Forcedrop Dota and forcedrop are profitable cs cases

Forcedrop dota and ForceDrop are profitable CS cases Дота

Forcedrop dota and ForceDrop are profitable CS cases

Forcedrop official site is one of the most profitable sites for opening CS:GO cases, where you can get rare skins. Force Drop offers one of the best drops in Russia and the CIS, as well as a high payback. The cost of CSGO cases is from 10 rubles, secret promo codes, daily bonuses up to +50%, distribution of skins in free cases, events, upgrades, contracts and battles.

Get up to +50% bonuses on deposits with Force Drop promo code

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Cases for CS:GO fans have long ceased to be sources of decent drops, players increasingly prefer to sell them, directing the money they earn to buy the necessary skins. However, this is a long and thankless process — it will take a lot of time and effort to buy a quality weapon, gloves or an elite knife. There is a much easier way — the ForceDrop platform, which offers to buy Cs Go cases with the best collectibles. It is offered to open cases without a key, moreover, there are unique free offers. For gamers who are planning to radically upgrade their inventory, it’s time to do it on the ForceDrop website, where the withdrawal of skins to Steam is instant, and the sale of shirp is the most profitable.

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Opening cases in CS GO

Forcedrop dota and ForceDrop are profitable CS cases

The appearance of loot boxes in the game, which are purchased on trading floors or appear as a result of game battles, was the start of the emergence of an independent earning model. Budget Cs Go cases, despite the high cost (special in the early days of their appearance), very rarely offer collectible skins for weapons, gloves or a knife. In the best case, the boxes contain a default shirp, which will be sold on trading floors for no more than $1. Buying CS cases through Steam allows players to get the right sets of items with rare qualities.

To get acquainted with the set in a particular box, just open it in a new browser window. Collections are compiled according to thematic features. Among them, the following sets stand out:

There are a huge number of options for CS GO cases without a key. This variety allows you to quickly find skins for any inventory. When looking for a suitable drop, we recommend using the drop-down menu on the ForceDrop website, which is easy to find on the left side of the site page.

Free case opening

Gamers have the option to get skins for free. It is activated in case of replenishment of the account in the amount of 250 rubles and more, and within a day after depositing money, it is active. Only one case is provided free of charge.

Sequence of buying cases

New participants can open cases by doing the following:

The user is offered the average prices set for the purchase of shirp. With it, you can purchase a rare or collectible item by choosing any mechanism: upgrade in the form of a combination of two skins or pay the price difference.

Registration on the ForceDrop platform and login to your personal account

Forcedrop dota and ForceDrop are profitable CS cases

Cooperation with the platform involves user registration on the official ForceDrop website — this is a mandatory procedure that provides access to all site resources. The user should log into the Steam account, and then go through the registration procedures indicating personal data. The platform uses the strongest encryption systems that ensure the security of both personal and financial information. Authorized customers have access to various ways to replenish their account, and are also allowed to download skins from their own collections as payment.

Depositing funds to the account and withdrawing to ForceDrop

Financial transactions are carried out in convenient and popular ways. The user needs to go to the financial department of his personal account and get acquainted with the proposed payment instruments. To do this, click on the icon with the account amount and press the plus button to open the list. Gamers are offered four main ways to conduct transactions: using bank cards, wallets of electronic payment systems, cryptocurrency wallets and their own skins from the Steam account inventory. The initial deposit can be increased by using a promo code.

One of the advantages of the ForceDrop platform is the real withdrawal of skins from cases and drops received during battles, upgrades. After sending a withdrawal request, the system creates a URL link to the trade, after which the gamer only needs to activate the operation and receive the item in his collection. If the drop does not meet the expectations of the player, it is easy to implement it on the platform, having received an appropriate reward.

Moreover, on ForceDrop, a gamer may not use payment systems at all, operating only with skins from his inventory. They are exchanged using the Skinsback service, for which a URL is attached to the trade.

Platform bonus policy

Forcedrop dota and ForceDrop are profitable CS cases

The ForceDrop bonus system is designed so that users receive cases within 24 hours by fulfilling simple conditions. The main bonus provides a promotional code that will increase the initial bill by 35%. The code is inserted into a field specially designed for this during the deposit of money into the account.

There are also other types of rewards on the platform:

Version for mobile phones

The ForceDrop site is available not only to computer users, but also to those who prefer mobile gadgets. There is no special application for Android and iOS devices, but the official website is adapted for phones and smartphones with low resolution. Users will not have any difficulties when choosing cases with skins or upgrading. They will easily get the skins and put them in the inventory of the Steam account.

Advantages of the ForceDrop platform

The ForceDrop platform is an ideal tool for exchanging skins. A large selection of cases for the CS is offered, obtained using the site’s functional system. Also, bonuses and other gifts are available, there are unique collections of various assemblies.

Users note the following advantages of the service:

How to pay off on forcedrop cards?

There are many interesting cases among forcedrop cases. We were very attracted to forcedrop cards. What are forcedrop cards? Forcedrop cards are one of the ways to farm skins on the site. The site has classic cases, custom cases, battles, contracts, upgrades, and cards. We’re talking about cards today. We will not just talk, but we will talk about popular ways to open these cards, which are more likely to pay for them. Also, we will try each of these methods ourselves, we will give 3 attempts for each method! As an experimental case, we will use “Pro” cards for 130 rubles.

Method “1 – 6”

This method, like all others, we found on the Internet. The names of the methods are the cells, and their order in which to open.
As you can see, the forcedrop cards that you need to poke at are circled in the picture.

Let’s try this method and open 3 sets of forcedrop cards. Go!

Method “2-5”

Everything is the same, but we only change the forcedrop cards that we will open. By this method, we need to open cells 2 and 5.

Let’s start our first opening of forcedrop cards in this way, and see if it works.

Summing up, we can say that we paid off on forcedrop cards. Yes, perhaps the methods work through time, but they work, and it pleases!

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