Guardian of light Dota 2 гайд и

Keeper of the light dota 2 гайд

Keeper of the Light is a supportive hero in Dota 2 that uses his abilities to manipulate light and energy. He is commonly referred to as KotL or Ezalor by the Dota 2 community. In this guide, we’ll break down the key elements of Keeper of the Light and provide you with some valuable tips on how to play this hero successfully.

Primary Abilities

This is Keeper of the Light’s most potent spell. It is an AoE spell that deals damage to enemies and heals allied heroes. The spell has a charged system that allows you to hold the spell to increase the damage and healing. With a maximum of two charges, this spell becomes a powerful weapon in team fights and defense of structures.

Chakra Magic
This spell restores an ally’s mana and reduces their abilities’ cooldowns. The spell is useful in the laning phase as it helps your ally to spam their spells more frequently, forcing enemies to retreat.

Blinding Light
This spell pushes enemies back and blinds them for a short time, reducing their hit chance. The spell is fantastic in team fights and can be used to displace enemies or save allies who are in danger.

Spirit Form
This ultimate ability transforms Keeper of the Light into an ethereal form, increasing his movement speed, reducing his mana costs, and enabling him to cast all his spells. This ability is best utilized in team fights or as a disengagement tool when running away from enemies.

Laning Phase

Keeper of the Light is best played as a support hero in the laning phase. His Chakra Magic spell is useful for restoring your carry’s mana and reducing their abilities cooldown. You’ll have to focus on denying the enemy carry’s farm while keeping your carry safe from ganks.


Mid Game

As a support hero, your primary responsibility during the mid-game is to ward the map to give vision to your team. You’ll have to roam around and take advantage of your Illuminate spell to clear waves and deal damage to enemy heroes.

Late Game

In the late game, Keeper of the Light becomes a powerful hero. You’ll want to utilize your Blinding Light and Illuminate spells to control team fights. Use your ultimate ability to stay alive while helping your team deal damage and provide healing.

Item Build

Keeper of the Light is a spell-focused hero, so building items that can help restore his mana and enhance his spells is crucial.

Starting items:

-Observer Ward
-Flying Courier
-Magic Stick

Early game:

-Arcane Boots
-Urn of Shadows
-Aether Lens

Core Items:

-Force Staff
-Glimmer Cape
-Aghanim’s Scepter

Late-game items:

-Scythe of Vyse
-Octarine Core
-Shiva’s Guard

In conclusion, Keeper of the Light is a dynamic hero that can provide a lot of value to his team. His versatile abilities can change the course of the game and help turn the tides in favor of his team. With the right strategy, Keeper of the Light can be a formidable foe in Dota 2.

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