Natus vincere players named favorites for the international 2023 qualifier for western europe

The players named their personal favorites for The International 2023: Western Europe Qualifiers. The information was shared by ex-manager Zhanna ‘Red’ Batkovna in her telegram channel.

We talked to the guys from NAVI in the WEU Quale, catch their finalist predictions:

Shigetsu: Secret, Quest

Mellojul : Secret,

: Nigma, Quest

Malady: Secret, Quest

The International 2023: Western European Qualifiers will be held from 27 to 31 August. The teams will compete for two slots for the main Dota 2 tournament of the year.

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Commentator Dariya ‘Eiritel’ Morozova made a prediction for the Play-In Riyadh Masters 2023 stage. She shared the expected results of each of the groups in her personal telegram channel.

Forecast for Group A

Will leave the group: ,

Desiders will play: , , ,

In this group, as I see it, there is a big gap between Liquid and everyone else. I definitely don’t expect anything outstanding from VP, it seems to me that for the first lan of the year, any experience will be OK for them, the American team was very blown away during the season, and Excretion is the eternal endjoers of the last place in any group. I am minimally ready to believe in the top 2 for Entity, but I don’t see their replacement as some kind of brilliant roster move. But suddenly it shoots.

Prediction for Group B

There are much more close teams here. I really believe in Parker’s strength, although conditional OGs can move them. Definitely in the dead, I will write down the Quest (I think everyone understands why), and the Secret, which generally cannot withstand competition even in their region. And the rest can quite compete.

According to the Play-In format at Riyadh Masters 2023, the top two teams in each group will go directly to the next stage. Four more places will be determined in the decisive bo3-series — the 3rd and 4th places of one group will play with the 6th and 5th places of the second, respectively, and vice versa.

Commentator Vladimir ‘Maelstorm’ Kuzminov made predictions for the matches of the first day of the playoffs of Riyadh Masters 2023. He shared his analytics in his personal telegram channel.

About the match against

All of a sudden, despite the replacement, Questa took the top 1 of the subgroup in the playin stage and the top 1 of group A, which was considered the death group. The guys just get to play and flew as if at home. In general, strong guys, for which it is not yet clear how to prepare, but there is a weak spot. Omar has played 15 Rubik games. The question is, is there anything else at all?) It’s just that even Ramzes didn’t play Jaga so much.

Talon guys are mischievous and funny, if they gain momentum and take «their» active draft, they can surprise you, but in my opinion they lack the clarity of team fights in the late game, so 2-0.

The final of the major, not otherwise. You know what I’ll tell you, these teams have already set their teeth on edge with all their confrontation. Both looked +- average, but GG always look like this and gain along the way, but Liquid is not always worse, moreover, the knights had a weaker group, and they also had problems there, and the history of personal meetings speaks volumes. G G — kryptonite. 1-2

I see the Dragons as clear favorites here, yes, they have problems, but there are very few lost bo2s, which means that bo3 will be with a fight, at least. In addition, they rarely give away the rinks they won, rather, if there are problems, then with zero. Pts has been playing well lately, really really cool, dragging the team.

You need to make the right bans against Aster, because the maniac is not invincible in Lyon, and this is not a rofl, he has 7 out of 7. — really cool bangs from the KDA point of view, and generally reliable.

I think that Spirit is strong in the late game, when it all comes down to 1 fight, and Aster is very weak in this, and since most games come down to this, I don’t see China having a chance.

An interesting confrontation, on the one hand, unrealistic BB, though not their strongest group, but with a crazy game. Except for the eclipse against Secret, this team showed tier-0 for DotA, and not only and not always falling apart on the lane, but also winning and pulling out the most difficult rinks. Their meeting with Talon was just wow.

The history of Pandas is no less powerful, the team from the top 8 of the group rose to the winner with terrible adventures with visas, flights and so on, I don’t really like their narrow pool. 11 juggers and 8 alchemists from Ramzes and wildly unstable Kiyotaka who won exactly as many games as he flooded with his moves.

I don’t know how this meeting will end, but according to the logic of BB.

Riyadh Masters 2023 playoff upper bracket first round matches start today, July 25, at 11:00. You can find the full schedule of the game day in our material.

⏺ On 1 map I’ll drown for LevelUp! As for me, Razor is a bad choice here, as well as Slark. There is something to kite and breed for skills, it’s quite possible to block these heroes if you don’t pour the lanes into the salad. But it’s not so easy to play Daxao’s pick, you’ll have to work hard.

Anyway, after yesterday’s Nemiga game, I’m sure that these guys can be easily beaten in this tournament. In this match, I expect all 3 maps and a tight cut without dominance in any of the parties.

🛡 LevelUp — ❤️♋️ Nemiga — 🔥

It remains to finish the game

✅ There is a victory, good loot

💩 Finale: Nigma 🆚 Level Up Decided not to risk it on the 2nd map!

⏺ I drown for Nigma on the first map! I liked the draft more

But don’t forget about my negative vibe in the finals — I can fuck the whole tournament, but I miss it in the finals

✅ Thank you for the comeback, Nigma!

Opening the final with a winner

I missed the second map so as not to play tricks and flirt. But on the third one, you can bet 50% of the net winnings for the first card in order to be guaranteed to stay in a good plus for today.

Does it smell like 3:0 or does it seem to me?

Nigma 3:0 LevelUp

My draft prediction

Templar, although I love her, she absolutely does not live here. And besides her, there is no one to carry the game to zero, since the Jigsaw is also dismantled here. Nigma has a balanced, tempo draft, even to the basic TA items for crit-mass, you can take the game out.

And from the score 2:0 at this level of the game it is difficult for the players to comeback mentally. Let’s go watch!

✅ Nigma takes the final 3:0 today And we have a bunch of victories since the semi-finals. Although this did not coincide with my predictions before the start of the matches, but according to the drafts, we perfectly understood the situation and went out undefeated.

Congratulations to everyone! Tomorrow we will continue

Tournaments will go on for more than a month, teams have maximum responsibility for their game. Ideal conditions to enjoy watching matches and win well!

With those who are already at the marathon, we work as before and just finish the current goals, nothing changes.

👤 We are already more than 130 people.


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Hello, boars 🦁

We finished on a good streak of victories — it’s time to continue to dominate, but already in the int qualifiers.

Give maximum asset

On the second map, I’m for Xtreme!

But, according to the draft, Aster Aries is very interesting, although in total it turns out to be a mess with a minimum amount of quality control and a mass fight.

After 25 minutes Xtreme should close without a chance unless they feed Xwy. In general, this outcome was logical even before the start of the series, since the Aries never beat this team.

🔥 — ARIES❤️‍🔥 — XTREME

⏺ I believe in Team Bright on map 1 Here I want to believe in Team Bright purely because of the draft. Although Azure Ray is experienced and can coolly realize their heroes, even in the last meeting they could not beat Bright even once.

💰 I don’t advise pouring a lot here

I’m not the only one who has a wild desire for some kind of random stack of thousanders like this to go to TI?

It’s basically fucking always interesting to follow such an ultra-underdog team

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