игра puckchamp vs iv

Игра PuckChamp vs IV Дота

Coef. on PuckChamp: 1.50

Probability of winning according to bookmakers

Coef. on AT: 2.49

Coef. on PuckChamp: 1.43

Coef. on IVY: 2.74

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While everyone’s attention is riveted on the top division, somewhere below the steel is undoubtedly being tempered. Or maybe the steel is already ready, and it remains only to give the desired shape? Today I will analyze how, in my opinion, the most promising team in the lower division plays. Yes, not many games were played within the dpc, but we can already draw some conclusions.
To do this, I propose to assemble the puzzle. It is not difficult, only 3 parts.

May 9, 18:48

Ceb along with Noon and Topson joined Puckchamp.

Two-time TI champion will play for Puckchamp in third position. Vladimir «Maelstorm» Kuzminov also announced that Stanislav «Chikiryau» Yarosevich will become the coach of Puckchamp.

Old. G, with Noon and Topson, was forfeited in the last match of the spring DPC cycle against Puckchamp due to 2 of the team’s players playing as stand-ins in the Major — by the rules, the team must enter the DPC match with at least four original players.

Later, Sebastian «Ceb» Debs was surprised by the PGL rules, and the tournament operator punished Old. G for «threats and public harassment» of DPC league admins, kicking out Old. G to the open qualifier. It is worth noting that Puckchamp was also against a technical defeat and offered to postpone the match with Old. G.

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Game statistics against common opponents (60 days)

The teams had no common rivals

Part one — drafts

Игра PuckChamp vs IV

In drafts, Dukalis (team captain) does not try to surprise or confuse. He takes meta heroes to the standard lanes, he hardly reacts to the draft of the enemy, not trying to counter anyone, he offers to do it to the opponent, as if saying «Look how simple everything is arranged with me.» For clarity, let’s take a closer look at the first card in the series against the gambit. At first glance, everything is really simple: just a lucan is running — let’s take a tide, just an egg is standing — we’ll take a mirana, magic will come in handy on a timber — we take a shadow find.

Игра PuckChamp vs IV

And they really doubled on paper. But it’s not paper — you won’t be able to take turns playing cards with heroes, and Dukalis knows this. We are often told by analysts of different ranks about how important mathematics is in DotA: you need to calculate damage, calculate healing, be sure to take auras. You can’t argue with this, there are a lot of numbers in DotA, it’s not surprising that you can come across the wording “Math victory”. But still, there are daredevils who look at the neighboring geography room. PacChamp is one of them, and I’ll explain why below.

Losing two thousand after the lines, the packs are waiting for the key items: the third necro-book and the orchid. This is where the mechanism behind the draft begins to move.

Mobility is the main bet of champs: the fight will start in a triangle, after a moment — a dive under hg.

So it will continue. Playing very wide, the packs will force you to pay attention to two lines at once — a fluffy bottom, and an attack on the tide in the center. At the same time, using the mobility of their heroes, they will impose a fight from above, preventing the opponent from leaving.

Tired of fighting on other people’s terms, gambits will take drastic measures — an attack in the 5th in smokes.

Success. A trump card played in time seems to change the balance of power, but the key fight will take place in 3 minutes, just before it, the champs will have 3 strong items: bkb — storm, cuirass — lycan, lotus — timber.

And I pay such attention to one card for a reason, although the item was called «drafts». The idea of ​​»seizing the moment» runs through all the packs’ peaks. After all, 5 new characters are waiting for us on the next map against gambits. Or not?

Игра PuckChamp vs IV

The PacChamps again have 4 very mobile characters. Gambits will try to play from a strong moon. But they seem to be making a mistake. Play one strong core while not taking a save for him? Batrider is perfect in this situation, although he was taken to the 4th pick. Gambits can only try to out-farm the enemy. And the packs won’t argue with that. Most of the time the teams were farming. There were fights, but they rarely led to anything: one or two kills, without further exits to the lenses.

Игра PuckChamp vs IV

How the game went can be described in one picture. As long as packs can afford to play wide and mobilize quickly if necessary, gambits have to play around the moon.

By the final fight, Luna was indeed the richest hero on the map. But after it — the abyss.

But it seems that there is a trick against scrap — another scrap. Pick of the first map of the meeting against B8.

Игра PuckChamp vs IV

We see the same pressure on mobility — void spirit, beta rider, anti-mage.

Abaddon turned off two heroes at once: Batrider and Alchemist (because as a four, he could not offer anything else, except for the second skill). As well as reciprocal mobility on the map in the form of a pack, decoy king, archwarden. We will dwell on this game in more detail in the next paragraph.

On the second map, ducalis decided to move away from the idea of ​​»tearing» the enemy’s position with his mobility, and focused more on the position of his heroes. Nevertheless, the same simplicity remains (tanks are tanking, dd hits, the shadowdemon hides).

Игра PuckChamp vs IV

On the third — a return to mobility.

Игра PuckChamp vs IV

None of the strategies involves trying to finish quickly, just as it does not involve the need to go late. Packs are not in a hurry, and they are not slow. Keeping your finger on the pulse is the main idea. Live in the moment. It turns out some kind of Asian minimalism, it’s not for nothing that there was at least one spiritist in every peak. But let’s not fall into conspiracy theories.

Match betting — History

Predictions for PuckChamp to win: 1

Predictions for IVY to win: 0

PC Achievements

* The form shows how good the current performance of the team’s players (last 15 games) is relative to their average performance (last 50 games)

Match statistics

PuckChamp Team Skill

AT team skill

April 12, 2023 at 19:33 (UTC) (4 months ago) within the main stage of the 2023 DPC Western Europe Tour 2: Division 2 Dota 2 tournament, the rosters of PuckChamp (Russia) and IVY (Germany) met. The match was played in bo3 format, lasted 3 hours and 21 minutes and ended at 19:54. The result of the match was the victory of the IVY team with a score of 1:2.

Match Recordings

PuckChamp vs IVY – Highlights — DPC 2023 WEU Spring Tour Division II

PuckChamp vs IVY – Game 3 — DPC 2023 WEU Spring Tour Division II

Composition PC

The best heroes of patch 7.34. On whom to raise MMR in Dota 2 after the update?

Imba patch 7.34 on each role.

Teams last games

PuckChamp wins: 2

AT wins: 2

Team Comparison

Team skill IVY

Match info PuckChamp vs Ancient Tribe AT | 05

April 5, 2023 at 16:04 (UTC) (4 months ago) in the main stage of the 2023 DPC Western Europe Tour 2: Division 2 Dota 2 tournament, a match took place between PuckChamp (Russia) and Ancient Tribe (International) rosters . The match was played in bo3 format, lasted 3 hours and 50 minutes and ended at 16:54. The result of the match was the victory of the Ancient Tribe team with a score of 1:2.

Part Three — Instincts

Игра PuckChamp vs IV

The PacChamps are keenly aware of the moments where they should fight and where they can get impudent. They always use their opportunities.

Of course, the meaning of the video is not how cool Void Spirit killed everyone, but that he was in the right place at the right time. And so in everything, even when the advantage is not on their side, they continue to insist on their own.

Split to the end. Anger

Take risks again. Anger

And maybe then the opponent’s patience will crack.

And yes, probably, somewhere one could find fault with not the best pressing of buttons, unsuccessful positioning. But I truly believe that fights are won before they start. And this is the peculiarity of this team. We are used to the fact that if beginners, then these are ideal buttons without understanding. Paki, on the other hand, is a team that does not surprise with its personal performance, but can surprise with its understanding of the game as a whole. Surprise with your desire to play the game and bend your line; create moments; catch moments.

Of course, such goal-setting comes from someone’s bright head (or goals) and is not limited to one game, so I have no doubts that such an approach can easily lead the team to the top division. PuckChamp’s game is a thing in itself: you can evaluate its effectiveness and spectacularity in different ways, but what definitely cannot be denied is the presence of a thought that leads their game from the draft to the fall of the throne. Of course, in order to make it to the tier 1 team, this thought will have to grow and become more complex, and players will need to keep up with it. But having an idea is a great achievement in itself. It remains to be seen whether the packs will be able to carry it through time, or whether it will go out without reaching Olympus.

Игра PuckChamp vs IV

Part two — playstyle

Игра PuckChamp vs IV

The game of packs is really understandable, and this is its essence. They do everything to ensure that the territorial advantage is always with them. If they enter the forest, they will fight. If you farm the whole map, they will gank you to get close. They never get lost and always go ahead. For clarity, let’s immediately consider an unsuccessful game for them against baits.
By the 16th minute, the balance is approximately clear: your 4th and 3rd positions are almost completely covered by the 5th abaddon, in mobility on the map, the heroes of B8 definitely do not lose. Imposing team fights with an anti-mage is definitely not an option. Splitting against a pack, king decoy, miran invisibility is hard. The sun was clearly not shining in this game for PacChampam. However, up to 30 minutes they managed to keep the networth at the same level.

Игра PuckChamp vs IV

All or nothing is not a position, it’s a playstyle. Packs fought to the end (literally) for their forest.

Fight for the triangle.

Another fight for the forest.

And they almost managed to get out of this slow, throat-tight noose.

Ark survived by 30 hp, and after that, everything could have gone differently. But it didn’t work out, it was the last fight for the Champs, in which there were chances.

But what will happen if the packs have not only desire, but also opportunities?

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PuckChamp vs Ancient Tribe – Highlights — DPC 2023 WEU Spring Tour Division II

Predictions for PuckChamp to win: 2

Predictions for AT win: 0

IVY wins: 0

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