summon Skeleton Duration/-25%% Cooldown

+10% Vampiric Spirit Lifesteal


6 days ago

500 Distance Auto Remnant in Ball Lightning

2x Overload Attack Bounce

-1.25s Static Remnant Cooldown

+0.3s Electric Vortex Duration

+50 Static Remnant Damage

+1.5 Mana Regen

+20 Attack Speed

Triple Strike Stifling Dagger

+7% Coup de Grace chance

+60 Phantom Strike Attack Speed

+20% Stifling Dagger Damage

+250 Phantom Strike Cast Range

+25% Blur Evasion

-2s Stifling Dagger Cooldown

+0.5s Phantom Strike Duration






7 days ago

+2 Healing Ward Hits to Kill

+1s Omnislash Duration

+60% Blade Dance Lifesteal

+100 Blade Fury DPS

-20s Healing Ward Cooldown

+100 Blade Fury Radius

Команды за которые играл Kami

Лучшие герои патча 7.34 On whom to raise MMR in Dota 2 after the update?

Imba patch 7.34 on each role.

place in the world –

place in Europe –

wins 2 50%

Dream Upcoming Matches

* The form shows how good the current performance of the team’s players (last 15 games) is relative to their average performance (last 50 games)

Composition Dream

The Dream Team has not won any prizes in major tournaments yet

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