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Skins in the game Dota 2 have long become not only an ordinary decoration, but also a full-fledged currency. Each skin has all the signs of a currency, so it has its own price for which it can be exchanged for another currency, a graph of growth and fall in value, and so on. You can invest in skins and wait for growth, or you can get a skin for free and sell it for real money. At the moment, there are many sites where it is possible to sell the skin from Dota 2 for real money. However, each site has its own withdrawal conditions, its own prices, bonuses, and so on. Therefore, in the list below, using the example of Arcana on Monkey King, we will analyze where this skin costs, compared to the Steam trading platform. Let’s look at the list of payment systems and withdrawal fees.

Please note that the cost of selling the skin is relevant only at the time of updating this article. Updated on May 28, 2023

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What is sell-things.rf?

The sell-things.rf service provides an opportunity, for any of its users, to instantly receive money for the sale of their skins.
We have more than 10 options for withdrawing funds, among which everyone will find the best and most convenient way for themselves, and this is without a doubt our advantage over competitors.
As a rule, the sale process takes up to 5 minutes, and after the transaction is confirmed, a lightning-fast money transfer occurs.

Do you buy any skins?

Our service provides an opportunity to sell almost any skins, and even consumer goods in our case is no exception.

How is the formation of prices for sell-things.rf?

First of all, when forming prices, the average price among several trading platforms is taken into account, as well as the sales statistics of each specific item.
Based on the criteria above, our service is ready to offer the highest possible price for your skins.

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Skins from which games is your site ready to purchase from me?

At the moment we are buying skins from such games as:

  • Dota 2
  • Team Fortress 2 (TF2)

List of available payment systems:

For each user, withdrawal limits may differ due to factors such as the specifics of the system, the status of the account in a particular payment acceptance system, and the difference between the systems themselves.
For example, Payeer is additionally subject to a commission of 0.95%.

When can I get a reward for the sold items?

Funds from the sale of your skins will immediately be sent to your account in the system of your choice immediately after the exchange is confirmed in your Steam account.
A special notification will inform you about the transfer of funds and the completion of the transaction.
Please note that sometimes there may be delays in the transfer of funds on the side of the payment systems you have chosen.
We are always ready to help you in solving problems with the receipt of funds to your accounts, you just need to contact our support team.

We had to work hard during the development process of sell-things.rf in order to provide players with the benefits of a better and more reliable implementation of their skins.
The result of our work was the ability to sell skins at the best prices in a matter of minutes.
Many satisfied customers of our service serve as irrefutable proof of the high quality of our services.

How much is the Monkey King Arcana worth on the Steam marketplace?

At the time of this writing, the cost of the Arcana on Monkey King is about 2000 rubles. The most profitable, of course, will be to sell it on the Steam marketplace, but then you will not be able to withdraw these funds, but will have to be spent on buying games or other skins. This works with all skins without exception, so we start the list of sites where we will cash out our skin.

Aim Market — good price for skins and bonus promo code for sale

The Aim Market website has become popular relatively recently, but offers a good price for the Arcana on Monkey King, which is 1560 rubles. With a unique CSGAMER promo code, you will receive another +5% to the sale, which will fully cover the commission (about 1-2%) and even turn into a profit. The exchange comes instantly, and the funds are credited within 5 minutes after sending the skins. In addition, skins from the CS:GO game are accepted, and you can also buy skins cheaper than on Steam.

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Avan. Market — average price, low commissions and fast withdrawal

The next site on our list is Avan. market. A popular site for selling skins from CS:GO, Dota 2, Rust, TF 2 games. The cost of the Arcana skin for Monkey King is 972 rubles, which is an average price, you can easily see this below. Withdrawal of funds to most popular payment systems and a distinctive feature in a low commission (from 1% to 3%). Funds arrive within 1-30 minutes, and for extreme cases, online technical support is available on the website and in social networks.

Moon. Market — similar to the previous site and higher price

Moon site. Market is similar to the previous one, like two drops of water. They also accept skins from CS:GO, Dota 2, TF 2, Rust games. Withdraw funds to the same payment systems. The same number of items sold (more than a million). Yes, even the name is similar. However, there are differences: on the Moon. Market has less or no commission for withdrawal and the cost of items is more expensive than that of a competitor. So for the Arcana on Monkey King you will be paid 1338 rubles. The site, although it works slowly, but the funds come quickly and have never failed, checked. In which case, there is an online support chat.

Lis-skins — favorable price, bonus system, fast and safe

The Lis-skins website offers a favorable selling price. For the Arcana skin on Monkey King, you will be offered 1288 rubles, but the withdrawal rates turned out to be high. So the commission for withdrawing Qiwi is already 3%, YuMoney 4%, and withdrawing to cards is about 7%. On this site, you can not only sell items, but also exchange them. When selling, we credit money to the balance of the site, and then we buy items on our own market. It is worth noting that the commission can be covered with a bonus. Speaking of the bonus system.

This is the first site on our list with a bonus system. In the screenshot above, you can see how much you need to sell skins for in order to get a bonus from its value.

SKIN CASHIER is a good price and there are commissions

The Skin Cashier website at the time of writing offers a good value for the Arcana on Monkey King, namely $17.67. Prices are set only in dollars, but at the current rate it is about 1413 rubles. Not a bad list of payment systems, but high commission rates. Perhaps at the time of your reading, something has changed, but so far everything looks like this. However, if you use the promo code CSGAMER, you will receive a 3% bonus on sale, which will help cover the withdrawal fee. Skins are also accepted from CS:GO, Dota 2, TF 2 and Rust. 24/7 support and fast withdrawals.

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Skinsly — you can open cases for sales bonuses

Skinsly surprises with its bonus system. In addition to the fact that the more you sell, the higher the price, so from each sale 5% goes to bonus rubles. These rubles can be spent on opening cases. If a suitable skin falls out in the case, then this sale can become very profitable. And so the site offers a good price for the Arcana skin on Monkey King, namely 1159 rubles.

Skins. Guru — marketplace, price unknown

Marketplace Skins. Guru has little popularity, which can play both in a good way and in a negative one. We could not find out the price, since the Arcana on Monkey King was not sold on the trading floor at the time of writing. Comparing prices, we came to the conclusion that somewhere the price differs little from Steam, but somewhere, on the contrary, it is too low. In addition, about 10% of your price is taken by the site and another 5% commission for withdrawing to any payment system.

DOTA 2 Market is the most profitable option

So we have reached the site, which even after a long time remains the most profitable and best option for selling skins. Here is the highest price, namely from 1829 rubles, for which the buyer will pay, and you will receive 1737 rubles (5% commission). Then you will still have to pay a commission for withdrawing funds, but even taking this into account, it is still more profitable than anywhere else. So Qiwi, YuMoney and Webmoney 5%, and a bank card 3% + 50 rubles.

Skins. Cash — very cheap, but fast and safe

Let’s move on to Skins. cash. A very popular and safe site for the sale of skins. However, we noticed that this is the lowest price that was offered for the Arcana on Monkey King, namely 10.88 euros or 934 rubles. Thus, it turns out that the skin costs 2 times cheaper. In addition, there is a commission depending on the payment system. Small list of payment systems.

This is the end of the list of sites where you can sell Dota 2 skins for real money. There are other sites where you can sell CS:GO skins, but not from the Dota 2 game yet. We recommend using the application on our website to find out the cost of your inventory if you have a lot of skins.

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