From One, an Army (7.06f)

From One, an Army (7.06f) Дота


From One, an Army (7.06f)

From One, an Army (7.06f)

From One, an Army (7.06f)

+24% Critical Strike (200%)

-4s Doppelganger CD

+10% Juxtapose Damage

+300 Phantom Rush Range

-2s Spirit Lance CD

+2.5s Phantom Rush Bonus Agi Duration

+50 Spirit Lance Damage

From One, an Army (7.06f)

From One, an Army (7.06f)

From One, an Army (7.06f)



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The name is Phantom. Phantom Lancer

This the point of time where you start coming online with your first core item, and become a nightmare for single-target damage heroes or heroes which are very mana dependent for doing what they are supposed to do.Also, you can dive very efficiently because of the sheer amount of illusions that you have around you to tank up the tower damage, making kills easier to get.Still,beware that you are still squishy as hell and you don’t want to get bursted down making rounds of the jungle or getting a rune.

So,basically what you do is,you run in and burn mana while being an annoying piece of **** and not dying.

Also, you need to analyze the enemy team.Do not underestimate your enemy,you never know when you might lose a pivotal team-fight because you didn’t see the Black King Bar pickup on who already had 2 of her core items.If they have single target stuns,you need not worry as the probability of they even caring to find the real is lesser than that of them finding you!But, if they have AoE stuns such as (which works on illusions too), and , you might wanna consider staying back lest you are stunned and damgaged, revealing you to your enemies as your illusions take more damage than you do,making you stand out like a sore thumb.


  • Completely remade the item build, making three new sections, namely: «Luxury Core Extensions», «Optional/Situational Extensions», and «Please Do Not Get»
  • Added pictures in the chapter, «Items»
  • Replaced the chapter «Using Multiple Unique Attack Modifiers» with «The End of Multiple Unique Attack Modifiers»
  • Added a chapter, «Changes to Phantom Lancer in 6.83», to tell the changes made in 6.83

Silver Edge (2nd Core Item)

I know what you’re thinking right now. Just hear me out, I’ll try my best to convince you about how amazing is on . However, if you’re not convinced, you could just skip it and move on.

Early Game

As a hard carry, the only thing that you need to think about is getting lasthits.Playing safe is very important when playing due to his lack of a farming mechanism, which really sets him back when he is ganked a couple of times.

Staying safe must be your top priority.To ensure that you are safe,you must lane with a hard support like Keeper of the Light or or or something,to trade hits when you are farming and potentially zoning out the melee offlaner.

The only time you can get aggressive in your lane is when you are in a trilane with dual stuns,even then, I would advice you to stay back and wait until you are sure that the kill is set and the mid laner is where he is supposed to be.

Remember that has a very low cool-down, so if you have the mana to use it during a gank, don’t hesitate to use it as you can secure an easy kill with it.Also, juking the enemies only stun (looks at and ) can be pretty irritating for the enemy team as it really sets their aggressive tri/dual lane back because their main objective is to shut you down,which they can’t for the next minute or so as their stun is on cool-down or they are out of mana.

Thank You

Thank you for taking out the time to read my guide. I hope it improves your gameplay and knowledge not only with , but with other heroes as well. Please upvote if you found my guide to be useful and informative. If you have any suggestions or questions, please do tell me in the comments. I will always be willing to answer and have a discussion.


Being a hard carry, shines in the late game. By this time, you should be the most powerful hero in the game.

Late-game teamfights dictate which team gets to break high ground first. So it is absolutely mandatory that you take part in them. Once you win a teamfight, push as soon as possible with your team and break high ground. is a good pusher late-game so you should be able to take at least two lanes’ tier 3 towers and barracks. Go for the third lane too if you can. If you end up retreating without getting to mega creeps, remember to take the enemy shrines, that is very important.

Winning at this point is not a very difficult task at all. Just remember to not let go of the pressure, and to be please be on the same page as your team. At this time, knowing what everyone plans to do is very important. Pick-offs on either team will be deadly at this point, so even though you’ll be at your strongest, be more aware than ever.

Counters to Phantom Lancer

How to deal with him: The stun’s projectile moves at a moderate speed, so avoiding it using is quite easy. If you initiate on him with a hit, that right there disables his for 5 seconds, which, in conjunction with his ultimate, is his main ability to kill you. However, you need to quickly disable him with an or a Scythe of Vyse as soon as you initiate. This is so that he’s unable to activate his Black King Bar. He has a pretty small mana pool so that duration should be enough to finish his mana. Once he’s out of mana, it doesn’t matter even if he does activate his Black King Bar, because he won’t be able to use nor . Without those two, he can’t really kill you, and he’s an easy kill for you.

How to deal with him: Dealing with is pretty similar to dealing with . You need to initiate on him with a hit to disable , and then disable him using , Scythe of Vyse, or . This is so that he can’t use and increase his survivability by a massive margin. , too, has a small mana pool so you can hope to finish his mana during the time he’s disabled. Even if he does survive for that duration, you can end up killing him easily when he can’t use any of his abilities.

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How to deal with him: is extremely dependent on his abilities to do anything. His can be disabled with and the rest can be countered by getting a . Initiate on him a hit, then silence him and kill him quickly. Also, don’t stay inside his . Even use to get out if you have to.

How to deal with him: is one of those carries who has a pretty good early-game presence and can completely own the enemy in the late-game too. You are going to have a hard time against him. What you need to do is initiate on him using to disable . Then disable him using or Scythe of Vyse. By the time the disable duration ends, his mana should be finished due to , and without his abilities, he can’t really deal with you.

Item progression.

Unfortunately, our blue friend is not very flexible about his item builds.The most he can do is change the order in which he buys them (even that is after and .

Diffusal Blade (1st Core Item)

Since illusions now benefit from raw attack speed, the +20 attack speed bonus is clearly better than increased damage. is right-clicking carry, so keeping that in mind, the upgrade is essentially useless. Plus, the increased attack speed really helps with your farming speed, especially in taking jungle camps.

+8 All Stats or 15% Cooldown Reduction

The choice between these two talents is by far the most situational for . It fully depends on the enemy lineup and what exactly you need for increased survival in that specific match. I mostly find myself going for increased magic resistance because AOE magical damage is what messes up in most games. However, if the enemy lineup primarily deals physical damage, then 15% evasion could end up being the better choice.

+600 Phantom Rush Range or

The +20 strength talent is easily the better choice here. has no issues in closing gaps, especially if you go for the build I recommend. Even without that, it’s not a big deal. However, increased tankiness is very important for an illusion hero, and that’s why the strength talent is the one to go for. It makes you harder to kill, it makes your illusions harder to kill, and going for it means you don’t need to devote a whole item slot to tank yourself up. Instead, you can buy something more aggressive.


This skill is a nuke, a slow and provides an illusion dealing 20% of your damage.An average nuke, but is maxed first due to its very small cooldown and insane slow (40%),leading to easy kill opportunities.Very taxing on s pitiful mana pool, so it is advised to use it sparingly in the early game, atleast till the supports get or something.

Mana cost:125/130/135/140
Cooldown: 7 seconds.

A new skill which was added as a part of the complete rework of .It is currently a very underrated skill, often left to be maxed last which is a completely wrong way to play him in my opinion.This skill is basically ‘s with a higher cooldown,lower disappearance time which is somewhat compensated with a blink like mechanism which can be used to reposition yourself 600 units away from your original position.

What this skill does is, it gives you a semi-reliable escape,coupled with the ability to dodge every skill in the game and also gives you 2 extra illusions,one of which tanks as much damage as you can (ie. no damage amp on the illusion!).It can be used to juke your way out tough situations,much like a would.It is also a very effective chasing tool as it takes every one of your illusions along with you, making you even more irritating to deal with!.

Remember that You cannot decide where the illusions will reappear,nor can you decide your own position, making it a double edge.Suppose you are on low ground, trying to aim to go to higher ground as you would with a ,and you accidentally aim on the edge.There are chances that you might end up on low ground again, just in a different position,effectively wasting your skill, and giving the enemy an easy kill.
mana cost:50
cooldown:25/20/15/10 seconds

This skill becomes more important as you go into the late-game,enabling you to transform from the «stay-back and farm hero» to a «rush in and violate» hero.With its insanely low cooldown, There is literally no way of running away from past 45 minutes.

What this skill does is ,when off cooldown, if you command your hero to attack an enemy unit within the prescribed range, the main hero along with his illusions will rush towards the unit so attacked at a speed of 800 and proceed to attack the unit.

Remember that this is not a togglable skill,implying that you cannot control when it procs,making your auto hit-canceling work against you as you may dash towards the target,making you vulnerable getting nuked down.Use with care.

At level 1, this skill grants you a 40% chance of creating an illusion when hitting,scaling upto 50% at level 3,meaning that you will be creating an illusion every other hit!.This is a huge buff to his teamfighting as well as farming ability as he can just jump out, regen health and jump in,re-making his army of illusions in mere seconds.

just the fact that you can make a total of 14 units(including original hero),which means that you can theoretically burn 350 mana per hit from the enemies mana pool.This is, like huge.With his naturally high agi gain, supplemented by the massive 30 agility given by ,its no wonder that heroes generally end up with 0 mana within mere seconds.Also makes targetting you a lot more difficult.

Manta Style or Sange and Yasha (3rd Core Item)

Deciding which one of these two items is better for has been a controversial topic since the dawn of time. Most veterans say that is simply and obviously the better choice yet you see a lot of people making Sange and Yasha. The thing is, they’re both great on . One of these items NEEDS to be built on him, but never both, so how does one decide? First, let me tell you my stance on this topic. Personally, I prefer Matna Style. This meta is all about putting pressure and then maintaining it, and is great for that.

In the early game, i usually prefer to start with a + combination, giving decent stats and backup regeneration for lane harassment.

A + + combination can also do the trick if you have problems in taking last hits without the convenient bonus.

: Our choice of boots on is .This is because of the tread switch being perfect for getting mana for that life-saving ,or just enough mana to kill with .Also,attack speed is always a welcome addition.

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: Not very gold efficient,but builds into ,which is all you care about.

Azwraith, The Phantom Lancer

With the complete rework given to the hero, has gained an entirely new facet which has not been explained properly, resulting in people thinking that the hero is either brokenly OP (4K++ mmr) or very weak(everybody else).

With this guide, I am going to give some pretty in-depth explanation about his skills and play style.

Mid Game-The core Items

this item is so core on that its not even funny.It’s so core, they made an in-game-item for it. Its so core,they changed the whole bloody hero for it(making unviable).Without this item, is just an annoying guy who hits like a tissue,if he gets near his enemies in the first place.

The new rework, in which the duration of ‘s illusions was drastically reduced (from 20 seconds to a mere 8), has completely removed the question of whether you should make or .

The 25 mana burn that you receive from this item makes you a very dangerous hero to meet alone.One and you are gasping for mana,one and you are dead.Its that easy.

Also, the slow helps you to prevent the enemies from running away from the seemingly endless waves of illusions that you can create.

: This item is very good on simply due to the fact that it helps you to rapidly regenerate health,making you a team-fight nightmare as your illusions just keep coming.Also helps with the split-pushing part a lot and your illusions can actually take a hit now.

: An amazing item on our blue friend, as they last much,much longer than your skill-illusions,thus facilitating pushes amazingly.You can even experience the old cancer :’).

Also the moves-peed bonus is good,along with good all-round stats,coupled with another juking tool,making you an annoying little **** to deal with :D.

Luxury Core Extensions

These items are all very effective and useful for . Which of these you buy is dependent on your own preference and the situation.

Illusion Mechanics

In order to play as , you need to know Dota’s illusion mechanics. There’s a reason for being so good for him.

Illusions can’t use any active ability. However, they do benefit from a lot of passive abilities. Passive abilities that illusions can use:

Passive abilities that illusions can’t use:

In lane, your number one priority should be getting last hits and staying alive. ‘s attack animation is quite nice, and last hitting shouldn’t be difficult, considering he has pretty decent base damage, and your starting items grant you 3 agility while the provides 24 additional damage against creeps. At an average, you should be getting at least 5 last hits per minute, 7 is optimal of course.

Don’t forget to keep harassing your enemy, that is very essential. If the enemy hero is ranged, you should harass them using . However, this harassing should be very calculated. You should try to keep your mana above 50% most the time, in case you need to use or get an actual chance for a kill, but if the enemy hero has less than 500 health, it’s better to use even if little remains afterwards. It’s essentially a matter of psychological and systematic harassing. If the enemy hero is melee, harassing is even easier, but you are also more prone to harassing yourself. Therefore, with melee heroes, you should use both, , and normal attacks, to harass.

The key to maintaining good farm is to keep lane equilibrium for the first 7-8 minutes of the game and try to get every last hit and some denies too. At that point, you should have your Ring of Aquila and and you’re level 6 too. After that, you accelerate your farm by cycling between the lane and jungle camps next to it. You farm one or two creep waves in the lane and push your own creeps into the enemy tower, then take the two jungle camps next to the lane and then come back into the lane to get creep waves. This should be the cycle you repeat during the early game. When the enemy tower’s health eventually gets low, go and push with your creep wave, finish it off quickly and then move on. Around the 14-15 minute mark, you should be done with your and all of your early game items.

Once you’re ready to move on, please do, don’t waste time in lane when you can spend the time better. Now, you have two aims. The first is to maintain your farm, while the second is to look for pushing chances and pick-offs. For this reason, try to keep a teleport scroll.

Tips and Notes:


:In the good old days, was considered to be a moderate counter to has he is more than proficient in stopping pushes after getting an item or two.Now,He can safely be classified as a hard counter as now has to stay with his illusions to push, giving perfect chance to run in and give you the shrek treatment. DO NOT ENGAGE!

: Now this is a bit of a dual edged sword.A well played will lay waste to illusion making heroes with his huge arsenal of nukes and disables.On the other hand, a badly played will get caught out of position and die without making any significant impact. Engage with caution.

:This guy is you,just more irritating and less scaling.

  • Crazy jukes.
  • Good nuking power.
  • High snowball potential.
  • Irritating as ****.
  • Has a silence.

Also,As of the new patch, latches on to illusions too,implying that in the early game, you can’t do nothing and you might just kill yourself trying to get that last hit with .He can also run away from everything that you can do in a gank,if you are foolish enough to solo gank him.

: Oh well, this is the important part. can now be considered a direct counter to because of her static damage boost in and instant illusion clear with .You partially counter her after your pickupEngage only if low on mana.

Video Time!

I found this guide on showing how to farm the jungle (meh) with the new phantom lancer!

Spirit Lance

At this point of time, you have finally become what you have been farming all game for-A hard carry.After getting all your core items and extensions, you become a monster,the devourer of supports, the bane of mana-hungry heroes and carries alike with your insane pushing prowess and an irritating knack of nope-ing the **** out of an situation you want,whenever you want.

Now, it might seem that the hard part has ended, and that now you can go ROFL-Stomp the enemy. NO.At this point you will feel the pressure of playing one of the more skill- needing carries in the game.The timing needs to be flawless,there is no margin for error on this hero,much like . One can decide the outcome of a teamfight.

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Also, you can split push very effectively at this point of time with the aid of a simple Boots of Travel.Just TP in,use ,destroy creep-wave,destroy tower,run away.

Remember, a single pickoff at 50 minutes in the game can change the tide of the next engagement.If that pickoff is you, you might as well shut your pc down and shove a sock down your throat,because you most probably lost, or gave the enemies two pairs of barracks,making your game 10X more difficult to win.

The worst thing you can do in the late game is making bad item choices..
If I am not able to kill that 6-slotted or ,I would make a Scythe of Vyse and guarantee that kill or than make an Eye of Skadi and reducing their damage output rather than making a ,cuz crits are good right?

Jungling is pretty easy. Just use to go into a creep camp and start attacking. In a creep camp, when there are 4-7 illusions, and only one creep remains, you should take the real out of there and start going towards the next camp. This way, you’ll be able to save valuable time and be able to farm the maximum amount of creeps per minute. Again, into the creep camp and start attacking.

One important thing to remember about jungling is that you should be aware of what’s going on throughout the whole map. If you can help your team out somewhere, you really should, so keep a teleport scroll.

By around the 20-21 minute mark, you should have your . With that, you can start playing a bit more aggressively. You can push deeper into enemy territory before retreating and even take neutral camps from their jungle. By doing this, you’ll be accomplishing a number of things. First of all, the enemy team will have to divert some of their resources to deal with your pushes. Alongside that, you’ll be able to get kills on unexpecting supports or maybe even their carry.

Please do not forget to take part in team fights. makes the most impact at this point, and the power you’ll be providing to your team will be decisive. Winning a team fight can mean the difference between losing and winning, so make sure you’re there when it happens.

: They get evasion, you get Monkey King Bar! pretty straight forward.Also, gives you a solid damage boost.

: A very good item on any hero quite honestly.Gives you a solid disable coupled with solid stats.Me like.Scaling very well into late game, its a good pickup against carries who don’t want to make Black King Bar

: gives you the biggest damage boost in the game after .What more could you possibly want?Also please note that even though the illusions crit, the damage is shown before reductions, implying that there is a boost in damage,its just relatively underwhelming.

: amazing stats and evasion.A very good pickup against a physical damage oriented lineup.The evasion also applies to your illusions, greatly increasing their EHP.

: Now, before you all run up to me and chant the good ol’ «no bash on illusions» rhyme,let me explain.When coupled with ,the slow from and , don’t you think that a as an late game item could do wonders to your fighting ability? sure, The illusions won’t bash,But you will!And that’s quite enough isn’t it?It gives you enough time to get those powered hits in,completely destroying any hopes the enemy might have had of using their spells.Also,it gives you some strength,a ****-load of damage and a Black King Bar piercing stun!.Imagine,your enemies making a Black King Bar to counter your team’s nukers and your mana burn, and you just «dropping the bass’ on those unlucky little critters as they witness their precious bkb seconds going to waste!

: A very situational item which is made only when you just can’t deal with the attack-speed with which the carries are hitting,and when they have mass black king bars.Also, stats!

loves stats! You get more tanky , hit harder AND slow the enemy! Fun Fun!!

From One, an Army (7. 06f)


September 28, 2017


  • can be used to easily disjoint (avoid) targeted abilities because of its 1 second duration.
  • Contrary to popular belief, casting is not instantaneous. It has a 0.1 second cast animation.
  • Existing illusions within a 900 radius also vanish and reappear where is casted. However, their durations are not reset.
  • When illusions reappear, any trees within 200 radius of each illusion get destroyed. This means that if there were existing illusions near before casting the ability, more trees will be destroyed.
  • Not only that, but you can also avoid area of effect abilities such as ‘s by timing it correctly.
  • This is the second ability to be maxed, after .
  • is a basic dispel, similar to ‘s active. More on that later,
  • can also be used as an effective way to initiate 1 vs 1 fights. Using the ability right over an enemy hero will cause them to be surrounded.
  • It can also be used as a short range blink, enabling to jump over
    impassable terrain such as cliffs. This can be useful in jungling and escaping from enemy heroes.

One of the most important aspects of is the fact that it is a basic dispel. Therefore, I have made an exhaustive list of all the negative hero and item effects that can be removed by using the ability.

Why is Vladimir’s bad on Phantom Lancer?

here it is boys.

Let’s start with some assumptions.

He hits once per second.

Damage calculated for juxtapose illusions.

Damage output per illusion = 16%.

Vlads heal = 16% (not taking bonus damage )

So, each illusion will deal 16 * 3 = 48 damage ;_;

+ diffusal blade = 25

Total = 83 damage.

Lifesteal per illusion = 16% of 83 = 13.2 health per hit.

So ends this math session. 😀

IF you guys want any more math related stuff for this guide, just PM me 🙂

Early Game Items

: Sustains your excuse of a mana pool,good against push strats which work rather well against a , and can bring you home when your are in trouble.

:This guy is like your personal ,Saving you from the initiation as well as creating 2 illusions which can create their own illusions!Also the hefty damage boost from soul catcher leads to some easy kills for .

:A very good laning support who also gives you handy mana regen coupled with a solid disable and slow,resulting in a very good synergy between and .

:The insane slow and damage output of this hero in the early game, coupled with a 2 second hard disable (if used correctly).A very good lane combo.

Pros and Cons

  • Can instantly make an army of illusions.
  • Needs only one item to come online.
  • Insanely hard to kill without silence.
  • Very high damage output.
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