ICCup — Alchemist

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ICCup — Alchemist

Razzil was born into a family of Darkware, which belongs to the race of Smart People, humanoids of small stature, who compensate for the lack of strength and growth with technology and science. The Darkvar family was traditionally devoted to the art of alchemy, its representatives devoted their entire lives to comprehending the mysteries of alchemy. However, from childhood, Razzil showed excessive ambition and ingenuity, which distinguished him from his other brethren. The thought of a great experiment settled in his head, which would glorify him as the greatest alchemist of all times and peoples.

ICCup — Alchemist

When Razzil matured, he left his home and gladly gave up boring potions for warts and scabies to learn how to make gold using chemical reactions and experiments. The opportunities and prospects that would be guaranteed to him in the production of gold went to his head, and Razzil recklessly declared that he would turn an entire mountain into gold. Then followed twenty years of experimentation, costly investment and research, which ended in a terrible failure. The end result of the experiment brought so much damage and destruction to the world around him that Razzil was put behind bars. However, ingenuity saved him.

ICCup — Alchemist

Razzil was placed in a cell with a terrible cannibal ogre, who, by his very appearance, inspired horror. In fact, it was a rather accommodating ogre who agreed not to eat Razzil in exchange for help with escaping from the dungeon. And then Razzil needed his basic skills as an alchemist, which he was so insistently inspired at home. He collected mold and moss, which were abundant in the chamber, and mixed them into a tincture. A week later, it was ready, and when the ogre drank it, he fell into a wild rage, which gave him incredible strength. He broke the bars of the cell, killed all the guards that they met on the way and broke through the stone wall of the prison. They were free.

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ICCup — Alchemist

The giant ogre and the little man hid in the forest, but there was no need for this, since they were not sent after them (apparently they were afraid to contact the brutalized ogre, who was so hard put into the dungeon). And when Razzy saw that the ogre who had left the tincture was feeling great, he saw an opportunity beneficial to both of them. And then they made a deal — the ogre became the protector of Razzil, and he, in turn, provided the giant with strength and power with his potions. Since then, they have been traveling together, collecting materials and funds along the way in order to repeat Razzil’s «great» experiment again, but this time with a successful result.

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Good day, I decided to write an alchemist guide because:

1. He impresses me a lot.

2. He is a hard carry, and I love it when I get a standing ovation: «Alchemist like, you dragged the game!»

3. Even if your team is on fire and you are in a complete ass, the alchemist in the right hands will do the opposite with the enemy teammate.

4. He is a hard carry!!!

Brief explanations and conditional abbreviations

AS — Attack Speed ​​

Early-game — the initial stage of the game

Mid-game — the middle of the game

Late-game — the end of the game

Melle hero — melee hero

Range hero — ranged hero

armor — armor (armor)

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When I first wrote this guide for him, thinking that he was good, I was very mistaken, because he is crap, because he is unfinished, and even wondered why I was given minuses. Now, I have embarked on the true path and with fresh thoughts and ideas, I will give a suitable correct guide.

Description of skill build and item build

Alchemist is to some extent a universal carry, so let’s consider 4 cases and understand each of them in detail

+ +++++++++

Starting item build.

With the first skill, a coin instead of an asid, in order to damage we need farm, otherwise everything else is the same, why a coin? at lvl 1 they won’t kill us, but if you are on the lane with a melee ally, then this option is not recommended, and the skill build is the same? like Herokiller. Also, it is important to take into account that we will not have enough mana up to lvl 6 to strain the lane throughout the early game, and therefore we need an ally like , with her mana regen, well, or , .

Here the emphasis is on farming, At the expense of , and we quickly farm the jungle, lane, and in general we get a lot of gold, we swing the stun 1 time so that we can escape when ganking us. As for the lane, asid will make it easier for you to farm and make it harder for your opponents. But one problem, Acid pushes the lane, no matter how you twist it, so don’t let him in on CD, let him in if you are interfered with farming.

№4 My skill build (also a farmer)

I explain, from the very first call of the creeps I let in asids, and from the very first minutes there are no problems with farming. Flask 1 time per lvl 4, so that there are guarantees to escape from a stun or disable, regenerate with a flask and return to the position, so we will not be harassed on the lane much and the forces should be equal.

This is a very important section, so let’s take a closer look at this part:

or , , , , , , (by situation), (optional), (by situation)

Recently, my friend once told me that the armlet, after the update, is great for the alchemist. I did not take this into account, but I tested it with Fri on Ax. The result was this: the alchemist’s HP did not decrease during the cast of the ult, + armor, hp, and a little attack speed. Further with the phases: the alchemist killed the ax with a flask, in general, how lucky, if the ax does not randomize on the passive, then our hard carry will take him without any problems. with the return line at Ax, maybe it’s the other way around. But this is not the point, I wanted to show by this that a chemist with an armlet can withstand a tank. But he won’t stand against it, the ghoul will get fat on him, he will throw bashami, well, the tavern, of course (more about the hum in the enemies). With phases, it does not look very good in terms of as, but this way we will catch up with the enemies and finish it off with + damage. If everything goes well, cook hyperstone after boots and armlet, then bkb, cook it up to cuirass, and then either taraska or damage. Basher I advise after bkb then after tarasco to ebyssal. But the difficulty lies in the fact that the chemist needs to get together in a situation where, for example, a tarras is not needed, and we are dragging due to attack speed and damage. Or, for example, against such heroes as the same ghoul, on our tarasque he is with a satanic, he will devour us and not choke. We will be saved only by a satanic with us and bkb, and we will regenerate with an ult. (more about the ghoul in the enemies). In general, all heroes should gather according to the situation, but if you are a carry, especially a hard carry, the wrong charge can cost you the throne and negative feedback from your teammate. If there is an omnic, then forget the bkb and instead of it the major, but the major is either the fifth or sixth item. it turns out you should have Fri, armlet, cuirass, bkb, ebyssal, tarasque, mkb or majorik. (armlet sell)

There is 1 more item build: it is without BKB, which means that the alchemist is not terrible, because they throw stuns and disables, but this happens)

, , , , , (by situation)

I somehow planned like this, but instead of a radik I had a bf (which can be sold in a deep late game and replaced with a major or something for damage) and I didn’t take the mcb. As a result, I went to their base for 43 minutes and did a solo rampag against , , and . I took the last one under the fountain)

, (depending on situation) , , or

I start cooking midas right away, in good conditions it appears for me for 4-5 minutes, earlier for 4 before the price increases. And then Fri and I’m going to speed according to the situation. There was a time when I cooked tarasca after Fri and Midas, but it was of little use, except that the survival rate was better, and more farm was required. Tima may not withstand the pressure and your throne will be demolished while you continue to farm, if there are supports or carries that increase your as, then the tarrass can justify itself , , .

Try to constantly farm, and ideally farm-gank-farm, i.e. farm in the forest, go on a gank, kill and farm back. In general, an alchemist already with 4 items already becomes dangerous, due to refarming.

№4. My item build

, , or , (depending on situation), , , or

If everything is good with farming, I cook first, if not very well, then, not because it is + as, but in order to easily get away from ganks, push the lane and gank myself with team, under lotar + flask. Then battlefury, and for 37 minutes I get . Midas, of course I’m selling, and Lothar, too, it’s better to piss) . As for the BF, you can of course sell it and buy another suitable item, but suddenly you are lucky and you cut off the triple kill from the BF at once)

More about items

Mandatory in all cases. It is assembled by the 3-4th item, without which, and without the BKB, the alchemist cannot be, they will fill up. So focus on it.

In general, I collect it according to the situation when there is, for example, and it doesn’t hurt to have a good damage +88 to damage and a microstun, so it won’t be superfluous in any case.

An important item, an alternative, without it you cannot enter late. Collect first, somewhere around 3-4 items, and then preferably after converting to piss.

Will give us more survivability. Judge for yourself: without the tarrasque, you will have 1,822 hp for the Alchemist at lvl 25, with it 2,882 hp, so .

for farming, I won’t explain.

+15 armor -5 armor for enemies, +5 armor for allies, and an attack speed aura

You can collect instead of after midas, so to speak, an alternative to battlefury.

I saw this item from Alchemists, in theory it looks good on it, and even XBOCT itself collects it, in general, it can be collected if everything is bad with farming, well, or with a good implementation of the gank.

With it, it is easier for us to avoid ganks and, conversely, easier to gank. I collect it if they focus me.

As I wrote above — this is a situational item, take it to your taste, this art will not stand aside, but it is very useful in the late game.

Well, why not, though crits will fly out not so often, try it — unsubscribe)

It should be collected against ghouls, this is a special case where, without this item, nyx with his satanic 1×1 will tear the chemist to shreds in a deep late game. It’s stupid to argue.

Forget about these items

There are things that are more priority than him, no, he is moving away.

Our task is not tankiness, we are not.

There will definitely be some idiot who will collect MOM for the alchemist!

In general, you can go to any lane, the best option is easy lane with a transition to mid during your ganks from mid. You can go mid. some take him a bottle, but I consider it irrelevant after lvl 6 for an alchemist. The same basil or clarity will replace the lack of mana on the mid.

ONLINE ALL FARM FOR ALCHEMIST!!! And that’s why you should have RANGE SUPPORT with you, who will harass enemies, deny creeps and do the rest of his work. Also, you can surprise enemies from your forest with a fired flask at the end of the cast.

Don’t go to the lane with farmers like , you will only interfere with each other’s farming and as a result, in the late game one of you will not be able to fully realize your abilities.

Millionic supports will make it harder for you to stand if you rely on farm. In general, it’s stupid to go with a milleshnik to the line.

Early-game (1-6 levels)

Calmly farm if you are beaten, answer the same but, with acid and a flask and do not overdo it. try to throw in front of you.

As for the flask, try to launch it when you have 1-0.5 seconds left, so you use your stun with maximum utility, but there are some shortcomings. When you catch up with your opponent, shoot the flask at the enemy in the period 5.0=4.0 and you will not miss your chance

This case is described without lotar, now with it.

Why ult first and not acid? I do not think that a player with straight hands will stand under an acid.

Early Mid-game (level 7-11)

If you want to gank — gank with a suitable skill build. And the farming alchemist needs to farm in the lane or in the jungle if they interfere with you. If you farm in the jungle, try to farm in those parts of the forest that are near your team. Alchemist has a good initiation with , especially since you can run away with 5×5, so there is nothing to be afraid of). Throw acid in ganks, hit, preferably, all enemies, this is a very important skill in ganks, because it reduces armor. But I’ll be honest, farm, it will make more sense.

Don’t forget to farm ancient creeps, they give a lot of experience and gold. ask your teammate to stack them.

Late Mid-game (level 11-16)

2 options: farm or farm from defense, if you gank, it is not known how this will affect your teammate. The main task is to wait for the late game with your farm! but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t gank.

In the mid game, ganks are less common than in the late game, so don’t value your ult, use it to farm. without lothar, don’t farm far away from the team.

Late-game (16-25 level)

By this time, you should have completed at least 4 permanent items. Farming is already stupid, the team needs you, and you need it. Ask Tim to leave you a frag to fill empty item cells faster. ABOUT IT IS MANDATORY TO BE BKB, generally remove DotA if you go without it in the late game. If you have extra money, but no extra cells, update the BKB by buying a new one. Try to kill as many enemies as possible in battles. It is very important to get aegis, with it you will win important battles, do not miss your chance!

And about the ult, the ult is all yours without it, don’t go to fight 5×5!!! Swords will give you guarantees of victory in the fight, if everything goes well. Our goal is to take out the most dangerous enemies in a short period of time.

Alchemist on Capitans Mode

Alchemist on hardline

Alliance vs Na’Vi Grand Championship 2 of 5

iG vs TongFu LB Round 4B 2 of 3

First of all, these are supports:

I used to think that the best support for an alchemist is bane, but damn it! The best support for an alchemist is an omnic! 12 seconds of avatar 7 seconds of physical damage block, heals at last. Yes, there Tim will run away from demons from you with an omniac, if the head is in place. otherwise, at least a triple kill. I know what I’m writing about, we played ourselves with a friend, I’m an omnic, he’s a chemist, we didn’t need a team.

save , help kill and take damage. Very useful.

it will give us 0.20 sec AS — this is a crazy attack speed, and in general + a strong bunch.

It will make it easier for us to kill opponents and + mana regen, which is especially important for us in Early-game.

With his procast, we can easily kill the enemy (s), if not him

are useful for us, for example, gave rp, and you followed the stun, the number of minuses depends on the performance of magnus’s rp.

its perfect for us. One of the best friends and supports in general.

they won’t let them leave us, the ult will leave them helpless, well, tp will return them to the tavern with our help)

by sending a stun in them we will inflict a lot of damage to our offenders

Raise, reduce damage, we are fine)

heals, saves, slows down, reduces and gives armor. All his skills are useful for us

will give us HP regen and attack speed, a useful thing, a proper wisp will give us a lot of benefits. But that’s not the point. The advantage is that with his relocate, we will give a sudden stun, the execution is difficult, but it looks great.

Let’s take a late game for example, you have maxed stun and relocat with wisp. You have exactly 7 seconds. You cast the flask, the wisp cast relocate has 2 seconds, which means that in the remaining 4 seconds you will teleport to the center of the batch and you have 2 seconds to think. Your goal is to stun everyone after the tp, in case of failure, you will be dismantled with a wisp. Tp is necessary under the enemy so that he does not notice you. But don’t go ganking like this together, the rest should be as close as possible, but outside the line of sight or at a safe distance. I repeat, the connection is complex, in general, you can think of a lot of things with visp.

Frozen flask = frag, and his ult will help us defeat the worst enemies

Will give a large -armor to the enemy, which will «spit» for us to kill the enemy.

With it we will catch up with our enemies and finish them off

A competent Tusk will let all his team in the ball, you can also experiment with him, as with wisp, but the effect will be less, because the team sees you, it will make it difficult for them to retreat, you can try a bunch under .

Let’s assume such a situation, wenga aggro the enemy teammate letting go — armor, finally everyone decides to answer her and burst into a bunch on her, and then the swap, the camp of the alchemist, -5.

You can talk about this forever, I just listed the most useful ones.

It will catch the most restless, burn the thinnest, it will make you even more dangerous

punches , , will take us out of the battle. Bein’s worst enemy. Direct counter peak. Pray for those who can counter bane.

All his skills are useful against us. It also works more often than ours, and after the update it is not countered by the ICD.

A very annoying opponent, but in the late late game it becomes dangerous for us

and solve the problem, and also a gem in the team.

in the mid game will give us trouble

will cause a lot of trouble.

the only way is to kill the rasta, since the lion can only harm you, the rasta with — the whole team

will not let us realize our abilities

We entered, let’s say, under the BKB with swords, you think right now under the major and the ebyssal you will sort out everyone, but your naive plans also broke down.

Wait out or kill him before he activates his ult on us.

A controversial issue, it is known for sure that he is a strong late, but he can decently pile on us, if he doesn’t kill, then others will kill him.

Beat until blue in the face

will catch up, give a stun, -armor = tavern, but not in the late game, in the late game we will pile on him.

She is stronger than us, nothing can be done about it.

It will reduce our health regen to 0, which is not good.

His maxed out in a couple of seconds will steal all the damage for us, and we, basically, hit from the hand. In general, I consider him an enemy for everyone who hits from the hand.

to the socket, and we will chop him up at the moment, go look for him first in the battles, stun and kill him if you don’t have BKB. He must not use the socket against you.

My friend and I did an alchemist test with pt, armlet and hyper against ghouls with pt, armlet and basher. Gulya coped with it without any problems. I did not conduct an experiment with a cuirass, I think a ghoul would have coped with it. Without bkb, alchemist is meat for ghouls. Then we tried on a full purchase: the ghoul was with Fri, satanic, cuirass, ebyssal, taraska, desol. Alchemist with Fri, cuirass, major, ebyssal, tarasque, mkb. Gulya also coped with it without any problems. If a ghoul is playing against you, do not collect the tarasco for the alichemist! Gulya will get fat on it and we will waste our strength, the only way to resist is to take Satanik. If you have Major and Satanik in your items, then Satanik will interrupt the effect. Should an alchemist with a satanic take a major? Yes, we need attack speed, and major is the best of all options with a cuirass together. But there is an option, if the ghoul collects bkb, let’s say on the cm, then we will have to badly 15 seconds of the avatar is too much for us.

Also an anti-tank, quite dangerous in fights against you

Kill him before he activates

a very unpleasant item against us.

Perfect skill build

ideal item build:

we take travel after Friday in the late game


Creates a concentrated mist of poison in a specified area. If units fall into the fog, they receive damage and their protection falls.

Armor reduction: 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

Damage per second: 15 / 20 / 25 / 30

Requires mana: 130 / 140 / 150 / 160

— Damage type physical.

— Armor reduction provided by aura.

— Fully affects ancient creeps. Does not affect buildings and wards.

Unstable Concoction

Throws a bottle of poison at an enemy, dealing damage and causing stun. Stun depends on the cast time (5 seconds). If the hero throws a bottle in 7 seconds, it will explode, deal damage and stun the Alchemist.

Stun: 0.25-1.75 / 0.25-2.5 / 0.25-3.25 / 0.25-4

Damage: 150 / 220 / 290 / 360

Requires mana: 120

— Damage type: physical.

— Has AOE sight radius 175.

Goblin’s Greed

The alchemist turns the corpses of creeps in gold. You get more gold for each killed creep for 30 seconds. Runes of riches, bring in 5 times more gold than usual.

An additional bonus for each creep: 3

Basic bonus: 6 / 8 / 10 / 12

Maximum bonus: 12 / 20 / 28 / 36

— Can be disabled using the break.

— Works on illusions, but the bonus gold is calculated separately for each illusion.

— Works on every last hit, produced by the Alchemist, except finished off allies, buildings, tombstone, illusions, hybrid and Tempest Double Arc Warden.

— Gives bonus x5 for Bounty Rune

Chemical Rage

The alchemist becomes an Ogre, while chemical rage increases attack speed, health regeneration and mana, and also increases movement speed. Lasts 25 seconds.

Delay between attacks: 1.4 / 1.2 / 1

DOP. health regeneration: 50 / 75 / 100

DOP. mana regeneration: 3 / 7.5 / 12

DOP. movement speed: 30 / 40 / 60

Requires mana: 50 / 100 / 150

Alchemist gets an activated ability from Aghanim’s Scepter, which allows him to melt the artifact to transfer all its properties to another allied player (bonus features improve and Ulta). For each character this spell can only be used once. Can be used on the Alchemist. Illusions also get the bonus.

— The illusion created during the «chemical rage» get the updated time of the action, regardless of how much time «chemical rage» from the Alchemist.

— Can Dodge some spells when you activate the ability.

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