Eul scepters of divinity

Eul Scepters Of Divinity Дота

Eul Scepters Of Divinity
Eul Scepter of Divinity is an item that has never been very popular among the players, however, at the same time, it is found every now and then in hero builds at the most important international competitions.

+10 Intelligence

+125% Mana Regeneration

+25 Movement Speed ​​


Eul`s Scepter of Divinity Movement Speed ​​ NOT
is added if you collect a few more Eul`s Scepter Of Divinity (ESOD).


├To whom and why┤

An excellent artifact for a hero like Rasta. Perfect for our three skills:

And the artifact gets even better. if Guinsault is crossed to him as partners. In general, Rasta is one of the heroes for whom the game is easier when collecting Eul Divinity.

Hurricane is not a bad addition to some of Invoker’s skills. Also, Invoker is a frail and slow hero, and since. breeze gives disable + MS this suits Invoker very well.

For Enik, the Hurricane is not a bad artifact but it is rarely collected, even though it is, but below I will tell you why it is (sometimes) collected.

Well complements Lina, gives movement speed, gives us the mana regen we need and the necessary disable.

Hurricane helps Tinker to use skills not bad, as well as Lina gives the necessary mana and regen, a disable that helps some skills and just helps a lot.

Excellent build for Chatra. Gives movement speed, mana, regen, thereby helping and facilitating the use of the ult. It also helps to avoid ganks. And in general, it complements Chatrin’s skills well.

it depends on the situation or taste.

Eul Dota
is an artifact that is located in the Magic tab. To buy, you need to visit not only the main store, but also a secret shop. Perfect for characters whose main attribute is Intelligence. The artifact lifts the target character into the air, granting invulnerability for 2.5 seconds. Can be used on opponents or on yourself. If the artifact is used on an opponent, then after landing, he will receive 50 magic damage.

Also, the owner of the artifact receives additional characteristics:

  • +10 Intelligence;
  • +5 mana regen;
  • +20 Movement Speed.

This item is a must-buy item for a number of characters. However, if the enemy team has artifacts or abilities that grant silence, mages should arm themselves with this item. After applying to yourself, the negative effects will be reset.

What Eul Dota is made of, its cost

Before buying, the user must earn 2725 gold coins:

  • Staff of Wizardry (1000 gold);

  • Wind Lace (250 gold);

  • Void Stone (825 gold);

  • Recipe (650 gold).

Staff of Wizardry, Wind Lace and Recipe can be purchased at the Main Shop, while Void Stone must be purchased at the Secret Shop.

Who should buy Eul Dota?

Item provided for mages
, whose damage depends on the amount of mana. Also, Eul Dota gives a good bonus to movement speed and survivability. Such heroes include:

  • Lina;
  • Queen of Pain;
  • Jakiro;
  • Shadow Fiend;
  • Void Spirit;
  • Invoker;
  • Puck;
  • Dark Willow;
  • Death Prophet;
  • Lion;
  • Razor.

Eul can be combined with the character’s abilities. For example, you can create a combination of an artifact and an ultimate ability for Shadow Fiend. This will allow not to miss skills, and also not to give the enemy even a minimal chance of salvation.


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General information

Eul’s Scepter of Divinity
is a magical staff whose active ability is capable of lifting itself or an opponent into the air. Most often used by mages who need Cyclone to accurately use their procast, as well as to remove various types of disables from themselves. Gives a significant increase in mana pool and adds mana regeneration speed, which is nice for any hero.

Item bonuses

+ 10 Intelligence

+5 Mana Regen

+20 Movement Speed ​​

Active Ability
Cyclone, which lifts itself or the enemy into the air. Removes minor negative effects when cast on the wearer. If used on an enemy, they will take 50 damage on landing, making it difficult to escape with Blink Dagger.


Еул дота 2

assembled from Staff of Wizardy, Void Stone, Wind Lace and a recipe. The items required in the assembly are very pleasant for any character. Most often, they plan to collect eul from the very beginning of the game, for which they buy Wind Lace at an early stage. Further, a Void Stone is acquired for regeneration, because the restoration of mana is more useful than a mana pool. The Staff of Wizardy and the recipe are bought last.

Artifact is bought in two cases:

  • When you need a guaranteed disable to start a procast.
  • When the enemy has nasty disables that are easy to dispel, and there are not enough of them to buy Black King Bar.


Most often collected by the first or second item. Artifact
is intermediate and will be replaced by a stronger disable (Skythe of Vyse) or a save (Black King Bar) in the future. The item is universal, and gives very good characteristics for its money + an active effect that has many different purposes. Among the items of the eul’s competitors, one can single out Forse Staff (does not remove negative effects from itself, however, it is very useful for changing the position of characters during fights. It has a slightly different purpose than the eul, but is also a save), Blink Dagger (an item for initiation), Glimmer Cape (strong save, but does not remove negative effects, and the bonuses from the item itself are not the best for an intovik hero), Aether Lens and Kaya (have better characteristics compared to Eul, but do not provide survivability. In general, they are needed, if not needed an additional disable, but an improvement in damage and range is required for an existing procast). Eul’s Scepter of Divinity isn’t a 100% save, it’s more of a debuff remover. It is assumed that after using Cyclone on themselves, the owner of the item will continue to fight or have an escape due to their abilities. And also an artifact is needed for a guaranteed hit with a procast.

Who to buy

Еул дота 2

There are two groups of characters, who should buy Eul’s Scepter of Divinity

  1. Heroes who need a save, additional attributes and movement speed: Ember Spirit, Death Prophet, Techies, Ancient Apparition, Rubick, Queen of Pain, Puck, Invoker, Necrophos, Phoenix. Characters have their own escape and need a way to un-silence themselves, or it’s beneficial for them to buy the item because of the stats it adds.
  2. Characters who need Eul’s Scepter for a guaranteed cast: Lina, Jakiro, Void Spirit, Dark Willow, Invoker, Leshrac, Lion, Sand King. These heroes can use their skills with a strong delay in casting, and knowing the eul’s timings will guarantee to hit all the procasts.

Why dota need a breeze

Recently, buying a top in DotA increases the hero’s intelligence (+10 units), mana regeneration (+150%) and movement speed (+40 units). Very weak ability pool for the 2735 gold price. The active ability is interesting — the ability to lift the hero “in the wind”, excluding him from the active phase of the game for 2.5 seconds. In this case, the hero becomes invulnerable to other attacks and spells. At some point, the use of Eul Scepter of Divinity in DotA almost stopped — the value of the artifact dropped to almost zero, but today the winds in DotA are used by several heroes with such precise timing that the right combination of skills allows you to perfectly initiate an attack or escape unscathed from a catastrophic situation.

Hero Pool with Eul Scepter of Divinity

According to statistics on Dotabuff, the most commonly used in DotA are:

  1. Invoker
  2. Lina
  3. Zeus
  4. Puck
  5. Death Prophet
  6. Crystal Maiden

Of all this list, only Zeus raises questions — for him the top is not a priority, but it is the Zeus with the top that has a surprisingly high win rate (57.5%). As for the Invoker, everything is clear here — in 2.5 seconds outside the game, the hero can rebuild his skills and manage to go into invisibility or reload his dagger by jumping away from the kneading to a safe distance. As for Lina, the right timing is able to point the enemy right into her non-targeting camp, and Puck, using the winds and his innate astral escape, is able to avoid death in a huge number of critical situations. As for Death Prophet — Eul Scepter of Divinity does not knock down her ult, which is why no one is able to disturb the banshee’s soul for 2.5 seconds, but Crystal Maiden uses winds exclusively for her own well-being — but here they are clearly not the main attribute.

Eul’s Scepter of Divinity: how to collect an artifact

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