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Lifestealer Story

A few centuries ago, in a small town, there lived a man whose name no one knew. He was an excellent thief and his love for this business was so strong that he did not consider it a bad deed. Once he was caught stealing from the king himself, after which he was soon hanged. His desire to steal was so great that his body was twisted, and he himself was resurrected, turning into a monster with the name Lifestealer. Now he walked around the city at night, devouring the life of any passerby, but not because of hunger, but for pleasure. That is why Lifestealer went to serve the Scourge, because he knew that he would get as many souls as he wanted.

Purchasing for farming in the forest. We copy for Midas.

With this set of enemies, it will become much easier to kill. Ciya will give good attack speed, run speed and slow down the enemy. Our attack speed allows us to often become a target.

Basher tunim in abyssal. Taraska and cuirass increase survivability, crits will also be useful to us.

CIA can be dismantled for a halberd. B KB from magicians. Mjolnir will give attack speed and lightning chain.

Naix is ​​one of the best foresters. So we focus on pumping for the forest. We swing the second skill as much as possible. Once 1 and 3 skill. Let’s take the ult on the 6th, after which we finish it after the rest of the skills.


The best choice for us is the forest. We farm the forest constantly, saving up for the arts necessary for Naix. The sooner we accumulate, the faster we go ganking.

If at the beginning our farm went well, we will have the items we need. The gank tactic is simple, from the bushes, we throw a slowdown, turn on the first skill and hit from hand until the enemy dies. The victim can be saved from Naix if he has a blink or invis. Therefore, we choose enemies without saving skills. From the middle of the game, we begin to hunt enemy tanks. Naix is ​​an excellent anti-tank. Almost no strongman will defeat him one on one.

In the late game, Naix becomes mega thick and mega damage dealer. Naix in the late game can drag the whole game. Naix may well disrupt the ultrakill.

Lifestealer pros and cons

Initial purchase for farming in the jungle or on the lane. It’s good if the allies take the courier. We are trying to buy Midass as soon as possible. With it, farming will be easier and faster. Then Phase boots and Yasha. By the mid game, it’s good to have Maelstrom and Basher as well. With this set, killing enemies will become much easier. If everything is good with farm and control, then you can grab Armlet. We will upgrade the existing arts to the late, which will give even more survivability and damage per second. Crits and Tarrasca will also be needed. With such art in the late game, we become a very powerful and tenacious carry. And don’t forget about situational art. If necessary, we change CIA or Tarrasca according to the situation. In the late game (or earlier if possible) for a higher attack speed, you can buy and eat Moonshard. But if you bought earlier, we are in no hurry to absorb until you need a free slot.

The initial purchase is perfect for forest farming. We take Talon for farming as the first art. After Fri, we try to collect them for Armlet as soon as possible. A great item for the Lifestealer that gives attack speed, a lot of strength and damage. Next, we collect Aghanim for ganks with allies. With Aghanim, we will be able to take one ally into ourselves and ourselves into someone who can approach enemies instantly or imperceptibly. As we find ourselves in a batch or next to the victim, we all get out together and kill. Then we take Basher and begin to collect Moonshard. Further on the situation — if you need survivability (often killed), then we strengthen Tarraska. Next Cuirass and upgrade Basher to Abyssal. In the deep late game, you can change Armlet for something else — MKB / Daedalus / Rapier, you can also absorb Moonshard and buy another one, or something in return.

Lifestealer tactics

Another hero belonging to the class of strongmen, is an excellent killer of enemy heroes. Like all strong men, our Naix has a huge power, which affects the large supply of lives and good survivability. Like Leoric, the Naix has built-in lifesteal. In addition, we have the opportunity to become immune to magic and increase our attack speed by 80%. The third magic slows down the target very much, so it is very difficult to escape from us, and finally an ult that gives us the opportunity to hide and restore health in an enemy or our own unit.

What to collect for Nikes:

Above, we said that our hero is an excellent killer, therefore the guide will be dedicated to artifacts that can fully reveal his full potential.

Monkey King Bar — by collecting it we will increase the attack speed, as well as get a great damage bonus and the ability to never miss again. There is also a passive that stuns the target for 0.01 seconds and adds 100 more damage.

Naixa can be assembled in different ways, what is described above in the guide is not the only correct purchase for it.
Naixu can also collect other artifacts:

Buriza de Kanyon

Friends and Foes of Naix:
Among friends, healers are the most suitable for us: Abaddon or Omniknight. Heroes with the ability to stun or slow down are also useful.

There are no special enemies.

Naix is ​​a strong enough hero to pose a threat to enemies. If he plays in conjunction with a stunner, then he becomes even more dangerous. Although this hero is very strong, beginners need to be more careful with him, because they can not calculate their strength and easily merge. I hope you enjoyed our Naix guide and try playing this hero whose name is Naix.

Lifestyle guide

This ghoul guide, aka Naix, will teach you how to play as a strong carry hero who infuses allies and controls the creeps’ brains — Lifestealer, Naix.

Who counters Lifestealer

Whom should you be afraid of as Gulya? Everything is very simple — heroes that have escape abilities, a lot of illusions or disables that break through immunity to magic.

Infest — a unique skill in DotA: Lifestealer moves into the body of a creep or an ally and can stay there as long as the victim dies or the Lifestealer comes out by itself. Naix deals damage to nearby enemies when he breaks out.

After you climb into a unit, you have two abilities:

Ability improves with Aghanim

Eject allows you to spit out the hero and he will deal damage to nearby enemies.

Choose this skill build if you are going to the forest, and Gule is the right place there. Maximize vampirism for easy farming in the jungle. We download the first and third skill just in case, suddenly they decide to gank you or you need to go out to help the allies.

This skill build is for lane farming and early initiation. We download slowdown and invulnerability in the first place for bursts on enemies.

Lifestyle guide

How to play Gulya

It’s best to go into the woods, but Nix also feels good on the lane with the support. Initial purchase:

. The most ideal option is to farm yourself in the midas lane

and go with him to the forest.

What is the advantage?

In the lane you can farm midas already by 3-4 minutes, which cannot be done in the jungle and go on jungle creeps. In the early stages of the game, you need to farm a lot and constantly, sometimes helping your allies, but only if it does not interrupt your farming much.

How to farm the jungle?

Gulya feels great in the forest, thanks to the second ability, first we will heal with tangus

, and upon reaching level 4-5, they will no longer be needed.

Lifestyle guide

1. Always keep an eye on the mana indicator, you need to leave mana for the first skill or ult, in case they come to catch you in the forest.

2. Remember about your ultimate, you can get into the creep and the enemy will stupidly not understand where you are, and even if he sees it, it will delay the time of the collision with the enemy and your allies will have time to come. Plus, when leaving the body, you have a good heal.

3. In general, be careful and look at the map, when the enemies are coming in your direction, it is better to move to a safe distance and farm calmly.

4. If you manage to make a stack of creeps, be sure to do it, so you will farm much more gold. And it’s better if the support from your team does a couple of stacks for you.

5. Don’t forget to visit the ancient creeps, they give much more gold for them.

I recommend leaving the forest at 20-25 minutes of the game, when you have significant artifacts.

Lifestealer guide in combat

Thanks to Nix’s ultimate, you can suddenly burst into enemies, for example, by first moving into an ally who has an invisibility or a good blink.

Your friends are: bounty hunter, nyx assassin, storm spirit and almost any character. You can also get into a wild boar or beastmaster’s bird and fly all over the map. Another good burst on enemies will be from ancient creeps, as they have powerful abilities. When you decide to attack the enemy, throw the third skill at him, then it will be difficult for him to get away from the lifestealer, if he has a stun or some other unpleasant ability, press the first skill, he will add attack speed and you will kill the victim faster.

In a mass brawl, your task is to inflict maximum damage, it is best to bite into the fattest and most powerful character, thereby incapacitating him.

Don’t forget that you can save your ass by possessing a creep right in the middle of a battle.

Power treads are perfect for slippers

. The first option will make you denser and stronger, while the second option is good for chasing enemies and adding damage. If you are going to play an early and aggressive game, then your choice

. And if you farm the forest and want to pile on everyone later, then collect fri

So let’s break down the two playstyles and how to collect items in both cases:

First option, early initiation:

Forget about midas, focus on mobility and maximum damage. The first thing we collect is the drums

, they will help you quickly break into opponents, the next item

. So by 15-18 minutes you should have this

. You need to play aggressively and constantly attack opponents, they will be horrified by such pressure. Then you can collect

in any sequence convenient for you, depending on the situation.

The final purchase looks something like this:

The second option, bursting enemies in the late game:

After Midas we assemble the armlet

. Next item

, then you can collect

. In the late game, you can absorb a moon shard to increase attack speed

Ghoul guide has come to an end. The hero is not very difficult and, with a little practice, you can tear apart enemies.

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