Homedive Dota и новые Aghanim’s Scepters в патче 7. 32. Aghanim Все изменения

Aghanim’s Scepter changes in patch 7

Grants new ability: Drums of Slom. Beastmaster starts hitting his drums with ever increasing speed. Each strike deals 110 damage to enemies in a 600 radius, healing him and units under his control for 25% of damage dealt to heroes and 5% of damage dealt to creeps. Drum hits deal no damage and don’t heal if Beastmaster is stunned or silenced. Duration: 6s. Cooldown: 50s. Mana Cost: 100.

Grants new ability: Primal Companion. Creates a Primal Split Brewling based on Brewmaster’s current Drunken Brawler Stance. If the Brewling moves further than 1600 range away from Brewmaster, it is silenced and slowed by 50%. If the Brewling takes damage from heroes or hero-controlled units, a new one can’t be summoned for 3s. If the created Brewling is killed, the ability goes on cooldown for 70 seconds. Only one Brewling can exist at a time. All Brewling’s abilities have a doubled cooldown when summoned with Primal Companion. If Brewmaster uses Primal Split, the existing Brewling disappears. Cooldown: 20s. Mana Cost: 50.

Grants new ability: Hitch a Ride. Centaur tosses an ally into a cart hitched behind him. While in the cart, the ally can still cast and attack normally, but cannot move independently or be targeted by opponents. Non-targeted effects can still affect the hitched ally. Increases the attack range of hitched melee heroes by 200. Mana Cost: 75. Cooldown: 60s. Duration: 8s. Cast Range: 300.

No longer refreshes all of Clockwerk’s abilities on cast and neither grants bonus Movement and Attack Speed. While Overclocking is active, all of Clockwerk’s abilities are supercharged: Battery Assault damages and stuns all enemies within its radius. Power Cogs increase Clockwerk’s Attack Speed by 250 while Clockwerk is inside. Rocket Flare has its cooldown decreased to 3s and shoots 2 additional flares to either side of the target area. Increases Hookshot stun radius and duration by 50%. When Overclocking expires, Clockwerk is stunned for 3s. Buff Duration: 13s. Cooldown: 50s.

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Dota 2 patch 7.32 map terrain changesFixing Dire winrate.

Normal Punch is again moved to Scepter. Illusion damage now equals replica damage of the current level of Wall of Replica, min Damage increased from 10 to 50, max Damage increased from 300 to 450, illusion spawn delay decreased from 0.7s to 0.25s, cooldown decreased from 14s to 9s.

Enemies within 325 radius from target also suffer the effects of Doom. Also allows it to be self-cast to affect enemies around caster.

Deals additional damage equivalent to 3.5% Max Health and pulls all enemies in the 1200 AoE with the speed of 175 units. Units being pulled in the additional Scepter radius can still move.

When cast, turns Hoodwink invisible, increases her movement speed by 15%, and creates a decoy of her that starts charging up Sharpshooter, aiming at the nearest visible enemy in 3000 range. If attacked or targeted by a spell, the decoy is destroyed and a lesser Bushwhack is cast towards the attacker. If the decoy was not attacked, it shoots the Sharpshooter in the direction it was aiming, dealing 60% of its regular damage.

Grants new ability: Flame Cloak. Lina gets flying movement, increases her spell damage by 30% and magic resistance by 35%. Cooldown: 25s. Cannot be dispelled.

Also grants new ability: Reel In. Naga Siren channels up to 5 seconds, pulling all units affected by Ensnare in a 1400 range towards her at a speed of 150.

Added Scepter. Uproar releases 3 waves of 2 projectiles per stack which split in two after a 1.25s delay. Each projectile deals 100 damage to enemies and applies Break on them for 2.5 seconds.

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Reduces cooldown by 50%. When targeting an enemy hero, Pugna reduces their outgoing spell damage by 8% per second up to a maximum of 75% and increases his own, up to a maximum of 100%. When used on a Nether Ward the rate is 4%. Debuff lasts 8 seconds.

Queen of Pain

Shadow Strike initial damage is increased by 80 and is applied to all enemies in a 375 radius area around the target. When Shadow Strike ends or is re-applied to an enemy Hero, the target emits a Scream of Pain, hitting any nearby enemies. Doesn’t trigger on illusions or on death.

Grants Nosedive. Viper slams into the ground, disarming enemies in a 500 radius for 4 seconds, and splattering everyone in a 1200 area of effect with the effect of Corrosive Skin. Cooldown: 20s. Cast range: 300. Travel Speed: 500. Mana Cost: 75 Cast point: 0.3s.

Also now doubles damage and slow for enemies within 500 distance from Viper. Additionally allows Corrosive Skin to deal the first instance of damage the moment debuff is applied.

Scepter no longer makes Windrun undispellable. Instead now it grants invisibility that doesn’t break attacking/casting spells. Light Windrun effect is created around the Windranger position whenever she attacks from invisibility.

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