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The International 2023 Qual. 19:05. Completed

The International 2023 Qual. 20:30. Completed

Sand King Gomez

The International 2023 Qual. 23:58. Completed

The International 2023 Qual. 03:32. Completed

The International 2023 Qual. 05:35. Going

The International 2023 Qual. 05:56. Going

Gamers8 2023. 18:37. Completed

Gamers8 2023. 23:22. Completed

Gamers8 2023. 14:00. Not started

Gamers8 2023. 17:30. Not started

May 17, 2022, 18:01

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today, 02:53B8 lost to Wildcard and fell into the lower bracket of The International qualifier. V-Tune kept a twig in inventory in all three games

today, 02:31 Dota released «Tenth Anniversary Celebration». Added a golden model for the Torturer

yesterday at 22:58 Maelstorm: “The B8 match will be delayed, which is bad news for Dandy. Every hour his debt to Fannik grows”

yesterday, 22:22Sunlight is not happy with the format of the qualifiers for The International 2023: “People are playing Bo1 for elimination. What a shame.”

yesterday, 22:10 and Kappa released a collection of clothes. Norbert and Fng took part in a photo shoot

yesterday, 21:46Storm doubts Dendi’s skill: «I’m embarrassed by the actor in mid at B8, but V-Tune can pickle»

yesterday, 21:22 Solo played 91 matches in public in 8 days — 26 of them on cores. He changed his nickname to mm is beautiful

yesterday, 20:00 Schedule of TI12 qualifiers in North America. August 17th. B8 vs. Wildcard Gaming

yesterday, 19:40 Ramzes666 trolled his own appearance in the photo: «Ufoboss 🤡»

yesterday, 19:06 FISSURE and Okko announced their cooperation. The service will show all qualifying matches for The International 2023

All the details of the ESL One Stockholm Major 2022. Updated schedule and results here.

Get ready for some insane Dota 2 action! Today is finally the day Stockholm Major 2022 begins.

This LAN event can be excitingly overwhelming so here are the Stockholm Major’s details. Let us also walk you through all the upcoming matches and where to watch them. We’ll also regularly update the results so you’re able to catch up if you missed any of the series.

What is the prize pool for Stockholm Major?

As it normally is for Valve Dota 2 Majors, the prize pool of the Stockholm Major is $500,000 USD. The winner of the tournament will bag a massive amount of $200,000 USD! The bottom placers from 9th to 14th will not bring home any prize money.

What is the format for Stockholm Major?

Due to the Chinese teams’ absence from the 2022 Stockholm Major, only 14 teams are participating. The tournament begins with the Group Stage, the Playoffs, and finally, the Main Event.

Schedule and results for Stockholm Major 2022

The Group Stage will be insanely compact with multiple series going on at the same time. All these simultaneous games will be covered on separate broadcasts.

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