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On Sunday, January 8, the first matches of the new Dota Pro Cirtuit 2023 regional league season, the main Dota 2 esports tournament, will take place.

And while the best teams in the world are getting ready to fight for the Major, Dota 2 developers traditionally offer ordinary players to compete in predictions using the fantasy league inside the game.

This material should help novice fantasy fans find answers to important questions in order to try their hand, and already experienced ones — to study our predictions and team in fantasy DPC 2023 before recruiting their own.

Fantasy dota 2

On April 26, the main spring Dota 2 tournament — ESL One Berlin Major 2023 — will start in the capital of Germany. The best teams in the world will fight each other a few days after the release of patch 7.33, which will make this major even more interesting to watch.

Together with the patch, Valve also released fantasy cards. Dota 2 players will once again be able to compete with each other, assembling a dream team and predicting the results. But we are again ready to help those who could not figure out the nuances of the event on their own or want to see a different perspective on which players are better to choose.

Fantasy dota 2

We are starting the last, third major, where each team will fight for access to the International.

Bookmark our site, because we will have a selection of players every day, we advise you to save the Blog page. Also we will have the overall rating of the players loaded. We will show an example of it below.

So, I got the cards that I opened. Plus, I get cards for the victory, but I’m very upset that Kyotaka didn’t fall to me, but I’ll try to knock it out in the next sets of packs.

I thought for a long time whether it was possible to take 33 into my squad, but I realized that Tundra has Execration and Spirit as an opponent, so I can try. Next, I hooked Nightfall and Save to regular cards, because I liked their level in qualifiers and Dreamleague. The guys are in great shape, moreover, on June 29 they have a weak opponent Azure Ray — these are crayfish from China.

There is no need to introduce Sumail, the whole team plays for him, and they will play with Invictus Gaming and Spirits, so you can easily check him. Lastly, I took Boxi, since Liquid is always very strong and will play with Shopify and Blacklist International.

We are coming to the end of the second game day of the Major, and in a classic style we have prepared for you our choice for the compendium for tomorrow. Classically, we offer our line-up, and there is also a table with all the players who have the scores of their game for 2 game days.

My selection for the compendium

I also start from the future rivals of our teams. I chose for a long time between Quinn and Kyotaka, which fell to me today. As a result, he took our guy due to the fact that tomorrow his schedule will be easier. Then he took Ramses, who is gaining momentum and scored excellent points yesterday. I take a fool by default on a regular card, because I believe. Insania flies on my gold card, the fact is that it enters the top 20. And the fifth I get 皮球, I also looked at the rating for 2 days on him and he is good.

Top Fantasy Players

The same players continue to gain momentum. shiro goes first, beating two players from 9pandas. They are just going to follow: kiotaka and Antares. The planet sank terribly, but Quinn did a good job, he is selected for the top 5. We successfully took Duracheo.

All Dota predictions for matches are prepared in a separate section.

I have been betting on sports all my life. You can read more about me by clicking on the telegram channel, where you will be redirected to a page on this site.

We have the last game day of the group stage ahead of us. In general, I went through it well, sometimes I made mistakes, but I always judged by future opponents in the game day. I will not change myself and will also continue to recruit according to the assessment of rivals.

Important news: Teams Aster and OG have played all the matches and will not play tomorrow! Don’t take them card players.

Fantasy Points Overall Score

How wrong I was yesterday that I chose Quinn instead of Kyotaka, which I also have. Just a disaster. Shiro shows again a stable result — well done. Ramses just went crazy on this major, it seems that he is in his best form in his entire life. bzm is also in the top in the classics, although look at the 4th game day, he is weak. It’s amazing that Nisha climbed so high. Some kind of Carlo caliper is also at the top.

My choice of fantasy April 30

Everything will be in a classic style. Tomorrow, 9pandas has one of the worst teams in the tournament in terms of rivals, so my choice in fantasy fell on Ramses and Kiotaki right away. The top 2 players of the tournament will vomit. I’ll take the second one as a basis for good luck Nightfall, because I don’t have anyone else. In support, Insania sits on the gold card, he is very stable and I like him. Well, in the end, Sneyking from the Tundra hits, the guys tomorrow have SMGs — one of the weakest.

We have a lot of predictions for each match in the predictions section, you can go and study on the website.

On March 12, the next stage of Dota Pro Circuit 2023 begins — almost fifty teams will start battles during the regional leagues to qualify for the Major in Berlin.

Traditionally, Valve launches a small mini-event for eSports fans. Fantasy League allows you to test your analytical skills, compete in predictions with friends and other Dota 2 players, and get rewards.

We share our recommendations on how fantasy works in Dota and what you need to pay attention to in order to get the maximum bonuses from developers.

Fantasy dota 2

This format has long been known to fans of traditional sports. Before the start of a tour or a new stage, fans gather their team of stars from among the participants, and then real players bring them points depending on their performance in the tournament.

The task is simple — to predict in advance the players who will perform better than others. At the same time, points in fantasy are not brought by team victories and trophies, but by the individual actions of the players. In Dota 2, these are kills, wards, runes, and so on. There are times when the winner of a match scores less than the loser.

Fantasy points distribution

Fantasy dota 2

In fantasy for Dota 2, you can put any players that you have in your collection. There are three types of cards: silver and gold give bonuses to points.

The result is a small event that may be of interest to eSports fans. In the game itself, the top best players in the world and a separate list of the best from your list of friends are available, and every week Valve gives small bonuses.

What is fantasy league

Fantasy is well known to fans of various sports. The bottom line is that ordinary fans, before the start of the tournament, recruit a super-team from among all the participants, and then receive points in accordance with the performance of real players. The better the selected players play, the greater the chance of winning in fantasy.

A few years ago, something similar appeared in Dota 2. Each player can get Dota Pro Circuit participant cards and make a team out of them. Points are given for everything: kills, runes, wards, and so on.

Fantasy player cards for Dota 2 come in three types: regular, silver and gold. The second and third ranks give additional bonuses to the player’s points. For example, +20% for wards or +10% for assists.

It turns out a small event to compete with friends, others and get small rewards from developers, and at the same time test your foresight.

Fantasy dota 2

Fantasy League Rewards

This time, only Dota Plus shards can be obtained for participation in the fantasy league. Depending on the result for the week, you can get from 1 to 4 levels (12 in total).

Levels depend on your result for the week in the overall rating of players:

There is a reward for each — in the best case, you can get 5,250 Dota Plus shards, which service subscribers can exchange for sets and other rewards.

Fantasy dota 2

Since the regional format has been changed, it will be necessary to place teams for three periods, that is, every week. You need to set the lineup before the start of all matches.

Dota Pro Circuit competitions are held in six regions, and in each one you can set up a roster. However, only the best result in one region counts, so it’s best to focus on 2-4 regions, depending on the number of cards.

Of course, if you have good cards in all six regions, it is better to try your luck and field a team in each of them. However, it is not so easy for ordinary players to complete the collection, so we advise you to choose two or three leagues in advance.

First you need to get player cards.1. Click on «View» 2. Then to «fantasy» 3. Then go from the current roster to the «player boxes»4. In the lower left corner you will receive sets of cards (if you didn’t bet dcp and didn’t play jo♥ 2 at all, you will receive 10 sets, then every day 1 set for a victory)5. ABOUT BE SURE to check that there is a checkbox for «Only participants of the interoral», otherwise you will be given a bespontaneous husk (5.1.

If it is again a cerebral palsy season, and not a tournament

Z. Y. yes, you can buy sets of coils (as much as 68r), but you have to be a round burdock to be led to such a wiring. Z. Y. Y. you can spray duplicates and create a new set of dust if the mustachioed hat hit at all.

Well, I read the rules for the first time and honestly didn’t understand a damn thing. Something like for a meeting, only 2 best results or 2 matches are counted. In short, just see who plays more matches on this day / week and choose from them, you can’t go wrong.

1. First of all, we look at who, when, how much and possibly with whom plays. This can be done in the incredibly inconvenient and fictitious schedule tab in the game itself or on the convenient site . As a rule, the tournament we need will show off somewhere on the main page. Click on it and voila! Everything we need is on one page. Next, go to the matches and see who has the most matches of the day. In this case, it is easier to weed out those who play less.

There may be replays on the last day of the group stage, but in my memory I don’t remember that they would have much influence on anything. When the tournament itself is already there, it will be necessary to choose those who are most likely to win the meeting.

In the last days of the tournament, some team from the lower bracket will play 2 matches. Keep this in mind. (If you have no idea who will win, go to the site with $bets and see who is the favorite)

For example, here are my cards. Since this is not an international, you often have to choose from what is available (and in my case, on the first day, there is not even a keri yet)) some are difficult). But (if there is anyone) it is still worth choosing from those who will win the meeting.

If it gets really deep, then you can look somewhere else for how much fantasies anyone has earned. For example, somewhere on this site

By the way, if this is an international, then this site will also come in handy. It shows who has earned how much fantasy, and most importantly, the whole thing can be sorted. There is no such difference between gold/silver and ordinary cards, they just add ~1.2 points. Well, in rare cases, if you’re lucky, for example, you set a lot of wards and there are 25% of them in the card, then naturally they will give more. It seems like the longer the match, the more fantasies will earn, but this is mostly unpredictable. The cards of teams that dropped out of the tournament can be safely sprayed.

Fantasy League Schedule

Lineups must be set separately before each of the three in-game weeks. Accordingly, rewards will be issued for each period separately.

All squads are fixed at 11:00 a.m. on the same day — the roster for the first week must be placed before March 12, 11:00 a.m. Moscow time. Sunday morning and afternoon matches (SEA, China, CIS) will count this week, and evening matches (America) next week.

Weekly schedule for the CIS region

How to get fantasy cards in Dota 2

Even if you know Dota 2 better than anyone, you can lose in fantasy, because you can only put in the players that you have.

Thus, the more cards you have, especially gold and silver, the more chances you have to earn a lot of points. And here are all the ways to get the coveted cards:

— if you took part in the fantasy league of regional tournaments Dota Pro Circuit 2023 Tour 2, then all your cards are saved until the end of Berlin Major 2023.

— if you haven’t played in the fantasy league this spring, you will have access to 10 free packs of five cards each in the menu (bottom left icon).

Fantasy dota 2

— once a day, you can get a set of cards for free by winning in any Dota 2 mode.

— Duplicate or unwanted cards can be sprayed from the bottom menu. For 15 dust you can create a new set, and for 30 dust you can create a card for a specific player.

— you can buy sets of individual teams for 17 rubles. Each will have at least one rare player from that team, and 50% of the amount you spend will go to the club.

Fantasy dota 2

This time, only Dota Plus shards can be obtained for participation in the fantasy league. Depending on the result for each day, you can get from 1 to 4 levels.

For each level, you get 350 shards, when you reach the fourth (in one day or several) — 700, then the countdown starts again.

At best, for each day of the tournament, you can get 1,750 Dota Plus shards, which can be exchanged for sets and other rewards.

Fantasy dota 2

How to play fantasy Dota 2

Before each day of the tournament, the participants of the fantasy tournament go to the corresponding section of Dota 2 (“View” menu) and assemble a dream team from the players whose cards they have. How to get them, we will tell below.

A total of five players must be on a fantasy team:

Fantasy dota 2

During ESL One Berlin Major 2023 matches, players will earn fantasy points — they are given for successful actions on the map. Your task is simple: you need to predict which esportsmen will get the most useful actions.

Only the best result of an individual player for the day is taken into account, even if he played two or three matches. Points are counted for the two best cards.

Fantasy dota 2

You can increase the points earned by a player if you have his rare card. Gold and Silver cards provide point bonuses for certain items (such as wards or runes) — however, be careful that these bonuses suit the players. For example, the gold bonus for supports is almost useless.

Fantasy dota 2

Whom to take in Fantasy for a major?

In general, below you have a complete list of the total standings and you can make an approximate estimate yourself. But I recommend taking strong players who do a lot of kills.

Fool doesn’t farm much and he will be the favorite in our elections, the same with Ramses and Mickey. On the mid lane, take a look at Kyotaka and Quinn and Sumail, who take out everyone and make a personal impact. The guys from Liquid are always good on supports, as well as Antares, if in shape, planet.

We make predictions for each match in the Dota 2 eSports Predictions section.

Fantasy League squad from CQ

We will update this section in the evening or at night after the end of the game day. In the second line of the table — our main composition, in the third — alternatives, if suddenly you do not agree with us or you do not have the necessary cards.

Composition for May 7

On the last game day there will be two matches involving three teams. The rest of the players can be sprayed.

It all depends on who you see as the favorite. It seems to us that Liquid have gained form and can not only beat 9 Pandas, but also impose a fight in the final — but your point of view may be different.

This time, only Dota Plus shards can be obtained for participation in the fantasy league. Depending on the result for the week, you can get from 1 to 4 levels, 12 in total.

At best, you can get 5,250 Dota Plus Shards, which can be exchanged for sets and other rewards. For example, for the key to the new Dead Reckoning Chest.

It’s possible that Valve will add new rewards as the season progresses — a thread asking for this on Reddit from streamer Finargot received a huge amount of support.

Fantasy dota 2

How to choose a composition in fantasy

Now let’s talk about which players are best to bet in fantasy. First of all, we have already mentioned above — it is best to field teams in 2-3 regions so that you have several chances, but at the same time there are enough cards.

The choice of regions depends only on you. Think about what you want from the fantasy league? If this is a way to compete with friends, it is better to take the regions that you are watching (CIS, Europe). For those who just want to farm Dota Plus shards, North and South America are better suited, perhaps SEA.

Now to the general tips that are relevant in almost every Dota 2 fantasy league.

Fantasy dota 2

Roster at DPC 2023

The season has just started and we don’t have performance statistics: we can only rely on previous experience in how many points different players bring. In addition, it is worth keeping an eye on the strength of the team and the number of matches.

The more games you have, the more chances you have to earn a lot of points, although you should always keep an eye on who these games will be against. Just below you will find a table with the number of matches that the teams will play during the second game week.

You can find the exact schedule of games in our match center

General schedule for DPC 2023 from January 23 to 29

The performance of the best players in each division (average number of fantasy per map) after the first part of the Dota Pro Circuit.

We did not add data and forecasts for China, because the schedule is very different from the standard there, and the players do not earn a lot of points.

Dota Pro Circuit 2023 Fantasy League Prediction – Week 3

The following table shows our forecast for the third week (January 23–29). Players in bold are those we advise in priority.

Photo in material: Valve.

How to get team cards

— 10 packs can be obtained for free in the Browse menu; — 1 pack is available for free every day for the first victory in Dota 2; — you can also disenchant unnecessary cards, such as duplicate ones, to get a new set (15 dust) or a specific player’s card (30 dust).

Fantasy dota 2

— Buyers of bundles of teams that entered Dota 2 today also receive packs of cards. 2, 8 or 10 packs, depending on the tier of the support pack, each will contain at least one rare player from the selected team.

Fantasy dota 2

— if necessary, sets can be purchased in any quantity. So far, only packs of clubs that have added their support kits are available for purchase.

Please note that the packs you open will contain cards of the region indicated in the upper right corner. You can change it at any time.

Fantasy dota 2

Dota Pro Circuit Fantasy League Rules

During the regional leagues, you need to set the lineups for each week separately, and the team must consist of players from the same region.

You can fix the composition of one or all six regions, but only the best result will count. It is more profitable to make all the compositions in order to increase your chances, but for this you need a lot of cards — you won’t get such a number for free.

We recommend focusing on two (maximum three) regions that you know and understand best.

Fantasy dota 2

How to get player cards

Only those players whose cards are in your collection can be included in the squad. You can check this on the «View» tab in the main menu of the game — there will be a button leading to the fantasy section.

Fantasy dota 2

Each set contains five cards, at least one must be silver or gold. Everyone is able to get them:

Fantasy dota 2

Fantasy dota 2

Important! When opening sets, the region selected at the top right is taken into account. Make sure you open the maps of the region you want to receive.

Fantasy dota 2

How to choose a fantasy league squad

Now let’s move on to general and detailed recommendations on compositions:

— Each team should have two cores, a midlaner and two supports. It’s better to put two carries and two position 5 players, they almost always get more.

— Choosing a clear favorite is not always profitable. If the game ends in 20 minutes, the players will have almost no time to farm points for you. It will be better to choose the one who will lose if you think that his matches will definitely be tight and long.

— A single player’s gold card isn’t always much better than the standard one. Pay attention to bonuses: for example, +10% to wards will hardly buff a carry or mid laner.

Fantasy dota 2

— Don’t put too many players on the same team in the roster. The favorites also lose, and then several of your cards will “fail” with them at once.

— The player’s best result for the week is counted — two maps of the match, where he scored the maximum. Therefore, it is more efficient to bet players from teams that play multiple matches, as they will have a better chance of earning you a lot of points.

Team schedule for March 26 – April 3

Please note that in addition to the main matches, replays are possible. At the moment, all teams one way or another can play additional matches.

Statistics of the best players last season

A lot depends on the skills of the player himself. For example, if a carry plays neatly, then on average he earns more than someone who constantly sacrifices himself.

Therefore, here we publish data (average points per match) on players in Dota Pro Circuit 2023: Tour 1, so that you can get an idea of ​​the strength of fantasy players.

* players who did not play in the last DPC season (for example, played in the second division) are not listed here; ** players who played for other teams last season are marked with #.

How to choose a roster in fantasy Dota 2

Before giving specific predictions for each day, we will give some general tips that usually help when choosing players.

First of all, it is obvious that you need to take players from those clubs that will win. At the same time, you need to remember: if the team wins too quickly, then it may not have time to score a lot of points — it is better to choose slightly more equal confrontations.

Fantasy dota 2

We also always recommend taking players from the teams that play the most matches, because they simply have more chances to score points. For example, during the group stage, some teams will play only one match per day — if they fail, their players will bring almost no points.

A convenient playoff schedule, as well as current results, you can see on the tournament page on our website.

Playoff schedule by day

Fantasy dota 2

It is also important how cool the player himself is. For fantasy, it is not always important how strong a player is in Dota 2 in general — the main thing is that he earns a lot of points.

There are supports who put a lot of wards in every game and bring high scores even when they lose. Conversely, the carry of the strongest team can sacrifice himself for the sake of the team, die often and earn less gold than the mid laner.

In the table below, you can see which members earn the most. We took the results from the last Dota Pro Circuit league as a basis, but it is worth remembering that teams and players can perform differently in the regions than on the world stage.

Strongest fantasy players in DPC 2023 Tour 2

Please note that the following players did not come to the tournament. Their teams are playing subs, so you can spray their cards — they will not bring points:

Fantasy dota 2

A few more general tips:

— in the core position it is better to use two carries and not take offlaners, as they bring much less points;

— among supports, two position 5 players are usually chosen, although there are more exceptions, it’s worth looking at the situation;

— don’t put too many players of the same team in the roster, especially in the early days when it’s harder to pick out favorites due to the new patch.

The favorites of the tournament, in our opinion, are Gaimin Gladiators, Team Liquid and Shopify Rebellion, we advise you to pay attention to their players in the first days. At the same time, OG, TSM, Execration and iG are unlikely to bring you many points.

At the end, we traditionally share our forecasts for all regions. Those that are best placed are marked in bold, in normal font — other options if there are not enough cards or these players are “gold”.

Composition for week 3 (from March 26 to April 3)

I watched the first games of the teams on June 29 and made my choice on that basis.

We bet on Major in the legal bookmaker BaltBet. With our promo code NICE they give free 3 bets and bonuses up to 10,000 rubles.

Please note that the selection may be updated as new cards arrive.

Fantasy points for the previous Major

Here is an offer to see all the top players who played at the last Major in Berlin, which was in the spring.

We wish you success in your choice and come see the overall standings and our NiceBets selection tomorrow.

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