Guide to monkey king Dota 2 — monkey king

Guide to Monkey King dota 2 — Monkey King Дота

Monkey King Bar

Let’s analyze the Monkey King Bar item in more detail. The cost of this artifact is 4180 gold.

Recently, the well-known Dota2 received significant changes in the structure of the game (patch). She received an almost updated look.

A new hero appeared — carry — Monkey King. Its strength increases with the level and the number of items to collect.

Dota 2 — Monkey King :: Job or Game

The popularity of the hero’s position.

Last statistics update: 08.12.2020

Monkey King (%), All heroes (%)

This scale shows how difficult it is for a hero to play against a particular hero.

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MKB DotA is an item that can be purchased in the main shop. This item is made for characters who rely on damage from their hand. In order to collect it, you need to purchase Demon Edge from the Secret Shop.

It gives the hero the following stat increase:

Often, Monkey King Bar can be seen on heroes who have the main attribute of dexterity. This is due to the fact that it has the following Pierce property. This ability allows you to ignore the butterfly and deal additional magic damage. The chance of this is 75% on each hit.

As a rule, this item is purchased by those who dominate the match or want to remove enemy misses. This is especially true if the enemy team has Phantom Assassin, which creates a high miss chance with the help of a passive ability. It is simply impossible to play without MKB in this case.

What is the MB DotA made of, its cost

MKB Dota now costs 4175 gold. In order to collect it, you need to buy three items:

Only Demon Edge will have to be purchased from the Secret Shop. The rest of the things needed for assembly can be bought directly at the base.

Who should buy dota mcb?

This item, as already mentioned, is bought by agility heroes. It enhances their damage potential. Additionally, MKB almost always removes enemy misses, which in some matches is a necessity rather than a prank. Which heroes would look good with this item:

That is, these are almost all characters who hope for a hand attack.

This Monkey King guide will teach you how to play as a new mobile carry hero with strong and fun abilities — Monkey King.

Who counters Monkey King

At the beginning of the game, the monkey does not have a large supply of health, and in order to save the ass, you have to use spells. There are a number of characters that will not allow this to be done and will negate King’s dominance in the early stages of the game. Skywrath Mage, Doom, Night Stalker.

Timbersaw cuts trees and this victim is stunned for 4 seconds!

Zeus sees this prankster everywhere and always, thanks to his abilities.

The Specter also walks through the trees and punishes the dangerous inhabitants.

Bloodseeker silences and sees this villain on low hp.

Guide to Monkey King dota 2 — Monkey King

A spell similar to Shaker’s fissure. Monkey King enlarges his staff and strikes in an area, dealing critical damage from his main attack. This ability has a rather long cooldown of 25 seconds. So don’t spam her all the time, better save her for a fight.

Stun duration: 0.5/1/1.5/2 seconds

Cooldown: 25 seconds

This skill reveals the monkey in all its glory. The ability makes it possible to climb trees, or rather jump on them. Great escape. You can quietly hide from enemies, evade pursuit, or attack unexpectedly using the third spell. When taking damage, the spell is knocked down and you have to wait 3 seconds to jump.

View around the tree: 800

Cooldown: 1.4 seconds

Monkey King jumps from a tree and deals a devastating blow to the area. This skill simply obliges you to jump through the trees, which makes the monkey a little predictable. Damage depends on cast time.

Slow duration: 4 seconds

Charging time: 3 seconds

Cast time: 1.6 seconds

Cooldown: 16 seconds

A passive ability that gives you lifesteal and increased damage after 4 hits on an enemy. Only 4 charges, you can use them on any target.

The spell is available from the start. It allows you to turn into different things, trees and even runes, depending on where the hero is.

Monkey King creates a field in which copies of him appear, which deal damage to enemy heroes. All clones and the decoy King himself receive an aura of increased damage. Ultimate is really strong, try to put him in the thick of the battle.

Clone Attack Speed: 2.1

Number of clones: 14 (5 + 9)

Warrior Spread Radius: 1050 (300 + 750)

Damage Aura Radius: 750

Skill build Monkey King

The most effective build for dealing maximum damage to enemies. The main goal is to max the second spell and passive ability as quickly as possible.

Monkey King Talents

Despite the fact that the monkey can be picked as a support, the whole strength of this hero still lies in his damage. Therefore, talents must be chosen accordingly. At level 10 — +20 to attack speed (no one forbids, of course, taking additional vision from Tree Dance), at level 15 — +75 damage from Jingu Mastery, at level 20 — + 50% critical damage from Boundless Strike, at 25 level — you’d rather use the extra armor in your ultimate.

How to play Monkey King

This hero can go to the mid or safe lane with a friendly support. The initial purchase is something like this:

In the mid, try to take out the jar as quickly as possible

and don’t forget to check the runes.

In the lane, your task is to farm and strain the enemy, and since the abilities use a small amount of mana, this will not be a problem.

After getting level 6-7, be sure to go to the ganks, help your allies.

Guide to Monkey King in battle

The character is interesting and mobile, you can play for him in different ways, cunningly and deceiving the enemy.

To begin with, let’s analyze the simplest attack tactics, and then I’ll tell you more interesting tactics.

1) Both the ultimate and the third spell have a delay, so you will need help or a surprise attack. You need to hide in a tree and surprise an unsuspecting patient by jumping on it using the third skill. Then cast the ultimate, then stop it a bit with the first ability. And then finish off the victim from the hand.

2) This tactic is more difficult, but not as predictable. Your task, first of all, is to cast your ultimate, preferably in the midst of enemies. To not be accepted immediately, use bkb

. As soon as your copies begin to beat up opponents, throw a lotar at them and use the first ability. Then you can jump onto the tree, but try not to leave the circle, otherwise the ultimate will be interrupted. Jump on top of the fleeing assholes and finish them off.

What to collect Monkey King

From boots you can buy

shadow blade will allow you to become even more mobile and suddenly break into the team. In the late game, make him Silver Age

Bkb. If the enemy has a lot of magic damage and stuns, take it instead of Lothar

Basher and later Abyssal Blade

A strong item for a late game if no one has collected a mcb against you

A desolator also has a place to be, if everything goes well and you have enough health, take it and reduce the armor of the villains.

Possible late items:

The final purchase is something like this:

Guide to Monkey King has come to an end. Enjoy an interesting character and figure out how to outwit your enemies.

Itembuild (buildup)

Phase Boots (Phase) — boots for a hero hero. Increase armor and damage.

Power Treads (PT) — an alternative to Phase Boots (Phase). These boots have additional attack speed

Maelstrom (Maelshtopm) and Mjollnir (Mjolnir) — this item is designed more for farming than for fighting. If you see that the enemy is playing cautiously, then it is better to buy Maelstrom.

Diffuzy Blade (Diffuse) — Very strongly increases our dps + allows you to slow down the target, so that it will not go anywhere from us.

Black King Bar (BKB) — this is the case of a blessing for Monkey King in a love game, tak kak is how to vulnerably vulnerably, but an oocker, and the dizbellovs.

Skull Basher (Basher) and Abyssal Blade (Abyssal) — if you do not want opponents to run away from you in the late game, then this item is required. Abyssal Blade gives a chance to stun the enemy, Abyssal will immobilize the enemy target.

Butterfly (Butterfly) is a sought-after item with the agility stat. Gives an abyss of damage, as well as a chance to dodge an enemy attack. When used, it increases our movement speed for a short period of time, but removes the chance of avoiding an attack.

Monkey King Bar (MKB) – a mandatory item if there are characters with a chance to dodge in the enemy team.

Game plan

You can also gank right from this point. However, make sure you get some lives yourself. Otherwise, you can focus on the mid lane to farm and wait for enough items to move on to the next stage.

Mid game

This stage you need the ability to withstand combat. So let’s go to BKB as quickly as possible. Balance between farming and ganking to not lose too many items. At this point, use the Tree Dance to scout and sneak attacks on the enemies behind. Try to work well with your teammates to be able to gank, farm and push turrets as fast as possible.

Late game

Towards the end of the game, you can separate your teammates to gank oddly and sneak up on paper heroes first. Besides, you can use Ultimate to create a protective shield around the tower. Avoid harassment from the enemy while you are pushing the turret. The faster you push the tower, the higher the advantage your team has to win. So use Ultimate so that it is reasonable to achieve the most achievements.

Enemies & Allies

Keeper of the Light

Items Counter

Tango, Quelling Blade, and Battle Fury: The tree Monkey King is standing on can be destroyed by Tango, Quelling Blade, and Battle Fury.

Force Staff: Monkey King is pushed out of Wukong’s command by the Force Staff. Trees may be destroyed by pushed heroes.

Orb of Venom

Orb of Venom: In the early game, the damage over time of Orb of Venom prevents Monkey King from utilizing Tree Dance for the period.

Dragon Scale, Urn of Shadows, and Spirit Vessel: Tree Dance is kept on cooldown by Dragon Scale, Urn of Shadows, and Spirit Vessel.

Radiance: When Monkey King is disguised with Mischief, Radiance’s area burn will show him while also putting his Tree Dance on cooldown until he exits the area, severely limiting his escape options. Furthermore, the blind makes it more difficult for him to earn and land Jingu Mastery stacks.

Eul’s Scepter of Divinity

Eul’s Scepter of Divinity: Jingu Mastery’s buff is removed by Eul’s Scepter of Divinity.

Shiva’s Guard: When Monkey King is on a tree, Shiva’s Guard will unveil him.

Favorable Matchups

Tree Dance — this ability allows the hero to move, jump through the trees. Gives good mobility.

Primal Spring

Primal Spring — This is an integral part of the Tree Dance ability. When jumping from a tree, the hero deals damage and slows those who fall into his attack zone (range).

Boundless Strike

Boundless Strike — the hero Monkey Klng strikes the ground with his staff at a long distance, stunning and dealing devastating damage to all enemies hit by the staff.

Jingy Mastery

Jingy Mastery — Killer passive ability.


Mischief — The ability to transform. To outwit the enemy.

Wukong’s Command

Wukong’s Command — Self clone ability.


Beware of heroes that can push us out of range of our ult (the last fourth ability of the hero in the game, at level 6).


Monkey King Bar is a collectible item in Dota 2 that can be purchased from the Weapons section of the store. Some elements of the MKB (abbreviated name of the item) must be purchased at the Secret Shop.

Skills building guide

Guide to Monkey King dota 2 — Monkey King


Cast Animation: 0.4+0.5

Cast Range: 1100

Effect Length: 1100

Effect Width: 150

Critical Damage: 135%/165%/195%/225%

Stun Duration: 1/1.2/1.4/1.6 (Talent 1.3/1.5/1.7/1.9)

Effect: Monkey King expands his staff and smacks it on the ground, stunning foes in a line and inflicting critical damage with his assault. True Strike is present.

Cast Animation: 0.1+0

Cast Range from Ground: 900 (Talent 1350)

Cast Range from Tree: 1000 (Talent 1350)

Damage Cooldown: 3

Day Tree Vision: 800 (Talent 1200)

Night Tree Vision: 600 (Talent 900)

Unperch Stun Duration: 4

Effect: Monkey King leaps to a tree and climbs to the summit. He obtains the Primal Spring ability, which is a channeled jump attack, while perched. Monkey King falls and is dazed for 4 seconds if his tree is destroyed. Tree Dance is put on cooldown when it takes damage from player-controlled troops or Roshan while on the ground.

Cast Animation: 0+0

Cast Range: Global.

Max Leap Distance: 1000

Max Channel Time: 1.6

Max Damage: 140/210/280/350

Max Move Speed ​​Slow: 20%/40%/60%/80%

Slow Duration: 4

Effect: Monkey King leaps from his tree perch, inflicting damage and slowing foes in his path. The damage and slow levels are proportional to the length of the channel.

Required Hits: 4

Charges: 4 (Talent 6)

Attack Damage Bonus: 40/70/100/130 (Talent 170/200/230/260)

Counter Duration: 7/8/9/10

Buff Duration: 35

Effect: The Jingu Bang’s strength is awakened by Monkey King’s assaults. Monkey King gains four charged attacks with additional damage and lifesteal after the fourth hit on the same opponent hero.

Cast Animation: 0+0.53

Set Move Speed: 200

Creep Search Radius: 200

Rune Search Radius: 300

Tree Search Radius: 350

Courier Search Radius: 400

Damage Immunity Duration: 0.2 (With Aghanim’s Shard 0.5)

Effect: Changes Monkey King’s appearance to trick opponents, drawing influence from the surrounding surroundings. Monkey King’s disguise is broken when he takes damage, attacks, or uses any item or ability. When you morph, you get damage immunity for 0.2 seconds.

Cast Animation: 1.2+0.37

Cast Range: 550

First Ring Radius: 300

Second Ring Radius: 750

Leadership Radius: 780 (Talent 1130)

Number of First Ring Soldiers: 5

Number of Second Ring Soldiers: 9

Soldiers Attack Interval: 1.2

Armor Bonus: 12/18/24

Max Duration: 13

Effect: From his vantage point, Monkey King forms a circle formation of warriors. Monkey King’s army will scatter if he leaves the region. The soldiers are under the control of the Monkey King and can only assault heroes. For the duration of the spell, Monkey King gains additional armor.


The zone where the hero has a superpowered ability (ultimate) and the third spell has a delay, so help or a surprise attack is needed. You need to hide on a tree and surprise the patient by jumping on it using the second skill.

Then cast an ultimate (use powerful spells) and then suspend it with the help of the third ability, then finish off the victim from your hand.


Adds 75 magic damage, which is calculated randomly.

Attacks triggered by the effect are guaranteed to hit the target.

Monkey King Bar is an artifact that belonged to Sun Wukong. The notorious monkey king, who is one of the heroes in Dota 2.


It should be understood that the bonus magic damage effect does not work against enemy buildings.

MKM must be bought on the hero if the enemy carry or mid laner has items that will later be used in the purchase of Butterfly.


Monkey King Bar in Dota 2 applies the effect of dealing additional magic damage, as well as a precise hit. However, the chance to trigger the effect is 75%. The moment it hits, 100 damage will be dealt.

Abilities & Talents

Guide to Monkey King dota 2 — Monkey King

Is a permanent artifact of the following heroes:

Additionally recommended on: Terrorblade, Bounty Hunter, Shadow Fiend, Faceless Void, Luna, Mirana.

Lore & Bio

«There’s a lot of stories about the Monkey King. Some of ’em are even true.»

500 years after being crushed by the rocks on his back, only his head was able to pull himself out of the weight of the rock prison that the old gods had summoned to stop his childish rebellion. Moss grows on the face, grass groves the ears; eyes filled with wildflowers growing from the ground on the cheekbones. Most people think that Wukong here has died a long time ago, tortured by the gods for the crime of causing chaos in the heavens for a long time, until only legends exist. But, just like the stories, this is the Immortal Monkey King.

So you wait here. Until the day the gods came to give him a chance to atone, he endured. And then when the gods came to make a deal, Sun Wukong accepted the challenge: traveling with a young monk on a secret mission, protecting people from evil and obstacles along the way, and returning home with holy relics as desired. By doing so, and humbly obeying that man’s command to fulfill that holy mission, then Wukong will prove that he has converted.

Guide to Monkey King dota 2 — Monkey King

Effective items guides

Boots of Speed ​​

Boots of Speed: The Boots of Speed ​​give increased movement speed when chasing after foes.

Magic Stick: Monkey King is saved by Magic Stick, which provides burst life and mana.

Blight Stone: Blight Stone assists Monkey King in hitting harder and may later be upgraded to Desolator.

Power Treads: Monkey King may use Power Treads to increase his attack speed and agility, which helps him gain Jingu Mastery. To deal with early game mana concerns, he can convert to intelligence.

Phase Boots: Monkey King can catch up to opponents thanks to Phase Boots’ extra mobility and attack damage.

Magic Wand: When compared to Magic Stick, Magic Wand has more qualities, as well as higher burst health and mana.

Battle Fury: With Tree Dance, Monkey King can swiftly clear creeps with Battle Fury, and its cleave works with Wukong’s Command.

Black King Bar

Black King Bar: Monkey King’s Jingu Mastery charges can be built up without being interrupted, and Black King Bar increases his survivability so he can keep up with Wukong’s Command.

Butterfly: Butterfly increases damage output and evasion, making Wukong’s Command more lethal and lasting.

Desolator: Desolator increases damage and decreases armor of targets, dramatically increasing Monkey King’s damage output against opposing units and buildings, and working well with Boundless Strike’s critical hit.

Situation items

Bottle: Monkey King uses Bottle to store runes, which he can readily get by hopping through trees.

Mjollnir: Mjollnir gives increased attack speed, and its Chain Lightning may be activated by Boundless Strike and Wukong’s Command warriors.

Diffusal Blade: The active slow of Diffusal Blade aids Monkey King in gaining Jingu Mastery or keeping targets under Wukong’s Command. Wukong’s Command troops can also perform Manabreak.

Eye of Skadi

Eye of Skadi: Monkey King has higher durability and a severe slowing effect from Eye of Skadi, which helps him land the several hits required to charge Jingu Mastery. Soldiers from Wukong’s Command can also use the slow.

Silver Edge: Silver Edge assists Monkey King in remaining alive while inside Wukong’s Command. It also uses break to counter specific opponent heroes, allowing you more kill opportunities.

Monkey King Bar: The Monkey King Bar boosts attack damage while also preventing enemy evasion.

Abyssal Blade: Monkey King can use Abyssal Blade to stun an adversary for long enough to get Jingu Mastery stacks or hold them under Wukong’s Command.

Attribute & Stats

Level: 0 1 15 25 30

Health: 200 560 1340 2140 2460

Health regen: +1 +2.8 +6.72 +10.72 +12.32

Mana: 75 315 615 975 1107

Mana regen: +0 +1 +2.26 +3.76 +4.31

Armor: 2 5.67 14.3 22.47 25.88

Damage: 29‒33 51‒55 102‒106 151‒155 172‒176

Attack Rate: 0.59/s 0.72/s 1.02/s 1.31/s 1.43/s

Attack Range: 300 (600)

Attack Speed: 100 (1.7s BAT)

Vision Range: 1800 • 800

+ Плюсы героя +

Самое главное больше практики. Экспериментов. Проводить анализ и подмечать как исправить ошибки или некоторые игровые сюжеты. Это необходимо для достижения успеха в игре на Monkey King и на любом другом герое. В этом руководстве (гайде) описаны только значимые моменты игры и советы. Они помогут разобраться в некоторых деталях и поднять ваш уровень на персонаже Manley King.

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