How does fata replace iltw?

How does Fata replace ILTW?

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«Is there anything more offensive than getting kicked out by a former team?»

In recent days, Reddit has been torn apart by Fata’s fictional autobiography. The user said that a friend sent him some Chinese memes, and this story stood out powerfully “against the backdrop of shitposts.” And so much so that he translated all 11 chapters into English. And we publish for you the translation in Russian.

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Hello, my name is Fata and this is my story.

This morning Nigma replaced ILTW with Fatu. A win in the series against Liquid would help Nygma stay in the first division. Let’s take a closer look at Fata’s game. Did he help the team?

On the first map, Fata played mid-pangolier — just like Xiao8 after a big break in the competitive. He defended the line in the mid lane very evenly, but under the rune of Water on the 4th minute, Mirana came to him, scoring a light FB. After his death, Fata did not despair, but immediately went and stole a small camp from Storm.

That was the end of all the good things for Fata in this game. Then there are only problems. At the 8th minute, both supports came to the mid to him and tried to kill him. His team managed to TP-shuffle and save his life, but he casted the ult and, on confidence, went not away from the fight, but to Mirana 4 positions. And she shot him safely with a right click.

In general, Nigma had a pretty bad start on the first map: they were losing 3k gold after the lines.

In one of the key fights of the game, where Nigma still had a chance to turn everything around, Fata lost control and got stuck in a hole in the river. Because of what he could not spin well and kill Necrolit. Instead, both he and Tide died.

After this failure, Nygma got some networth on Tiny and tried to pick up Roshan in YOLO, but failed the fight. But even this is not the main thing, because Fata went to steal Aegis! Having perfectly jumped into the Roshpit, he finished off Roshan, but Aegis did not raise. Nice try!

Then there was another diback after an unsuccessful attempt to finish off Storm, 10 minutes of sitting at the base and «GG». During this time, Fata did not show anything, except that he constantly spammed the phrase OB. Neon in general chat: «Get the kill, mah prend!»

On the second map, Fata went into a difficult one on Pugna, where he provided an absolute free farm for the enemy TB, and then simply disappeared from the map. 1-0-0 until the 22nd minute and 8 thousand net worth. Is that what you want from third position? But this is Pugna — a very active hero without cooldowns and with excellent damage to buildings in the early and midgame.

But Nigma played passively, and Fata simply did not stand out. Nothing happened on the map: no exits, no ganks, no activities, at least even under catapults. Nygma methodically farmed Medusa on her half of the map and prayed for Miracle. This game completely epitomizes how Nygma looked like the entire DPC spring tour.

After the 20th Fata, he simply put Ward in a fight, hid someone from the TB trick in Decrip and healed Medusa or DK — this is how Pugny fives play in matchmaking now. I think there is no need to remind what role Fata played before. And by the late game, Nigma’s pick with such a passive play turned into a pumpkin Medusa and 4 supports. Even the mid DK from MK was essentially just a very, very poor trio.

Miracle really fought like a lion, bought a Rapier and almost killed everyone, but it didn’t work out. One Miracle can no longer win in Dota.

0-6, 1-12 on cards, a guaranteed ticket to the second division of Europe for Nigma. Ahead is only a meaningless series with Secret and hopeless darkness. This is how even the brightest stars go out.

Watching Nygma hurts, but her fall is mesmerizing

ILTW is nothing to be sorry for. He strangled his ego — that’s not the way of a winning carry

ILTW sorry. Он не заслужил кика из Нигмы и стал козлом отпущения

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How does Fata replace ILTW?

После TI8 я занялся самоанализом. Если MidOne достаточно хорош, чтобы играть на миде, почему я не могу? И мне не нужны Пуппей, Куроки или Нотейл, чтобы быть успешным. Пора перейти в другой регион и поиграть с другими людьми. Как раз Ppd создал новую команду в Северной Америке – Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Игра на миде в NiP делала меня счастливым, новые партнеры тоже. 33 и Saksa были искренними и милыми, с ними я почувствовал себя частью большой семьи.

Наступил TI9. Мы получили прямой слот по очкам DPC. И снова Шанхай! Помните, что случилось в прошлый раз в Шанхае? «В этот раз все будет по-другому», – сказал я себе.

И был прав. Мы заняли последнее место и вылетели уже в группе. В этот раз нам даже не пришлось страдать после вылета в bo1. Помню, как смотрел телевизор и видел OG против Liquid в гранд-финале. Гранд-финале из моих бывших тиммейтов.

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How does Fata replace ILTW?

Ковид захватил мир, все ланы отменили. Я лежал на диване, уставившись в потолок. Перед глазами промелькнуло все, что было в прошлом. Kuroky, Ceb, N0tail, Ppd, Loda. Мы начинали с самых низов, мы могли бы быть на одном уровне! НА ОДНОМ УРОВНЕ!

Почему они выигрывают кучу ланов, а я проигрываю в bo1 на каждом Инте? Мне надоело называть другого игрока капитаном. Если кому-то нужен капитан, им буду я.

В сентябре 2020-го я создал новую команду, в ней были Skiter, Boranija, 33 и Milan. My own tag is Mudgolems! Later, instead of Borania and Milan, Nine and Beaver came. Then Tundra signed us. And when Beaver ended his career, we took the American guest singer Snaking.

Teams played by FATA-

The best heroes of patch 7.34. On whom to raise MMR in Dota 2 after the update?

Imba patch 7.34 on each role.

Chapter 9

How does Fata replace ILTW?

Nobody expected anything from us, because not all of us played at our level. But they tried their best. In the European qualifier for TI10, everything went great. First we took out Liquid, then OG. One game separated us from Inta. But we fell apart. I missed TI for the first time in 8 years.

But there was also a prospect. At the ESL before Int, we beat a bunch of TI-level teams. And they won the tournament, defeating the favorite — PSG. LGD. Then we took 3rd place on Dota Pita. We were overtaken only by PSG. LGD and Team Spirit, who later reached the Int final.

I remember watching TV and seeing PSG. LGD vs. Team Spirit in the grand final. Then I said to myself and my teammates: “Don’t be sad, we are a TI-level team. Even a hell of a grand finals level team! Aegis will be ours next year.»

Chapter 11

How does Fata replace ILTW?

That’s how I was kicked out of the team that I myself created and in which I was the captain. But, I think, I have not yet degraded so much that no one wants to play with me.

I switched to QC (Soniqs) and got back to TI. In the group, we played so-so, but we had excellent chances for the lower bracket — where I could traditionally fly out to bo1. After the third day, the main outsider of group A, Boom Esports, had 1.4% to reach the playoffs.

But during the fourth day there were sensations: for example, EG with a 14-2 stat lost two maps to the guys from Boom with a 3-13 stat. So they went into replays.

Impulse is a strong thing: Boom was on a roll and we went home again. All this is too familiar.

TI11 grand final took place last night. This time I didn’t watch TV. Because I broke it.

Tundra is the champion of The International 11! Her players were losers and became heroes

You still underestimate Tundra. So almost no one dominated TI

Chapter 5

How does Fata replace ILTW?

Maybe it’s time to change something and think about changing the role. Puppey called me and offered to go to Secret. That year we played neither well nor badly. We constantly took 5th-6th places, including at TI8. I felt that my teammates were happy with this result.

Puppey is pleased because he says it’s above expectations after a year of unstable play. MidOne is pleased because «Storm is a lot of fun to play.» I did pretty well too — after all, this is my best result at TI.

But Team Liquid sent us home. Matu, MC, Kuroky — why you guys? Is there anything more hurtful and painful than being kicked out by a former team and former partners?

Actually, yes, there is. I remember watching TV and seeing OG raising an Aegis. Jerax, Ceb, N0tail, Ppasarel. Damn it, there are 4 of my former teammates.

Chapter 7

How does Fata replace ILTW?

A cold wind blew as I walked along the Huangpu River in Shanghai. Opposite a tall guy in a hat stopped and said: “Will you join us?” I stared at him for a second and recognized Loda. He continued, “Insania acted like a moron and picked Gyrocopter, so we lost to RNG. Join us and we will win the next Int!”

So I moved to Alliance from 33 and changed my role to five. Everything was good in the beginning: we finished 8th in Chengdu and 4th in Singapore. And then Loda said: «My friend wants to return to the family — we need to make room for s4.»

So me and 33 left Alliance in March 2020.

Chapter 10

How does Fata replace ILTW?

After TI10, I realized that we needed a coach. So we hired my old friend Aui_2000. He immediately showed how good he is. We won Dota Pit S5 — beating OG, Nigma, Secret and Team Spirit. I took out all the former teammates and current Int champions. Never before has the situation been so promising.

We took 3rd place in the first season of the DPC — and this is not a reason to be sad. But I was upset because of the cancellation of the major: we did not play with teams from all over the world.

One day I looked in the mirror. The guy opposite was no longer young or handsome. But he was surrounded by the best teammates, and he never felt so unstoppable.

«We kick you out.»

In February, Fata’s kick from Tundra was called the worst kick in history. And he was the best

How does Fata replace ILTW?

I started my career as a pro player at Mouz, a German esports club, back at TI3. Then we were eliminated in bo1 and took only 13th-16th place. So we were all immediately sent to a «pizza party»

My next team is French Sigma. It sucked, we didn’t win almost a single game. Our carry Sokshka used to have a crazy moment when he stunned a boar in lane on Sven. Although it was not so easy to do in the environment of a bunch of other units.

My friend was 7ckingmad (Ceb), a position 4 support. He was very talented in cheering the team, but he was not as good at the game. So I returned to Mouz before the regional qualifiers. In the end, the opportunity to go to Int is the most important thing.

Chapter 3

How does Fata replace ILTW?

C9 disbanded, EternalEnvy moved to Secret, and N0tail formed OG. I got a call from a German friend Kuro. Matumbaman, MC, Jerax, Kuroky and Heen on the trainer. These are great guys — it seems my time has come!

We took 2nd place at the Shanghai Major. We lost to Envy, Misery and Pailadai. When they came to shake hands after the game, I said to myself: «It’s all right, it will get better.»

Then we defeated Newbee at the Epicenter. It’s an amazing feeling to become champions! But we kept losing to OG at the next lans. Miracle- really was a miracle (note miracle is translated from English as «miracle»).

We only finished 8th at TI6. I was unhappy, but this is my best result. I remember Wings dominating the playoffs, they were incredible! However, I still believed in myself and in the team that we would lift Aegis in a year. But I didn’t hear anything from them after TI – they kicked me out and replaced me with Miracle.

Chapter 2

How does Fata replace ILTW?

EternalEnvy from Cloud9 contacted me. C9 reached the top 6 at the last TI, they are a promising team with huge potential. E E on carry, me on mid, Bone7 on offlane, Ppasarel on trainer. I thought we’d make it. The only problem is that both Aui_2000 and Pieliedie were weak. Therefore, at the beginning of 2015, Envy kicked them out and invited the Danes Noteil and Misery. The updated C9 is ready, ladies and gentlemen!

So, a month later we played with Team Secret in the DAC lower bracket. And they took them out on the first map! On the second my Shadow Fiend was just huge — I thought after the next Roshan we would finish the game.

Wait, why are we losing T3?

Why doesn’t anyone carry teleporters with them?

Why is Bone7 jumping under the fountain with aegis?

Why does he die twice and doesn’t have enough money for a buyback?

Why is my throne falling?

We played well again in the group at TI5, but we were again eliminated ahead of time — in two playoff series. Then I saw on TV how Aui_2000, whom we kicked, raises Aegis. Then I decided that Envy was too unreliable as a player — and I needed to find another team.

Chapter 4

How does Fata replace ILTW?

I sat at home for half a year, doing nothing, in depression. Then old friend Envy called me back to C9. Together with Aui and Paylaidai we made it to TI7.

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