Hldj Dota and how to stream music in Dota 2

Hldj dota and how to stream music in Dota 2 Дота

In Dota 2, musical accompaniment is much less common than in the same CS:GO, and even more so — PUBG. However, it does occur. And today we will tell you several ways that will allow you to do this, to listen to your own, good music and turn it on to the rest, in order to set the team up for victory, well, or set fire to their farts — that’s how it goes =).

Method No. 1 — collective farm

The easiest and most famous way is to activate voice chat in the game, bring a phone with playing music to the microphone. Its quality will leave the best, and it is more than likely that you will be confused from the very first minutes of the game, and after it, they will also throw reports. Therefore, we do not recommend this method, but simply said that it is possible.

Method #2 — Stereo Mixer

This method involves using only those programs that are available on your computer

In the start bar, in the lower right corner, you can find such an icon as shown in the screenshot below. It may look different depending on which version of Windows you have installed.

If you don’t find it there, go to the Start search and write «sound» there.

Next — you will go to the settings of this function. But now — go to the record tab. It will either look like this:


Hldj dota and how to stream music in Dota 2

Depending on which version of Windows you have on your PC.

Going to the recording item, you will have to find the “Stereo Mixer” item there.

By default (and rightly so) — it should be turned off. You, on the contrary, will need to activate (turn on) it. To do this, right-click on it and select the appropriate item. Ideally, turn off the microphone, because. they may conflict with each other.

Now you will need the music that you are going to play in Dota 2. If it is downloaded on your computer, put the necessary tracks on your desktop for convenience. If it is not downloaded, then in a parallel window, open the browser in which you will launch this composition.

All that remains is to enter Dota, start the match, close it, start the track, return to the game and press the button that activates the voice chat. Music will play in perfect quality.

Method #3 — third-party programs

There are many programs that allow you to play melodies in games. But for Dota 2, the ideal program would be HLDJ. On her example, we will tell you everything.

Unpack the file and install the program.

At the first start — the program will offer you its automatic settings. Be sure to refuse it — it’s important, so choose «NO»

Hldj dota and how to stream music in Dota 2

Click Setup (gear icon). Here again choose No.

Hldj dota and how to stream music in Dota 2

Click on the green plus sign at the top.

Enter Game Name here (anything, but for clarity — sign Dota 2).

Where Engine is an engine, leave Sourve.

Where Play audio key is the button that will play music in the game. Be sure to put the one on which there will be no other binds, for example — F2.

Where is Game Directory — specify the path to the game, to the folder called «dota», after which — click OK.

Where Audio Directory — specify the path to the folder with tracks.

Hldj dota and how to stream music in Dota 2

Now save the settings, and then again. Until the green triangle is highlighted.

Hldj dota and how to stream music in Dota 2

Now, when you press F2 — you will play the tracks in the game.

It remains only to set up the binds that allow you to switch the track or play some special one. To do this, simply write bind x hldjn in the console. This will allow you to switch to the next track by pressing the x button. If you want to bind something special — write bind x 23 (track number).

Now, when you press F2, you will see the microphone icon, in which the tracks you specified will be played. Good luck to you and your hit parade in Dota 2.

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Grinch Video


absolutely picture instruction for those who have gone.
First things first, download the program HERE

or about the site of the program HERE

Right-click on the archive, and extract it to the same folder.

run the file hldj.exe

At the first start, the program will prompt you to select the search for games in automatic mode. Press NO

Press the Setup gear

The program once again asks about searching for games in automatic mode. Press NO

Press +, add game

The name of the game is written in the first field. You can write anything in this field, it doesn’t matter.

Next, select the sound engine of the game. Choose Source.

Next, select the play key, directly by pressing which the sound will be played.
In DotA on F1 map convergence, so choose another button, better on F2.
be sure to check that there is no action attached to the button. after any changes, restart the program and the game

The next step is to select the path to the Dota2 folder.

In the licensed version of the game, it is located in the steamsteamappscommon folder
dota 2
and dota folder
Once selected, the OK button should become clickable.

Now we choose the path with sounds (the path to the sounds should not contain Russian letters in the path and the folder itself should be called in English) and the sounds should be for dota

For example, I chose a folder with «hunting for oil» but you need to download sounds specifically for dota 2. Press the OK button

Hldj dota and how to stream music in Dota 2

as soon as the path is selected, click and then OK

in this window also press OK

In the drop-down box, click the checkmark.

Everything is ready to start the game. We press the green button.

Type LA for a list of tracks. If the list is displayed, then everything is configured correctly. We go to the server and writes LA. Z.Y. don’t forget to enable the console in the dot (if not disabled) and the ability to use micro

From the list, select the track we need and write the number and press the ENTER key.

Next, turn on the track directly with the play key (F2), or whichever you set for convenience.
You will see your nickname and the conversation icon.

to call tracks without a console, that is, the command HLDJN switch to the next track.
bind button hldjn
quotes are not required.
However, the play key still has to be pressed.
However, the play key still has to be pressed. It is important not to bind on the keys with letters, because. it will be inconvenient to write in the chat.

You can also «bind» hotkeys. for this you need to write the bind button of the zirf.

no quotes needed. do not bind to the letter) it is better to F2-12, etc.

The play key must also be turned on.

And the most important thing is to bind a quick list of tracks. For 1 key, a console with a list appears immediately. Quotes are required. bind button «toggleconsole;la»

Well, that’s basically it. Don’t be too lazy to put a like on YouTube) Happy shelling =)

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