Faerie fire

Faerie Fire Дота

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Faerie Fire

Faerie Fire

Fairy Fire — Defender of the Fairies

Casting Time 1 standard actionComponents V, S, DF

Range long (400 ft. + 40 ft./level)Area creatures and objects within a 5-ft.-radius burstDuration 1 min./level (D)Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance yes

A pale glow surrounds and outlines the subjects. Outlined subjects shed light as candles. Creatures outlined by faerie fire take a -20 penalty on all Stealth checks. Outlined creatures do not benefit from the concealment normally provided by darkness (though a 2nd-level or higher magical darkness effect functions normally), blur, displacement, invisibility, or similar effects. The light is too dim to have any special effect on undead or dark-dwelling creatures vulnerable to light.

The faerie fire can be blue, green, or violet, according to your choice at the time of casting. The faerie fire does not cause any harm to the objects or creatures thus outlined.

Mythic Faerie Fire

Outlined creatures are dazzled. The spell outlines figment illusions in the burst, revealing them as such. This effect applies only to figments with a caster level equal to or less than your tier.

Augmented (2nd): If you expend two uses of mythic power, each creature in the burst must succeed at a Fortitude save or be blinded for 1 round.

Faerie Fire

Мгновенно восстанавливает 85 здоровья.

  • Не складывается в инвентаре.
  • Предмет нельзя передавать.
  • Нельзя сообщить союзникам о готовности использования предмета.
  • При выборе случайного героя, игрок получает бесплатный Faeire Fire, который нельзя продать.
  • Урон от нескольких Faerie Fire складывается.
  • Является ненаправленной способностью, действующей на себя.
  • Прерывает применяемые способности при использовании.

Призрачное пламя с незатухающих останков Древа доброты горит в любом мире.

Изменения в патчах

от 13.12.19

  • Стоимость уменьшена со 125 до 70;
  • Урон уменьшен с 3 до 2;
  • Imbue: лечение уменьшено со 100 до 85.

от 27.11.19

  • Стоимость увеличена с 70 до 125;
  • Урон увеличен с 2 до 3;
  • Imbue: лечение увеличено с 85 до 100.

от 01.03.18

от 01.02.18

от 15.05.17

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System Requirements

  • Processor: 1.2Ghz Processor
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 50 MB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0

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Fairy Fire — Defender of the Fairies

Up for some retro arcade action? Extra weapons, upgrades, smart bombs etc are your favorite tools? Then this great arcade clone is for you! Survive waves of evil creatures in this fantastic, fast paced side scroller. If you like games like Defender, Data Storm or Drop Zone, you will LOVE Fairy Fire!

Pick up the fairies and escort them to the warp-hole. Watch out for the snatchers, they are trying to abduct your fairy pals. Advance to the next wave by rescuing all fairies and eliminating all enemies by the end of the timer.

Two game modes

  • Advance floor by floor by defeating the boss of each floor.
  • Arcade ‘endless’ mode.

Collect gems to buy great upgrade items

  • get additional fire power with the ‘FairyFire’ upgrade ( also protects the fairy from dying )
  • increase the number of collectable fairies with the ‘FairyCarry’ upgrade
  • speed up the wizard and make him fast like a flash
  • increase the shot frequency with the ‘FirePower’ upgrade
  • get a ‘GemMagnet’ to ease the pickup of gems
  • Smart bomb ( black scroll ): kill all enemies on the screen
  • Invincible ( golden scroll ): kamikaze can be fun
  • Time Bender ( hourglass ): slow down the enemies for easy killing
  • Helper ( purple potion ): adds a protecting item to the wizard; it kills enemies
  • Extra Live ( green potion )
  • Fire Power ( magic lamp ): adds serious ( flame thrower like ) fire power to the wizard
  • F11 — toggles full screen mode
  • p — toggles pause mode
  • h — toggle frame rate lock ( to 60 Hz )
  • j — select joysick ( in case there is more than one connected )
  • t — skip music track
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