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Divided We Stand

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Six arms and twelve hooves.

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Playstyle 1 Aggression

We stand on the central lane until the 4th level. After getting the clone, we go to the jungle and farm the jungle camps with , then we go to the lane and also use two ‘a. Don’t forget to wear. We farm up to level 11 and get the second clone, with the second clone we start playing with the team, making kills and destroying buildings. After level 18, we try to pick up Roshan and take down one side by making strong creeps. We capture the map, wait for the next roshan, and try to make mega creeps.

Playstyle 2 farm

Everything is the same, we stand on the line up to the 4th level. After getting the second clone, we farm the lane and the jungle. Also, do not forget about mana and wear . After getting the second clone, we try to take more space to farm and farm more camps in the jungle at the same time, sometimes we can go out and help the team. We get the third clone, try to take even more space on the map and farm even more camps while gaining mass.

Early Game:


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Meepo is a melee hero whose main attribute is . With the first ability, , Meepo throws a net at the target area, pinning enemies to the ground. Earthbind prevents going invisible. Interrupts teleportation, but does not interrupt cast spells. The second ability, , Meepo can teleport to another Meepo after casting the spell, dealing damage both at the point of origin and at the point of arrival. As a passive ability, , each attack steals health from the enemy and heals other copies of the hero. With her ultimate ability, Divided We Stand, Meepo creates imperfect, semi-autonomous clones. Clones are able to receive and share gold and experience, and also adopt all of Meepo’s abilities. The clones are unable to use any items other than the boots worn by the original. If at least one of the clones dies, then all the other Meepos die. Upgrade with adds new ability Megameepo hero and all clones within 600 radius gather into 1 large Meepo

“Knights in this shining armor are terrible monsters. Pff. What do they have that I don’t? Never mind.»

Throws a net at the target area that inflicts Root on enemies.

20/16/12/8 ( )

Root effect persists if debuff was placed before spell immunity and when not dispelled.

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It happens that even catching dinner in the ruins of the Gorge of Shadows is not an easy task.

AffectsSelf / Enemies

Using the mysterious energy of the earth, the hero teleports to his clone after 1.5 seconds. casting a spell, dealing damage at both the starting point and the end point.

Damage: 70/90/110/130 ( )

Sometimes you have to break one of the crystals of the Rift of Shadows to get yourself out of trouble. Or another self.

Health Leech (Heroes):

Life Leech (creeps):

Illusions do not steal health or heal when Meepo or his clones attack.

The hero burrows into the ground, due to which the next 4 sec. it is invulnerable and cannot be targeted. While in the ground, the hero gradually restores 50% of his maximum health. Cannot be used while numb.

Recovery from max. health:

Ability Draft Notes:

This ability is not available in Ability Draft.

The Hero creates an imperfect and almost sane copy of himself. These clones receive gold and experience, as well as take on the abilities, characteristics and level of the hero. Clones cannot use any items other than the protagonist’s boots. If at least one of the clones dies, then all the other clones will die, as well as the hero himself.

Number of clones: 1/2/3 ( )

Experience gain for clones:

Add. magic resistance:

Throw Clone Search Range:

Aghanim’s Scepter Upgrade:

Aghanim’s Shard Upgrade:

Allows you to use this ability if there is a hero clone within 300 radius to throw you at a target within 900 radius. Deals 120 damage to the victim and slows their movement by 60%. Cooldown: 18/16/14 seconds. Mana cost: 75.

Can place any item in a neutral item slot.

I am a beacon of wisdom in the ocean of ignorance!

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Meepo in Model Viewer

Meepo guide

This Meepo guide will tell you about a unique character. His advantage is that he clones himself and each copy is strong as a separate character — Meepo.

Also, it is worth noting that Meepo owns the most tactless phrases in DotA. What is his phrase worth: — No seriously you all suck! Translate this if you’re interested 🙂

The hero is complex and very interesting, playing for him you get a lot of pleasure. Therefore, sit down comfortably, the guide will be voluminous and interesting.

The first thing that will surprise and please you in this character is that each clone, and there are as many as 5 of them, has its own abilities with its own cooldown time. That is, you can press one skill 5 times!

Who counters Meepo

Meepo’s main enemies are those heroes that deal high area damage: Sven, Earthshaker, Winter Wyvern, Elder Titan, Kunkka, Leshrac, Axe, Lina, Bristleback, Timbersaw, Lich, Shadow Fiend, Underlord, Monkey King, Enigma, Magnus, Batrider, Tiny, Dark Seer, Riki, Tusk, Outworld Devourer, Alchemist, Invoker, Witch Doctor. All these heroes are extremely dangerous for Meepo, to the point that it is absolutely not necessary to pick this hero against them.

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Orb effect that deals damage and also slows down the enemy by 20% at the last level of pumping. The best part is that the effects stack from all clones. Fun Fact: Slow goes through BKB

Ultimate increases the number of clones in the following progression: 1-2-3. That is, at the last level of pumping there will be 4 clones. And if you collect aghanim

, there will be 5 clones. Everyone gets shared experience and money, but they cannot use items and only get the boot you collect.

Skill Build Meepo

The Meepo guide shows the basic and most effective leveling scheme. First of all, we swing the poof in order to be able to both harass the enemy and farm the creeps if everything is very difficult on the lane. We download the grid and the passive one at a time. We will max out puffs. The essence of pumping is to get strong puffs already by level 7. Such a strategy will allow you to take out a huge amount of damage already at the beginning of the game. Dota 2 is a situational game and leveling will not always be exactly the same.

Meepo guide

At level 10, get +7 strength, which will make you and your clones a little fatter. At level 15, it’s worth taking 10% lifesteal so as not to buy Vladmir’s Offering and free up a slot for more useful items. At level 20, both talents can come in handy. If you got this level very quickly, and the opponents did not have time to acquire BKB, then the talent for -4 seconds will be useful. grid cooldown. At level 25, of course, the talent for -5 seconds is not bad. to the cooldown of Poof, but by the late game the main cores of the enemy team will already have Black King Bar, and it turns out that taking the +600 health talent and increasing your stamina will be more effective.

Meepo tactics

For the convenience of the game, you need to slightly adjust the controls, set the binds on Meepo:

1st controlled group — bind to the «1» key;

2nd controlled group — bind to the «2» key.

In the game you will need to select all copies of Meepo and press Ctr+1,

select all except the main one and press Ctr+2.

Thus, when you press the 1 key, all copies will be selected. And when you click on 2, all clones, except for the main one, will be selected. Now you know how to switch to Meepo, it will be much easier to play this way, and it is generally impossible to make fast puffs without it.

. We go to the line with the caliper. You can go mid. In any case, you need to farm on Aghanim and Blink as quickly as possible. Upon reaching level 3, you have a clone that needs to be sent to the forest. In the forest with a clone, you can make withdrawals and farm weak spawns. You can stack 4-5 packs of creeps, and then take them with puffs. And the main Meepo at this time is farming the lane.


After you have collected the main items, you can go to the ganks and break the enemies. We go to the ganks as the main one, and leave the clones to farm the forests.

Guide to Meepo in battle:

The first strategy: It consists in the fact that you first tie the target with a net, and you have 5 attempts to do this. And then you kill him with puffs. But this strategy is already clear and easy to implement.

Second strategy: Jump on the enemy with a dagger

and kill him with puffs if necessary, then tie him up and catch up. Puffs roll back quickly, so you can use it a second time, but it is unlikely to be necessary.

Attack tactics in detail:

Now let’s talk about puffs, how to puff with all the Meepos?

First, use the main clone to take a position from where we will jump to the target.

1. Select all clones with the «2» key

2. Press very quickly such a combination w — tab — w — tab — w — tab — w. That is, we press the pouf and switch to another clone. If you collected Aghanim

, then you will have 4 clones, therefore, you need to press poof and switch 4 times.

3. Press F1 (selects the main Meepo by default) and jump on the opponent or opponents.

When you jump on the enemy, all the Meepo clones will start puffing and damaging. The main thing is to do it very quickly. To get started, go to the lobby and practice on the bots. What to collect Meepo

From the boots we take Tranquil Boots

, at first they will be very useful, as they increase health regeneration. Boots of Travel will be available towards the end

. Main items are Aghanim’s Scepter

Eye of Skadi — increases the attributes that Meepo really needs and that absolutely all Meepo clones get.

Meepo guide

Diffusal Blade — gives a good increase to dexterity and intelligence, and also allows you to slow down the enemy and remove positive effects from him (and no one canceled mana burn).

In general, Meepo is a very stable character, and the whole set of items for him consists only in increasing the stats for all clones.

The final purchase looks something like this:

Meepo guide has come to an end. The hero, of course, is complex, but interesting and almost invincible in the hands of a professional. Therefore, dare and remember, the main thing is practice!

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